Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton, Hermansens – The Blueprint Project – Black Edition


(Download available within 1-2 hours)By the time you have fully digested this section of the course, you will be primed and ready to send thousands of visitors to your site at a flick of a switch, if you choose to do so!

Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton, Hermansens – The Blueprint Project – Black Edition

Tim Godfrey Steve Clayton Hermansens - The Blueprint Project - Black Edition

When we released the first version of this “infamous” course, thousands of people fought tooth and nail to get their hands on the information and we had to shut the site down to stop things getting out of control…

At the time, we only had very limited spaces…

But now you’re getting an ultra rare opportunity to get hold of a brand new, super-improved and even more effective version of this system that takes the *game* to a totally different level… as we reveal how our…

We’ve worked round the clock for months creating even more powerful super advanced software and training techniques just to make this “little known” secret as easy for you to implement as humanly possible… 

So listen closely because for a VERY limited time, we are opening the floodgates to the exact same blueprint that WE have used to…

…and how YOU can get direct access to it and copy these methods starting TODAY to replicate both our own and our previous students’ success stories!

Read on to discover the “bizarre” case studies that made so much money and were so ridiculously easy to execute that we absolutely guarantee you’ll be shocked and even angry that no-one has told you about this before…

MODULE 1: Start Implementing These Niche E-Commerce Secrets & Replicate Our Earnings Fast…
In the first section of the course we’ll be giving you a highly detailed video introduction to The Blueprint Project – Black Edition methodologies.
It’ll give you comprehensive and critical information revealing how to ‘quick start’ the process and implement all our secrets and techniques so you can start making money in the shortest possible time frame
After completing this module…
You’ll have a firm grasp on how the training will work and the ONE precise step you MUST take first in order to guarantee success.
You’ll realize to the fullest extent why this formula is so ultra realistic and precisely how you’ll be able to cash in super-quickly.
Plus, you’ll be fully armed and ready to power onto the next stage of the process and get everything set up fast.

MODULE 2: Find HOT Untapped Markets That Are Packed With Thousands Of Hungry Buyers…
In this module we’ll explain in ‘real time’ the exact steps you must take to uncover a niche where people buy products like sharks in a feeding frenzy!
This is an absolutely crucial stage in the process and for the first time ever, and new for 2011, we’ll give you ‘ultra rare’ free access to 2 of the most powerful research tools on the planet, that trawl Google, examine millions of potential markets and hand pick niches that could make you vast sums of money!!

You’ll even shock yourself as you quickly and easily discover a goldmine of untapped and obscure markets that
Are jam-packed with eager buyers who’ll buy anything you sell… (you’ll see why this happens when we reveal the sneaky little tricks we have up our sleeves.)
Have little or no competition so you can quickly dominate the most profitable keywords in Google and receive a multitude of targeted visitors without shelling out a single cent.
Ultimately could force anything between $5000 and $100,000 per month directly into your bank account… (depending how determined you are!)

MODULE 3: Setting Up Your Ecommerce Empire To Achieve Success As Fast As Possible…
OK, in this section, we really are going to get down to the nitty gritty of setting up your empire and we are going to reveal exactly how to get everything moving…
We’re going to tell you exactly how to set up accounts and communicate with the people who are going to ship your products for you, why you don’t need to buy any products you stock and the do’s and dont’s with setting up proper ‘businesses’ – or companies – which by the way you don’t actually need to do.
It’s a short module, but we cover everything in precise detail so you can start making money as soon as possible!

MODULE 4: Identify The Products That’ll Create The Maximum Amount Of Income…
The next section of the course delivers a “behind the scenes” exposé showing you exactly how to find the highest quality and the most super-profitable products to sell… along with the suppliers who will actually stock, dropship and do all the grunt work for you once you’ve made a sale! (…and you don’t even pay them!)
We’ll also give you unprecedented free access to our ‘Dropship Blueprint’ product that contains, identifies and plucks out literally any product imaginable that is specifically aimed at your target niche. We’ve added thousands of them in the past few months to make it the most exceptional product picker online for 2011… and you will get it for FREE! (It’s usually $397!)

