Xtreme Mind – Extreme Power Alpha 3.0


Xtreme Mind – Extreme Power Alpha 3.0

Xtreme Mind – Extreme Power Alpha 3.0

Don’t Just Compete – BLOW THEM AWAY!

Care to turbo-charge your mind easily, effortlessly and automatically? How does acquiring an overpowering aura, magnetic charisma and indomitable personality sound?

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Already curious? Wait! There’s still more… What about throbbing with endless vitality? Radiating unstoppable confidence? Experiencing amazing, drug-like states of well-being? Read on!

Fact: The mind is a supercomputer that can easily be re-tooled for unlimited potential. Science has long discovered many of the hard-wired connections that appear to give the brain immense influence over the body (wellness, vitality) and our destinies in terms of success, wealth and prosperity.

Now imagine accessing that supercomputer which can actually change your behavior from the inside out, maximizing your life in every area you desire?

The Extreme Power Level III is a set of unparalleled mind expansion tools. We designed it to rapidly help you transform your thoughts, actions, negative programming and limiting notions locked in your subconscious and replace them with empowering beliefs. Easily, Naturally, Effortlessly. All you do is kick back and listen to our Mind Re-Engineering sound tracks. No concentration or prior experience needed. You might be a shy man today, but a charismatic powerhouse tomorrow!

Create Trandenscental Brainstates with EP3!

Sounds like magic? Far from it. We’ve taken advanced extreme subliminal technology, combined it with cutting-edge binaural beat matrices and infused it with NLP behavioral change techniques…. all to quickly and permanently energize you with an amazing breakthrough mental overhaul:

Three Technologies

Get immediately download Xtreme Mind – Extreme Power Alpha 3.0

BrainEngine (TM)– Building upon the wildly successful Deep Mind series developed by Exceed Global in 1999, the CD harmonics irresistibly nudge the user from the hectic Beta brain state down into the euphoric Theta state where hypnotic reprogramming easily penetrates the mind and unleashes a payload of life-enhancing suggestions. Seeming to come from within your own consciousness, these suggestions ultimately hotwire your brain and spark radical change.. to unlimited possibilities. There’s more. Our BrainEngine Technology uniquely resonate at frequencies that theoretically attune your subtle energy centers (chakras)

You will experience throbbing sensations, a lightening of your spirit and a sudden expansion of your consciousness. Flashes of light may criscross your mental screen as various parts of your body heat literally up. Don’t worry, it’s just your mind altering to accommodate to the released energy. In time (a week at the most), you will adjust to the your elevated energy levels and these wild sensations will minimize. Think of it like taking a roller coaster ride into the astral planes of your psyche.

Subliminal programming- Embedded within the binaural harmonic matrix are irresistible suggestions crafted to transform your behavior and recreate you into a powerhouse of charisma, energy and boundless vitality. Within the first few minutes, the suggestions will barely be audible, but as you sink into an altered state of consciousness, your mind will fully hear them, absorbing them like a sponge and smoothly integrating them into your being. A note about our subliminals: One track of the subliminal recording is played at a whisper level that you may hear as you sink into an altered state. The second track is played at an ultrasonic frequency similar to the SilentSound (TM) technology utilized by competitors. This track will NEVER be heard by your conscious mind, but it is undeniably picked up by your subconscious. What makes ours special is that the ultrasonic frequency we use sweeps from 8000Hz to 16500Hz ; it naturally bypasses your normal hearing process and your “conscious filters” and pumps the commands directly into your brain through the middle ear. It simultaneously endows an energy boost through the famous Tomatis effect.

NLP- As we are well aware Neurolinguistic Programming is naturally the most persuasive form of communication ever created now. What if NLP where used on YOU to reshape your mind for the better? Our CD deploys subliminal suggestions crafted with NLP affirmations in the imperative and permissive modes to home in on both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. To date, we are one of the few to utilize such techniques.

What You Get

After witnessing the success of our products, and to make the technology more accessible, we’ve decided to combine all three formulations into ONE power-packed CD, the Extreme Power System Level III Mind Re-Engineer Program.

