Ted Nicholas – The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp


Ted Nicholas – The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp

Ted Nicholas - The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp

Beat the recession! Good copy is always needed, especially during tough economic times like today!

And remember this fact. No matter what business you may be in, or what product or service you market, you must employ powerful, persuasive, great copy or you will not succeed

Dear Friend,

   Do you really want massive success? There is one skill you simply cannot afford to be without. It is, of course, writing powerful sales copy.

   It makes no difference whether you are an entrepreneur or a copywriter (or want to be either one). Most are starving to death to make it without knowing how to write copy that attracts orders like a magnet.

    No other skill you may possess will bring you income and wealth. You must prepare sales copy that pulls in orders like crazy!

   The real secrets to what make sales copy successful are finally revealed in my home-study course. And four of the world’s most successful copywriters are your mentors.

   Did I actually say the world’s most successful?

   Yes, I certainly did!

   Do you wonder on what basis I make such a claim?

   The reality is there is just one basis.


   While there are thousands of professional copywriters, only a few are so successful they are in a class by themselves.

   Sales results are the only objective basis upon which to judge the abilities of a copywriter.

   Matt Furey, Bob Bly Trevor Crook and I have achieved combined sales of over 10 Billion Dollars.

   Terry Brock, our world-renowned M.C., will reveal how he routinely sells tens of thousands of dollars in products directly from the platform!

   I, alone, have sold over 7.9 Billion in sales copy via direct response.

   Compare our total with any other four copywriters in the world. I don’t believe you’ll ever find any whose results are anywhere close to ours.

Why am I telling you this?

    For one simple reason. You see, I conduct seminars around the world on copywriting. When I planned my most recent Florida copywriting seminar, I had but one main goal.

   To create the ultimate copywriting seminar! And I succeeded! It’s called the ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP.

   I invited the three most successful copywriters besides myself to reveal their innermost copywriting secrets. The goal was to share everything they know about successful copy.

   Indeed, I twisted their arm to hold nothing back. And boy did they ever deliver!

About the speakers:

   Your featured speakers on the home-study course, along with myself include:

Matt Furey

   Matt Furey – Matt is a best-selling author of numerous books, including Combat Conditioning. A dynamic public speaker and writer, Matt will share his amazing story. He’ll tell you his hard-won marketing and copywriting secrets.

   During his life Matt Furey has been a world champion in karate. He even beat the leading Asian contender. In his university days he was collegiate champion.

   Matt began direct marketing on the internet in 1995. He started with zero money. In fact, less than zero. He was actually over $100,000 in high-interest credit card debt.

    Since his standing start, Matt has made an absolute fortune selling his products on the Internet and in the process became a multi-millionaire.

   Matt is the #1 copywriter of emails on the planet!

   There are lots of ways to earn money on the Internet. But Matt used just one, writing emails, to produce his amazing success, year after year.

   Matt is certainly one of the top five most successful internet marketers in the world. (

   But how does Matt do it? With powerful e-mails that consistently produce successful results! Best of all, he’ll teach you how he does it. So you can too!

Bob Bly

   Bob Bly – Is the author of an astonishing 73 books! Bob is not only an accomplished world-class writer earning over $600,000 per year from freelance copywriting alone, without including information products. He is also a dynamic public speaker.

   He has written 70 + books. McGraw Hill calls him “Americas top copywriter.”

   Bob has written highly successful copy for numerous well-known clients including Agora, Phillips Publishing, Rodale Press, Network Solutions, IBM, KCI Communications, Crain Communications, Intuit, ITT Fluid Technology, Medical Economics, Business & Legal Reports, Brooklyn Union Gas and Allied Signal.

   Bob is particularly effective in writing successful copy for information products. He’ll share exactly how he creates profitable copy over and over again.

   Plus, invaluable to copywriters, Bob will reveal the fees he charges for various forms of copy, including e-mails, sales letters, websites, post cards and brochures.

Trevor Crook

   Trevor Crook – A former banker from Australia, Trevor is a well-known successful copywriter and entrepreneur online and offline. He can provide any entrepreneur with top-class copy.

   He has been called the “Crocodile Dundee” of direct response copywriting. Why? His copy enables his clients to slash competition with an advertising knife!

