Robert Plank and Lance Tameshiro – Newbie Crusher


(Download available within 1-2 hours)I’ve shown hundreds of others exactly what to do from day one, to go from nothing to making money in the fastest time possible.

Robert Plank and Lance Tameshiro – Newbie Crusher

Robert Plank and Lance Tameshiro - Newbie Crusher

Your Blog, Membership Site, Email List…
Making Money Online Automatically…
And It’s All 100% Done in 48 Hours

None Of His Sites Make Enough Money!

He’ll talk to me all day about marketing. He’ll listen to any plans I lay out, but he’ll forget to apply them.

How can you avoid his mistakes? I’ve shown hundreds of others exactly what to do from day one, to go from nothing to making money in the fastest time possible.

Here’s a secret…

You’re Making Everything Way Too Hard!

And, this is the good news:

  • You don’t have to put 60 hours per week into this
  • You don’t have to take every single course on the planet
  • You just have to apply a proven business model

And the best people to listen to are two EXPERTS who have already done it!

Here’s what happens when you try to fumble around on the Internet piecing the answers together — here and there — but it only takes one thing to hang you up and suddenly, you’re stuck.

And there’s no one to turn to!

You’ve tried getting free advice from forums… you’ve tried Googling for the latest articles and blog posts… you’ve tried 10 dollar ebooks (and wondering why they all contradict each other)… and where have those gotten you?


60 hours of frustration per week, and no results. Would you like to change that, yes or yes?

It frustrates me. And it probably frustrates you too. Because even in the fancy $2,000… $3,000… even $10,000 courses… the skills they teach are WAY over your head.

  • “Now that you have an optin page, I forgot to tell you… you need a blog”
  • “Now that you have a blog, I forgot to tell you… you need a sales page”
  • “Now that you have a sales page, I forgot to tell you… you need a product”

Sound familiar? Nothing takes you from start to finish… in just one easy weekend, until now.

The Easiest, Fastest, and Most Proven Way to Setup Your Online Business in 48 Hours or Less…
“Go from Internet Marketing Beginner to Expert
In This 2-Day Online Bootcamp”

Finally, you get everything all in one place. How to setup your web site (including hosting, your domain name, and autoresponder) … your optimized blog (for traffic), your membership site (for content)… everything you need.

You get everything you need: all simple and safe technical advice.

  • This isn’t an overpriced seminar where you have to travel across the country
  • This isn’t an e-class where you have to wait weeks to get answers
  • This isn’t an e-book where information is left out

Imagine, you sit down on Saturday morning for a couple of hours, then again on Sunday, and by the time you’re finished… you have EVERYTHING online!

By the end of this 48 hour training window, you’ll have the following setup:

Niche & Domain Name
Blog & Social Proof
Web Host & Web Page
Sales Letter & Payment Button
Email Optin Page
Membership Site & Drip Content
Autoresponder Messages

It’s all made super easy to understand with step by step screen capture “look over my shoulder” video. You’ll see exactly what simple steps you need to take.

The video is UNCUT… you just repeat what you see on the screen. Simple.

Module 101:
“Choosing Your Niche, Finding Your Hook, and Detecting the Money”

Instant Digital Download:
Your Niche Chosen By the End of This Session

Here’s something I want to get out of the way right now:

Stay OUT of the “how to make money” niche.

It’s way too easy to fall into that fake-it-till-you-make-it mentality. You’ve seen it around…

“Look at me, I make a million dollars per year online. Here are my fancy Lamborghinis and my beach front home.”

Yeah, right!

I have tons of websites about PHP programming. Presenting on webinars.

How-to systems for speed-writing. WordPress plugins and web-based software.

I never will tell you: put 100 bucks into this thing, get 10,000 dollars back out in 24 hours.

That’s Right!
I Can’t Show You How to Earn
$10,000 from Scratch in 24 Hours!

I’m sorry. But I have earned $10K in 24 hours, many many times with my own business, and I can show YOU how to build a business that’s unique to YOU.