..Plus after much discussion we’ve also decided to hand you over our proven idiot-proof technique that’ll construct an irresistible product catalogue which will haul in buyers from across the globe
But that’s not all…You’ll also discover
Exactly how to avoid having a product ‘inventory’ or the need for any upfront investment – this is crucial and ‘brain dead’ easy to organize.
Our competitive analysis secrets that’ll allow you to steal away targeted traffic from other sites. (that is, if you actually have any competition… the likelihood is that you won’t!)
How to price your products for the highest possible profit but still have people queuing up to buy from YOU.

MODULE 5: ‘Push Button’ Websites That Generate Crazy Conversions And Automated Sales…
In this meticulously organized and highly comprehensive section of The Blueprint Project process we’ll give you detailed step by step instructions on how to use our automated software to set up your eCommerce websites to consistently generate maximum conversions and sales.
We have created brand new and exclusive software for 2011 which makes setting up a website as easy as clicking a mouse… even if have no experience whatsoever! Plus there are several professional templates that you can choose from!
Here’s an example website that you could have online literally within the next 36 hours…
Remember, we can pull in as much as SIX-figures in a single month with this business model, so as you can imagine we have this process down to an art form… and we’ll show you exactly how we do it, why we make buckets of money EVERY time… and how you could do it too.
You’ll also discover an exceptionally important element that’ll determine how much you sell your site for (if you decide to do this) and how this can literally make the difference between tens or even $100,000’s of dollars in your pocket…
End Result?
You’ll have high quality E-Commerce websites that’ll automatically draw in sales, establish you as a market leader in any niche and will generate repeat buyers for weeks, months or even years to come.

MODULES 6 & 7: Reel In Unlimited Traffic, Customers And Cash Without Paying A Dime…
Modules 6 and 7 contain “tell all” explanations than concentrate on one thing… GETTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC… and outlines our concrete fool-proof plan that literally forces you to get colossal amounts of visitors for FREE !
…plus we give you access to 3 pieces of our most powerful ‘traffic-getting’ software that’ll AUTOMATE the process of hauling in website visitors!
In fact our traffic plan works so well that when we conducted a poll on the forum at the end of last year asking customers how effective it was for them, the results were astonishing. In fact…
Over 63% were ranking in the top 20 search listings of Google for their main keywords… and 36% were in the top 10… many at position number 1!!
…and that means one thing for YOU – more dollars in YOUR pocket without spending any money on advertising!
So by the end of this section of the course you’ll realize just how easy getting traffic, customers and cash can really be… if you know what we do!
Take a look at the following screenshot and imagine how much money it is possible to make with that many people coming to your site each month…. Well we know… and remember, we’re going to reveal every last secret and strategy we used to generate this level of traffic…

MODULE 8: Create An Instant And On-Going Flow Of Hyper-Targeted Traffic In Less Than 5 Minutes Flat…
This section reveals the exact formulas, techniques and tactics behind successful paid advertising promotions that we have used to generate millions of dollars over the past 4 years. …and create incredible income such as this…
..and how YOU can take this information and apply it to your Blueprint Project websites to boost their income and traffic dramatically… literally overnight!
We’ll show you the Google ad techniques that allow us to dominate any market (almost every time),.. and we’ll also throw you all the bidding, tracking and ‘quality’ processes that you can replicate to potentially generate as much as us – in other words, more money in a day than most people make in 2 months at a 9 to 5 day job!
Then we’ll reveal how you can run successful placement campaigns using our amazing ‘Blueprint Browser’ tool which we designed to help you quickly and easily develop highly targeted placement campaigns on the Google content network….
…plus we’ll also reveal how to take advantage of some of the biggest networks on the planet such as Amazon and Facebook to drive hoards of targeted traffic and sales in record breaking time – and achieve an amazing return on investment!
…and that’s just a start!
By the time you have fully digested this section of the course, you will be primed and ready to send thousands of visitors to your site at a flick of a switch, if you choose to do so!