   Trevor began his career in marketing private label rights products. Today he writes for numerous industries including information publishers, real estate entrepreneurs and diet product marketers.

   He’ll reveal examples of direct response success and astronomical response rates of 8%, 9%, 18% and more. One two-page letter, for example, grossed $4.9 million dollars.

   Trevor also has a mellifluous voice and is a dynamic public speaker. To me his most outstanding quality is his terrific teaching skills. And sincere desire to help aspiring writers.

   He will share with you the most valuable lessons he’s learned about successful copywriting.

   These three guys and myself will teach you all you need to know in my new, ground breaking 2011 ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP.

   Plus, by popular request we’re including an entire bonus segment. It’s called: “Secrets of Public Speaking and Selling From the Platform!” As you may know, public speaking skills enable you to massively increase your income. Especially copywriters.

   I know the secrets of public speaking, having done hundreds of live successful seminars since 1991. I’ll reveal tips that will have your pulse racing with excitement. You’ll be delighted about what can happen to you very soon – as early as the next 90 days.

Ted Nicholas

  Imagine…You, a Millionaire Copywriter!

   I’m looking for an elite group of men and women determined to be among the most successful and highest earning copywriters, authors and marketers in the world.

    Why bother listening to what I have to say on the topic? In case you are not immediately familiar with my track record, here are a few career accomplishments of which you should be made aware.

    I’ve written and self-published 15 best-selling books. I’ve sold over 5,000,000 copies.

    I’ve also published 57 best-selling books by other authors. I’ve promoted my own products or those of clients. These include newsletters, special reports, CDs, DVDs and software.

    However, the achievement of which I’m most proud is the success record of the people I’ve coached, including Yanik Silver, Andrew Reynolds, Mark Joyner, Matt Bacak and Matt Furey.

    But marketing information is not all that I do. Actually, I’ve successfully used my marketing and copywriting approach in 47 different industries.

    To date I’ve sold 7.9 Billion dollars worth of products and services for clients, as well as my own products.

    I’m extremely proud of my track record. No one, not a single marketing “guru,” can match or even come close to my revenue and profit figures.

    Does my track record qualify me to teach you? You must decide this question.

Copywriting is where the real money is. This is the time. Whether you create for outside clients. Or just for your own business, or both! .

   But one thing is certain. Of all the work I’ve performed for clients or myself, using my copywriting skills is my very favorite.

   Copywriting is also the field I most recommend that my children, relatives, friends, and loved ones pursue.


   For at least 8 good reasons. They include:

    1. I’ve learned that once you can write good sales copy, if you are interested in doing so, you can also write fabulous books!
    1. You have no competition! Under the copyright laws no one can legally copy or duplicate your work, which is your intellectual property
    1. You can live and work anywhere in the world! I live in three countries. And so can you.
    1. You can set up your business on autopilot! With royalty income from advertising and books included, you can enjoy cash flow 24 hours a day even while you sleep.
    1. You do not need employees! You can hire independent contractors for all your needs.
    1. You can begin with incredibly low start-up costs!
    1. You can get paid over and over for work you do just once!
  1. It’s the #1 recession-proof business. Clients always need effective sales copy, especially in tough times. That means you can succeed and make big money no matter the economic climate

    At the risk of sounding immodest, another hugely important reason to jump at the chance to be trained by me is simply this. I’ve influenced and mentored many of the world’s most successful direct marketers online and offline. Many started with nothing. I can help you to achieve success part time or full time at almost any level you choose!

Here is what world-renowned
entrepreneurs I’ve helped have to say:

   “I’ve had many elite coaches and mentors over the years, in everything from sports to martial arts to marketing and business. And Ted Nicholas is the most giving and sincere of them all. I can always count on him to give honest, straightforward and useful advice on any topic I bring up. As the saying goes, ‘He’s forgotten more than the others have ever known.’ Yet, in Ted’s case, I don’t think he’s forgotten anything he’s learned along the way. In a flash he can dictate the exact answer to any difficulty you’re having and guide you to a better life. I’m grateful that I can call Ted a friend and mentor.”

Matt Furey
Author and Entrepreneur

   “I’ve studied and devoured absolutely everything from Ted Nicholas.  Why?  Because the man knows direct marketing inside and out from living, breathing and doing it.  Ted is one of 3 people who I owe my financial freedom to…and he might just be yours as well.”

