Roy Stubblefield – 52 State Tax Sale Manuals


Download available within 1-2 hours, Many taxing jurisdictions use this alternative method of collecting delinquent real property taxes.

Roy Stubblefield – 52 State Tax Sale Manuals

Roy Stubblefield - 52 State Tax Sale Manuals

What are “Tax Lien Certificates”?

Another method of either acquiring the properties or receiving a very high rate of return on your investment is by investing in Tax Lien Certificates. Many taxing jurisdictions use this alternative method of collecting delinquent real property taxes. This method involves the selling of “tax lien certificates” sometimes referred to as TLC’s., which become a first lien on the property. These certificates can yield very high rates of return on your investment when the property is redeemed. In many cases these yields can be 20% per annum or even more. In the event the delinquent property owner does not redeem within the time provided for redemption, the holder of the tax lien can obtain title to the property. The following is a partial listing of states that offer you the opportunity to invest in government issued guaranteed tax lien certificates and the current rate of interest or penalty.

ALABAMA – 12%- Redemption period 3 years TLC

ARIZONA – 16% Redemption period 3 years TLC

ARKANSAS – 16% Redemption period 3 years TLC

CALIFORNIA 18% – 2 year redemption when held TLC and Tax deed state

COLORADO – 9% 3 year redemption period TLC

CONNECTICUT – 18% 2 year redemption period TLC & Tax deeds sold

FLORIDA – 18% per annum 2 year redemption period TLC & Tax deeds sold

GEORGIA – 20% Penalty – One Year Redemption Tax deeds sold as of 2001

ILLINOIS – 36% for full year and 24% on farmland with a 2 year redemption period TLC

INDIANIA – 10% penalty if redeemed during first six months – 15% penalty if redeemed during second six months – up too 25% after one year.

IOWA – 24% – Redemption period is 1.75 years.

KENTUCKY – 12% 3 year redeption period TLC

LOUISIANA – 12% plus a 5% penalty for total of 17% – 3 year redemption period TLC and Tas Deed

MARYLAND – 10% to 24%, counties hanle sales different , Redemption period – 6 months – 2 years TLC

MASSACHUSETTS – 16% redemption period up to 6 months TLC

MICHIGAN – 15% the 1st yr redemption – 50% 2nd yr redemtion – TLC & Tax deeds State

MISSISSIPPI – 17% redemption period 2 years – The owner of record has two years to redeem TLC

MISSOURI – 10% + penalties owed + extra 8% redemption period 2 years – TLC & Tax Deed

MONTANA – 10% – Redemption period 2-3 years – TLC & Tax deeds State

NEBRASKA – 14% redemption period 3 years – TLC & Tax deed state sold in March

NEVADA – 12% – Redemption period 120 days for Vacant land, 2 Years for developed land – TLC & Tax deed state

NEW HAMPSHIRE – 18% – Redemption period 2 years varies in municipality – TLC & Tax Deed state

NEW JERSEY – 18 % or more depending on penalties – Redemption period 2 years – TLC

NEW YORK – 14% for counties that have sales – Redemption Period about 1 year Sales in April or August – TLC & Tax Deed state

NORTH DAKOTA – 9% to 12% – Redemption period 3 years, sales are in December – TLC & Tax Deed State

OHIO – 18% – Redemption period as short as 1 Year (ONLY for counties with 200,000 and up – TLC in June & Tax deeds.

OKLAHOMA – 8 % – Redemption period 2 years – TLC & Tax deed states

PUERTO RICO – 20% regardless of when redeemed.

RHODE ISLAND – 16% – Redemption period 1 year varies on the muicipality – TLC

SOUTH CAROLINA – 7-8 % plus 4% added 2nd year – redemption period 1 year- 18 months – TLC

SOUTH DAKOTA – 12% – Redemption period 4 years – TLC 3rd Monday in December

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – 12% – Redemption 1 year

VERMONT – 12% – Redemption period 1 year – auctions varies depending on the municipality – TLC

WEST VIRGINIA – 12% – Redemption period 18 months – Sales in Oct. Nov. for some counties – TLC

WISCONSIN – 18 % – Redemption 2 years – Sales are controlled by municipalities, info hard to find. Most sales are in Sept. – TLC & Tax Deed

WYOMING – 18% – Redemption 4 years – Sales vary on county sales are held July – Oct. – TLC

WASHINGTON D.C. – 12% or 1% per month – Redemption period 6 months – TLC & Tax Deed State

What are “Tax Forfeited Properties”?