MODULE 9: Boost Your Income, Dominate Your Market And Run Your Site Like Clockwork…
Now that your websites are up, running and making money, this section takes you through a definitive blueprint that reveals how to keep your E-Commerce sites operating both smoothly AND profitably.
We’re going to be handing you out…
A hyper detailed operations plan that you can refer to and follow. In many ways this’ll be like your bible.
An additional manual that goes into every last detail about emailing suppliers, keeping on top of things and the all important order process.
We’ll also go into specific detail on how to outsource the running of your E-Commerce websites so you can create an autopilot business that runs smoothly, consistently and makes substantial sums of money while you are literally just sitting around, relaxing on vacation or doing whatever the hell you want!
Outsourcing is entirely optional… but the fact of the matter is that you can get it done cheap (and we mean super cheap). It is surprisingly easy to organize and we will reveal every last element about the process so you can do it too!
If you like the idea of getting other people to do all the work for you while you simply cash the checks and spend the money, then do not miss a single section of this module!
MODULE 10: Optimizing Your Websites & Increasing Your Profits With Crucial Monthly Reviews…
Even though module 10 is one of the smallest sections of the Blueprint Project course, it is also one of the most important as we will explain exactly what you need to refine in order to make the most money out of your websites…
We’ll show you exactly how to:
Assess the value per customer and how you can improve that value…
Work out the conversion rates of your sites and how to increase them for additional profits
How to plan, scheme and create a process for the improvements so you can make them happen as fast as possible so you can start cashing bigger checks as fast as possible…!
We will help you with the tracking process…where to focus efforts.. and how to get the most bang for your buck from the sites that you develop… so the cash keeps on stacking up!

MODULE 11: The $100,000+ Website Flipping Formula And How To Replicate The Formula Repeatedly…
Now this is where it gets VERY interesting… This is one of the final stages of the Blueprint Project process and where the BIG BUCKS really start rolling in.
Remember we told you that it was possible to set this up today and then see a big wad of cash hit your bank account in just a few months time?
Well, this is where we show YOU exactly how to do it. In other words, precisely how to sell your E-Commerce site on for 12 – 18 month’s worth of profit.
An example…
Say your website was earning $2000 per month (which will frankly be a walk in the park) believe it or not, you could actually sell it on for between $24,000 and $36,000!
Oh, and what if you set up 5 or even 10 of these sites? Well, we’ll leave you to do the math on that one!
The fact is, that over the past few years we’ve cashed in hundreds of thousands of dollars doing exactly this. You’ve already seen the ‘Bird Cages’ example where we flipped the website for an INSTANT $173,000 payday….
…but here’s another $100,000+ in sales from sites in the ‘Paint Ball’ and ‘Bird Supplies’ niches…
MODULE 12: Putting It All Together…
In the final section of the Blueprint Project – Black Edition, we are going to show you how to develop your own project plan, create milestones and how to effectively track your progress.
What we mean is, if your aim is to generate $100,000 from your new website network then this section will help you plan that to the tee….
Want to create a $1,000,000/year network?
Then you can just copy our own strategies that we will lay out for you in a fool-proof format.
… and you know what?
For most people, this final section will be the most exciting because you are going to be getting a direct and personal line to us… ALL of us.
Here’s how…
Once you have you own ‘world domination’ plan mapped out , what we are going to ask you to do is fill out an online form with all the details, send it over to us… and we are going to review it for you to make sure you are on the right track. If you aren’t, we are going to tell you why, and tell you what to do.
This truly is personal help… a rarity nowadays as you are probably aware.
End result?
This will increase your chances of success TEN fold… and we can’t WAIT to be there to help you every step of the way… along with our support staff… along with all our forum moderators and members.

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