Yanik Silver

    “Ted Nicholas has mentored me to a multimillion dollar direct marketing success. Treat what he teaches like pure gold. Actually it’s even more valuable than any precious metal or even diamonds!”

Mal Emery
Perth, Australia

    “Ted gives you numerous proven copy examples, and you can pattern your advertising after many of the techniques presented in this seminar.”

Joseph Sugarman
Author and Entrepreneur
BluBlocker Corporation Chairman

   “Ted Nicholas started with $90 and turned it into hundreds of millions in profits. If you want small business success, absorb every word he says. He’s an incredibly generous man who has shown others how to reproduce his success time and time again.” 

Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author

   I intend to reveal all my secrets I’ve discovered since I began my direct marketing career in 1973.

   Please be aware of this. My approach to copywriting, while enormously successful, is unlike any other.

   It is unique in all the world and, of course, the only place you can learn it is from me.

   What I have in store for you is exclusive. It’s prepared for those who sincerely want to become very rich in the field of copywriting.

   And, best of all, you can help change the world for the better at the same time.

   It’s just for special attendees with special unique values. We humans cannot want the same things in life. And should not. As you can understand, it’s not for everyone.

   After all, there is no shame in living a modest life. In a modest house. Holding down a mediocre job. Millions do just that and seem content with their lot.

   But if that’s you, there is no point in your reading further because…

This letter is not about being mediocre. It’s about you making a fortune with my personal help

   I’ll concentrate on building on the three skills that will pay you the most money in the fabulous and profitable field of copywriting.

What are the three most important skills you need?

    1. Product development — I’ll show you how to create “hot” products
    1. Marketing — you can’t succeed without it. It makes possible your “cash cow” business. The way you position your product can ignite the prairie fire of successful and profitable sales
  1. Copywriting is crucial — It is the communication skill you need to capture the attention and hordes of “cash with order customers.” Both online or offline. (I like to use multiple marketing channels and usually start with the low/no cost internet!)

Here is what Peter Godfrey, Australia’s top writer has to say:

   “I had the pleasure of spending an hour or so with Ted Nicholas, the Father of Emotional Direct Response.

After studying him for six years, it was a buzz to meet this gentleman of Direct Response. His words have definitely had an impact on the quality of copy I knock out each week.

Apart from his energy and sheer zest for living (he jogged onto the stage to the Rocky them with the energy and vitality of a man half his age). What struck me the most was his graciousness.

I mean there was no ego about him at all.

I’ve been to the seminars, seen the new faces on the circuit…been around long enough to see who is selling smoke and mirrors…and who is ‘the real deal.

I’ve seen shy, undemanding speakers turn into temper-tantrum-throwing lunatics. Seen ordinary folk with their one-hit wonders take the stage and turn into egotistical monsters.

But when you meet a true legend, not some poncy pretender, and he’s as gracious and down to earth as Ted, it makes you realize the importance of being yourself and just enjoying…of not getting caught up in your own PR.

Just because you’re famous, rich and admired, and speak on stage to thousands of people each year, doesn’t mean you have to be a bigheaded, egotistical tosser!”

– Pete R. Godfrey
 Emotional Ad Writing Letter

   I haven’t even mentioned the biggest benefit of all that Information Publishing provides you.

An unbeatable lifestyle!

   You can live anywhere in the world. Work anywhere in the world. Set up your operation anywhere you choose.

   My customers don’t care if I am in the Caribbean, Switzerland, Cyprus, Australia, or anywhere I wish to travel. Yours won’t either.

   When I’m not conducting seminars I live mostly in Switzerland, Cyprus and Florida.

   But we’re all different, and you may prefer living in Spain, California, New York, North Carolina, the South of France, Ireland or Monte Carlo, Australia, or New Zealand. It makes no difference. You can tailor make your career as you desire.

   As a successful copywriter, my point is this. The choice of how and where you spend your life is yours alone to make!

   You will be successful on just one condition. You simply must apply yourself.

Do you want a blueprint for success?

   How do I know for certain you will succeed? I’m going to present to you nothing less than an easy-to-follow blueprint for success!


