The MEGA Bundle – Benjamin Fairbourne


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The MEGA Bundle – Benjamin Fairbourne

The MEGA Bundle - Benjamin Fairbourne

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Course Curriculum

Welcome To The MEGA Bundle!

Welcome! (2:44)

Super Affiliate Secrets

Intro (4:36)

Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets Intro (5:55)
How Affiliate Marketing Works (1:58)
Best Quotes And Advice For Your Success Affiliate Marketing (21:18)
Super Affiliate Marketing Tips (21:49)
Biggest Epiphanys In Sales And Marketing (14:12)
Crazy Super Affiliate Marketing Advice (20:38)
Early Bird Gets The Worm Traffic Sources (6:50)
Marketing And Traffic Secrets! (10:11)
Ancient Marketing Techniques Used By Cavemen (4:08)
The Descend Ladder Method To Grow Any Business Or Audience Super Fast And Get Tons Of Commissions! (14:45)
Your Goal In Marketing And Business (Breakeven On The Frontend) (4:08)
The Strategy That Will Make You A Multi Millionaire In Affiliate Marketing (11:22)
The Secret Details Of The Affiliate Marketing Strategy! (14:22)
Awesome Affiliate Marketing Method And Notes (16:08)
Email Marketing…. (6:26)
Get High CTR In Ads (10:24)
Secrets Of Ad Copy (8:47)
Images That Do Great! (5:53)
Facebook Ads Secrets (22:24)
Facebook Ads Secrets (2) (16:47)
Data For Paid Ads (5:15)
Numbers To Expect And Secrets Of Internet Marketing (9:40)
CPA Marketing + Facebook Ads Breakthrough Secrets! (32:38)
long retargeting ad (1:23)
short retargeting ad (0:41)
YouTube Display Ads + Affiliate Marketing And Youtube Growth (1:40)
Increase Affiliate Conversions 5% – 50%! (6:33)
Help Your Conversion Rate In Affiliate Marketing (3:21)
Great Landing Page Tips (14:50)
Find Offers And Know All About New Opportunities In The Industry (9:01)
Audiences To Be A Super Affiliate (7:43)
The Power Of Bonuses And How To Do It (13:24)
One Of My Successful Funnels Walk Through (7:59)
The Super Funnel With Redirects On The Frontend (4:03)
Your Own Product Frontend Funnel (8:45)
The Highest Converting Funnels
My Super Affiliate Funnel (Works For Any Niche) (7:44)
Everything You Need For CPA Marketing Success
Money Mastery

Welcome Introduction (1:01)

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing (9:36)
Highticket Sales Advice (9:41)
How To Make Money With YouTube (10:05)
Side Hustle Job Ideas (15:46)
Make Money With Facebook Groups (5:15)
How To Make Money Dropshipping (9:31)
How To Make Money With Instagram SMMA (4:04)
How To Make Money Online (9:43)
How To Make Money (6:45)
How to Save Time (10:57)
How to Save Money (10:23)
How To Do Online Paid Ads (7:08)
How To Grow An Instagram Following And YouTube Following Fast (9:03)
Congratulations! Conclusion! (2:31)

7 Persuasion Tricks

7 Reasons Why Anyone Does Anything (2:47)

7 Reasons Why Anyone Does Anything

How To Get High Click Through Rates

Every Tip You Need To Get Massive Clicks (13:37)

Get Massive CTR’s On Your Ads (7:27)
Influencer Marketing Secrets

Influencers + Affiliate Marketing Strategy Make 5 – 6 – 7 Figures In A Day And Then Recurring Income! (14:57)

Great Monetization Funnel For Scaling With Influencers (5:02)
Influencer + Email Growth Advice (2:37)
Shoutcart And Influencer Marketing Secret Advice (9:00)
How To Negotiate With Influencers (3:15)
How To Find Influencers And Extra Tips (18:52)
Important Influencer Marketing Tips! (4:47)

Video Ads Secrets

How To Sell With Emotion And Create The Most Successful Video Ads! (28:37)

Adult Secrets

Adult Affiliate Marketing Secrets Intro (4:47)

