Sean Terry – Flip2Freedom Academy 2.0


Sean Terry – Flip2Freedom Academy 2.0

Sean Terry – Flip2Freedom Academy 2.0


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“Who Else Wants The PROVEN Over the Shoulder, Step-by-Step MENTORSHIP  Program for Generating LARGE CHUNKS of QUICK CASH in Real Estate Even if You’re Dead Broke and Have a 480 Credit Score…”

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and never bought a piece of real estate before or don’t know what steps are involved in the process. You’re about to discover how newbies, that were paralyzed with FEAR, went from ZERO to $220,000 in 12 months working part-time around their jobs using NONE of their own money or credit…

Now is your time to seize the opportunity!

Introducing the Flip2Freedom Academy 2.0   –

The Only  PROVEN Over the Shoulder, Step-by-Step MENTORSHIP Program for New and Seasoned Real Estate Investors…”

The biggest secret to success that most people will do
almost anything to ignore…

If I was only able to give you one piece of advice, one killer strategy that will ensure you achieve the kind of lifestyle and success you desire, it would be this:

Here’s the thing, no matter how much you know, if you aren’t taking the CORRECT ACTIONS then you will never make a decent amount of money in real estate.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

You don’t have to waste time and money on methods that don’t work.

And you don’t have to learn about every new strategy in existence that hits your email inbox.

All you have to do is find someone who has already achieved what you want, and then do what they did to get there.

That is why I created The Flip2Freedom Academy… to give you an easy-to-follow, precise, step-by-step blueprint for making money in real estate without cash or credit that has taken me from my first check of $11,008 .61 when I started to making over a 7 figure income in the latest calendar year.

This is the same system that I have used (and still use today) to consistently flip 15-20 houses per month and make millions in real estate whether I work or not.

I have shared this system with over 2,118 members of the Flip2Freedom Academy and the success stories have be nothing but amazing…

These stories PROVE that anyone can do this…

Everything you need to know…

When you need to know it…

The Flip2freedom Academy is a timely, up-to-date, focused “million dollar a year business blueprint” designed to give you a precise road map to guide you from where you are to ultimate success, freedom and achievement using real estate as a vehicle.

At the core of the Flip2Freedom Academy is HD, Studio Quality 19 Week Training Program that reveals my exact business model which includes how I locate tons of motivated sellers, how I find highly responsive buyers and how to put the deals together for maximum profit with the least amount of effort.

This is a PROVEN, time tested, future proofed that will work in any real estate market and in any city in the country.

I’ll also reveal a prized, secret technique for building “passive income” using none of your own cash or credit that will result in living a lifestyle of ultimate freedom.

Module #1

  • Building the Ultimate Lifestyle: This mind map will give you the “big picture” on what you’re about to create. You have to know where you’re going before you can get there.
  • The Top 10 Reasons Why New Real Estate Investors Fail and How to Avoid Them.
  • Planning Your Escape: Knowing the exact numbers in your business so you can strategically and methodically plan your escape from the shackles of a 9 to 5 JOB.
  • How to Gain a Competitive Edge: So you can leave the competition in the dust and own your local market.

Module #2

  • Systematized Wholesaling Explained + Real Live Case Study: So you can understand how the “money flows” from contract to beefy pay days.
  • How to Make $10,000 on Houses with Little to No Equity + Real Live Case Study:  This could put and extra $100,000 in you bank account in the next 12 months.
  • The Big Test: Know why most investors fail this one test that destroys their success and how you can pass with flying colors.

Module #3

  • My Closely Guarded Tools and Resources: I will give you my “unique collection” of tools and resources for running a million dollar a year business.
  • Taking Your Business Online: So you can attract floods of highly targeted buyers and sellers on auto-pilot even while you’re sleeping.
  • Highest Converting Squeeze Page Templates: I give you my time tested buyer/seller squeeze page templates.  These are the same template Bryan used to rake in $130,000 durning in his first 12 months.
  • Discover My #1 Online Source to Build a Buyers List Almost Overnight, the Best Thing, It’s FREE!

Module #4

  • My Top 4 FREE Sources to Drive Herds of Qualified Buyers to Your Squeeze Page
  • How to Set Up Highly Optimized Google Adwords Campaign to Drive Hungry Buyers and Motivated Sellers to Your Squeeze Pages.
  • My $92,000 Swipe File of the Highest Converting Keywords and Ad Copy: Have your campaign set up in under 2 hours ready to capture sellers begging you to buy their property.
  • Offline Marketing to Online Marketing:  Use my secret trick that NO ONE ELSE IS DOING to bring in buyers and sellers on demand

Module #5

  • Inside the Mind of a Cash Buyer: Know what your buyers want so you can easily and confidently get paid thousands for delivering them a property.
  • How to Determine The High Cash Transaction Areas in Your Home Town: You have to know where the gold is before you start digging. This will show you how to find the gold.
  • How to Assemble a Dream Team: Discover what to say, who to say it to and what you can offer in return. Gain clarity and confidence knowing exactly what you’re looking for and talking about.

Module #6

  • Marketing for Sellers Master Plan: Discover what marketing channel will deliver the most motivated sellers the fastest.
  • Getting a Fast Start on Your Marketing: So you can have your phone ringing off the hook with sellers ASAP.
  • How to Determine ARV with or Without a Realtor: These 3 easy iron clad steps to confidently assess the value of a property quickly and easily.
  • The One Cheap Marketing Method to a Consistent Five Figure a Month Pay Check: How, When and Where to use the “hush hush” money getting marketing channel.