Make money from your passion. Enjoy what you do so it’s not “work.” And put the minimum amount of time in for the maximum profits OUT.

  • Discover: What niches to AVOID!
  • How to evaluate a market BEFORE you get into it
  • Finding the right domain name
  • How to make sure YOU are the expert
  • How to monetize your passion

So you’ve used our system and identified your passion, your niche, your target market, and you have an idea for a viable, profitable website. What next?

Module 102:
“Setting Up Web Hosting and Creating Your Web Presence By SKIPPING the Technical Details”

Instant Digital Download:
Your Site Online By the End of This Session

What’s great about Lance and I is that not only have we setup hundreds of websites for ourselves, but we’ve coached hundreds of students how to do the same thing. We’ve made all the mistakes. They’ve made all the mistakes.

And in that process we’ve made that process as simple as possible.

You NEED a website. Even if you aren’t making products yet, even if you don’t have subscribers yet… it all starts with a website.

You can safely ignore 90% of the capabilities most webhosts give you — so that if you don’t have a website of your own yet, we’ll walk you through the process.

And if you do have a website, we’ll show you how to make the most of it.

  • Forget all of the technical details
  • We start from nothing and end with everything you need to grow your business
  • Cpanel, DNS, FTP, HTML, email and forget it
  • These are all just fancy names, let me show you what you need to know in plain english

Website setup. DONE! But now what goes on it?

I’ve got great news: you don’t need to spend 6 months making a product out of the gate. You don’t need to agonize over a WordPress theme, CMS software, or any of that goofiness.

Here’s the fastest way to make money online without doing any work or spending any time: attract a list of hungry email subscribers, and send content and offers to them.

That’s it. No products, upsells, funnels, coaching, freelancing, or memberships yet. Just good old fashioned list building.

Module 103:
“Assembling Your Optin Page and Bringing in a Steady Stream of Eager Prospects and Buyers”

Instant Digital Download:
Your Optin Page Collecting Leads By the End of This Session

You don’t need a product to make sales online. It helps, but you don’t “need” one!

Lance got his start as an affiliate… which means, he’d find a web site to promote, recommend it to his subscribers, and collect a “finder’s fee” or “affiliate commission” … without doing anything other than pointing people to a place to buy.

Many people are at a loss about what to put on their website. List of services? Boring corporate page? Blog?

What you should add for starters is a place where people can get a free gift from you so you can start building a relationship.

You can literally set this all up in 60 seconds. They find you. They want the freebie. They enter their name and email address.

And now you can not only find out what those people want, but give them exactly what they want, and make money doing it. Even if you’re only a “recommender.”

  • Set up and configure your complete lead capture system
  • Follow up with your new prospects 24/7 on autopilot while you spend your time having fun
  • Simple 3 step opt in form that will start bringing you leads today and not in weeks
  • Autoresponder secrets you need to understand to make sure your prospects become customers

And because Lance and I want to be 100% sure nothing important is left out, we’re not only going to show you how to build your list, but get trained and positioned to take any action you want: open, read, click, and buy.

Module 104:
“Adding Your Email Sales Funnel and Autoresponder Sequence to
Guarantee Consistent Sales”

Instant Digital Download:
Autoresponder Messages Scheduled by the End of This Session

Whether you like it or not, you train your subscribers (buyers AND prospects) to react a certain way to you.

Do you ever wonder why some marketers struggle to fill their live events with seats, while others have no problem every single time?

Why some marketers seem to work very few hours in the day, but they make way more money than “permanent newbies” who spend 12 to 16 hour days just struggling to earn a “minimum wage” salary?

It’s because the money is in the list. And the most successful marketers who make the most money have the best trained list.

Hint: the “value” of your list has nothing to do with the number of free gifts you send per month, or even the number of offers you present each month.

  • How to make your Newbie Crusher system work for you
  • What you really need to understand about list and sublist management
  • 3 Day relationship sequence most marketers miss
  • 7 Day pre-sell sequence
  • 30 Day follow-up sequence

By the end of the first day of “Newbie Crusher” you will have a niche, domain name, website, lead capture system and followup sequence… and that’s JUST the first day!

