Victor Da Ponte – Quantum Powers and Beyond Program


Victor Da Ponte – Quantum Powers and Beyond Program

Victor Da Ponte - Quantum Powers and Beyond Program

If you feel stuck in a manifestation rut, unsatisfied, or trapped
in the rational-based circuitry of the human mind and you want to finally break free…
You’re not accessing your true power.
You know you have unlimited potential locked inside.
You’ve tried the law of attraction, but something is missing.
Your intuition tells you have unlimited potential and you’re
not utilizing the true power of your mind.
Society – the social structure system – has done nothing to acknowledge or support your true power and essence. In fact, it almost seems to have been created to keep you from tapping into the source of your true power.

As a child, you probably had ambitions of becoming a star, of traveling the world, etc. Heck, you still have dreams and want to live a juicy life.

You have hopes.

You have dreams.

Deep inside you believe. You know there’s more to you.
A little voice keeps telling you that you have so much more potential.

You’ve tried listening to motivational speakers. You’ve tried meditation. You’ve even tried the law of attraction.

You’ve tried hypnosis, being grateful, visualization – but you still come up short.
Here’s a good one. Have you tried pretending all day long that you have already achieved your goal, playing the role of the successful business person, movie star, happy wife, etc? This was one of my personal all-time favorite techniques – and I learned it from attending a $3,900.00 dollar seminar. But even this falls way short of truly tapping into your true power – way short.

Like many others, you’ve probably tried just about everything to reprogram your subconscious mind and create your dream reality.

You’re probably bored to tears by now about the law of attraction and the gurus telling you to be grateful, think positive and visualize yourself having already achieved your goal. Yada, yada, yada. You’ve heard it all before.

Trust me – I feel you.

And you can relax because the last thing I am here to do is to teach you that your thoughts create your reality. 99% of the world already knows this!

Okay, so where do we go from here?

There’s only one thing left for you to do to finally break free from the limited techniques and methods that function within rational-based circuitry of the mind…
And that is to enter into the world of your true essence where you have access to frequencies of unlimited powers – reclaiming your ground as the ultimate creator over your life, destiny, body and mind.
If you think that this is a bit ‘out there’, then read on because the best scientists in the world are discovering mind shattering mathematics that will forever reshape the way you look at yourself
and your creative potential.
“At your core, you are an unlimited field of pure potential.”
World-Renowned Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin, PH.D
“Life is fundamentally one. You and I are one. At the base of existence is one universal consciousness, an ocean of pure potential. We call it the unified field.”
Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin Ph.D
Another example comes from the pioneering mathematical theories of one of the emerging superstars of Quantum Physics – Nassim Haramien – who has discovered, using a holographic model of the universe, an incredibly simple mathematical formula that proves unequivocally that every photon in the universe is entangle or connected with every other photon in the universe.
victor da ponte
You are mathematically an infinite being connected vibrationally to everyone and everything thing in existence.

Since everything is a pattern of vibrations, you can literally change the vibrational pattern of your experience, causing the physical world to mirror that new and higher vibration.

Change your vibrations and you’ll literally changes the vibrations that shows up around you.

This means you can easily manifest abundance, romance and even unconditional joy and happiness.
“You have infinite potential.
Infinite is within you.” Nassim Haramien
Nassim Haramien
If you want an extraordinary life, you need to start to identify yourself with that extraordinary and astonishing part of you – your Infinite Self. Otherwise, you will continue to live as an average person, with average manifesting powers and an average life.

You’ll continue to be ruled by a limited perspective about what’s actually possible.

What would you do if you had access to a world of unlimited possibilities? Would you continue to live as you have been living or would you recreate the world around you?

So, how do you breakthrough the illusions and limitations of your mind and reclaim your true unlimited power?
Activating the Frequencies of the Infinite You
At your core is a field that transcends the mind, easily accessed by listening to a series of audios found in the Quantum Powers Training Program, called ‘Infinite-Self Frequencies Activations.’

With them, you’ll systematically break through the duality based perceptions of the linear mind that keep you locked out from fully accessing your innate and unlimited powers.

After having performed thousands of remote transformations and healings and helping others create new realities, I know exactly which frequencies of your essence you need to tap into in order to transform and clear the blocks of the mind.

I know very intimately which fears, worries, and doubts will want to creep in, try to close your access to who you really are, and keep you from utilizing your infinite powers.

