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(Download available within 1-2 hours)That day, I made a resolution to live a life that would be exciting.  One that others would aspire towards, and do it in a way that was on my terms, not the terms of my employer.

Sean Ogle – Location Rebel

Sean Ogle - Location Rebel

If You Were to Die Tomorrow…

Last year a man’s life came to an end.

As the man was lifted to the heavens, St. Peter met him at the pearly white gates and said, “You’ve been a good, honest man… so you’ve made the cut for Heaven.  And just so you know, Heaven is freaking sweet.  There’s everything you could hope for… all the food you want without gaining any weight, all the games you want to play and adventures you want to go on and awesome people to hang out with all day long.

There’s only one rule…”St Peter then points behind him to a shiny, red door with gold trim and says, “You must NOT go through that door… regardless of what the circumstances are.  NEVER go in there.  Okay?”

The man says, ‘Okay.’ And makes his way through the gates into heaven.

For the first month he’s having a blast… eating great food and hanging out with amazing people.  But after a few weeks… he gets curious.  “What could possibly be behind that door he wonders?”

Then one day… he found the door open.

He looked over his shoulders and no one was looking.. so he crept in.

When he gets inside he sees this MASSIVE warehouse of boxes that are stacked to the ceiling like a Costco building.  There are endless rows and rows and rows of them.   And as he’s walking down the rows, he noticed each box has a name attached to it.

His pace speeds up as he starts searching for where his own box is.  After 45 minutes of searching, he finds his box on the third shelf.  He reaches up to grab it and brings it down to the ground with him.

The man is standing over the box on the floor in front of him with anticipation… “What could possibly be in here!?!” he wonders.

All of the sudden, he feels a tap on his left shoulder…

It’s St. Peter.

St. Peter asks “What do you think you’re doing?  I asked you NOT to go in here.”

The man apologizes and says, “I’m so sorry… the door was open and I just couldn’t help myself.  And then I found my box and got so curious as to what it could be… would you mind telling me what’s in here?”

St. Peter quietly tells him, “What’s in that box is every experience you COULD have had on earth if you were only bold enough to ask for it.  Every relationship you could have built.  Every adventure you could have went on.  Every country you could have traveled to.  Every moment that you could have spent doing what you love.”

Now, my question to you is: If that were your box, would you open it? Would you want to see everything you missed out on while you were on earth?

There’s so much more to life than simply ‘getting by.’  And if you’re ready to draw a line in the sand and STOP accepting the life you’ve built and create a life that makes you ecstatic to wake up every morning, then keep reading because I may be able to help make that a reality…

How Everything Changed In An Instant

Two years ago, my life sucked.  I was working 50 hours a week as a financial analyst.  Suit, tie and shaving every day.  I was miserable.  I had this incurable wanderlust and desire to experience the world. I hated the fact that each and every day I was working harder than ever to fund someone else’s lifestyle while accomplishing no goals of my own.

Me in My Old Life…

I wasn’t traveling to exotic places.  I wasn’t building any real world, useful skills.  I had very few good stories. And most importantly, I wasn’t doing any of the stuff that I actually enjoy doing in my life.

Then there was a moment when everything changed.  In February of 2009 I took a trip to Brazil for Carnival in Rio. I’d been planning it for over a year, and had to beg my boss to allow me to use all of my vacation time to be able to take the trip.

One beautiful, sunny morning I was walking down Copacabana Beach, trying to balance the emotions of living in the moment and taking in all the beauty of the beach – all the while knowing that soon I would be back home, unable to take another vacation like this for 12 months.

Then it hit me… I should be able to do this everyday. I should be the one who dictates when and where I’m able to work and travel, not my boss.

That day, I made a resolution to live a life that would be exciting.  One that others would aspire towards, and do it in a way that was on my terms, not the terms of my employer.

That was 2009.  Now, I’m making more money than I did in my old job… working less hours… and doing stuff I love every single day.