You’d be surprised how many “mildly” successful busines are missing these simple components.

Module 105:
“How to Setup Your Authority Blog in Minutes, and Schedule a Year of Instant Expert Content in the First Few Minutes”

Instant Digital Download:
Blog Online (Including Content) By the End of This Session

You’ve been told you need a blog, but do you have one? Do you spend too much time on it? Does it have enough content?

Is it building your enough email subscribers as possible? Is it HELPING your social proof or hurting it?

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of those questions, then you need to take our blog training inside Newbie Crusher.

Having the blog setup isn’t enough. Creating content and getting readers isn’t enough.

If you’re doing something on the internet that’s not making you money or building your business, don’t do it. It’s that simple. But blogging can be one of your BEST and FASTEST business builders — if you do it right.

  • Why you are throwing away your best content if you do this wrong
  • The critical plugins and settings you need
  • How to build a real community with positive social proof
  • Turn your blog into a lead capture machine

This is awesome… you have a web site, you’re building a list, and when someone finds you, they can see you are in expert in your field. I’m proud of your results so far.

It’s very important that you stay on the right track and continue to get the results you want, and deserve. That’s why the next procedure I’m going to show you could mean the difference between a $1000 per month business, and a $5000 per month (or better) business.

Module 106:
“How to Craft the Perfect
Persuasive Sales Letter
To Sell Your Product Using
Cutting-Edge Speed Copy Techniques”

Instant Digital Download:
Sales Letter Ready to Take Orders by the End of This Session

One of my favorite (and most profitable) things to do online is create the exact web page you see here… follow a simple easy rules, and boom… you have a web page that’s optimized to get people watering at the mouth to buy.

The choice is yours: you can find 4 times as many offers to promote. Slave over 4 times as many products. Build a list 4 times as big. Spend 4 times as many hours per day at the computer.

Or… follow a couple of easy rules and STILL make 4 times the money from your web site. Pretty easy decision.

  • How to assemble your promotion without thinking
  • The payment button
  • Leveraging PLR
  • Attention demanding headlines
  • Bullet point secrets
  • Your profit-pulling guarantee

Look at what’s in place now. You’re bringing in new visitors with your blog. New subscribers from your opt-in page. They become prospects when they look at your offer.

But now that you’re an expert and you’re recommending other peoples’ products, it’s time to take the next step and… setup an offer of your very own!

Module 107:
“How to Setup Your Automatic Membership Site Without Wasting Time On Your Own Product”

Instant Digital Download:
Membership Site Online on Autopilot By the End of This Session

There are basically two types of internet marketers. The ones that love creating products, and the ones that love promoting them.

I can’t blame the “make a product” haters… you have to write a lot, or figure out how to record videos, and there’s a short delay between thinking of an idea and making money.

But what if you love making that product… it’s your passion, it’s the best of its kind, and no one can compete with it.

Guess what, now you have to promote it… you have competitors… it’s scary to put something out there.

Here’s your solution: create a “basic” version 1.0 product, so the framework is in place. Something simple enough that you can start promoting it today (we’ll share our top 3 methods of “instant product” creation) — with zero excuses.

If you love product creation, great. Improve it while it’s selling and you’re getting feedback from your buyers.

If you love product promotion, you can focus on getting new leads, affiliates, and customers… you don’t need to put any more time into the product. It’s done, it’s ready to go, it’s making sales every day.

  • How to put your membership site to work as your Virtual Assistant
  • Protect and deliver your products
  • Keep your customers in the loop
  • Secret retention strategies
  • How to collect your money on autopilot

The point of putting something on the interent is to reach more people. Enough people so that you collect new email subscribers every day. Make new sales every day.

The “machine” deals with delivering the product, sending out the emails, and serving up the web page. You just put the pieces in place and walk away.