Module #7

  • Magnetic Market Secrets for Sellers: Imagine having motivated sellers in your inbox every morning.
  • One Year of Pre-written Email Automated Followup Sequence that will cause your phone to ring almost daily.
  • Pre-Written Free Credibility Building eBook So you can give to sellers in return for their info.
  • Traffic Secrets: Learn how to strategically place your website online for free to attract motivated sellers.

Module #8

  • Tweaking Your Adwords Campaign: So you’ll pay less per click and get ranked higher than the competition for the best converting keywords.
  • How to Market Your Website Online for FREE:  SEO for real estate investors plus a ninja YouTube trick
  • Marketing for Sellers Online Manifesto: Discover what a fully optimized online campaign looks like using free and paid sources so you get floods of highly targeted motivated sellers submitting their information right to your inbox 24-7.

Module #9

  • How to Make Money on Little to No Equity Homes Using this Strategy: Learn to turn dead leads/deals into $10,000 pay days.
  • Understanding “Agreement for Sale” or “Subject To” Investing and how to profit legally and ethically.
  • Lease Options Explained in Detail: Learn to profit from lease options in case a sellers balks on the “subject to” scenario.

Module #10

  • Making Money with Seller Financing: So you have the ability to make money off any lead that is acquired.
  • The “Switch” How to find the optimal buyer for a seller financed deal.
  • How to Find the Property for the Buyer Using these Two Sources.
  • Marketing for the “Motivated Seller Financing” Deal: Find the buyer first, locate the property second…
  • How to “Pitch” the Seller Financing to a Motivated Seller: So you know exactly what to say.
  • How to Write the Contract,(word for word). So you are 100% prepared when talking to the seller.

Module #11

  • Talking to Sellers: Use this script to know exactly what to ask the seller to determine motivation.
  • How to Answer the Most Common Objections When Talking to Sellers and How to Test Motivation
  • How to Make a “Soft Pass” (low ball offer) Without Killing the Deal: Use this so you can really determine motivation.
  • How and When to Make the Appointment with the Seller: So you don’t waste your time on dead deals.
  • Live Seller Calls: Listen in to Sean speak directly to sellers so you can really see what it’s like.
  • Introduction on How to Structure Deals: So you can make the most money and still make the seller happy.

Module #12

  • How to Analyze the Deal Using these Special Resources. Learn specifically how to really know what a property is worth and what you can sell it for.
  • What to Bring on an Appointment Checklist and Why
  • Going to the Property and Meeting with and Negotiating with Motivated Sellers: So you know exactly what to look for.
  • Three Ninja Negotiating Techniques to get the Lowest Price Possible

Module #13

  • How to Open Escrow and What to Say to the Closing Agent: Know exactly what to do after you get the contract.
  • Seven Key Steps to market Your Property For the Fastest Possible Sale.
  • How to Prep the Property for a Fast Sale: So when your buyer calls you’ll know how to give them access even if it’s occupied.
  • How to Use this FREE Marketing Syndication Tool to Distribute Your Property to Hundreds of Websites.
  • How to Create a Winning Email Blast to Send to Your Buyers List.
  • How to Get Your Property Sold in Lightening Speed Using this Tool.

Module #14

  • How to Negotiate with the Buyer to Get the Highest Price and Commitment.
  • How to Fill out the “Sell Side” Contract: So when you meet with the buyer you are ready to go.
  • How to Get the Contract and Earnest Money from the Buyer and Open Up Escrow.
  • How to Manage the Closing of the “A to B” and the “B to C” so you can ensure a smooth closing and a fast payday.
  • How to Read the HUD 1 Closing Statement and What to Look For:  Knowing this will give you confidence that you’re not missing anything important.
  • Closing Day: Getting Your First Check!  Boom Baby! You Did it!

Module #15

  • How to Get One Years worth of Income in the Bank as fast as Possible: So you can replace your income flipping houses.
  • How to Scale Your Business from Your First Check to Full Time.
  • How to Run Your Business for Maximum Profit with the Least Effort
  • The Four Phases of Freedom:
  • Phase I: Get Your First Check as Fast a Possible.
  • Phase II: Get One Years Worth of Income in the Bank
  • Phase III: Going Full Time and What that Entails.
  • Phase IV: Going from $0 to $500,000 a Year Flipping Houses

Module #16

  • How to Find, Hire and Train a Virtual Assistant: Adding employees correctly will add revenue to your bottom line quickly.
  • How to Find and Manage your VA with this Website.
  • How to Use Skype with your VA
  • How to Use this Free Software to Train Your VA
  • How I Use FreedomSoft with my VA

Module #17

  • How to Build a team of Bird Dogs (property scouts) to bring you Unlimited FREE Deals
  • How to Build this team on Auto-pilot.
  • How to Make $50,000 Per Month Just From Bird Dogs
  • How to Structure the Deals with the Bird Dogs Legally

Module #18

  • Building a Million Dollar Property Portfolio: So you can replace your income with “passive cash flow”
  • How to Cherry Pick the Best Deals (Criteria): Know the exact property to type, condition and financing requirements for the best investment.
  • How to Structure and Close the Deal for Maximum Profit and Limited Risk
  • Prepping the Property for a Swift “Recoup” on Your Investments Using My Secret Strategy So You Have NO Monetary or Credit Risk.

Module #19

  • How to Sell Your Property Using this Secret Method to Defer Maintenance and Collect Cash Flow
  • How to Market Your Property to the Right Buyer so You Can Maximize Cash Flow
  • How to Write the Contracts Step by Step
  • How to Manage the Property for Limited Maintenance Requirements and Reduced Vacancies
  • How to Replace Your Income By Building a Million Dollar Rental Portfolio and having No Cash or Risk to your Credit

Now You Can Make Even More Money

with Less Effort…

Introducing The Worlds Most “Intelligent” and Complete Real Estate Investing Business Management Platform Available Online Today…

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