Miss Ivy Young – Secrets of Submission


Of course, the fact that Mr. Grey is gorgeous, obscenely rich, intelligent, charming and an excellent lover (as well as being more than adequately endowed

Miss Ivy Young – Secrets of Submission

Miss Ivy Young - Secrets of Submission

  1. Ladies! If you have read 50 Shades of Grey (submission, BDSM and all), then you already know that the secret is out and that there is more to intimacy than what your grandma may have you led you to believe. Indeed, through secrets of submission, tough love (in the bedroom and elsewhere) may very well be the best way to keep your spouse’s love alive.
  2. And as a reader, perhaps you may even have been intrigued by this idea of submission, where the future Mrs. Grey experiences the thrills of a relationship that sees her willingly relinquish control of herself to her husband (during play), and by relinquishing control, I mean becoming the submissive in a sexual relationship where bondage, pain, mind control and other such BDSM techniques are used.
  3. Oh my!!!
  4. What is unusual about these books is the realization that throughout this process, (or is it precisely because of this process?) Miss Anastasia Steele, the future Mrs. Grey falls head over heels in love with Mr. Grey, who obviously knows all there is to know about the Secrets of Submission. And whilst the sex scenes are steaming, and hot, and highly “entertaining” for us, female readers, what ultimately (probably) “turns” us on is the thought that well… we would just love to be in Miss Steele’s stilettos… Or shackles!
  5. “I have to admit that throughout the three books, I wished that I was Mr. Grey’s obedient sub!”
  6. Is something I have heard whispered over and over by women all over the place.
  7. Of course, the fact that Mr. Grey is gorgeous, obscenely rich, intelligent, charming and an excellent lover (as well as being more than adequately endowed
  8. ) must surely play a part in this (not so) old fashioned love story and it does.
  9. But beyond all these “mundane” considerations, what drives this relationship to a constant boil is the fact that Mr. Grey is… well… a Dominant (notice the capital D) who knows how to handle his submissives (notice the small c) and with this controlling knowledge, he has (near) complete power over Anastasia (and his subs before her).
  10. In other words, is it entirely possible that Mrs. Grey falls hopelessly in love with her husband precisely because of his Dominance (in sex) over her?
  11. And assuming for a moment that the premise of this argument cannot be the only reason why she falls for him, would it be at least possible that it does play a definite and determining role in the passionate nature of the feelings she has for her husband?
  12. All couples go through periods during which intimacy begins to recede into the background until one day, men and women hardly have any sexual relationship anymore. (What about you? How is sex with your own husband? Could it be that your own sex life is slowly disappearing, if not altogether dead already?)
  13. Wouldn’t it be nice for you (and the countless couples out there who find themselves into the proverbial marital rut) if someone could teach you how to use BDSM (Secrets of Submission) as a tool to resurrect your love life, and as a result your marriage?
  14. hmmm…
  15. What would any man give to make his spouse his own? To make her fall desperately in love with him by Dominating her so completely (sexually) that she becomes totally enamored. And ultimately… Completely… his..
  16. An attractive proposition to be sure for all the guys out there, to be sure…
  17. In Mrs. E. L. James books, it is the man (Mr. Grey) who acts as the Dominant force and his wife (Anastasia) is the submissive.
  18. But wait…What if YOU, the woman were the Dominant and your husband (boyfriend) the sub (submissive)!
  19. What if I told you that there are plenty of us, women out there, who through knowledge and skill already live in relationships where our males are our willing subs! And that they love us for it. Absolutely head of heels love us.
  20. And that the more we refine our techniques, the more they fall for us?
  21. What if YOU (as a woman) could learn to Dominate your man so exquisitely well that that he would fall madly in love with you all over again?
  22. Wouldn’t that be a lovely thought?
  23. Would that even save your relationship?
  24. Here is the lovelies part for all you ladies…
  25. The more we learn to control our males in bed, the more they want to be controlled!
  26. The more they love it… I mean really love it…
  27. … And the more they love us.
  28. Try it! You’d be amazed and you could even introduce it as part of a game.

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