Discover how you can instantly know you have a great book idea rather than spend months, or even years on a flop, as do most authors
Hi Ted,

“I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your 4 hour seminar in London, UK a few weeks ago. I should have been at a friend’s wedding that night, but there was no way I was going to leave the seminar until you had finished talking. I wanted to hear and understand every word you said.” “My mission now is to learn everything I can about copywriting and study all of your courses. I have already signed up for your newsletter and bought “Magic Words that Bring You Riches.”

Thank you again

– Graham Stogden

You’ll get a treasure chest of knowledge based on experience with over 100 Million Dollars in measured advertising tests where every marketing dollar is accounted for
Only two things you need to achieve massive success:
(I) Specialized know-how
(II) Study an exact step-by-step plan of how to apply what you’ve learned

I, Ted Nicholas, will do at least 50% of the training personally

Without a template to follow, successful copywriting and direct marketing is tough.

Publishing is also brutally tough. With the template and the rules you will discover, it becomes surprisingly easy

The easiest and fastest way to boost response 100% and more without changing a word of copy
The easiest way to come up with free gifts and premiums to help sell the main product. (Prospects will often buy the main product just to get the free gift)
How to prepare irresistible e-books and hard-cover books without having to be a great writer
   “I have just attended Yanik Silver’s Seminar in London. Over 4 days I sat and listened to nearly 20 speakers, most of whom have a reputation for making BIG money for themselves.”

“That’s great! But what I need is someone who shares information I can use to make big money for ME.”

“Each speaker talked for around 90 minutes and at various points you could see people checking their watches.”

“On Saturday, you stood up and proceeded to hold every member of the audience absolutely spellbound. You talked for FOUR HOURS SOLID, yet it only seemed like 30 minutes.”

“My pen worked overtime as you delivered an information-packed speech that was worth ten times the cost of the entire seminar— minimum.”

“Ted, your presentation can only be described in one word—AWESOME!”

“It’s no wonder you left the stage to a rapturous standing ovation!”

“Living Legend is an understatement. Truly THE King of Marketing—I bow before you.”
“On a scale of one to ten—You ARE Eleven!”

−Lee Wood
Success University
Cambridge, UK

The best way I’ve found to test a product idea without investing a single penny. Perhaps the hardest job in the world is launching a successful new product. I’ve found a way which increases your success by at least 1,000%
The simple 9-word sentence I say to myself that will help you become enormously persuasive and happier too!
How to price your product for maximum sales. There is a secret to effective pricing that not 1 in 10,000 entrepreneurs know
How to use Fear of Loss (which is far more motivating than Hope of Reward) to sell more of your product
How to close 300% more sales with a simple technique I’ve never disclosed before
How to approach a busy producer or reporter of a big name show as to why they should put you on the air. I’ve successfully used hundred of radio and TV interviews to sell, without any cost whatsoever, massive quantities of books! Discover how you, too, can book interviews on shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Regis Philbin, Maury Povich, John Gambling, Don Imus, Good Morning America and the Today show
How to test your audience quickly and inexpensively to see what the market will actually spend their hard-earned money to buy
How you as an unpublished author may be able to get a $1 Million advance
How to turn your books into a profitable million dollar training and seminar business
Discover exactly how to go from an idea to millions in your bank account
Little-known wealth strategy. How to maximize your exit. Secrets of what you need to sell your business in 5 years for at least 3-5 times what it’s worth
Price magic. How to go from a book that flopped at $20 a copy to a whopping success at $70. My own case history will reveal exactly, after failing at first, how I sold 200,000 copies at $70 (that’s $14,000,000.) Would you like to know the price strategy? Ask yourself – what could this mean to your pocketbook?
   “In 5 years, I went from a kitchen-table operation selling tapes to having sales in excess of $1 million a month each month.  We should finish this year between $15 and $20 million in sales.  Last year, we made the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing U.S. corporations.  Thanks for your part in educating me to be able to accomplish this.”

−John Cummuta
Boscobel, Wisconsin
You are 17 words or less away from a fortune!
Discover the amazing technique I’ve developed that will empower you to create incredibly effective headlines. The art of preparing powerful headlines is at least 90% of my successful sales messages.

I’ll teach you my very own method (with examples) which continue to bring me and my clients million of dollars each year! (Even Richard Branson is using this technique.)

