Zoe Chew – Notion TrackerSuite


Plan. Templates for creating life goals by category, break down into small achievable steps or daily habits and build your dream life in Notion. This course is available for Pre-order and delivery within a few days.

Zoe Chew – Notion TrackerSuite

Zoe Chew - Notion TrackerSuite

Increase Your Goal Hitting Rate in 2022 with these Digital Templates

The digital system to plan, track, hit, review, prioritize, manage, and organize your personal and work productivity

Boost my goals now
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Before TrackerSuite:

You use, or pay for multiple tools: to-do apps, goal tracking, journal apps, habit tracking, project tracking, dashboard, project planning, kanban apps, etc.

You have scattered digital notes, goals, ideas, plans, lists—they are getting lost in the sea of Google Drive. You waste time searching for lost files and retrieving information.

You don’t have a “single source of truth”. You create your goals in one doc; track your progress in a separate spreadsheet; manage project files in some other places, etc.

After TrackerSuite:

You stay laser-focused because you don’t have to go back-and-forth switching tools. You plan, review, track, prioritize, and organize your digital productivity in 1 place!

Your notes are discoverable. You’re staying on top of your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. You have more clarity and certainty under your belt!

You see where things are going. You know where you were yesterday and where you want to be in life and work. You are more confident to keep going!

what is this?

Notion TrackerSuite™

A complete digital productivity system

Notion TrackerSuite™ is a collection of 12 productivity templates and 10-part video training series. It is designed to help you plan, track, hit, review, analyze, prioritize, manage, and organize your personal and work productivity.

All you need is a free account on Notion to access it!

All in the same place, not all over the place!

Plan. Templates for creating life goals by category, break down into small achievable steps or daily habits and build your dream life in Notion.

Track. Templates for mastering your daily discipline, habit, reading, learning, creative work, and network relationship building.

Hit. Mark completion, clearly see your progress visually in a beautiful Notion dashboard by target, quarter, and status.

Prioritize. Work templates including project management, roadmaps, prioritization, timeline, project calendar, and task scheduling.

Review. Templates for managing your daily, weekly, and monthly journal entries, review and reflection notes inside Notion.

show me, don’t tell

What’s inside?

🎢 Progress Dashboard
Track your goals with a visual progress bar, status, target, and completion.

🦄 Personal OKRs
This Google-popularized framework can increase the result rate of your personal goal-setting.

🏁 Action Plan
Create, manage, and track all your action plans for the goals you want to achieve.

🌠 Vision Board
Neuroscience approach: Curate images of your goals and visualize daily to help you succeed.

✅ Habit Tracker
Master discipline and track daily habits by generating “red vs. green” habit patterns.

📚 Book Tracker
Track book notes and record your reading by genres, ratings, favorite, date finished, wishlist.

✏️ Note Tracker
Record and organize learning notes by category, links, keywords, favorite, completion.

🤠 Personal CRM
Improve relationship building by tracking contacts, reminder, events, birthday, etc.

💰 Finance Tracker
Track income & expense by category, upload receipts, analyze cashflow & personal finance.

🗂 Project Tracker
Plan, track, prioritize, create roadmaps, schedule tasks and to-dos for your work projects.

✏️ Review & Journal
Create your daily, weekly, and monthly journal entries, review, and reflection notes.

📹 10-Part Video Training
Notion productivity course: How to build a high-performing digital workspace.

wow, tell me more

What you get:

In the package:

10x Training Videos: High-Performing Notion Productivity Course

4x Goal Planner Tools: Personal OKR, Progress Dashboard, Action Plan, Vision Board

5x Notion Pro Trackers: Habit Tracker, Book Tracker, Note Tracker, Personal CRM, Finance Tracker

3x Journal & Review Tools: Daily Review, Weekly Review, Monthly Review

4x Project Management Tools: Project Tracker, Task Planner, Content Calendar, Project Bookmarker

Extra: Notion Formula Templates, 50+ goal setting ideas for 2021

Include access:

10-part Notion training videos

12 Notion tracker templates

Instantly duplicable templates

Lifetime access

Free future updates on Notion templates, notify via emails

Changelog to keep track of template changes, notify via emails

what’s this video thingy?