Module 108:
“Set It and Forget It! Build a Consistent Traffic Fountain to Give You a Steady Stream of Customers So People Find You Whether You Spend 20, 10, or Even Zero Hours on Your Business This Week!”

Instant Digital Download:
Traffic Bringing in Consistent Visitors by the End of This Session

Here’s something that shocks and surprises many of my students and customers: I only spend a couple of hours per day on the computer, building my business.

My email autoresponder obediently broadcasts emails to my subscribers. My blog posts go live on their own. I dictate articles, reports and products… send them off to freelancers, and check back later for the results.

Even though a different internet marketing guru seems to release a new product about this traffic loophole or this marketing strategy that will only remain viable for the next 7 days, very few methods actually bring “good” buyers to your web site over and over.

But the good news is, I know what brings people to your website and what doesn’t, and it’s easy for you to duplicate these methods.

  • Real automation secrets that let your system work for you 24 hours a day
  • The truth about blog traffic and SEO
  • JV Secrets that only the inner circle uses
  • Leverage your articles over and over and over again

If you’ve ever wondered how the big marketers can hundreds of people commenting on a blog, hundreds of webinar signups, or thousands of people looking at a web page… then you need to let yourself get access to these time-tested and proven traffic strategies.

Time Limited Bonuses:
Only For The Next Few People Who Join Today

When you join “Newbie Crusher” today, you get going even more than just the 12 hours of live step-by-step training, PDF transcripts, challenges and video recordings…

Time Limited Bonus #1:
Essential Income-Boosting Software
to Get You to the Next Level

To run a half million-dollar per year business, we use a number of free tools to create sites, maintain them, create content, and automatically bring in repeat sales.

This includes productivity, report creation, webinar, and video software tools. You’ll discover exactly what services we use for email autoresponder broadcasts, payment processing, affiliate programs, membership management, and more.

You’ll uncover…

  • One simple tool that not only automatically keeps you organized, more relaxed, free of clutter, and faster to ship your products… but it’ll also replace your to-do list… and it’ll make you throw out that notebook of notes, rip your whiteboard off the wall, and throw it in the trash! (I’m serious)
  • Why the most expensive products and services that you’ll use to run your business are NOT always the best — and how you can run your entire four-figure, five-figure, six-figure, or seven-figure per year business on about one dollar a day — I want you to switch to these web-based and desktop-based services right now if you want to make more money online
  • How it doesn’t make any sense to run “these” parts of your business by hand… hint: you can take orders, process refunds, deliver downloads, upsell your customers, and get them to buy from you all on autopilot… if you know which tools to use in which combination

If you’ve ever wanted the exact tools and resources that the experts use, then it’s all in one place for you, right here.

Time Limited Bonus #2:
“Paper” Web Page Template
to Increase Conversions

Everyone (including you) wants a sales letter template that looks great and is optimized for maximum conversions. The higher your web page converts, the more people will sign up for your email subscribers list… and the more people will buy!

Many website developers worry far too long, and far too often, about what design, template, or theme they’re going to use for their web pages.

But here’s a shocking fact: did you know that out of all the hundreds of thousands of designs available to you on the Internet, ONE has been time-tested to get more sales, compared to all the others?

You need a proven template and we are going to give you the exact template we use on our sites.

(Hint: You’re looking at it right now — keep reading…)

  • This template is easier, more futureproof and gets HIGHER search engine rankings than 99% of all WordPress sales letter designs
  • The paper template is clean, fast and easy to make changes to — easy tweaking
  • After installing this, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it and you’ll roll most if not all of your web page designs just as we have

Soon this exact template will be yours, just as soon as you join “Newbie Crusher” and get not only this template, but all the exact strategies and techniques we use to customize the headlines, content, and even the order process and email subscription design to get the most signups.

Time Limited Bonus #3:
Plug-and-Play Autoresponder Templates
that Get Read, Get Clicks, and Make Sales

Once people join your mailing list, or they buy from you and wait for updates… what then?

Those messages that always get opened, that always get clicks, that always get sales?

