Shaun McCloskey – Short Sale Intensive


  (Download available within 1-2 hours) As with any potential real estate deal, you know when you “smell” a unique opportunity, it deserves a few minutes of your undivided “due diligence”…

Shaun McCloskey – Short Sale Intensive

Shaun McCloskey - Short Sale Intensive

Welcome to the “Short Sale Intensive”
A truly easy-to-understand, realistic-to-apply, soup-to-nuts approach to generating short sale wealth.

Congratulations, because you are cordially invited.

   If you’re looking for a realistic, no-nonsense approach to understanding how to leverage the current foreclosure explosion to generate a remarkable income (and help good folks escape the black mark of foreclosure in the process) then you’ve just stumbled upon something very special.

   Give us the next few moments and we’ll unveil how to join with a select handful of others in a short sale wealth experience unlike any other.

   Quite simply, we believe you’re about to embark on one of the most uniqueauthentic and comprehensive learning experiences ever offered to real estate investors. And we’re extremely proud to offer it tailor-made and exclusively for the flipping homes community.

   Please be wise enough to take a few minutes now to really focus in and explore the descriptive text and audio below. I urge you to resist the temptation to merely “scan” over it – you’ll miss “gold” in the details.

   As with any potential real estate deal, you know when you “smell” a unique opportunity, it deserves a few minutes of your undivided “due diligence”…

   To really understand what this is all about, you have 3 simple steps…

  • Step 1: Just a personal word from Shaun.
  • Step 2: What is the “Short Sale Wealth Academy”? (Shaun’s new home study course)
  • Step 3: What is the “Short Sale Intensive” WebCamp? (And is it right for me?)

   So hold on to your hat. Here we go……

Step 1: A personal note from Shaun…

   This short audio explains…

  • What took so darn long?
  • What’s the big deal with short sales right now anyway?
  • Is preforeclosure investing ideal in today’s real estate market?’

Step 2: What Is The Short Sale Wealth Academy?

   To help you get your mind around this as easily as possible, JP and I recorded a couple of short audios for you. 

   I really suggest you give them a quick listen.  You’ll find they’ll be a big help in quickly understanding what we’re doing here.

             Turn up your speakers and press play to find out……

  • How does the SSWA compare to other short sale courses?
  • How am I even qualified to be teaching you? (Why am I even teaching at all?)
  • Why having the right “systems” in place empowers me to consistently close 3-4 short sale deals a month, averaging $21,500 profit per deal (mostly wholesale flips)
  • What is “MindJet”, and what can it do for you?…
  • Why Steve Cook offered to put the “Flipping Homes” seal of approval on my course…
  • What are the specific elements of the course? (What’s inside?)
  • Your discounted price for the SSWA during “launch” phase…

   I truly believe this is the most comprehensive home study course you could invest in to really learn the short sale wealth system inside out –

   — not just how to do short sale deals, but how to build your business around proven system, time-saving tactics that will literally save you hundreds of hours and the most carefully crafted forms and checklists possible.

   So much more than just a manual, this course is a complete multimedia learning experience, including……

  • The Short Sale Wealth Manual…
    Not just another “dusty shelf” manual. No fluff, no junk – I put only the good stuff inside. My entire proven business model, step-by-careful-step.
  • Comprehensive Forms Disk…
    Every form I use to run my business, and every single form you’ll ever need to run your short sale business –provided for you on disk.
  • Forms Videos (DVDs)
    Completely resolves any intimidation you may have about how to fill out the forms or what they mean.  You literally watch over my shoulder as I fill in the blanks for you, talking you through each section, explaining what it means, and what it does for you.
  • My Personal Marketing Arsenal…
    you’re getting all of the EXACT SAME marketing materials that I use in my business every day here in St. Louis.  I’ve personally tested them, and they’ve proven to work VERY WELL for me.  Letters, postcards, bandits signs…they’re all there.
  • My Private “Business Systems” Checklists…
    Truly my secret weapon. My business is built upon proven systems, and my checklists are the very foundation of these systems. You’ll get each and every checklist that allows my business to be run like a well oiled machine – even without me.
  • Live Seller Calls (Audio)
    In over 4 hours of audio you’ll hear first hand why I choose to go after some deals, and why I pass on others.  This criteria took us 3 years to develop!
  • Interview with Bob the BPO Guy…
    I put one of the top producing BPO agents in the country under a microscope to find out what it really takes to get short sale deals approved. 
  • Short Sale Expert Credibility Kit…
    With this resource, I build instant credibility with my clients in less than 60 seconds.  You will too.
  • Real Estate Agent Persuasion Kit…
    A real estate agent presentation that you can show other agents.  They’ll be knocking down your door with short sale referrals in no time!
  • “Understanding Credit” Package…
    Will help you qualify potential buyers, as well as understand how foreclosure affects credit.  You’ll understand exactly how credit scores are generated, what to look for, and what to watch out for when selling your properties.
  • Short Sale Profit Analyzer…
    A custom program I use to quickly calculate exactly how much I should offer the bank and how much I should make on any given deal.  This program is stinkin’ awesome!
  • Actual Deals, Step by Step…
    A step by step walk through of exactly what we did, how we dealt with the homeowner, how we dealt with the lender, you name it, you get it — even get copies of the actual offer letters that we used, the entire short sale package submitted, and more.
  • Actual Lender Short Sale Packages…
    You’ll no longer need to call the lender and wait on hold for 30 minutes just to have the customer service department send you the short sale package.  We’ve already done the work for you!
  • Insider’s Guide to Slashing Tax Liens…
    Maost short sale investors assume tax liens cannot be discounted.  NOT SO!  We’ve show you exactly how it’s done!  This groundbreaking information is not in any other short sale course that I’ve ever seen.  Includes all forms.
  • Bonus Short Sale FAQ…
    A 54 page quick reference manual comprised of some of the biggest, most frequently asked questions I hear time and time again.

