Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher – The Hakomi Method Essentials Program


The languages of the unconscious are deeper than words. One of the most important principles of Hakomi is understanding how to listen to what your client’s unconscious is communicating.

Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher – The Hakomi Method Essentials Program

Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher - The Hakomi Method Essentials Program

Are you a healing practitioner, therapist, coach or spiritual guide looking for ways to expand your skills?

You can now do so through body-mind-heart approach that integrates mindfulness and depth psychology.

That approach is called Hakomi, a powerful discipline at the forefront of psychotherapy, spiritual practice and neuroscience.

Hakomi begins with the recognition that we are multidimensional beings with complex biological, psychological and spiritual needs, yearning to experience balance and wholeness. As such, we need to be treated holistically, in a way that acknowledges, nurtures and integrates every aspect of our being.

The beauty of this healing modality is that it’s infused with principles of gentleness, non-violence, compassion and mindfulness — bringing together the best of East and West in an integrative and holistic framework.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hakomi’s background, it draws from general systems theory and modern body-centered therapies including Gestalt, Feldenkrais, Focusing, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and others.

While many modalities focus primarily on the mind or spirit, Hakomi elegantly blends together the most effective practices in these realms while also calling upon our body’s expansive wisdom to create an integrative, holistic system for true healing.

Meeting Your Clients in a Deeper Way

If you’re like many healing professionals, you may be discouraged by not having the kind of direct and intimate relationships with your clients that produce positive results and foster more meaningful therapeutic dynamics.

You might also recognize patterns, habits and blocks conceptually, but may struggle to actually help shift them.

Or you may have personally experienced the transformative power of mindfulness, meditation, yoga or other mind-body-spirit awareness practices, yet remain unclear about how they can best be integrated into a therapeutic relationship.

Hakomi is one of the fastest growing integrated healing modalities because it addresses these challenges and others. It blends mindfulness practices with an experience-based somatic approach that holistically meets each client where they are — and enhances your ability to work with them in a relational way.

There’s a good reason so many healing practitioners are excited about Hakomi. It works!

Until now, learning the essentials of Hakomi has required face-to-face workshops. Now, for the first time, The Hakomi Method Essentials Program give you the opportunity to learn Hakomi principles remotely — without the expense and hassle of travel.

This course offers you a 10-module audio program that will teach you invaluable insights and cutting-edge practices from the world’s leading Hakomi experts.

You’ll learn principles you can begin to integrate in your practice to bring a deeper level of integration, connectedness and healing to your clients.

For instance, you’ll learn to use “micro-tracking” to gain more information from the body and catch many subtle signals. Each movement of a hand, each turn of the head, and each restless shuffle of the body can be a clue to what’s happening beneath the surface of the conscious mind. By exploring these smaller movements, you can open new portals into the deeper holding patterns in a client’s body and unconscious.

Hakomi also gives you a powerful tool for uncovering the core beliefs that govern your client’s life. By incorporating embodiment practices that illuminate habitual patterns of the body and mind, you gain access to the underlying beliefs that structure your client’s experience.

In addition, you’ll expand your toolkit for shifting the emotional state of your clients. Hakomi is very useful for taking a client up to the edge of a challenging emotion and inviting them to open, soften and breathe into it without becoming overwhelmed. Doing so fosters a kind of modulation in which the client can build upon their existing resources to more easily face and metabolize charged, and even traumatic, memories and emotions.

Studying Hakomi gives you access to a real paradigm shift in how to work with clients. With its origins in mindfulness and depth psychology, Hakomi offers a deeply holistic, compassionate and embodied approach to the inner terrain of your clients. Thus, it creates a greater degree of alignment and rapport than more traditional, insight-based methods alone.

Best of all, it’s an inclusive methodology. You can use elements from the Hakomi Method to complement whatever modalities you’ve built your practice upon.