Adult Media Buying Seminar Part 1 (22:43)
Adult Media Buying Seminar Part 2 (18:18)
Adult Media Buying Seminar Part 3 (36:04)
Adult Secrets Overview (3:58)
What Im Doing In Adult Affiliate Marketing (13:28)
Adult + Redirect Super Funnel Strategy (9:27)
Adult Traffic Motherfunnel Strategy Build Email List Of Millions! (4:52)
The Adult CPA Marketing Strategy! (8:06)
The Simple But Still Effective Strategy Adult (5:59)
Adult Simple Funnel But Also Advanced Powerful (8:50)
Traffic, Strategy, Advice, Funnels, Make Money Now! (8:13)
Adult + Content Locking Strategy (1:45)
Top Traffic Sources For Running Your Profitable Adult Campaigns (12:36)
Where To Buy Adult Traffic (1:58)
What Placements To Run Traffic On (0:54)
Build Great Rep Relationship (1:55)
About PopUnder Traffic (1:22)
High Quality Adult Traffic Ideas (2:42)
ReBuy Strategy (1:52)
Mobile Redirect Method (4:00)
Invoicing Payments On Managed Networks (1:38)
Insertion Orders (2:53)
Managed Ad Network Pros And Cons (2:48)
Self Service Traffic Pros And Cons (2:03)
Direct To Site Buy (4:06)
HiJack Method 1 (4:55)
HiJack Method 2 (2:07)
How To Scale Adult Campaigns (2:32)
Controlled Testing Secrets (5:38)
Powerful Adult Keyword Targeting Angles Method(More Expensive But More Targeted) (3:35)
Best Countries For Adult Marketing (1:14)
Adult Monetization Value Ladder (2:53)
Super Affiliate Monetization Strategy (1:59)
How To Sell Access Mobile Traffic (1:21)
Backbutton Redirect Script For Promoting More Offers (2:28)
Big Money Niches (2:33)
How To Make Big Money In Adult (2:04)
Lead Quality 1 (2:36)
Lead Quality 2 (1:54)
Lead Quality 3 (2:45)
What Offers To Promote (1:19)
How To Pick Offers, How To Spy, The Best Strategies For Goals Adult (30:51)
Different Offers For Adult (1:31)
Big Landing Page Advice Adult (16:12)
More Ways To Improve Adult Landing Pages (3:00)
What Landing Pages Are Best + Email Marketing Tips (4:41)
The Power Of Angles (6:54)
Its All About The Angle (3:06)
Cash Flow Strategies (3:40)
Credit Extension (1:08)
Sneak Peak Inside AdPlexity Spy Tool To See Top Offers And See Whats Working!!! (13:35)
Tracking Made Simple – The Power Of Using A Tracker (9:35)
Tools For Adult CPA Marketing (4:47)
What Converts Best On Mobile Or Desktop (5:43)
Spying And Copying What Works (Big Secret To Success) (20:20)
Super Adult Email Marketing Secrets (20:01)
Adult Affiliate Tip To Students (8:27)
Adult CPA Marketing Important Tips (5:12)
What Tracker Tool Is The Best For Adult (4:59)
Script Code For Redirect Open Tabs Adult (2:19)
The redirect code= (2:32)
Sweepstake CPA Marketing Secrets

Sweepstake CPA Marketing Secrets Intro (6:31)

Ads + Sweepstakes Step By Step (15:02)
The Best Sweepstake Strategy! (14:12)
Another Smart Strategy For Sweepstakes And CPS Offers In Backend (4:12)
Long Term Strategy – Guaranteed Traffic – And Huge Compounding Scalability (8:09)
Sweepstakes Funnel Strategy To Make Big Money! (5:37)
Viral Content Locking Sweepstakes Strategy (8:11)
The Updated Best Sweepstake Funnel (5:16)
The Best Sweepstake Funnel Updated (7:34)
Bonus Sweepstake Strategy! Insane! (8:15)
Building Sweepstake Campaign With A Client (57:54)
How To Build A Sweepstake Campaign On Facebook(Traffic-Landing Page-Offer) Method (10:46)
How To Get Facebook Ads Approved And Other Important Details (4:59)
How To Hide Bad Comments In FB Ads (1:35)
Analyzing Data And Making Smart Changes Edited (2:53)
Split Testing, Funnels, What Works And Tips Edited (6:10)
How To Email Blast (7:30)
More About Email Marketing (Important) (6:56)
Summary Of Email Marketing Important Video (5:10)
More Important Email Marketing Advice (4:51)
How To Get Email Ideas And Build The Email Sequence To Send Traffic To Offerwall (4:16)
How To Make The Emails And More Tips (7:53)
How To Increase Sweepstake Conversion Rates Like Crazy! (A Little More Work…) (14:25)
Sweepstake Offers That Convert (5:12)
More Tips To Get Viral Campaigns And Increase Sweepstake Conversions (8:13)
The Huge Stack Sweepstake Idea! (4:53)
Great Sweepstake Angle (2:13)
The Best Angle And Method For Super Big Sweepstake ROIs! (7:30)
Sweepstakes Ages Psychology (2:42)
Sweepstake Demographics And Targeting (5:24)
Best Traffic Sources To Crush it With Sweepstakes! (8:12)
Alternative Traffic From Facebook And My Current Update Strategy To Sweepstake Affiliate Marketing (9:19)
How To Do YouTube Ads! (25:42)
YouTube Instream and YouTube Display Ads For Sweepstake CPA Marketing (6:32)
Snapchat Ads for Sweepstakes (1:37)
Split Testing, Funnels, What Works And Tips (6:00)
Building LAA Campaign (15:46)
How To Build The Funnel (172:35)
How To Build The Capture Page (6:55)
How To Build The Funnel And Pick The Offers Part 1 (45:44)
How To Build The Funnel And Pick The Offers Part 2 (44:31)
The Redirect Thank You Page Edited (5:22)
The Secret Sweepstake Funnel (6:44)
Awesome Example Of One Of My Successful Sweepstake Funnels (9:51)
Tons Of Sweepstake Advice (23:40)
More Sweepstake CPA Marketing Tips For You (6:09)