   To see a more in-depth description of the home study course, you can click here if you wish (opens in a new window). 

   But when you’re finished with the brief audio description above, please be sure to continue below to find out how you can join us for the “Short Sale Intensive” webcamp event, and get a completely tailor-made bootcamp-like experience without any of the typical bootcamp expenses or hassles, and without spending a penny more!……

Step 3: What is the “Short Sale Intensive” Webcamp? (and is it right for me?)

   “Give us one evening per week and we’ll force one of the nation’s top preforeclosure experts to pull the curtain completely back on his business, expose every facet of his proven, 7-step short sale wealth system, and answer each and every question you imagine.”

   To really “get” what the Short Sale Intensive Webcamp is all about, I suggest you continue by listening to the brief audio below.

              Press “play” and listen and find out……

  • How to get a bootcamp-level education in creating short sale wealth, without the bootcamp hassles or price tag.
  • How to get a truly customized, unique experience, with 100% of your questions answered, guaranteed.
  • How to network directly with other “SSI” participants in an exclusive, private mastermind area.
  • How to get it all without spending a penny more than others will spend on the course material alone.

“So what’s the ‘Short Sale Intensive’ all about?”

   The Short Sale Intensive is an innovative “webcamp” training series like none other. Unique from anything else you’ve ever seen or experienced before, you’ll find this unique 8-week multimedia event to be an elegant mash-up of cutting-edge and time-tested information, engaging technology and sound, effective teaching.

   In the SSI, I’ll be gingerly holding your hand through each and every step of my short sale wealth system, answering every question and demonstrating with crystal clarity how you can follow in my exact footsteps to “carbon copy” what I do in today’s market.”

   “It’s the ’straight-line’ approach – I see combining this webcamp with my course as the most effective way to get from ‘ground zero’ to generating an impressive income through pre-foreclosure, short sale real estate deals.”

Ok, so here’s how it works…

  • The “Short Sale Intensive” is an 8-module Webcamp; it begins Mon, Sept. 17 at 8:00pm Eastern and continues each Monday thereafter for eight weeks total (same time slot each week).
  • The content will be presented simultaneously in both “webinar” and “teleseminar” formats — meaning you can actually watch what I’m doing live on your own computer (great for visual learners) or alternatively you can just listen to the teleseminar only if you prefer. 
  • All sessions will begin with structured, logical lessons. Through a variety of multimedia I will gingerly walk you step by step through every part of my business model, from start to finish. Each session will have a main “theme” we’ll focus on, presented in a very logical, easy-to-consume way, and leaving no stone unturned.
  • After I teach the structured portion, I’ll be spending as much time as needed personally answering your questions.I realize I may regret promising this later, as I can only imagine how many hours we might go each evening depending on the number of questions we get. But you can rest assured that I am 100% committed to ensuring you completely understand how to build a wildly successful short sale investing business like mine, and I’m truly willing to take the time to do it.

“What’s a ‘webcamp’ anyway?”

   As alluded to earlier, we’re basically offering you the best benefits of a “bootcamp” experience, without the typical “bootcamp” related hassles…

  • without the bootcamp travel expenses, (flight, hotel, food, etc…)
  • without unnecessary use of “vacation” or “unpaid” time off work,
  • without unnecessary exhaustion or information overload,
    (“Drinking from a fire hydrant is NOT the ideal way to learn.”)
  • without the hefty bootcamp price tag!

Here’s What You’ll Get in Shaun McCloskey – Short Sale Intensive

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