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Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Secret 2.0Spencer Mecham - Affiliate Secret 2.0

Serious about Quiiting Your 9-5?

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Word on the street….
Last month was my first 10k commission. I can attribute a large part of that to what I learned in Affiliate Secrets”

GIVE ME INSTANT ACCESS TO THE AFFILIATE SECRETS COURSE NOW! Next Round Of Special Pricing Ends After 100 Purchases
Module 1: Your Game Plan
Structuring your empire
A deep dive into the “big picture” of affiliate marketing. How to get in the right mindset so that everything you touch turns to gold.

Module 2: Finding HOT Buyers
who’s got the $$ and How to find them
The most important decision you will make is who you will be trying to sell products. Find the right audience and connect them with the right product, and it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Module 3: Traffic Legion
The Meat and Potatoes
Know where affiliates struggle? Getting people (traffic) to their offers! I’ve brought on 5 of the most successful experts in their field to teach this module. Most of these experts sell their own individual courses at close to $1,000 each.a

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Module 4: Make More, Spend Less
The value proposition
So you’ve got traffic to your offer. But no one’s buying! This is another major problem for affiliate marketers. Here I teach you how to literally get people to beg to buy through your special affiliate link.

Module 5: Automation Templates
Where the fun begins
This is where we begin actually automating the business.
The traffic comes in and the business runs itself from there.

Module 6: The Products
So what are you selling anyway?
How to find products that are so good, and so easy to sell, that you just need to send people to their site and they will do the rest.

Module 7: Long Term Business
So you can sit back and enjoy the ride
Automate your business so you can disappear for months without it affecting your income. Yes, true passive income.

Module 8: Creating a Team
So your business runs on complete autopilot
For your business to run on 100% autopilot, you will need at least one team member to run it. Don’t be scared – it’s a lot easier than you think.
So… Who’s Spencer Anyway?
I’m just some Guy that worked his butt off to figure all this stuff out.

After making only a few dollars my first year (with hundreds of hours of work) my business did 7 figures the very next year.

Winner of two dream car contests in the last year.

Guess what? Both companies are STILL running their Dream car contests.
Will you be next?
I can still remember the first time I learned the concept of passive income. Since then I have spent literally thousands of hours in the pursuit of creating my own.

I now own my own business that runs on almost complete automation, bringing in 7 figures (revenue) in 2018. I get asked every day how to do it.

That’s why i created Affiliate Secrets….

More words on another street….
This guy…as many others vouch…is a genius”

Learn From The Best of the Best
Josh Ryan
Creator Of “Instagram Mastery Academy”, Josh Ryan Has Grown DOZENS of Instagram accounts to 6-figure follower counts.

Grew @Millionaire.Dream To Over 350,000 Followers In Under 18 Months
Gets over 1,000 leads per week on autopilot
Earns full-time income from Instagram
Currently Growing @Travellingpreneur at a rate of Over 1,000 new followers per day

Affiliate Marketer, Founder of Quora Affiliate Marketing Group

6-figures in ecommerce
Recently turned to affiliate marketing
One of maybe 10 people in the world that knows how to use Quora for affiliate marketing

Jelani Abdus-Salaam
Rachel S. Lee
Affiliate POWERHOUSE and World traveler

Recently awarded the prestigious two-comma club award (1 million dollars with a single sales funnel)
Dream car winner with another on the way
Earns a full-time income online through her influencer business
Master of oursourcing

6-Figure agency Owner

Owner and CEO of world’s largest solo ads agency
Renowned Speaker, speaking on dozens of stages across the world
Powerhouse Blogger with tens of thousands of weekly visitors.
Podcaster with 100,000 weekly listeners and major interview with names like Russell Brunson & Robert Kiyosaki

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Jarem Atkinson
Johnny West
7-Figure Facebook ads/Group Specialist

Made 7 figures his first year running a Facebook group
Owner of 6-figure Facebook ads agency
World traveler

Limited Bonuses? Absolutely.
BONUS #1: 2 Finished, White Label Courses
A large part of my success as an affiliate marketer has been my ability to offer free stuff to people.

Now you can have rights to my top two courses to sell it or give it away to motivate people to act.
BONUS #2: 5+ profitable Funnels
Don’t know what a sales funnel is? No idea how to start?
Don’t worry!

Get access to all of my highest performing funnels that are proven to bring results.

The best part? You can import them straight into your account in 10 seconds.
BONUS #3: Over 50 Pre-Written Emails
Let’s face it. Some of us just suck at writing.
I’ve spent thousands of dollars on copywriters to write emails that actually bring in sales.

Now you can just copy and past them into your campaigns.
LIMITED TIME BONUS #4: Rockin’ Cool Hammock
Welcome to #yourNewOffice!

I literally work from a hammock for a good portion of the day.

Since that’s my goal for you (optional 😉 …let me treat you 🙂
You’re Going To Get…
Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Bundle – $1497 VALUE
8 Modules, including: Game Plan, Finding HOT Buyers, Traffic Legion, Hidden Bank Account, Automation Templates, Offer Offer Offer, Follow-Up Automation & Auto-Automation
Traffic Guru Secrets – $4997 VALUE – Seriously
4 Traffic Gurus Reveal Their Secrets To Instagram, Quora, Solo Ads and Outsourcing. Learn From Josh Ryan, Jelani Abdus-Salaam, Igor Kheifets, Jonny West & Rachel S. Lee.
BONUS (1) 2 WhiteLabel Courses – $1297 VALUE
Half the reason I do so well is I give away free stuff to people in exchange for signing up! Get access to my free stuff and give it away as YOUR bonus.
BONUS (2) 5 Profitable Funnels – $1997 VALUE
Whether you need them for yourself, or just need to be able to offer them to your purchasers, profitable funnels are a MUST.
BONUS (3) 50 Pre-Written Emails – $1997 VALUE
My own personal email sequences that bring in hundreds of dollars each week on complete automation.
FAST ACT BONUS: Your New Office – $97 VALUE
My goal for you is for you to be able to work ANYWHERE (or nowhere). For me, the hammock is my portable office. I can take it anywhere with me and work from anywhere.
Total Value: $1497.00
JUST $897

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