Secrets on how to attract clients who pay you big money as both a copywriter, marketer, and/or a publisher, whichever you decide to specialize in
How to absolutely fall in love with your products, your customers and, no matter your current position, even how to love your life!
Discover where the big money really is in copywriting, about which few copywriters have a clue. That’s why most are starving to death.
I will show you how a single piece of copy can earn you $1,000,000 or more. And the wealth secret has nothing to do with charging big upfront fees
How to prepare a series of e-mails that make your ultimate online offer almost irresistible
How to “fail forward” so that your so-called failures propel even greater success
How to create successful space advertising which has become nearly a lost art. Discover exactly why my space ads, some written years ago, continue to earn fortunes for my clients
Secrets of writing successful million dollar books in the shortest possible time, in as few as 30-90 days
As a home-study course graduate who follows the program you may qualify for a personal testimonial from me for your product. Imagine how this could impact on your sales!

OK, Ted, but how do I know the Ultimate Million
Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp is for me?

    By now you probably have a “gut feel” about whether you really should own this home-study course no matter what it takes. Owners of my home-study courses from all over the world are thrilled with what they’ve gotten. Although my normal seminar ticket is from $7,500 to $15,000, attendees have been absolutely delighted with what they’ve learned.

There is just one way to lose out

    There is only one possible way to lose – to choose NOT to grab this course!

    By not learning the skills you need you clearly will not be in the game at all.

    Instead you will be choosing to sit on the sidelines.

    You’ll be letting another year go by in a “status quo” state, without positive change in your life.

    You’ll be fully aware of others becoming very wealthy writing copy and writing and/or publishing books.

    You’ll still be an outsider peering in wondering “why not me?”

    Why not indeed?

“The price of education is paid just once
The price of ignorance is paid forever!”

    Successful entrepreneurs value all the real-world education they can get. Why? Because it’s so rare.

    For example, Yanik Silver, currently one of the Internet’s top marketers and presently already financially independent, continues to invest at least $50,000 per year on his educational materials.

    This includes seminars, books, CDs and DVDs. Do you think Yanik is a fool? Or a very weak man? Yanik attributes his achievement of financial independence at such a young age (32) to his habit of continually learning.

    In fact, I’ve found many of the Olympic champions who study my courses regularly are also perpetual students looking for one big idea.

    I, too, each year continue to invest tens of thousands of dollars in books, tapes and seminars. I’m always seeking to increase my knowledge. And I’m always looking for big new ideas from any source I can find. Aren’t you?

Who should own my Ultimate Million Dollar
Copywriting Bootcamp Home-Study Course?

  • Copywriters and marketers who want to be more successful

  • Entrepreneurs who want to enter the profitable field of copywriting

  • Those who wish to turn their idea into a million dollar business

  • Entrepreneurs who want to make their business recession proof and to prosper even during hard times

  • Entrepreneurs who want to uncover the secret of earning more while working less

“Can you resist a Ted Nicholas headline? I doubt it. Few people can. I never could. But see for yourself. Take this short test. Just look at how this all-time master of marketing has titled some of the chapters in his new tell-all book, “Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets,” which for my money is worth its weight in diamonds.

Ready? See if you can possibly resist wanting to know: A Surefire Tip That Always Increases Sales … 11 Secrets of a Successful Ad … A Business Strategy That Can’t Miss … The Secret to a 100% Response … How to Successfully Market Your Products Around the World … 12 Little Mailing Tips That Make a Big Difference … The Success Attitude That Never Fails … The Real Secrets of Great Writing … Boost Sales the Easy Way … Tell’m What They Will Lose … A Headline Can Earn You a Fortune … Headlines That Sizzle.

And then there are: 14 Rules for Achieving Financial Literacy … The Top Seven Marketing Mistakes … How to Hire the Best Employees … An Extra $2,000,000 Profit on One Mailing … How to Become a Successful Self-Publisher … How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Causes of Business Failures … 7 Magic Words to Happiness …How to Get a Job During All Economic Times … The Top Ten Mistakes in Preparing Sales Letters … The “Killer” Order Form … Work Less, Have More Fun … How to Sell Your Business Successfully … The Most Important Lessons in My Life. And those are just a brief sample.”

