Richard Roop – Instant Marketing Tools


Download available within 1-2 hours, You won’t find a better flyer for buying houses than the one you can get from Richard

Richard Roop – Instant Marketing Tools

Richard Roop - Instant Marketing Tools

Here’s Your Opportunity to Get an Incredible Collection of Proven Marketing Tools, Templates
and Advertising Examples to Help You Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business…

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

With Richard Roop’s new “Instant Marketing Tool Generator” software, you can now get dozens of “ready to customize” marketing templates in 4 categories, written specifically for these 4 different markets:

Buying Houses — to get sellers calling you

Selling Houses — to get your houses occupied fast

Preforeclosures — to get financially distressed homeowners calling you

Each marketing piece in this program has been written, designed and used by Richard Roop. As you may know, Richard is a high paid copywriter who commands and gets $15,000 per sales letter plus a piece of the results the letter produces. He is also a full time investor. Multi-million dollar real estate entrepreneurs have hired Richard to work on their marketing and they currently stand in line, waiting for his time to open up for new projects.

With this new program, there is no need to hire Richard to craft and create a powerful, proven “marketing message” for you. You’ll get a license (or official right to use) all his best marketing for buying, selling, foreclosures, private lending and luxury homes. Each file or template has been carefully designed by Richard to grab the attention of your prospects… and generate maximum response.

“You won’t find a better flyer for buying houses than the one you can get from Richard.” — Ron LeGrand

The variety of tools allows you to promote and advertise your real estate business in the most cost effective ways whether you’re in a buyer’s market, normal market or seller’s market. You get low cost tools that stretch your budget and systematized tools to leverage your time and money.

You’ll get more “ready to go templates” than you could ever imagine for… raising private money, occupying your houses fast, creating an advantage in the foreclosure arena and getting all types of motivated sellers calling you:

Unique classified ads for buying, selling, foreclosures and getting private lenders

“Advertorials” to run as a large display ad in low cost media or as a flyer

4 page “free special report” for mailing, emailing, posting online or handing out

2 page “free special report” for automatic fax back systems

1 page “free special report” or “advertorial” to distribute as a flyer

Various size “editorial-style” ads to run in low cost newspapers or magazines

Various size “two-step” ads to capture emails, fax numbers and mailing addresses

Various “two-step” ads for weekly shoppers, yellow pages, newspapers, etc.

Full color flyers for coop mailings such as Val Pak or Money Mailer

Door hangers for targeted door to door marketing

Unique “post it” or sticky notes for door to door, bulletin boards and newspapers

Ad copy for ad specialties like pens, calendars, magnetic business cards, etc.

Ad copy for yard signs, billboards, bus benches and vehicle signs

Scripts for free recorded message lines

Scripts for short radio or cable TV spots

Mini ads for “$100 bill” business cards and cheap “$100 bill” flyers

Templates for low cost oversized postcards

“ ready” templates for online mailing of small and large postcards

Proven messages for handwritten letters and “personalized” postcards

Tools for selling with a “real estate blowout” and “round robin bid sale”

You get over 51 templates in customizable Microsoft Word format plus additional “marketing example” files.

Within 24 hours of receiving your order, you’ll be emailed links to several password protected websites which will allow you get to get started right away, even before your software disk arrives in the mail. You get instant access to:

Instant Marketing Tools — Owner Site
You will be able to download all the files plus hear a “Jump Start” training call instantly online. This web site is also your resource for free updates as they are developed.

When your software disk arrives, you’ll find even more FREE BONUSES including:

34 FREE back issues of Richard Roop’s popular “Real Estate Marketing & Success” eLetter

10 FREE popular “how to” reports by Richard Roop

2 FREE audio training presentations including a copy of the Jump Start call

A certificate for 2 FREE upcoming Marketing Mastery Training Calls LIVE valued at $194. You’ll get complete subscriber benefits including a copy of the calls shipped to you on audio CDs.

and much more!

You’ll also get a new Instant Marketing Tool marketing example manual and 7 full length audio training CDs so you can learn how to best implement your vast array of real estate marketing tools and templates… recorded live at one of Richard’s recent advanced marketing boot camps.

Richard’s new “Instant Marketing Tool” software with all the free bonuses above is just $1,497. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Return it within 60 days for a full refund if you don’t find it to be all it is described and more.

Let Richard help you take your real estate business to the next level. There’s nothing out there that can compare to this incredible package. Get it before this offer expires. If is completely guaranteed.

Dan Doran

P.S. Remember, you get over 51 instant marketing tools, training manual, Jump Start training call, 7 audio CDs of advanced marketing instruction, access to the software owner’s web site with ongoing updates, 34 back issues of Richard’s eLetter, 10 money-making “how to’s” and 2 live monthly training calls. Get yours today!

Here’s What You’ll Get in Richard Roop – Instant Marketing Tools

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