Hakomi Applies to Many Fields

With The Hakomi Method Essentials Program, you’ll learn how Hakomi can be utilized effectively by practitioners working with individuals, couples, families and groups. It’s especially helpful with:

  • Healing trauma
  • Working with relationship and attachment issues
  • Transcending defense mechanisms
  • Transforming core beliefs
  • Embodying more loving presence
  • Identifying life purpose
  • Addressing sexuality issues

The principles and techniques highlighted in this program can be very beneficial in the fields of counseling, bodywork, coaching, employer/employee relations, mediation, creativity issues, theater arts, dance, poetry, naturopathy, acupuncture, parenting, gender issues, politics, hospice, spiritual practices and more.

The Hakomi Method Essentials Program can give you the foundations for effectively integrating Hakomi into your practice to elicit more aliveness and a deeper level of integration and healing for your clients. You’ll also undoubtedly have many “a-ha!” moments about WHY you’ve experienced challenges in the ways you work with clients — and how this gentle, integrated approach to healing can help you transcend them.

And even if you’re not a healing practitioner, you’re welcome to participate and discover an effective, compassionate and holistic way of working with your own challenges.

The Power of Master Teachers

As with any methodology, it’s ideal to learn from the most experienced teachers. In The Hakomi Method Essentials Program, you’ll have access to two of today’s leading practitioners, Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher. They not only run many of the international Hakomi training programs, they also co-hosted the popular Hakomi Global Summit.

Over the 10 modules of the program, they’ll share with you Hakomi’s fundamentally holistic, dynamic and versatile approach for working through any self-defeating patterns that cause suffering — and creating a more grounded foundation for living.

If you join this groundbreaking virtual training, you’ll discover:

  • Key practices for integrated growth and development
  • A balanced, accessible approach to transformation work
  • Techniques for unfolding experiences more consciously
  • How to offer loving, embodied presence in a way that’s most healing for your clients — and yourself
  • Powerful techniques for teaching through present moment awareness vs. talking about experiences
  • Mindfulness practices for getting below your clients’ surface stories and projections
  • Insights on Body Tracking for a more direct relationship with the unconscious
  • Practices to help unfold experiences with a client’s moment-to-moment process
  • A sense of belonging in a community of healers who can support you wherever you may be on your journey
  • Ways to infuse your work with more compassion

What You’ll Discover in These 10 Modules

In this 10-module transformational intensive, Manuela and Rob will guide you through fundamental tools and competencies for using the Hakomi Method in a professional setting.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices and principles you’ll need to develop skills that can deepen your relationship with yourself and with your clients.

Module 1: Overview of the Hakomi Method
(Manuela Mischke-Reeds)

In this first session, Manuela will give you a general overview of the Hakomi Method. You’ll receive insights on techniques for developing a healing relationship with your clients, with a special focus on the importance of the attachment relationship and “somatic resourcing.”

In this session, you’ll:

  • Receive a general overview of the Hakomi Method and its many powerful applications
  • Discover how to build a healing relationship using Hakomi tools to increase connection, deepen interpersonal skills and encourage a sense of aliveness in the body
  • Explore physiological qualities that can support your client’s physical experience of self and wellbeing

Module 2: Listening to the Many Languages of the Unconscious & Flow of the Process (Rob Fisher)

The languages of the unconscious are deeper than words. One of the most important principles of Hakomi is understanding how to listen to what your client’s unconscious is communicating. Rob will share with you the many ways that the gentle yet powerful practice of mindfulness is a key ingredient of true healing and how a typical Hakomi session unfolds.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Investigate underlying principles that guide a healing relationship which benefits both client and practitioner
  • Develop the skill of listening to the many languages of the unconscious, which can include tracking “micro-expressions” and so much more
  • Discover how to effectively leverage externally focused mindfulness
  • Increase your capacity to be truly present to what’s happening in the “now,” and organically revise your treatment approach
  • Recognize how a typical Hakomi session moves from getting connected to transformation of core material

Module 3: Applied Mindfulness Contacting the Present Moment
(Manuela Mischke-Reeds)

One of the essential principles of Hakomi is Applied Mindfulness — focusing on how to bring mindfulness into a relational context. In this module, Manuela will show you how to apply mindfulness techniques to deepen the connection between you and your clients and create a sense of emotional safety.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover how to build emotional safety and connection through the “contact” technique
  • Explore powerful ways to meet clients in their present experience
  • Find out how to respond to the storyteller beneath the story, so that your client feels truly seen and understood