-Gary Bencivenga
The World’s 2nd Best Copywriter
Editor, Bencivenga Bullets

  • New book authors who want to have a competitive advantage

  • Speakers and experts with books and other products to sell

  • Speakers who want to develop products and earn a separate income stream from intellectual property

  • Entrepreneurs with a product or service to sell

  • Publicists who want to discover more about book promotion and marketing

  • Anyone who wants to publish faster, easier and less expensively

  • Authors working on a book proposal or manuscript

  • Authors who are negotiating a book contract

  • Publishers who want to better promote authors and their books

  • Anyone wanting a real world overview of what it takes to succeed as a best-selling author

  • Anyone with a book, CD, DVD, software, or other intellectual property idea to develop into a valuable and saleable product

Dear Ted,

Your seminar in Orlando was terrific. The time you spent with us and the lessons you taught us was fitting for an audience spending thousands of dollars in travel expenses, hotels and seminar costs just to hear you speak.

I was amazed at how thorough you were. It was like a continuous flow of information with one hanging at the edge of their seat to hear. Your advice is easy to implement and follow.

Thank you again for your generosity and for sharing what you had to say. I know it came from the heart.


-Helene Solinga
Putnam Valley, NY

What is the world’s highest paid skill?

    The ability to sell, especially in print, separates the haves from the have-nots.

    Please understand this. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world. But in personal sales normally you must learn how to tolerate numerous “Noes.” Otherwise, the law of averages will not work in your favor.

    I probably have experienced more “No’s” than anyone you’ve ever known. But since I began direct marketing, naturally I don’t get to meet most of my prospects personally. Therefore I’ve never had to listen to a single “no” reply. Not even once! And once you learn direct marketing, neither will you! This is a fantastic advantage!

    Plus, what is also crucial to understand is this. I’ve also gotten more “Yeses” than perhaps any marketer on the planet! Once you learn direct marketing you will experience exactly the same thing.

    One of the many beauties of direct marketing online or offline, because you never are face to face with your prospects, you never, ever experience a single “No” response! No one enjoys hearing “No.” At first it can even seem like a personal rejection.

    For lots of people, including myself, never hearing anything but “Yes” is a huge advantage! And a lot of fun too!

    Plus, this will allow you to bank millions in sales and profits without stress or worries.

Dear Ted,

I was honored to sit under Ted’s teaching/coaching/vision-casting. I especially appreciated the Q&A session and the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with such a great, yet humble, man.

-Mike Hulen
Stuart, FL

At the risk of seeming overly blunt or arrogant,
please read the following carefully

    Are you rushing to complete your home-study course application right now? Remember this. It’s unconditionally guaranteed for a full 60 days.

    If you are not looking forward to getting started learning the described material now…

    Please do not order it!

    This course is a golden opportunity. But it is solely for entrepreneurs seriously motivated to learn and profit from writing killer copy.

    If this does not fit your needs, I sincerely wish you well in your job or other endeavors. Copywriting, while by far the best business opportunity in today’s world, is not for everybody.

    If you are happy working 50 hours or so a week for an ordinary income, then my Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp is definitely not for you.

Maybe you should give up now and give up the dream of making and real money.

    But if you are really sincere about the secrets of copywriting, don’t miss this one-time opportunity. This limited edition aspect is not some marketing “gimmick.” Those that know me will realize I’m not kidding when I state that copies of this course will be strictly limited in number.

    We will not distribute more than 217 copies during the next 48 hours.

Dear Ted,

Ted, your presentations were very insightful. You are certainly a master presenter. I am looking forward to implementing many of the techniques that you discussed.

-John Greer
Fort Lauderdale, FL

   As I mentioned before, I can easily charge $7,500 or $15,000 for the seminar. And I know it still would be a tremendous value.

Imagine yourself with this lifestyle!

   As a freelance copywriter, you can have your very own cash-on-demand business which produces staggering results.

   And if you market information products too, you will be proud to own your mini – or maxi-publishing empire, depending on how far you want to take it.

   All you need to operate this business is a laptop which you can operate from anywhere in the world.

   You can set it up so that 90% of your activities are automated, giving you the best benefit of all—lots of free time.

   I can tell you this. The opportunity will not come around again.

   I’ll show you exactly how to run a both a copywriting business, as well as a publishing house in your home just like I run. This brings me an annual income from publishing and copywriting alone of between $30,000 and $60,000 a week. (That’s without my other business interests and related income.) That’s $1,500,000 to $3,000,000 a year from copywriting and publishing alone. The big variable is how heavily I promote at any given time. I’ll show you how it works. And you could copy what I do.