Congratulations (2:09) (1:53)
Sweepstakes Free Traffic Methods

Super YouTube Strategy For Sweepstakes Money! (8:19)

YouTube + Sweepstakes Step By Step (13:12)
Step By Step Trend Editing Process (13:14)
Free Stuff Channel Idea! (3:27)
How To Make A Landing Page For Free Traffic (5:39)
Free Paid Ads! (1:48)
Free YouTube Super Method (6:41)
Google Trends Secrets Entertaining Stuff Gets Views Not Politics (7:38)
The Accelerator

The Blueprint! (7:47)

All That Matters
All That Matters (27:07)
The Blueprint
The 25 Biases Indepth

The 25 Secrets… (47:21)

YouTube Secrets

VRIN… (6:49)

Copy What Works…. (4:24)
Steal Viral Views Method (3:53)
YouTube + Affiliate Marketing (18:21)
15 Minute Manifestation Guru Case Study (4:20)
Crazy Smart YouTube Secrets To Views, Subscribers And Virality (21:58)
More Bonus Secrets To Getting Millions Of Views (6:51)
Repurpose Great Content For Tons Of Views Tricks (3:35)
Free And Paid Traffic Strategy To Grow Fast And Make Tons Of Money Online! (10:28)
The #1 Step To A Successful Viral Video (Case Study) (5:42)
How To Edit Around Copyright And Get Millions Of Views (9:27)
The #1 Thing Thats Been My Mistake On YouTube Videos For Years And How To Fix It (4:01)
The YouTube Formula (4:09)
Crazy Way To See Top Videos VPH On YouTube (5:09)
Creating YouTube Content For 1 Niche (3:36)
Cool Way To Create Very Entertaining Content And Promote Affiliate Offers At The Same Time! (5:16)
Commenting Hacks And YouTube Growth Tricks (13:03)
How To Find Top YouTube Topics, Niches And Keywords (6:10)
The Snowball Effect And How To Get 1k Subs Fast (4:53)
My #1 Recommendation For YouTube (8:03)
Content Marketing And Audience Growth Secrets (20:25)
The Most Powerful Key To YouTube Watch Time And Views (8:51)
Huge Eye Opener About The YouTube Algorithm (10:10)
More YouTube Secrets (9:27)
Affiliate Funnel + Youtube Strategy (3:21)
Boosting Videos And Boosting Views To Grow Fast (7:27)
Similar Metadata Secrets To Model Successful Content (15:15)
The 3 Keys To A Videos Success(Living Organism) (4:15)
YouTube Retargeting Funnel (7:44)
Stick To 1 Niche On YouTube (1:49)
The Summary Secrets To Marketing And YouTube! (19:56)
Secrets To Crazy Success on YouTube And Keeping Attention(Getting Sales And Subscribers And Rapid Gr (14:10)
Grow On YouTube Very Fast (4:00)
The Psychology Of The Like Button (1:27)
Why MrBeast Has 4,000,000,000 YouTube Views [VidSummit 2019 FULL SPEECH] (40:15)
Freedom Influencer Case Study (6:21)
Great Artists Steal… (3:19)
Fair Use… (5:12)
The Real Secrets To YouTube (No One Will Tell You This) (28:19)
Gaming + Compilations + Crazy Monetization And Opportunity (1:53)
Growth Hacking YouTube (3:53)
YouTube Viral Growth Secrets (13:32)
Paid Ads To Growth YouTube Accelerator (17:06)
More Courses As Your Hugely Special Free Bonus

More Courses!!!

Video Testimonial Request (1:18)

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