Richard Roop – Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs


Richard Roop – Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Richard Roop – Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Dear Friend,

I want to apologize.

In November, 2003 I held my third live real estate training event, the “Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs” boot camp.

My first event was “How to Collect 5 Figure Paychecks Buying & Selling Houses.” Of course, that has become a very popular real estate investment and marketing course, and required study for anyone signing up for my consulting or postcard mailing services.

My next live event was “Million Dollar MIND$TORMING” held last June. It was a customer appreciation event for my consulting and postcard clients. It was awesome. I get excellent feedback from those who have since ordered it on audio and video.

I want to apologize because I only announced my November event shortly before it was held. Many of my subscribers and clients didn’t have enough lead time to attend.

But now for my BEST package ever.

“Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs” was an intense three-day event that was professionally recorded. The editing is complete and I now have a small supply of “pre-publication” packages ready to ship next week.

Before I create a larger inventory and launch a full promotion, I want you, as one of my best customers or subscribers, to get a copy…(pre-publication offer expired)

Basically I have a problem, and you get to take advantage of it… I’m booked… solid.

I have a busy travel schedule as a guest speaker. I have several of the top real estate trainers waiting in line to have me write copy for them. I still buy a house a week and need to get those occupied fast. Plus I correspond and talk to my existing clients every day… not to mention spending quality time playing and enjoying my family.

Therefore, I won’t have to time to sit down and fully describe this new marketing package for several weeks. But for now, I’ll give you a few highlights and a compelling offer… and let the program speak for itself. If you only knew what I revealed throughout this event, you wouldn’t hesitate to get a copy… especially with a 60 day unconditional return policy.

So I looked through the last letter I wrote describing the boot camp and pulled out a few of the program points and benefits as they relate to you getting it now on audio and video:

You get wall-to-wall “killer” strategies for buying more houses, occupying them fast and leveraging all your time and money.

I update you on my best strategies, systems and methodologies for buying millions of dollars worth of real estate without going through agents, without qualifying for loans, without using your money… and without the headaches that come with being a landlord.  

You’ll discover step-by-step how to get plenty of motivated sellers calling you for little or nothing, how to prescreen those leads quickly, and how to literally get sellers begging you to come and look at the homes (new!).  

You’ll learn how to determine multiple exit strategies, structure several “no money down” offers, get it under contract, close, etc.  

You’ll discover my secrets to selling or occupying your houses for maximum profit and residual cash flow.  

You’ll enhance you ability to buy and hold for building wealth… buy and flip for fast cash… or a combo of both. I share my best systems… not just the strategies, but the actual tools.  

You can avoid reinventing the wheel… you get my vendor contacts, web addresses, cherished resources plus… the ACTUAL ad copy, marketing messages, letters, scripts, checklists, forms, email auto-responders, procedures, flyers, etc.  

You’ll learn the latest updates on my famous “free special report” or “advertorial” for buying houses PLUS I give you the rights to use my two new “advertorials” in your marketing. One is for attracting buyers and one for dominating foreclosures.  

You’ll get my best advice on managing a multi-million dollar house buying operation so you don’t have to do it all yourself. Dismiss any fear or uncertainty about getting help or giving up control. You’ll discover how to get great help affordably, how to delegate, recruit members for your team, control cash flow, reduce risks and manage dozens (or even hundreds) of houses.  

You’ll enjoy having a clear plan on how to achieve your cash income or wealth accumulation goals.

LIMTED TIME OFFER: You’ll get 120 days of follow up support and consulting valued at $1237… FREE. The four months of consulting can be activated anytime within 90 days of receiving the program, giving you breathing room to digest it first. (If you’ve already enrolled in Million Dollar Consulting, contact me directly for a special Gold Member discount on this package.)

I’m offering you 60 day return guarantee. Get it now and judge for yourself… and see how valuable this system will be to you and your business. If you’re buying and selling houses… you GOT TO own this program (in my humble opinion).

Another promise to you… If you’re not totally happy with the results after owning this program for one year, you can request a refund of twice what you paid. Start using my new tools, strategies and advice to grow your business. Use the 120 days of consulting access with me. Take advantage of the new updates you’ll get throughout the year including access to a support web page and email updates. Watch how your business blossoms over the next 12 months.

There are no proof requirements… if after one year you’re not satisfied with our relationship, you can exercise your right to the One-Year Double Money-Back Guarantee.

“Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs” is delivered to you on 15 audio CDs and 7 high quality VHS tapes along with marketing examples, forms and course book. You get to “attend” the entire training on your schedule without taking to off or incurring travel expenses. In fact, there’s so much killer, new information that having it to review several times is a great benefit. Plus you can share it with those who work with you in your business, getting even more mileage out of it.

Special Limited Time Bonus:
I tapped into my “million dollar rolodex” and got many of the top real estate investment experts I know to each add a special gift to this package. You’ll love these free bonuses and they will help you even further along your path to excellent results, more profits and shortening the distance to your goals. Great stuff! The sooner you order, the more goodies will still be on hand to send you.

This program will retail for $1,277 plus $19.95 US priority mail shipping. Free consulting offer may be withdrawn at any time.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Richard Roop

P.S. As soon as your order is processed, you’ll be sent an email with a special web link. On this page you be able to instantly access and download some of the new marketing tools and free special reports covered in the course. You don’t even have to wait for the package to arrive to get started!

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Get Richard Roop – Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page “Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs” was an intense three-day event that was professionally recorded. The editing is complete and I now have a small supply of “pre-publication” packages ready to ship next week....