Perry Marshall – B2B Marketing System


(Download available within 1-2 hours)A competitor who’s playing the prospecting game doesn’t stand a chance against a savvy guerilla marketer!

Perry Marshall – B2B Marketing System

Perry Marshall - B2B Marketing System

“How An Inexperienced 29 Year-Old Punk Ignored
All The Usual ‘Marketing Wisdom’ – Grew A Hi-Tech Business 2000% In 4 Years,
And Sold It For 18 Million Dollars!”

And How YOU Can Do Exactly
The Same Thing, Faster Than I Did!

By the time you finish this story, you WILL know exactly how to cure the cold call curse – permanently. You’ll do it faster and with less frustration and waste than it took me. You’ll get my personal, hands-on assistance in the process. And you’ll never be an “advertising victim” again.

I had been pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, just trying to get in front of customers every day. I was going broke and destroying my self-respect at the same time. After all, you can only deal with a diet of constant rejection and skinny commission checks for so long.

Then something very, very interesting happened: I changed jobs. Same industry. Related product. No existing customers – had to start from scratch. And with a strange new limitation:

I was not allowed to go see any customers or prospects!

Let me explain. I had a job interview at this tiny little design firm that had a sideline product business they wanted to grow. Should I be selected for this position, I would be responsible for growing the product sales until it replaced all of their consulting projects.

During the interview, the company president asked me a strange question:

“Suppose you couldn’t go see any customers? What would you do?”

I said, “Then I guess I’d just have to find a way to sell the stuff without going and seeing anybody.”

That was actually the answer that landed me the job!

Soon after that I learned that their finances were extremely tight. Now as you probably know, a typical salesman on the road eats like a horse, buys lunch for anybody who can fog a mirror, and blows tons of cash.

Well they had no budget for plane tickets, French Cuisine, rental cars or any such thing. So if this was going to happen at all, it was going to happen via telephone and our website.

My mandate to “go see people” suddenly became a mandate to “sell WITHOUT seeing anyone at all.”

The dynamic changed completely. I wasn’t trying to get my foot in the door and get anyone to let me in anymore! Instead, the object of the game was to simply get them to call me on the phone.

We used our website, cheap postcards and free publicity to make that phone ring. And you know what? That actually turned out to be much easier and less expensive than chasing people all over the place.

If you can get the guy to call you first – instead of hunting him down – suddenly you’re in charge. You’ve positioned yourself as an expert resource instead of a peddler. He’ll eat out of your hand.

I had accidentally stumbled upon a huge secret to success.

Sales started growing immediately, faster than anyone had dared to hope. In fact the second month’s commission was the biggest paycheck I’d ever gotten in my life, and the numbers grew every month. My wife was ecstatic, and I felt like a huge stone had been heaved from my shoulders!

As our sales grew, I started to get some budget money to go see customers, IF I really needed to. But they had to invite me first. Sometimes I made them press me for an appointment. Wouldn’t you like to do that? You can. And you will.

Suddenly the situation was reversed. I was in demand, the customers were chasing me, and I knew I was on to something big.

It Suddenly Became Very Clear What The REAL Key To Success In Sales Is…

The real key to success in sales is to get the customer to come to you first – and to keep him coming your way until the order comes in. Because the minute you start chasing him, the whole thing falls apart.

That’s the problem with everything we’ve been taught about sales – all those motivational speakers just tell you to waste more time, energy and sweat chasing people . And if it doesn’t work, you’re supposed to do even more of it.

That’s like telling a drowning man to drink more water!

And it’s doomed to failure, because people never want what’s forced on them.

Now that had I found something that worked, I became obsessed with the idea of magnetically attracting customers. I became a marketing maniac, hunting for every conceivable way to get people to come to me first.

We tried a lot of different things. Some of them worked. Some of them didn’t. But…

Little by Little a Formula Emerged

That Systematically, Predictably

Puts Hot, Qualified Sales Leads on Your Desk Every Day.