And the best part is that I’ve been able to share some amazing stories with some of the coolest people on earth… Like:

  • Hanging out with Orlando Jones at one of the most infamous houses in Hollywood
  • Taking sunset photographs at Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Indonesia
  • Rock climbing on the world class cliffs of Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand
  • Running a marathon with (almost) no training at all
  • Cruising around on a million dollar yacht in Subic Bay, Philippines
  • Just to name a few…

Me in My New Life…

Once I freed myself from the shackles of how I thought I had to live my life, I started doing things on my terms.  And now? Life couldn’t be better.

While it sounds like a sweet little Cinderella story… I can’t say that it was always easy.

What ‘They’ Say Vs. What Is True

Throughout my transformation I learned there’s a steep disconnect between what most people believe vs. what I’ve actually found to be true.

You will run into opposition in your quest to take control of your life.  In fact I’d be willing to bet there’s a good chance that you already have encountered some of this negativity.

Has anyone close to you ever tried to remind you of the “amazing opoortunity you’ve been given to have a job in such a bad economy?”

Or worse, have they labeled you unappreciative for wanting something different?  If you’ve read this far, then I’m willing to bet you can relate.

People like that not only make you feel guilty about the situation, but more importantly, they make you doubt yourself. It’s very easy to start to question whether or not you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur – or if you’ll ever be able to find a job like that again.

That’s a scarcity mentality that there’s no place for in Location Rebel.  Within this program you’ll learn to adopt a mentality of abundance, as you realize there are limitless options in your life.

The Myth of Job Security

Job security is a funny thing.  This is the ultimate fallacy when it comes to “what they say vs what is true”.  Traditional thinking is that to be truly secure you had to have a comfortable job with a decent paycheck.

Well as millions of people have learned over the last few years, their “job security” was more of a myth than anything else.

True job security lies in the skills you create for yourself, and the network of people you surround yourself with.  With the right skill set you will always be able to find work – whether it’s for someone else or yourself.  And as you grow your network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, you’ll never have any shortage of people to turn to when times get rough.

That is real job security – or job security 2.0 as I call it.

Specific Skills Vs. Broad Skills

I mean it when I say your security lies in the skills you have.  In most jobs you learn a ton of specific skills. You learn how to properly format that Excel document to make block stock trades.  You know exactly how to process a new client.  You have that cold calling sales script down cold.

But once you leave that job, how are those skills going to benefit you in the real world?  The reality is, most of them won’t.

In Location Rebel we teach you broad skills that will be applicable no matter what. You can do freelance work and charge money for these skills.  You can leverage them in your personal projects, or as most of you will do, you’ll do both.

It’s time to start building some assets, rather than liabilities.  These skills are assets which will keep you in demand.  The other specific skills are liabilities.  You get so comfortable doing them, that it becomes second nature.  That comfort is what keeps so many people in situations that aren’t great.  They’re good enough.

Screw good enough. You want the best life you can possibly have.

This transformation wasn’t without a lot of hard work. I’ve spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out what works when it comes to building a lifestyle business.

The reality is, once I figured out the secrets, I found it isn’t that hard. You just have to have the right approach.

This is where most people fail.

It only seems right that after spending all of this time learning how to make this lifestyle work, that I share it with all of you.  Now you get the sum of all of my trial, error, and research packaged up into a nice little gift.

The Myth About Traditional Education

You’ve been led to believe it takes a LONG time to educate yourself in any given field.

I went to school for 16 years, and aside from the fundamentals in my primary education, was left with very few marketable skills I could turn into money.

The reality is, if you have enough motivation you can learn useful skills extremely quickly.

In less than two months I was able to learn Search Engine Optimization skills that took a brand new unknown site to ranking #1 for it’s main keywords and generating $1,000+ sales on a regular basis.

You don’t need to be an expert.  You just need to be an expert relative to the people who are hiring you, and that isn’t difficult to do.  In fact, we show you exactly how to become a relative expert in your field of choice.