I know what you’re up against because I broke through the limitations myself.

Now I do things that are “impossible”, like reprogramming other peoples’ subconscious mind while on they’re on other side of the world – while they’re sleeping, working, and going about their daily routine.

The fact is that we all have superhuman powers!
It’s just a matter of activating them.
Frequencies of the Infinite You
Are you unhappy with your situation? Perhaps you are suffering from an illness that conventional medical science cannot seem to heal. Maybe you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of unfulfilling work. Perhaps you are constantly stressed by money. Maybe you’re feeling lonely, unable to create and maintain satisfying relationships.
In all of this chaos, you have lost your
divinity – your essence – who you really are.
It’s time to switch from being the average human to an infinite-unlimited human…
I know what it’s like to be trapped in the illusion of the rational mind, feel stuck, stagnant, depressed, and anxious about everything. It wasn’t long ago that I was feeling hopeless and swimming in a pool of pessimism thinking that I’ll never achieve my dreams.

But just as soon I cracked the codes that broke open the flow gates to the frequencies of my essence, my life shifted completely. I immediately found myself on my true life path, doing what I love and loving what I do. Before I knew it, my financial issues were solved and I was enjoying being on my creative path.

Since you are a part of me and I am a part of you so, I refuse to just stand by and watch others like you suffer needlessly when you don’t have to.

Helping others find awakening is something that I am deeply passionate about, so I set out to help as many people as I can.
Introducing the Quantum Reprogramming™ Entry Level Program – Quantum Powers. A program that takes you deep into the unlimited Quantum Powers of Your True Divine Essence.

Get immediately download Victor Da Ponte – Quantum Powers and Beyond Program

With The Quantum Powers Program, you can ‘rewire’ yourself back to your Unlimited Self and tap into the infinite Creative Force that lies within you. You can:
reprogram the subconscious mind
easily triumph over your bad habits, such as overeating,
smoking, procrastinating, etc.
reprogram the subconscious mind
improve your intelligence
reprogram the subconscious mind
create more wealth
reprogram the subconscious mind
awaken your natural healing capacity
reprogram the subconscious mind
overcome any limitation
reprogram the subconscious mind
enrich specific aspects of your life
mind power
banish negative thought patterns
reprogram the subconscious mind
attract your soul mate
reprogram the subconscious mind
attract your dream job
reprogram the subconscious mind
attract your dream home
reprogram the subconscious mind
start a foundation
mind power
become a powerful healer
reprogram the subconscious mind
create multiple streams of income
mind power
do what you love for a living
reprogram the subconscious mind
create a business around your passion
Perhaps more importantly, you can help others – you can remotely reprogram their physical and emotional health. You can even help download a new reality.

Image helping your best friend find their soul mate, or curing a family member of migraine headaches and so on.

This is just a tiny fraction of all the things you can do when you tap into your infinite power.

The universe is the limit!
Use the 21 frequencies of your divine essence to reprogram your mind and create the life you want.
What’s in the Program?
This audio program is designed to teach you how to access higher frequencies using proven exercises, advanced guided activations & meditations that take you beyond the limits of the mind.

It includes The Four Simple Steps for mastering intentions within the Quantum Realm of your Infinite Essence.

This Pioneer Program contains 21 incredibly powerful “Infinite Frequencies Activations” that have profound transformative effects and are proven to break through the closed and fear-based circuitry of the linear mind.

All you need to do is just sit back and listen deeply, allowing the transformation to take place. Enjoy an experience that will permanently break down the deeply-rooted lower vibrations keeping you from realizing your full potential.
One by one, you’ll be reclaiming your divine powers and saying goodbye to lack and limitation.
By the time you finish listening to this series, you will know how to bring in these frequencies at will and change the vibration of any life situation, enabling you to master your emotions.

But that’s not all.

The real fun begins after you’ve gone through those 21 life changing activations and start listening to the Quantum Reprogramming session called Downloading A New Reality.

Imagine pooling together all the major essential frequencies that make up your divine essence, tapping into the field of unlimited possibilities, and using this power to download the corresponding frequencies which will make up your new reality.
The Activations:
Source Conciousness
Infinite Creative Power
Infinity Beauty
Unlimited Possibilities
Infinite Happiness
Infinite Will
Bliss of Existence
Infinite Passion
Pure Innocence & Fun
Infinite Trust
Divine Unity & Oneness
Infinite Abundance
Pure Awareness
Eternal Present
Infinite Needlessness
Infinite Effortlessness
Infinite Compassion
Infinite Faith
Infinite Worth
Unconditional love
The Void
The art of receiving infinitely
You will know how to open up your physical body to replace older vibrations – beliefs, mindsets – and make the new realities that support your ideal life.