Module 4: The 4 Steps of Deepening Internal Exploration & Underlying Principles (Rob Fisher)

The process of internal exploration is ever-unfolding, and Hakomi offers four essential steps for helping you and your clients deepen into the present moment experience, which is so key to continued exploration and psycho-spiritual healing. All the techniques in this method are based on five essential principles which will guide the interventions as well as define the internal state of the practitioner.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover the four essential steps of internal exploration
  • Explore creative healing techniques that allow the psyche to “unfold” seminal experiences
  • Use mindfulness to trace present-time indicators of core beliefs to their origins
  • Be introduced to the five essential principles that guide and shape the Hakomi method

Module 5: Core Beliefs & Experiments in Mindfulness to Explore & Change Them (Rob Fisher)

Our lives are largely influenced by core models of the world, the self and others that define how we perceive, feel and act. Often they become limiting, and we find ourselves repeating the same unsatisfying patterns over and over again.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover how to identify core beliefs by noticing indicators in present moment experience
  • Explore how to use mindfulness to elucidate and transform these gridlocked attitudes and beliefs
  • Develop the skills of constructing little experiments performed in mindfulness to help free your clients from these self-imposed constraints

Module 6: Probes Verbal Experiments in Mindfulness
(Rob Fisher)

Mindfulness has the power to remove blocks to nourishing experiences; in Hakomi, verbal experiments help facilitate this process. Rob will teach you the technique of “Words of Grace” — unique words and phrases that reveal the structure of the psyche and help the practitioner facilitate healing.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Design verbal experiments that utilize mindfulness to study the structure of the psyche
  • Discover how to find specific “Words of Grace” for each client
  • Design mindfulness experiments that uncover emotional blocks

Module 7: Working With Resistance & “Taking Over” Technique
(Rob Fisher)

Resistance and other psychological defenses serve a purpose in the healing process. Paradoxically, supporting clients in their resistance can help them let go so that they can have a shift in perception and experience. Manuela will guide you in appreciating and harnessing the wisdom of defenses in yourself and your clients.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover the wisdom of resistance and defenses, and come to view them as intelligent expressions of your client’s’ emotions
  • Appreciate and leverage the paradox of letting go when resistance is supported
  • Design “Taking Over” experiments that respect your client’s journey

Module 8: State-specific Processing & Child States
(Manuela Mischke-Reeds)

The Hakomi Method is a powerful way to recognize different states of experiences — regressed child states and other strong emotional states embedded in the internal landscape, often early in life. These states embody core beliefs about ourselves and the world.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Recognize the signs of regressed states in your clients
  • Build your capacity to embody the “wise stranger”
  • Know how to validate and meet younger states
  • Design experiences that call into question ancient beliefs held in the body-mind

Module 9: Micro-tracking, Somatic Resourcing & Trauma States
(Manuela Mischke-Reeds)

This session will help you develop your micro-tracking abilities and better understand psycho-biological triggers and traumatic activations in your clients. You’ll discover how to differentiate what it takes to facilitate strong emotional states.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover a process known as “riding the rapids” for containing trauma activation
  • Explore how state-specific memories are held in the body
  • Understand micro-tracking as an essential tool for trauma healing
  • Start to develop somatic resources to help ground your clients
  • Understand the importance of developing a somatic-resourcing repertoire

Module 10: The Missing Experience & Transformation
(Manuela Mischke-Reeds)

Deep transformation in your clients hinges on their capacity to shift internal belief systems so they can make new and better choices. In this final class, you’ll discover how to supply “missing corrections” that enable healing.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Understand what the corrective (missing) experience means in the Hakomi framework
  • Recognize what creates internal transformation for your clients
  • Identify how to provide your clients with safe “missing corrections” of their internalized belief systems that offer new choices

The Hakomi Method Essentials Program Bonus Collection

In addition to Manuela and Rob’s transformative, 10-module virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions. These bonus materials are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course — and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


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Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher - The Hakomi Method Essentials Program

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Get Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher - The Hakomi Method Essentials Program immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page The languages of the unconscious are deeper than words. One of the most important principles of Hakomi is understanding how to listen to what your client’s unconscious is communicating.