Of course you would! Because even if you have the best looking sales letter, the best looking optin page, and even the best offer… none of that is any good unless your emails are OPTIMIZED to make sure the maximum number of people see it!

You don’t have to do it the “hard” way and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel — not even CLOSE. Just use the same email messages we use every single day in our email broadcasts, timed broadcasts and regular followups to make sure everyone sees your optin page, sales letter, membership site, blog, and more!

Time Limited Bonus #4:
Time Management, Productivity & Focus Training
to Ensure You CONTINUE to Make Money

Here’s what happens with the “typical” training course… you buy it, look at it for a few days, and then you’re done.

But Lance and I want your experience with “Newbie Crusher” to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We want this to be THE training course that rises above the rest, ensures you take action, get profitable results, and keep making money!

All the training in the world won’t do you any good, unless you’re EXCITED to use this training to take immediate and effective action… and that’s why we want to share the strategies we use to get tons of stuff done… in fact, we’ll reveal exactly:

  • How you’ll accomplish ANY goal in four steps, avoid daily burn-out forever, and keep moving forward automatically… that means you’ll keep doing the things that make you money, avoid the things that don’t, and make the changes in your life to achieve greatness and happiness
  • Overcome your fear and inexperience to begin producing “screen capture videos” to not just become a content creation machine, bring in daily traffic and fresh leads, and get yourself on the direct road to making faster, and more high-ticket video products!
  • Accomplish any goal you’ve ever wanted, even if you thought it was too hard, procrastinated on a daily basis, or even “bit off more than you could chew” — by working less hours, doing less during those hours, and working smarter, the way we do it… and you can too, but for a very limited time!

Once you watch, listen, or read this session… you’ll be laser-focused, super excited to start the day, more productive and FASTER than you ever were before you took this training.

Time Limited Bonus #5:
Webinar Launch Stratgies to Build a List
Faster Than Any Other Method, and
Convert Sales Better Than Any Sales Letter

Here’s an easy way to guarantee your new product or blog post starts off with a bang — launch it to your audience…

But an even better way to get a immediate and unfair income boost — that’s worked for me and will do the same for you — is to launch it with a webinar… a webcast where you share your screen and speak your voice to your audience, live.

Most of your competition (incorrectly) assumes that webinars are hard and scary, but that’s where you come in!

In this bonus session we’re going to show you exactly how to plan a webinar, launch it, present it, and even make money from it long after the live webinar has successfully completed. You’ll also find out how to:

  • Jam-pack your live webinar full of eager attendees and hungry buyers even if you have no list, no product, have no budget, no contacts, and even became super nervous every time you had to present in front of class in school… you can still make more money using webinars
  • Overcome any amount of price resistance, value objections, audience heckling, or technology illiteracy… just follow our simple steps and you too can reap the benefits of a content-rich pitch webinar to get more customers into your funnel (which means more money in your pocket) over and over again
  • Virtually guarantee your webinar launch has enough momentum so you net at least a handful of sales — and your top secret “backup strategy” to remove all pressure to make sure you meet your income goals just in case the initial launch doesn’t pan out… you’ll always be able to readjust no matter what the situation is!

The simple fact is, all product launches are moving more and more towards webinars, and you’ll get better with webinars the more you run them. Even if you aren’t “yet” ready to jump into webinar launches with both feet, you’ll have this bonus training waiting for you once your business reaches that level.

Time Limited Bonus #6:
30 Days Free of Double Agent Marketing (Optional)

I want to give you access to a private membership site containing step by step audios that you can listen to anywhere, anytime (as often as you want)… that push you in the right direction, in tiny little steps.

Robert Plank (me) and Lance Tamashiro are delivering you 12 monthly lessons about how to get more subscribers than you have now, get more time out of every single day, and best of all, give yourself an instant pay raise month after month.

Listen in as we talk to you about little things that hold most people back from getting ahead in life.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Robert Plank and Lance Tameshiro – Newbie Crusher

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