Mastering the art of surrendering, you’ll easily let go of stress, worries, and see through the illusion of limitation within a state of deep nurturing love and joy as waves of bliss pulsate deeply through your body.
Learn to heal yourself – and others
Learn the basic tools and techniques to healing others remotely or in person.

You have the power to heal yourself physically and emotionally. More importantly, you can heal others remotely – even if they’re in another city or country. Thousands of people have already used Quantum Reprogramming to get rid of medical conditions, from simple aches and allergies to recurring illnesses, and even cancer.
to change
your life?
The audio course
takes only a few minutes
to download.
I cannot thank you enough for this course, Victor. So powerful! I have just listened and am reeling with powerful energy. I would gladly recommend this series to my clients. Thanks again!

Genevieve Boast
Founder at Emergency Happiness
“I thought Victor’s course would just be another meditation audio series, but quickly found out that it was way more inclusive and practical. I was able to apply his techniques to many facets of my life – most especially in terms of my career and finances. I have been interested and exposed to various energy healing techniques for many years, but none of them are quite as transformational as this. Thank you!”

Lisa Page from Chicago
“My goal going into this course was to improve and grow my psychic skills, which I have always felt I had even as a young adult. The meditation techniques taught by Victor has given me more clarity, putting me back in touch with a long lost part of myself.”

Stan Creel from California
“I have suffered a number of health problems that rendered me unable to work for almost 6 months. The doctors said I needed to rest – and so I was forced to stay at home and had nothing to do, It was during this time that I read about Victor and got interested in Quantum Reprogramming. After finishing just the first few modules, I started getting better. My positive thinking is literally healing my physical body in a rapid way. Even my doctors were amazed!”

David Hoffman from Arizona
Exclusive Victor Da Ponte’s Special offer Special Offer
Quantum Powers and Beyond Program
With The Founder of Quantum Reprogramming™ Victor Da Ponte

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

In this program are 53 MP3 Audios including:

The Entry Level Quantum Reprogramming Course:
» 21 Infinite Frequencies Activations Sessions

Divinely Channeled Knowledge:
» Four simple steps for creating super intentions amplified by infinite quantum powers.

Pioneer Exclusive Technology:
» Downloading new realities sessions
and much more.

Advanced Methods Section Including:
» Quantum concentration techniques

30 Day Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

Instant access to the entire program
upon purchase.

8 Part Quantum-Breakthrough Recorded Lives Sessions
$195 VALUE
quantum reprogramming
1. Clearing Negativity
2. Clearing Self-doubt
3. Unleashing the Quantum Power of Passion
4. Shattering the Illusion of lack.
5. Unleashing the Quantum Warrior
6. Shattering the illusion of limitation
7. Shattering the illusion of separation
8. Breaking through with effortlessness

Are you tired of strain and struggle? Listen and experience a dramatic Quantum Breakthrough in any area of your life that you decide to focus on while you are effortlessly transmitted limitation shattering downloads. Encoded with Divine Source Vibrations, these recordings unveil the life of your heart’s desires.
quantum reprogramming
Unlimited Empowerment Secrets Awakened
$ 67.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Secrets to unleash your limitless potential.
• Awaken the Master of the 3-D Matrix.
• Use your Divine Vision to always be empowered.
• Manifest what you see in your mind.
• Secrets to Create through Infinite Possibilities.

As a reflection of Prime Creator, in this experience you manifest what you see. If you see blessings and good luck, it will manifest in the physical world. You are the Divine architect of your reality when you awaken and create through a Divine Vision. Drop all burdens and struggle and transform latent energies into the ocean of your infinite abundance. Awaken and live in infinite blessings.
quantum reprogramming
Self-Love Quantum Infusion
$ 94.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
6 – Minute Rapid Love Fusion Session
25 – Minute Self-Love Mastery Quantum Reprogramming Session

• Eliminate Lack of self-love
• Eliminate Self-Judgment and Criticism
• Eliminate Deep Unconscious Blocks to Unconditional Self-Love
• Eliminate Blocks to Unconditional Love from Divine Source
• Remove genetic impressions and encodings from your lineage
• Flow in the Divinity of your Unconditional Love and Approval
quantum reprogramming
Void Vortex
$ 97.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Detach, disidentify, depresonalize your reality and realize your ultimate power.