Welcome to Location Rebel

What it is: Location Rebel is the only course of its type designed to teach you all of the skills necessary to run a lifestyle business from anywhere on Earth.

Who it’s NOT for: Let me be clear that this is not another ‘get rich quick BS ebook’.  This is NOT for people searching for a ‘loophole’, magic bullet, or some magical product that’s going to require no work.  This is going to require time and work on your part… if you’re one of those people searching for a magic button, this isn’t it and please don’t sign up because I don’t want you to waste your (or my) time with something you won’t actually implement.

Who it IS for: This IS for people who know there is something more to be gained in life.  For people who KNOW what they want out of life. For people who are ready to draw a line in the sand and stop accepting ‘average.’  People who are ready to build a business that gives them freedom, independence and the stability they want so that ultimately they can give their current job the middle finger.

If you’ve ever found yourself wasting time at your current job, reading blogs of other people traveling this earth and having a blast, this is exactly what you need to stop dreaming about that lifestyle and start living it.

What you’ll get: Location Rebel is two years of researching, learning, and experimenting with ideas and strategies to make money while traveling the world.  You’ll get:

  • Nine Modules of content covering all of the most important things you need to know and learn in order to be a successful lifestyle entrepreneur
  • Eight (and counting) in depth interviews with successful location independent entrepreneurs that will teach you how to make $1000/month within three months of starting this course
  • Eight simple, step-by-step business blueprints you can copy and paste to start generating income with skills like:  SEO, copywriting, web development, design & advertising, project management and more… (Even if you have no prior experience in any of the areas.)
  • Access to discussion forums so you can connect, share and learn from your peers who are going through the same transition as you
  • And much, much more.

Why This Is different: I could have went to almost any blogger in the space to have them share how they built their business online.  But from my experience, that wasn’t the information that helped me the most.

The information that helped me most was from the people NOT writing about this stuff.   The people who were quietly building wildly successful businesses while traveling the world or spending more time with their families, who DON’T discuss the standard model of building a blog, selling ad space, or selling ‘get more twitter followers’ products.

These are the people who have really figured out how to build a business that supports their lifestyle and there is absolute gold in the interviews I conducted with them.

Read on for full details, or join now if you’re ready.

What You Will Find In the Location Rebel Program

There are nine primary modules in the Location Rebel program, each covering a different, very important aspect of the lifestyle.
Here is a brief rundown of what you’ll find:
  • Learn About the Importance of Becoming a Relative Expert, and the 4 foolproof strategies for building your reputation in your industry quickly
  • A breakdown of the importance of skill matrix theory and how you can build marketable primary and complimentary skills faster than you ever thought possible
  • Detailed analysis of your fears and uncertainties and proven strategies for breaking them down to facilitate action
  • The six common success factors of successful location independent entrepreneurs (and how you can adopt each of these in your own life)
  • Proven strategies for not only finding a mentor, but for recognizing exactly what you should be looking for in one
  • Solid benchmarks for your new skill sets, so you know exactly where you stand, and what you need to be striving towards
  • In depth guide on how to network like a pro and build a lead funnel that will leave you flooded with work – regardless of your niche
  • Much, much more

In addition to the 9 Modules and 8 blueprints in the course, you’ll also get:

  • Exclusive member-only forums
  • Interactive worksheets that get you involved with the process in a way that no other course does.
  • How to Live Anywhere bonus content and interview with Technomadia to show you what’s truly possible in this lifestyle.
  • How to Start a Blog bonus module. A blog isn’t necessary to be successful, but a presence online is.  For those who want to build an audience and showcase their work, this will get them started.
  • Membership to an exclusive promotion network where you can leverage the Location Rebel brand and our other members to establish yourself as a relative expert
  • Unparalleled Access: Everything in this program is interactive, from the modules, to videos, to discussion forums.  Every question will be answered, and support will always be there when you need it most.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Sean Ogle – Location Rebel

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