Each formulation is an MP3 -Pro recording. You can play it on your computer, your home MP3 player or upload it onto your Ipod!

The following explains the formulations:

Aura Explosion Many esoteric systems refer to the subtle energy centers (ki) of the body. Yoga, for instance, developed chi breathing to fully circulate the energy and attain progressive states of supreme well-being.
You can now allow this life energy to flow freely through you! As you listen to the Aura Explosion track, you will naturally release blockages, expand your energy field at least 12ft, and gain a sense of bliss and mental expansion! If you’ve enjoyed the techniques of PS5 to expand your aura, you can easily put your mind into a perpetual energy absorption mode, swelling your protective aura 24 hours a day, seven days a week! How does it work? The harmonics theoretically resonate at chakra specific frequencies thereby inducing extreme relaxation and a release of surplus chi. Combined with Theta-Delta level harmonics, the Aura Explosion MP3 cascades your subconscious with affirmations designed to release the energy flow. Why would you want to increase your life force? Two good reason. 1) Increased stamina and immunity. 2) Increased charisma: people are irresistibly drawn to those emanating tremendous vitality.

Instant Charisma Did you ever lack the confidence to enjoy new friends and fulfilling romantic relationships? Self-limiting beliefs interfere with your ability to successfully relate with others. The Instant Charisma MP3 track on your CD guides you down an altered state of hypnotic trance and gently washes your mind of mental debris that cause shyness, timidity, and abrasiveness. Your thoughts are then gently reprogrammed to acquire the mind-set and behaviors of naturally charismatic people. Observe your surprisingly magnetic personality within four weeks of listening!

Power Assertiveness Do you have difficulty getting others to take your opinions seriously. Do you even doubt the validity of your own perspectives? Use this Power Assertiveness MP3 track and learn to appreciate yourself more. Discover how effortlessly you can stand up for your convictions, sway people to your beliefs, counter unreasonable arguments, gain brimming self confidence, muster exemplary courage and assume the reins of leadership. Why be a follower when you can take command? Infused with a matrix of theta harmonics, our powerful NLP suggestions build up the assertive new you within four weeks.

And yet more benefits??

Due to the unique technology involved, mind programming is just one of the advantages the Extreme Power System III provides. Here are yet more guaranteed benefits:

Need for less sleep– With just 60 minutes of listening to a track, you will have replaced 5 hours of sleep. The special MP3 harmonics effortlessly recreate the theta brainwave patterns in your head– the very same frequencies we experience when in deep slumber. You will never lack sleep again!
Conquer insomnia-

Get immediately download Xtreme Mind – Extreme Power Alpha 3.0

Even if you try, you will find it impossible to remain alert. The sound matrix (included in the bonus tracks discussed later) knocks you into a deep trance within 10 minutes. By the 20th minute, you slowly drift off to natural sleep.

Massive Release of Endorphines-

Have you observed the pleasant aura around monks and meditators? Their minds are in a perpetual state of calm. Constant listening to our soundtrack entrains your brain state to that same level of peace while allowing your brain to release endorphines, the body’s pleasure chemicals.Emotional and Mental balance- The balancing of brain chemicals ultimately ease wild emotional swings. You can readily expect less anger outbursts, depression and other negative emotions.Chi release- Each formulation contains at least one subharmonic that resonates at charkra-opening frequencies. Tremendous energy surges down down your accupuncture pathways, dissolving blockages in its path and causing your light body to expand in all directions. How do you know its working? Wait till your body heats up and begins vibrating!If you’re dissatisfied after the 6 month period, we’ll refund your money! No questions asked!

Included in your $97.00 Package:

Instant Charisma formulation
Power Assertiveness formulation
Glowing Aura formulation

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Get Xtreme Mind – Extreme Power Alpha 3.0 immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page The Extreme Power Level III is a set of unparalleled mind expansion tools. We designed it to rapidly help you transform your thoughts, actions, negative programming and limiting notions locked in your subconscious and replace them with empowering beliefs. Easily, Naturally, Effortlessly.......