Saj P – The Affiliate Funnel System


(Download available within 1-2 hours)With this single module you’ll achieve obnoxious profits — seriously, just one of the techniques in here will see you reap rewards in record time.

Saj P – The Affiliate Funnel System

Saj P - The Affiliate Funnel System

For The First Time Ever… Turn On Little Known
“Profit Valves” All Over The Net…And Witness The Limitless Power Of The “Affiliate Funnel System”…

…and that outrageous amount of cash can be yours each and every month once you gain exclusive access to the 7 figure affiliate inner circle…

Turn The Tables On Google And Uncover A Whole New World Of Profit Potential 99% Of Marketers Have No Clue About…
Twisting Just One “Profit Valve” Can Propel You To $100+ Per Day…But That’s Just The Beginning…
Use The “Master Swipe File System” To Enjoy The Holy Grail Of A 7 — Even 8 — Figure Income…
Finally… a secretive “informer”  blows  the whistle on the endless cycle of lies and deceit holding you back from a life-changing income.

Now — for the first time ever — an anonymous underground affiliate has come forth with a never before seen system you can plug-in and profit with today.

If you’re angry as hell because you feel duped by slimy marketers pushing their useless “systems” onto you… prepare for a huge sh*t-eating grin to spread across your face…

And You Absolutely Must… 

Read every inch of this letter because you’re about to get the very same blueprint handed to me by an inside source.

He who shall remain nameless changed my life and catapulted my income into the 7 figure range.

Now  you become privy to the very same secrets.

A cash spewing blueprint like no other — and I’m not just giving you the theory — but all the tools  you need too…

Hold tight…

“Why It’s Vital You Understand
Google Isn’t The Only Player In Town…”
Here’s where you and I have been going wrong all this time…

We’ve become obsessed with Google… obeying their every whim, desperately trying to please them and stay within their rules.

Until now, no one has cashed in on an entire, untouched world of opportunity that lies in wait for those with certain “information”.

I mean sure… “The Informer” and his awe-inspiring system use and abuse Google… with the methods you’re about to get hold of, Google will pour cash into your pocket daily.


This brand new system also taps into fresh, virgin territory… just ready to be squeezed dry of every last dollar.

“The Devious Affiliate Slayer Of 2009… Exposed!” 

Here’s what’s killing off affiliates one by one… their belief they can throw up some Adwords ads, point any old traffic to a landing page and profit.

I mean… have you had any serious success doing that?

Sure, you’ll get some sales, maybe a few subscribers but… a million dollar business from a few crummy, ill-prepared landing pages and ads?

No… if you want to build a six or seven figure income you need to get scientific.

You need an exact system with zero room for error.

Too many people throw money at Google and cross their fingers hoping to make sales.

But what if you had a perfect blueprint, harnessing every advertising method on the net — Google, Yahoo, MSN, Media Buying, Social Media Sites plus the ability to get your ad on tons of high-trafficed domains in every corner of the net?

What if you then had the exact tools you needed… with all the set-up done for you… so you could just plug-in and profit?

Sounds like make believe?

When you see this system for the first time, sparks ignite inside your brain… your heart pumps faster and adrenaline rushes through your body as you realize… this is it, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

“Pure 7 Figure Affiliate Mastery” 

Picture turning a valve that releases waves of traffic streaming towards your offer.

Imagine setting off huge avalanches of traffic from vast networks of sites in the farthest reaches of cyberspace.

But not just any traffic… ultra-targeted, buying traffic desperate for what you have to sell.