Eventually, this method incorporated almost every imaginable tool – website, e-mail, publicity, direct mail, seminars, postcards, fax blasts, magazine articles, press releases, white papers, and clever “information widgets” – getting more sales leads than a team of four full time sales people could handle, with our shoestring budget.

Imagine coming in to work every morning and instead of pounding the phone, you find a fresh stack of e-mails, voice mails and faxes on your desk, eagerly waiting for your response. Wouldn’t that dramatically change your life?

It really can happen to you.

And here’s the fun part: Your competitors begin to get nervous. They start to visibly react to everything you do. Their sales people run into you at every turn. And while they’re knocking down doors and windows, climbing over barbed wire fences, leaving voice mail messages every day and annoying people, you’re patiently and methodically practicing the fine art of seduction.

A competitor who’s playing the prospecting game doesn’t stand a chance against a savvy guerilla marketer!

Well hang on tight, because there’s more to this story…

How You Can Get Paid To Put On Seminars That Most People – Are Giving Away Free…

There was this new technology that I’d been selling both at the previous job and this new job. It was called DeviceNet. Now what it actually was doesn’t really matter. It could’ve been almost anything. But basically it was another one of those “great ideas” that could solve lots of problems for people, but nobody knew they needed it. So it was very hard to sell!

I used to go into companies, buy lunch for all their technical people, and give enthusiastic, informative presentations about this really cool new technology that could make their lives infinitely easier.

…Ever done that before?

They’d file in, consume my pizza, listen apathetically to the presentation, and file out. They’d go back to their cubicles, I’d go back to my office, and they wouldn’t spend a single dime on anything. The whole situation really sucked.

Then I heard about a guy named Jeff Paul in the financial planning field who’d figured out how to solve the entire problem by charging people for seminars.

Here’s what Jeff did: He used low cost advertising and direct mail to get people to fork over real money to come to his tax seminar. Then he charged them another fee if they wanted to meet with him for a private “consultation.” On top of that, he got paid the usual commissions on the financial products he sold them.

Not only did he make money every step of the way, he closed twice as many sales as he did before, and his customers followed his financial plans more carefully. He built an enormously successful practice, because he was positioned as the expert that he truly was, instead of a peddler.

Then, over a period of eight years, he helped over ten thousand financial planners get the cold calling monkey off their back. Jeff turned the entire insurance industry on its ear!

Brand New Module #1: How To Create Your Own Private Affiliate Network Of Local Businesses. A revolutionary technique to enhance ANY business that services the local business market. It is a complete plan to go after and add value to the small local business and deliver the one thing they need more of… customers.

Brand New Module #2: Big Ballsy Business Guarantees, Reversing The Risk & Closing 95% Of Your Consulting Contracts – John Paul Mendocha, Bryan Todd and myself take you on a 2 CD in depth guide through the maze of Business to Business Guarantees and Reversing the Risk. Plus John shares how he uses Discovery Contracts to close 95% of his consulting deals into big ticket, long term deals.

Brand New Module #3: Selling High Priced Products & Services Using Shock & Awe Packages – This is a top three question for Business to Business sales people. How to use Shock & Awe packages to close more sales. What is a Shock & Awe package? It’s a package that gives all the proof and reasons why a prospect must do business with you. Your competition doesn’t have this in their tool box but you must.

Brand New Module #4: Smash Through The Clutter On Your Prospects Desk Using 3D Mail. Increase your response rates by 25% to 200% using this amazing strategy. I use it for the most stubborn of the prospects or when targeting the top decision makers. Listen in as Matt interview Travis Lee on how to use 3D mail in any market to bust down the door.

Plus – An Amazing, Unconditional, 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason you are dissatisfied – for any reason, or for no reason at all, just send it system back and I’ll issue a refund (less the $ value of any coupons used). No hard feelings and no hassles.

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