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Mike Mandel – Mindscaping

Mike Mandel - Mindscaping

From the fertile mind of Mike Mandel comes MINDSCAPING – a transformational new tool for therapists, social worker and counsellors of all kinds.

MINDSCAPING accesses the client’s unconscious mind, providing a simple, but incredibly powerful methodology for both personal insight and rapid change.

MINDSCAPING had its genesis in aspects of Time Line Therapy™, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP submodality shifts, The Cube system of personality typing, and Jungian symbolism and archetype theory.

MINDSCAPING has always existed; it was just waiting to be discovered.

MINDSCAPING is Now Available as a Convenient Online Video Training Program.
Always Be Ready to Help Clients Change.
If you are a therapist, counsellor or social worker who is trained in MINDSCAPING you will never again be stuck wondering what to do nexts.

You will have a powerful method for creating deep change, regardless of the client’s problem. The instructions and help will come to you, directly from the client’s unconscious mind, making it even more powerful than a traditional Ericksonian hypnosis metaphor.

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That’s because MINDSCAPING provides a simple and easy to follow protocol that’s easy to remember. It requires no special skills beyond observation. It can be used alone, or with any other psychological technique or tool including EFT, NLP, EMDR, hypnosis and more.

You’ll be able to use MINDSCAPING in a few minutes, or in a full hour session with clients.

MINDSCAPING is also an ideal therapeutic framework when working with clients over Skype.

Advantages of MINDSCAPING:
MINDSCAPING is easy to learn and apply to help others.
It creates immediate positive behavioural shifts because it hits the client’s beliefs and submodalities at the same time!
The client can keep the details of their problem secret if they wish.
Works great for remedial and generative change work. Use it from sports performance to detraumatization and everything in between.
The shifts you get tend to be deep and long-lasting.
Changes continue to resonate and produce positive shifts for days after the session ends.
Get the Online Edition of MINDSCAPING
We’ve taken the entire weekend training and condensed it into just over 2 hours of high quality video instruction. You get very detailed explanations, actual demonstrations of Mike performing MINDSCAPING on different subjects, and you get the full PDF manual.

All Classroom Students Also Get The Online Course Free
Mike Mandel will conduct a rare LIVE classroom training in Toronto on May 4th, 2018. You’ll learn the entire MINDSCAPING protocol.

You’ll work with other students to have MINDSCAPING done on you and to guide others through the process. You’ll build real skill using the technique and you will be ready to use it with clients immediately.

Seating is limited, so book early to avoid missing out. We currently have no plans to repeat this live training in Toronto for at least the next 2 years.

All classroom students get a free copy of the MINDSCAPING online course. This allows you review the material anytime

Class hours:
This is an all day class running from 9:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Get immediately download Mike Mandel – Mindscaping

University of Toronto campus (near Yorkville)
Exact details to be sent to participants closer to training date.

Answers to Common Questions
What is it like to take a live class with Mike Mandel? Check out some of the testimonial videos on this page (near bottom). Mike makes everybody feel welcome. He teaches with energy, humour, and keeps things casual. You’ll learn a ton, make new friends, and walk away having enjoyed yourself more than you thought was possible. We capture much of this style in the digital videos that go along with the online class.

What is the format of the live class? We keep it lively and informal. Mike teaches and demonstrates all of the material and students then integrate their learning by working in groups of 2 or 3 people. You will learn MINDSCAPING while also being the giver and receiver of several MINDSCAPING sessions throughout the day.

What experience do I need to take this class? None. You don’t need any experience to learn MINDSCAPING. All you need is an interest in learning how to work with other people to help them solve problems. If you have any knowledge of NLP, these skills will come more naturally to you. But NLP and what you’ll learn in this class, is not rocket science. It’s all very practical and easy to understand once you get the basics down. But don’t misunderstand its power. Simple is powerful.

Won’t I already know this stuff if I studied NLP? What you’ll be learning in MINDSCAPING is best described as a way to help subjects create and then redesign their own unconscious maps, which represent their problems. This is not covered in any other class (including NLP). This is a blueprint for creating change in others. You’ll add this to your therapy toolbox along with NLP and hypnosis.

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Here’s What You’ll Get in Mindscaping

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Get Mike Mandel - Mindscaping immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page From the fertile mind of Mike Mandel comes MINDSCAPING - a transformational new tool for therapists, social worker and counsellors of all kinds. MINDSCAPING accesses the client’s unconscious mind, providing a simple... File Size: 3.8 GB...