Mike Dillard – The Copywriters Guild: Magnetic Sponsoring


(Download available within 1-2 hours)Thankfully, I’ve met a few very copywriters in this industry, and I’ve arranged an extremely valuable short-cut for you if you’d like to learn how to write compelling copy as well…

Mike Dillard – The Copywriters Guild: Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard - The Copywriters Guild: Magnetic Sponsoring

How I Became The #1 Earner In My Network Marketing Company, Without Picking Up The Phone…

Dear Fellow Network Marketer,

I highly recommend that you stop what you’re doing for the next few minutes, and pay attention, because I’m going to lay it all on the line right here, and tell you how I “got rich” in this industry – becoming the #1 residual income earner in my networking company, and making over $12,000,000 online in the last few years.

What’s my secret…?

(Druuumm Rooollll please…)


Yep… Robots. (Stick with me and I’ll explain…)

You see, there were two things I’d figured out during my first five, (unsuccessful), years in this industry…

1: I hated pitching my business to people, whether they were friends and family members, or leads I’d purchased. The whole process just made me sick.

2: In order to become “rich”, I’d need to sell a LOT of stuff, to a LOT of people, and that was going to be difficult given the fact that I only had a few hours each night to build my business.

Hell, even if I LOVED to sell, I’d still run into that same brick wall because I can only talk to so many people in a day.

But the bottom line remained…

If I could “show the business” to 1,000 people per day, instead of 10 people per day, I was going to make more money, which meant there was only one solution…

I needed to clone myself. And yes… I eventually found a way to do it… 🙂

While everyone in the industry was business learning how to prospect on the phone, answer objections, get people to meetings, hand out CD’s, or invite people to online presentations, I had my face buried in a few dusty old books I’d discovered that were teaching me a little-known skill called “copywriting”.

No one in network marketing was talking about “copywriting”, but that was just fine with me.

I KNEW deep down, that I’d found the solution to my problems…

Now if that’s a term you’re not familiar with, “copywriting” is a special skill that allows you to sell anything you want to people using the written word, (whether it’s a letter, video script, email, or website), instead of over the phone, or in person.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably watched a late-night informercial, or read a sales letter that compelled you to buy something. You’re not sure how it happened, but all of the sudden, you have this buzz of desire takes over your body, and before you know it, you’re whipping out your credit card…

Well that was intentional, and when you learn copywriting, you have the ability to create that desire in people at will. It’s extrememly powerful, (but simple), stuff that has to do with human psychology.

So instead of pitching my business over the phone, I started using my new skill to write a salesletter that would sell my opportunity for me. It told the whole story, answered all of the most common objections, and created this crazy desire in people to join my business – automatically.

It worked. Big time.

I discovered that a sales letter is the most powerful “master prospector” you could ever hire. It will relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly. Every time. It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you like that lame dude Bob you sponsored last month.

Simply put, a powerful sales letter is like having a little automatic, money-making downline robot working for you, tirelessly…day and night..24 hours a day…seven days a week.


So I decided to take it to the next level by using my new copywriting skills to place online PPC and banner ads.

These little guys started doing all of my prospecting for me, sending massive waves of interested people from around the world to my sales letter day and night.

Now 1,000’s of people were seeing my letter and hearing about my business every single day, and the sales started rolling in.

Eventually, I had to hire a full time assistant just to handle all of the phone calls and emails I was getting.

So while the average networker can do 10-20 presentations a day for their business, I can give 1,000 – 5,000 – 10,000 or more per day if I want, while working less.

Who’s going to win? Who’s going to build their business faster, and make more money? The person doing 10 presentations per day, or the person doing 1,000?

You can prospect people that you meet, or you can write an ad that prospects for you.

You can pound the phones all night, or you can write a letter that tells the story about your business and sells it for you.

You can chase people and make follow up calls until you turn blue, or you can write an email series that get’s people to eagerly call you back.

So that’s exactly what I did, and how I was able to go from waiting tables, to 7 figures in less than 18 months.

Since then, copywriting has allowed me to:

  • Become the #1 residual income earner in my primary opportunity.
  • Make over $12 million online, and up to $1.4 million in less than 7 days.
  • Personally sponsor 4 of the top 5 earners in my company.
  • Produce at least 500 leads for FREE, every single day.
  • Build the world’s largest social network for home business owners.
  • Drive more traffic to even my “little” sites than most Fortune 500 companies.

So as you can see, this is THE “Million Dollar Skill.”

In fact, from this moment on, forget everything you’ve heard about cold-calling, giving presentations, and coaxing your friends and family into attending hotel meetings.

If you want to make REAL money in ANY kind of home business…

… sponsor as many reps as you want…

… and make cash “on demand” almost any time you want…

… then all you need to do is learn how to write a simple letter, (or email), that persuades people to buy.

And here’s the funny part:

No one in this industry really talks about this but me. (Yet I’m the guy making more money than anyone else.)

Instead, most people spend hours talking to one person at a time about their business on the telephone, while I just write a special letter that sells my business and my products for me, over and over again automatically.

It’s truly beautiful:  Just write the letter once, and you’re done.

Fact is, there’s nothing more “duplicatable” than a sales letter.

Instead, it’s like a little “sponsoring machine” that slips into your prospects’ homes, crawls onto theirs desks and…

Gives The Perfect
“Sales Pitch”
Every Single Time.

This is the “big secret” of almost every 6 and 7-figure networker I know.

Instead of spending hours “dialing for dollars”, doing grunt “manual labor” that steals time you could be spending with your friends and family… you just put a sales letter online (or email it to your prospects) and your “work” is done for the day.  You can watch TV, play with your kids, take your spouse for a romantic night on the town or do whatever you want.

Anyway, that’s the good news.

The bad news is, only a few people really understand how to write a sales letter.

And… even fewer know how to teach it.

In fact, I remember spending more than $10,000 on copywriting courses before I finally “got” it. in fact, one single book alone cost me $5,000.00.

This wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t have a choice back then.

Thankfully, I’ve met a few very copywriters in this industry, and I’ve arranged an extremely valuable short-cut for you if you’d like to learn how to write compelling copy as well…

In 2006, two of the Internet’s top copywriters teamed up for a series of closed-door tele-seminars for people who are new to copywriting, not getting the results they want, or simply don’t know how to get started.

The purpose of these calls was to:

  1. Make copywriting easy and fast—especially for the average person who has never written a sales letter before, or who finds writing slow, painful and tedious.
  2. Make copywriting and testing simple—with no steep “learning curves”, long hours of practice, or complex math.
  3. Make copywriting effective—without using any screaming headlines or wild-haired claims that make customers’ “B.S. alarms” sound off.

The copywriting side of this historic event was taught by world-class copywriter David Garfinkel.

David is easily one of the top 10 copywriters on the planet.

His ads have earned hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients over the past 23 years… he is often called “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach”… and he is legendary in the advertising world for…

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