Get immediately download Victor Da Ponte – Quantum Powers and Beyond Program
• Manifest without egoic blocks and survival based thinking, sweep through blocks like never before.
• Old paradigms and mind-realities come crumbling down before the infinite power and awesomeness of the Divine Vacuum within.
• Source Vibrations and Power in its purest form creates profound freedom for your spirit to fly.

The field of limitless potential is birthed from the Void. Through this Divine Power you can quickly deprogram and eliminate negative thinking, pessimism, perfectionism, fear, hatred, resentment, anger, unforgiveness, disempowerment and more. Plus, masterfully choose your reality and state of vibration.
quantum reprogramming
Mastering Effortlessness
$ 67.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Receive the Ultimate Secret of the Universe Transmission.
• Step outside the 3-D Matrix and Into Oneness and Self-Mastery.
• Realize the Supreme Way of Letting Go and Allowing.
• Magnify your Manifesting – learn to be so subtle yet so powerful.
• Quantum Reprogramming for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Discover your limitless ability to do everything without doing anything. Emulate Prime Creator. Awaken the power of your Consciousness to see, hear and feel your way to the effortless creations and manifesting the miraculous life of your dreams.
quantum reprogramming
Quantum Protection
$ 67.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
• Amplify and raise your energy field and consciousness.
• Faster more effortless Quantum Manifesting.
• Protect and shield yourself from negative energies and thoughts.
• Completely Seal off energy vampires.
• Ideal for all individuals consciously creating through the light.
• Vital if you are a healer, coach, therapist or medical professional.

By switching on a sacred geometric code in your heart you will activate a shield of Divinity that surrounds your entire body. Switching on this energy shield of higher dimensional love and light creates ever expanding waves of joy and abundance through you while at the same time seals you from those dense energies that would normally be absorbed on the etheric level.
quantum reprogramming
$ 127.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
25 – Minute Extreme Fearlessness Quantum Reprogramming Session:
• Step beyond the illusions of fear with radically divine perceptions
• Tap into the miraculous power of words to dissolve any fear

25 – Minute Reprogramming Genetically Imprinted Fear Removal Session:
• Erase the negative imprints of fear passed down to you from your lineage
• Tap into Source Consciousness for effortless transformation
quantum reprogramming
I Have a Limitless Life Series Intensive
$ 197.00 Value
quantum reprogramming
3 Live 90 Minutes Quantum Reprogramming Sessions

These live sessions will be recorded for you to download and keep.
Scheduled for Tuesday April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd at 8pm ET
Victor will deepen your Quantum Powers and infuse you with Source Vibrations and the Consciousness of a Limitless Life. You will effortlessly experience profound Quantum Creations during these calls while in alignment with the I AM Power, Presence and Authority and be downloaded with a whole paradigm.

On these calls:
• You’ll awaken, align and download Limitless Abundance
• You’ll awaken, align and download Financial Wealth and Freedom.
• You’ll awaken, align and download Divine Joy and Bliss.
• You’ll awaken, align and download Deep Peace and Balance.
• You’ll awaken, align and download Supreme Confidence.
• You’ll awaken, align and download Unconditional Self-love.
• You’ll awaken, align and download Gifts, Blessings and Divine Messages.