You funnel this traffic to a specifically designed page (that I give to you) and then you check your stats…

Those blue and grey Clickbank bars start to appear, getting bigger and bigger each day…

Module 1
Elite Research Techniques
(Video Walkthroughs, PDFs + Process Maps)
Laying the foundations for a successful affiliate funnel is absolutely crucial to your success.
Otherwise you’re building a business on quicksand.
But don’t worry…
I’ve laid it out as simply and as clearly as possible while at the same time including truly in-depth, cutting edge techniques that go way beyond Internet Marketing 101.
Perform a C.B. Autopsy – pinpoint high converting Clickbank products… Use specialist tools to gather detailed info on refunds, coversions and know instantly if you have a winner…
Market Intelligence Analysis – Deploy “total market research” and spy on your competition, swiping their elite marketing tactics with absolute ease… (…also discover whether your niche is harboring an untapped well of riches)…
Covert Mind Control – Use the same closely guarded secrets of multi-million dollar blue-chip companies and peer inside the mind of your target audience… Buying trends, mindset, income level, in fact — a complete personal profile can be gathered to lazer target future buyers…
Module 2
Covert Landing Page Systems
(Video Walkthroughs, PDFs + Process Maps)
Here’s where you’ll find out how to build the perfect, most exact, landing page for your type of traffic.
No longer will you throw up an amateur effort and wonder why it’s not converting.
We’ve taken the guesswork out and made it a simple cut and paste system.
You’ll have a landing page primed for extreme conversions…
You get…
Sneaky Review Page Systems – master the art of the review page and uncover why 99% of marketers are doing it all wrong… (includes the devastatingly effective ” Master Review Page” which brought in an astonishing $6,218.97 in one day.)
Ultra-Powerful Presell Page Process – build instant rapport so your prospect trusts your recommendations, turn yourself into an authority figure and learn the coveted “Affiliate Brainwash” (also known as The Master Presell Page — this has to be seen to be believed!)
Ultimate Squeeze Page Techniques – Includes the “Legal Blackmail System” and “Greed Pages” where you play upon your prospects innermost desires to clinch that sale…
…factor in “Banner Ad Systems” as well as the innovative “Pressure Call To Action” and you have pretty much the ultimate collection of landing page tactics and covert methods.
Upload one of these babies and skyrocket your conversions with ease…
Module 3
“Unleash Hell” – Campaign Initiation
(Video Walkthroughs, PDFs + Process Maps)
Now the fun really begins… you’ve laid the groundwork followed precise instructions… now all you have to do is turn the valves.
With every opening of these powerful traffic valves you’ll smother your landing pages with wave after wave of hungry traffic.
And the money will flood in almost immediately.
Hairs will stand up on the back of your neck as all becomes clear… you suddenly realize you can do this again and again and again…
You get…
Select your funnel, turn the valve and let it rip… using either Google, Yahoo or MSN you can dominate your niche, attract swathes of hungry, cash-happy traffic and pull down truckloads of sales. Activate one funnel system and crush your dayjob, activate more and the sky’s the limit…
TOP SECRET C.T.A. (Covert Traffic Arbitrage) — at last, a system that reveals the cash mountain that is media-buying. Cheaper than PPC and, when you do it right, much more powerful.
“The Shadow Traffic System” — how to get your ads in every dark little corner of the net (A little known system to funnel cheap traffic to your offers with absolute ease…)
You can see that if you want to dominate PPC on Google or beyond, we show you how to do that.
But… if PPC has never been kind to you… we’ll also show you dozens of new affordable traffic sources including many I can’t even mention here.
You’re in for a wild ride, start writing your notice today…

Module 4 (Bonus)
Affiliate Launch Crusher +
Rapid SEO Launch Funnel
(Video Walkthroughs, PDFs + Process Maps)
With this single module you’ll achieve obnoxious profits — seriously, just one of the techniques in here will see you reap rewards in record time.
And the best thing is… all the hard work is done for you.
All you have to do is identify the wave of profitable traffic and stand right in front of it.
Then… scoop up armfuls of cash with a Cheshire cat grin on your face.
Easy does it. You’ll…
Leverage huge upsurges in search volume during certain product launches. Then… piggyback the wave of hype and cash in…
Enjoy almost instant, gigantic commissions with your high rankings and cheap PPC campaigns put together with absolute ease when you cherry pick from dozens of products released each month…
Become the number 1 affiliate for any launch when you implement underground SEO, Video and closely guarded link-building techniques…

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