   I’ll genuinely help to change your life as I’ve done for so many others.

   I’ve already helped others gain their first million very quickly!

I’ll coach you. I’ll teach you. And so will my
featured speakers

   I’ll also reveal a business very few individuals know anything about.

   I’ll introduce you to a business you’ll be proud of. Proud to show to your friends and family.

   Think about what it would be like just by using your laptop to have at least $1,000,000 in cash in your bank account!

It may all seem like an impossible dream

But it’s definitely within your grasp

So please don’t throw it all away!

    So take this opportunity. ORDER now.

While there are still copies of the course available, click here for all the exciting details:

Valuable Free Bonuses!

    How would you like to get valuable bonuses worth far more than my course absolutely Free!

Get immediately download Ted Nicholas – The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp

    Providing your order for my ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP HOME-STUDY COURSE is received within 72 hours, you will also get the following bonus items:

    (1) A full copy critique by me, Ted Nicholas, personally, any time you wish within 6 months of your purchase. Clients pay me a minimum of $5,000 for this service. As an owner of the home-study course it’s yours Free!

    (2) One free copy of the best-selling e-book “MAGIC WORDS THAT BRING YOU RICHES” valued at $37

    (3) One free copy of the best-selling e-book “HOW TO TURN WORDS INTO MONEY” valued at $37.

    (4) An exclusive copy of the valuable questionnaire I use with my own clients products, as well as my own, before I write a single word of copy. This will give you a valuable edge.

Plus you will receive:

    (a) A full audio and video set of the entire ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP Home-Study Course.

    (b) A complete seminar workbook.

    (c) A word-for-word written transcript of every presentation and Q&A session.

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    Ted Nicholas

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“Ted Nicholas, may I bow my head and say thank you so much to you.

You are an angel who came into my life in Orlando, Florida during the ISS Master Mind Conference on March 27-30,2008.Your power helped popped up the dark feeling deep inside my heart.

You did a terrific powerful teaching. Everybody in the room regardless of who they are, were energized because of your enthusiasm.

Ted, you are an excellent speaker. I highly recommend you to Mark as the VIP speaker next ISS Conference.”

-Josefina Tayko

“Ted, the most eye opening aspect of your presentation was the focus on one’s mental mindset and its affect on productivity. While this should be obvious, I guess I let that perspective get lost in the flail for accomplishment.

The other surprising item was your personal concern for other people. No wonder you can write from the heart. Writing from the heart was also eye opening. I have spent my life convincing and persuading – when I would likely have been more successful had I allowed myself to be more vulnerable.”

-William Grigson
Windermere, FL

“Ted…We really appreciate the time we had with you and the information you shared with us. Just the information alone about writing while in a peak emotional state will make a great difference in my copywriting.

All I can say is anyone having the opportunity to attend your multi-day event must not miss it, that could be the deciding factor between good and great results.

God bless in all you do.”

-Joe Marsh
Daytona, FL

“Ted Nicholas is much more than a copywriter.  He’s a sales genius who uses direct marketing tactics that entrepreneurs, small companies and large corporations alike would all use if they were smart.”

-Joe Farinaccio, Pennsville, NJ

“I can write a lot about the KING of marketing and it will be still less so just a brief: Mr. Ted you are the best at whatever you do. I personally admire you, the way you present and maintain great health and have a very good command over your audience. And you are the true genius of marketing and long live legend. I pray for your health so you keep on sharing your business expertise. All of us are in a learning process. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Thanks a million for coming to Orlando it was a great experience.”

-Naeem Chishty
Moreno Valley, CA

“Ted, I never thought that I’d get an opportunity to hear you but to have three of the best presentations was great.  Your information will change my business and writing. “Emotionally” will be the key.  While it will take some practice, I will be loving my life each day.  Thanks for coming to Orlando, we all appreciate it.”

-Jerry Stearns
Fargo, ND

“Wow!  What a positive, compassionate man!  He loves life and people, and it really shows.  His presentations were outstanding.”

