Mike Filsaime – 7 Figure Code


(Download available within 1-2 hours)Somewhere along the line the idea got out there that building a business online is a solo project. That you should sit isolated and alone night after night banging your head against the keyboard trying to figure stuff out…

Mike Filsaime – 7 Figure Code

Mike Filsaime - 7 Figure Code

little person on your shoulder saying…

“I shouldn’t even be reading this right now. I have work to do and do not have time for this…”

But if you looked inside of the mind of the most successful people in the world they are having a very different conversation in their heads. (I’ll tell you how I know this in a second, but first I’ll let you know what they are NOT thinking…)

Here’s the story:

Now, of all the hundreds of successful people I know, many making 6 and 7 figures per year online, (many on this sales page) NONE of them are wasting their time…

  • trying to find a way to make money by exploiting MySpace

  • running FSO’s (Forum Special Offers) as a fulltime living

  • using tools to “Automate” site building to fake out search engines into thinking their sites are actually worth visiting.

  • seeing how they can make an extra $30 per day cheating Craiglist

  • losing at the “AdSense Game”

  • trying to find a way to cheat Google Adwords

  • selling $7 products as their cash flow plan for the month.

Remember, I am acting as a close friend. I am not trying to beat anyone up, but I also want to be straight up with you here.

If you were my close friend, sitting in my office, and you told me that the above nonsense is what you were actually doing right now as your idea of making money online I would…

…Kick you right in your butt!

And I wish someone would have done that for me when I started out. I spent months and months chasing these “money making” systems that had a life expectancy of a Hollywood Marriage.

And I know many of you reading are thinking to yourself…

“I do Not want to make $1 Million per year online…”

“I only want to make $1000 per month.”

My reply to that is….

Yeah Right! Pah-Leeeeeeze…

If I were to tell you right now that you can do everything you are passionate about and you would get paid $19,230.77 per week…, every week, for the rest of your life…Are you really going to tell me…


Of course not. What is even more absurd about that is when I talk to people and they tell me such things. I say to them…

Come on now, when you went to college, would you have graduated and said I want to get a Job that pays $1000 per month.”?

Here is the problem with that mentality. There is no such thing as..

…30 Second Pasta!

You either have Uncooked pasta or pasta made the right way.

Let me explain what I mean by that…

I do not think it is possible for anyone to teach you or anyone else how to make $1000 per month online. It is just not possible. It is just like trying to cook pasta in 30 seconds.

There is only one way to cook pasta, and there is only one way to build a business that serves a market.

If anyone is making $1000 per month, that is not a goal, that is a problem, because they are not serving the needs of the market place.

Now, O.K., I understand that there are people that simply can not identify with making 7 Figures (1 Million or more) per year, let alone even six figures. But what the newbie is really saying is, I want learn how to make my first dollar before worrying about making $1 Million…

Ah… That is a better statement.

 But as Stephen Covey, Author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’  says Habit No. 2 is…

…Begin With The End In Mind

Remember before I told you I wish I had this information when I got started? Instead it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to research before I cracked the 7 figure code.

Well, if you wanted to learn to be a world class golfer or just learn to play for fun, please choose what is the better path to choose.

a) Teach yourself for 1 year and then, after you taught yourself how to make bad shots, hooks, slices, and learned all of the bad habits…. go out and get a world class coach. (Who now has to spend time reprogramming your brain to get around all of the bad habits you picked up.)

or –

b) Hire a world class instructor from the start (this is called modeling) to become a world class golfer in days instead of decades.

Well, you do not need me or Stephen Covey to tell you the answer to that one. There is only one right answer and one wrong answer.

But what about with Internet Marketing?

Before today, there was no right answer. You see, there has never been anything like this before. Never.

Of course, you had good products that taught you “Tactics” like Adwords and Driving Traffic and Copywriting. But now what?

Now, I have documented information that can help you or anyone go from $0 per month, $1000 per month, or even $10,000 per month, to having the same information I use to make over $300,000 per month.

Wait! – Before we go further…

I need you to make me a promise…

Will you invest 10% – 15% your profits of your business to invest in advice, information and support to help you grow, even multiply your business every year?

Somewhere along the line the idea got out there that building a business online is a solo project. That you should sit isolated and alone night after night banging your head against the keyboard trying to figure stuff out…

Here’s why I bring this up now:

Because once you get started using what I’m about to reveal to you, the dollars will start pouring in. But if you want to keep your business growing and doubling every year, then once you get a head of steam you want to POUR ON THE GAS.

Building an online business is just a game of information. If you know the moves and the timing everything else is easy. There’s no big barrier to entry–you don’t need a big pile of cash to get started and you don’t need insider connections…

But what you will need, if you want to continue to ride the wave is a commitment to doing less of the busy-work yourself and to make more leveraged moves with your time…

(In fact pretty soon you’re going to want all of the busy work done for you–not by people working in your home but by skilled outsourcers working from theirs.)

There is a dreaded disease that plagues all entrepreneurs… It is called the “I Want To Work Alone” disease.  It is easily cured. But…

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Get Mike Filsaime - 7 Figure Code immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page Somewhere along the line the idea got out there that building a business online is a solo project. That you should sit isolated and alone night after night banging your head against the keyboard trying to figure stuff out...