Tax Forfeited Properties refer to real estate which is forfeited to the state, county, city, or other taxing jurisdiction for non-payment of real estate property taxes.

There are two primary methods of acquiring these properties for pennies on the dollar.

The first method is to attend public auction sales where the taxing jurisdiction actually sells the property to the highest bidder. These sales can be ministerial foreclosure types of sales or judicial foreclosure sales.

Ministerial tax sales refer to property that is sold by the taxing jurisdiction, normally to the highest bidder for cash, after following the statutes relating to such sales.

Judicial foreclosure types of sales refer to property that is sold by the taxing jurisdiction, normally to the highest bidder for cash, but only after a court orders the sale of the property. The judicial procedure can sometimes take months or even years after the initial foreclosure law suit is filed. However, the deed received by the highest and best bidder is one of the best type of deeds that you can receive.

What do you need to get started?

Your most important need is for information. That information should be specific for the state(s) or area of interest to you. That is why we provide a separate manual for each of the U. S. states and territorial possessions. Many years of hands-on experience and legal research have preceded the preparation and writing of each of these documents..

I have over 29 years of hands-on experience in this “Fun and Profits in Tax Forfeited Lands business.” I have personally purchased thousands of properties and attended tax sales in over 50% of the over 3000 counties in the U. S. I also have spend hundreds of hours in the law libraries researching and studying the statutes that relate to tax forfeited real estate. I revise the manuals annually to reflect changes in the statutes. This legal research has covered many years and thousands of hours with my head in the law books.

But, just knowing the statutes is not always enough. The many years of hands on experience in most of the states and many different taxing jurisdictions have help me develop techniques that are highly profitable. The hundreds of success stories from those using one or more of these techniques attest to their profitability.

Through the years, these techniques, ideas, and concepts that have worked well for me are now available in my FUN AND PROFIT manuals to you and at the lowest prices I have ever heard of in this business.

You can get started with very little money and start building your financial nest egg in this fun and profitable business right now. You do not even need to leave the privacy of your home in order to make a lot of money in this business. You need to know the techniques and how to implement them.

Some of my purchases have included a 300 acre plus Island in the middle of the Mississippi River for less than $1,000, residential homes and rental houses for as little as $25 each; residential lots for $1 each; and hundreds of small acreages for less than $100 per acre. Other buys include 5 acres worth about $75,000 for $6,100; 8 lots and 4 houses for less than $2500; 2 1/2 acre sin Oklahoma City for less than $900 which I sold the very next day for $11,000. I could go on and on. The list is so big that I cannot even remember all of the nice buys.

Buys like the above are not just for yesteryear but are being made right now, day after day, by our customers..

Again, I refer you to the many success stories which keep coming in almost on a daily basis as evidence that similar buys are currently being made.

Check out what others have had to say. Check the he materials available. Also take a look at some of the links you can use for research.

Order your material today and get started on your road to financial independence immediately.


  • Learn from an expert with over 29 years experience.
  • Buy Low – Sell High.
  • Houses for less than $5,000.
  • Residential lots for less than $1,000.
  • Acreage – less than $100 per acre.
  • All states and all counties covered.
  • Profit Making Formulas, Techniques, and Ideas that work – not just theories
  • Hundreds of auctions every month and many with no minimum bid.

Get immediately download Roy Stubblefield – 52 State Tax Sale Manuals


1. Ten Profit making formulas and techniques – time tested and proven to be highly profitable over the years and by our many customers today.

2. Pertinent statutes relating to the collection of delinquent taxes and the sale of property for non-payment of taxes in the state or states of your choice.

3. Form letters for your use in contacting the proper public officials. These can be copied, pasted, and mail merged saving you many hours of hard work.

4. Form letters for contacting delinquent property owners prior to the sale and buying the property for a small consideration. This is one of the most profitable techniques among the ten in each state manual. You can start using it almost immediately after you receive your manual(s).

5. List of public officials to contact. This list can be imported into your favorite database and used to mail merge letters to the proper officials.

6. Public record statutes. You need to know your rights and the maximum they can charge for public records

7. Complete text of pertinent statutes relating to tax sales.

8. Ideas that work – not just theories.

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