-Sheila Fredrickson

“Thank you for such an AWESOME presentation and experience at Mark Hendricks’ recent Internet Success System conference. Over-delivery is an understatement of the practical, useful, and IMPLEMENTABLE information you shared. My copywriting will never be the same. You have breathed life into my sales letters.

Thank you SO much,”

-Cindi Dawson
The Teleseminar Coach
Staunton, VA

“Ted Nicholas is not only a great copywriter and marketer but a really nice guy.  Not only did I discover the secrets to writing great headlines and how to provide hidden benefits, but I also had the opportunity to talk with him one on one.  He is genuine, honest, and caring for the people he teaches and comes into contact with.  If you have the chance to learn from him, I suggest you do it!”

-Jason Blackston
Beaufort, SC

“I have learned from studying Ted Nicholas all my life. In just two hours onstage, he easily delivers enough valuable actionable information to put anyone on the right path to business success. Six hours? Amazing.

Ted Nicholas is ‘the turn-to man.’ The ONE guy to listen to. THEN the rest.”

-Alan Bechtold

“To say that Ted Nicholas knows his stuff is the understatement of the century.  And, what a breath of fresh air to see someone who is so successful not be only about the money, but about life. Bravo Ted! On a more practical level, his responses in the Q&A session were very valuable for me, so much so that I am looking at a web site redesign even though I am on the cusp of a new marketing campaign and his ability to drive right to the heart of a matter solved a dilemma for me that I have already acted upon and implemented, much to my relief.”

-Marie Kane

“Thank you for so generously sharing your valuable life and experience with us − just one tip made my approach to Google’s introduction of Newspaper print ads this week easy to implement.”

-Elsom Eldridge

“Ted Nicholas is truly one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. With his expertise he taught me an incredible amount about copywriting in a short period of time. But what really sets Ted apart from others is his view on life. He opened up my eyes to see what’s really important – not the future, not the past, but today! I hope I have the privilege of hearing him again.”

-J. Francoeur
Dunedin, FL

“It is amazing the gratitude that comes from this one individual!  Just think if we all could develop in that level of appreciation! WOW!

I need not say this, but his financial success is as rare as his wisdom about life.


-K Smith

“I appreciate that Ted’s approach to copy writing starts with your heart and how to get yourself in the right state for creating good copy.  Then all the wonderful tested ideas that gave me a starting point for improving my copy. I especially liked his concept of finding and using the hidden benefit.”

-John Speck

“Hi Ted,

I was blown away with your level of energy, endless enthusiasm and wisdom that you shared with me and other participants. I feel very lucky to meet you and learn from you.

Thank you for reminding me about most important purpose of my life.  I feel inspired and very grateful for your powerful words. I wish the best of luck to you in your journey to your ultimate goal (120 BD!).”

-Tatiana Ilin
Attleboro, MA

“Ted provides a wealth of information about the “power of the word”. His experience, insight and command of the audience is awesome. I particularly enjoyed his comments about life; the use of positive affirmations, support to and from your family and friends is critical, and finally – live in the process of life rather than focusing only on the outcomes. Ted is not only a master of words he is a master at living.”

-John Wierzba
Centennial, CO

“In my view there is one thing that puts Ted Nicholas head and shoulders above any other marketing expert I’ve met. He not only knows what he’s talking about … he knows he knows it and lives it.”

-Bernie Perry
Jeffersonville, IN

“Prior to listening to you, I had learned that my ads for the products that I sell should just have the details. So that is what I did. I could fall asleep writing the ads-which means potential buyers were probably falling asleep reading them.

I learned from you that it is ok to let my heart show in the ads. I now have to rewrite everything-but I am actually enjoying the task.”

-Donna Jones
Sunrise, FL

“Dear Ted,

It was both an honor and an absolute pleasure to have you present at the ISS conference.  Your knowledge is only matched by your giving heart.  We have your copywriting course and have learned much from it but nothing compares to how much we got from the information being shared by you live while your energy and excitement filled the room.

Thank you for sharing not just copywriting knowledge but success principles for life.
We have a much better understanding now of how to create emotional, heart to heart writing for everything we do. Thanks so much.”

-Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark
Baltimore, MD

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“Ted Nicholas is one of the great founding fathers of internet marketing. To learn from him is a pleasure and a life experience. Not many speakers and can teach you and move you to tears all at once.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with me.”

Ted Nicholas

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