High-Performing Notion Productivity Course

Get access to a 10-part Notion training videos and learn How to Master Digital Productivity using Notion. This training series breaks down the exact process on how to:
create a productive digital system for your personal and work purposestutorials on how to build & customize these Notion TrackerSuite templatesestablish a process & workflow and integrate these templates in your day-to-day planning, tracking, prioritizing & reviewing activities
As a result of this Notion video training, you will:

Build a fully integrated digital productivity system

Improve your workflow and get things done

Increase accessibility to all your digital notes, ideas and projects

Improve information capture and processing

Have a clean digital workspace that gives you peace of mind

how does this help me tho?

#1 Boost your goals, get better results

Forget about the traditional way to “goal setting” because it fails. It fails because goals are created without building a system to support its execution; not being broken down into manageable steps; not being measured; not being tracked consistently.

In fact, this Notion dashboard is structured using OKRs (Objective and Key Results) ––a goal-setting framework popularized by Google to help organizations achieve ambitious business results.

OKR has also become popular in personal development because it combines goal setting (focusing on the outcome) and system setting (creating habits and processes on a daily basis to help you achieve the end result).

In other words, this Notion dashboard supports your “goal setting” (vision-driven) to the “goal achieving” (execution-driven) process from the start to the end.

Example of using OKR with this Notion dashboard:

Pick a life category you want to focus on improving (i.e. Finances)

Create an “Objective” around that life category (i.e. Keep and grow money) and break it down into “Key Results” that you can track in the progress dashboard.

Each “Key Result” can be broken down into quarterly targets (i.e. Save $20,000 before Q4; Save $10,000 before Q2; Save $5,000 before Q1) to make your goals more manageable.

Create a weekly/monthly habit (i.e. Review finances) and track with a dedicated Notion finance tracker (included) to support your execution.

Creata a plan using the Action Plan template (included), find resources and list out steps to execute your goal.

how does this help me tho?

#2 Stay consistent

Another reason why we fail to execute our goals because we do not see the “gap” between where we are to where we want to be.

With this Notion dashboard, you can see where you are in achieving your progress visually. Our brain responds to visual representation, therefore, it will help you stay motivated and keep going.

This beautiful Notion dashboard allows you to:

Sync your goal setting with progress tracking

Create a measurable target for the goal you want to achieve

Adjust your target from the dashboard

Show your progress visually

Customize your progress bar (formula templates provided)

how does this help me tho?

#3 More laser-focused, get things done

Tools-switching between different apps: to-do, goal tracking, project tracking, project planning, kanban apps––can reduce your ability to focus and divide your willpower because you use up your mental energies to go back-and-forth.

This Notion dashboard has a dedicated “Project Template” to support your project workflow so that every project is planned and organized in one place.

Whether you are starting a blog, client project, online business, side project, app development, marketing campaign, I’ve made Notion templates for you to:

Support your project planning, ideation, creation, tracking, and scheduling.

Organize project-related resources such as plans, ideas, links, lists

Prioritize tasks based on what is important

Visualize what needs to be executed so that you get things done on time!

wait, who are you?

Why are you qualified to create this?

I’m a Notion hacker

Before creating this Notion template & course, I’ve already written a number of Notion tutorials that have amassed a total of 148,000 traffic on Medium (alone)! You can check out these posts:

How I Built a “Productivity System” in Notion

Build Your Portfolio using this Notion template

How I Built a Book Reading Tracker in Notion

I Built a Habit Tracker Tool in Notion

How I Built a Finance Tracker Tool in Notion

In all honesty and transparency, here are the Medium statistic screenshots of my Notion tutorials that went viral:

Not only that, readers who have come across my Notion tutorials have DM-ed me personally by saying:



Therefore, I know what makes a GREAT productive digital system because I use Notion every day in my personal and professional workflow. I experimented, tested, and compressed my hard-earned experiences into this Notion template so that you don’t have to waste time doing all these things.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Zoe Chew – Notion TrackerSuite

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