mind power
Are you always on the go?
Wherever you go, you’ll be able to listen to activations and transform blocks and limitations on the spot. Deepening your connection to your infinite power has never been so easily available.
mind power
Fast Instant Access
Downloads instantly to your computer. Earth friendly product! You won’t need to wait for the mail to start creating the life that you want. Experience Victor’s unique abilities in the comfort of your own home.
mind power
21 Quantum Power
Victor received this divine downloads to activate your infinite potential and break
free from the limits
of your linear mind. These audios are embedded with divine frequencies to turn on your Infinite Self.
mind power
Professional Support
Have any problems with your program? Your satisfaction is our priority. We’ll be there if you need any help with accessing your program or downloading it to your computer or iPod.
mind power
Victor Da Ponte
World-renowned quantum healer and Founder of
Quantum Reprogramming™ &
The Quantum Powers Home Training Program
Professionally produced program based on Victor Da Ponte’s profound depth of experience acquired from performing thousands of remote healings and Quantum Reprogramming™ sessions.
mind power
During a recording Victor enters into a deep alpha state where he transmits healing frequencies. These transformative frequencies are captured in the recording creating the most profound healing experiences possible.
“Victor’s remote transformational healing gifts are truly amazing! I love that he does it all remotely so it takes very little of my time – which is perfect with my intense schedule.”
– Harry Massey, Director and Script Writer of Choice Point. Executive Producer and Screenwriter of The Living Matrix, and founder of NES Health Limited
“I had this gnawing kind of anxiety in the pit of my stomach and I’d tried everything I know, and I know TONS of clearing tools. I called Victor and asked him to help me, and then – poof! – just like that, it was gone! I didn’t know when he was doing it. It’s amazing!”
– Sheila Gale, Syndicated Radio Host and Creator of The Sheila Show
“Victor is one of the most gifted and compassionately powerful healers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. After one session I felt some really core issues around abundance, living in the now and stepping up to be everything I could be shift and allow me to move forwards in my life in amazing new ways. My business, personal and spiritual life has expanded beautifully after working with Victor and I can only thank and bless him and his work in the world”.
– Genevieve Boast Founder at
Emergency Happiness
“After being involved with many personal improvement programs, I feel Quantum Reprogramming is the top-of-the-line to get rid of negative emotions. The grief that I was feeling was overpowering since the loss of my mother recently. I was deeply saddened and depressed and couldn’t get passed it. But after one session with Victor, these feelings totally vanished. Now I feel more powerful, joyful and more alive, and the sense of freedom is awesome. I totally recommend Victor and the work that he is doing. I think it’s masterful”
Paulo Sales, State Farm Insurance Agent
quantum powers testimonials
“As he and I worked on different issues,things began to change for the better in my world and in my physical body. I would contact Victor anytime in the future when the need arises. Victor is a gift!”
Karen Hairfield
quantum powers testimonials
“After my session with Victor, I felt a sense of peace. His compassion in dealing with my phobia was immense. I am grateful for my experience and recommend him highly!”
Anna L. in Washington
quantum powers testimonials
“I just have to tell you that since you have been working with me the last three weeks, I feel a lot more comfortable with my life. It’s almost like the chains are loose and I can walk freely now.”
Jason Choi in New Jersey
“After receiving 4 sessions, I have not felt the need to take any more anxiety medications. In addition, my depression and pessimism have basically disappeared and my relationships are doing so much better. I am now dating someone, something I would have sabotaged or rejected if it had not been for your amazing work. The way you broke down my problem was amazing!
You got to the heart of the matter and allowed me to see things in a way I never saw before. After the first actual session, most of that stuff was just gone. I feel like a new life is waiting for me now.”
Michelle Jackson in Miami
quantum powers testimonials
“I’m Melanie and I wanted to share my experience with QR. I used to worry about everything. Now, I don’t worry about things and get more things done than ever before. I am actually freed up in my energy where I want to do the things now out of the joy of just being. I’m more motivated and I do things because I want to do them, not because I need to or have to do them. QR has definitely changed my life and helped me change my perceptions in quite a number of ways. I really recommend QR to others. Thank you Victor for all your help.”
Melanie Franklin
quantum powers testimonials
“I wanted to share my experience after receiving my first QR session from you. As you know, I do not normally leave my home because of the social anxiety and agoraphobia I have dealt with most of my life.After the session, I felt an obvious and significant shift in how I felt. The next day, I was meeting a very special friend for the first time. Before, just thinking about going out made me anxious and I would have been suffering, but s. I did not feel the usual self-consciousness/paranoia and feelings of annihilation stirring up within me. I felt much calmer and relaxed. When we finally met, my friend was actually more nervous than me! I was very happy that I took a giant step in life and the healing you did made that possible.”
Imran Hussian in London, England
Our Quantum Guarantee
Results, happiness and satisfaction are Beyond Guaranteed
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quantum powers
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program, simply send us an email and you will be refunded within 30 days of your purchase.
Quantum Shifts Guaranteed
You’ll notice immediate results that will only continue to deepen in the coming days, weeks and months.
Plus, you can always email us at any time for personal guidance, tips and insights.
Impact on your life Guaranteed
As a result of using the Quantum Powers and Beyond Program, every aspect of your life will improve.
In addition, your new and improved abilities to shift your life on a dime will be with you for a lifetime.

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