MAGIC – Social Circle Dating (MP3)


You have no control over what kind of women will show up. I seek variety and choices with women. In the bar scene you are at the mercy of whomever shows up. Format File: 11 MP3

MAGIC – Social Circle Dating (MP3)

MAGIC - Social Circle Dating (MP3)

Hey Mate,

  • Are you tired of going to bars and clubs only to meet uninteresting and unattractive women?
  • Do you run into women on your way to work, in shopping malls and restaurant that you wish you could date but don’t know how to make it happen? You don’t make a move because you do not want to get rejected in front of other people. —The formula I am about to reveal will completely eliminate the need of approaching women.
  • Do you have female friends that you wish you could sleep with only if you knew how to make it happen without risking your friendship?
  • Do you secretly desire to sleep with multiple women but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you want to date particular type of women like actors, models, dancers, teachers, police officers, musicians or plain old college girls but don’t know where to meet them and how to make them have sex with you.

If you answered yes to any of these, your prayers are being answered right now.

Who Am I
Why Should You Listen To Me?

If you do not already know me, I go by the name Magic Le`one.

I came from India 10 years ago.

I am the guy with dark skin and thick accent. The very kind that every Hollywood movie makes fun of. I am the guy people bet money can never get laid.

And I am the guy who proved every stereotype and every social rule false!

My peers who used to laugh at me now pay top dollars to get coaching and advice from me to pick up women.

I am invited to speak at top dating seminars all over the world to share my expertise on picking women.

To put simply I am the man who knows how to get women and above all I am the man who knows how to make it happen for you as well.

Had One Night Stand After Watching DVDs

Thank you so much for sharing your videos.

I actually ended up getting an One Night Stand right afterwatching your DVDs.

Seemed to work really well haha.

My handle is XXX if you want to read the report. Please let me know what you schedule is going to be like afteryou return from visiting your family.

I’d really like to schedule one of your training sessions. Thanks again,

– Chris

If you are someone the way I used to be, someone that people believe is not capable of sleeping with attractive women, someone who desires women but has no clue how to get them… Then continue to read this VERY IMPORTANT message…I promise it will change your life!

First Things First

Let me get few things straight.

  • This formula is not for men wanting to take advantage of women. I have no patience for such men. I do not want you to abuse women using my powerful formula.
  • This formula is not for men who do not want to change their life.
  • If you are looking for cheap lines and tactics to talk to women do not waste your time reading further.
  • If you do not like the company of women and all you want is sex, please eject.

If you are still here then let me tell you what you will get out of this system:

  • You will be able to use my sniper technique to draw women into your life without EVER approaching them. Next time you see a woman in a train, plane, bus, airport, coffee shop, school or at work, you will know exactly how to engage her without putting yourself on the line.
  • You will discover a new way of meeting women outside of bars and clubs. This one piece of information alone will change your dating life forever. Never again will you spend evenings by yourself. By the time you will be done with this system you will have an actionable plan to spend your evenings in the company of women.
  • You will be able to walk up to women in front of their boyfriends and get them into your life.
  • This system will teach you how to date and sleep with multiple women at the same time. You will discover my secret—where I tell my dates about other women I am sleeping with and they still stay with me.
  • You will learn my Fool Proof Formula to turn your female friends into lovers and have sex with any female friend you desire no matter how long you have known her for.
  • You will discover the step-by-step blue print on how to date a hot model, actor, musician I will teach you how to get access to them.
  • You will be able to date women of your choice…they will leave their boyfriends and long time lovers for you. I guarantee it!

If You Are Still Going To Bars

And Night Clubs To Pickup Women

Going to bars is the hardest way of meeting women.

You have no control over what kind of women will show up. I seek variety and choices with women. In the bar scene you are at the mercy of whomever shows up.

Unless you live in a big city you only have Fri and Sat to meet women in bars. Even in big cities you can run into trouble in the early part of the week.

Women usually have their guards up at bars because of the sleazy men running around. This makes it harder to pickup women at bars than at most places.

78% Couples Meet Outside Of Bars

You Are Missing

Massive-Opportunities With Women

Men who focus on bar scene miss the best and nicest women that are hanging out at other places.

Research shows that only 6% of couples meet in bar. Most couples meet at some form of social activity as shown in this chart:

Imagine the possibilities if you can come up with a plan to meet the remaining 78% women -The women who are not in bars, have their guards down and are open to meeting men.

Majority of men don’t even know the places where they can go to meet such women.

They avoid romancing with women at these venues because they are unsure about the flirting and dating process.

They do not want to risk their reputation in case something goes wrong and so they choose to not make a move.

82% Women Engage In Casual Sex!

This Is Where Men Lose Big Opportunity!

The Best, Most Attractive, Down To Earth, Desirable And Easy To Get Women are usually the ones who are friends with your friends, are present at work, school, in subway, activities or other social places.

These Women are hoping to meet men at work, school, gymnasium, parties etc because it matches their romantic fantasy of meeting man with a chance encounter.

For women it is a great story to tell how they met their match randomly at work, at a party or walking down the street.

This makes it much easier to get them because they are already looking for a romantic encounter to happen.

All you need is the right knowledge and skillset to make these women to see you as the man who matches their fantasy and is “Right” for them.

Studies show that:

That means all you have to do is figure out a way to meet these women and position so sex can happen!

You Could Be Sleeping With 3 New Women Every Week

The Missing Link

When you are single and not meeting new women on regular basis going to bar seems like the best and only option.

This is where you are wrong!

The bar scene is too much effort for very little satisfaction.

Women that you meet in bars are usually less attractive and poor quality yet they act like some princess from a fairy tale. They can get away with this because too many insecure men are eager to buy them drinks at the bar and raise their value.

Most of these women just want to feel good by watching men pay attention to them.

High quality attractive women do not go to bars on regular basis. They are too shy or too confident to be at these venues on regular basis.

Instead of seeking validation from men they are looking for the real thing.

They are not guarded in fact if anything they are looking forward to meet new men and make meories.

Getting through them and seducing them is way simpler that seducing women at bars.

I guarantee that using the techniques from this program you will be sleeping at least 3 new women a week if not more.

And this study course is all about:

  1. Educating you about places and methods to meet high-quality-attractive women.
  2. Teaching you alternate ways, more effective ways of dating and seducing women.

This program is about transforming you and your lifestyle so you develop choices with women.

The Unfair Advantage

Once I understood the power of meeting outside of bars I spent most of my time perfecting the art to get women at other venues.

I was SHOCKED how easily I was starting to bring women to my bed and sheer numbers in which I was bringing them.

There were hardly any men to compete with. The ones that were there had no clue what to do.

These venues had many single women. It was easy to create dynamics and come accross as the man every woman wanted to be with. (Wait till you discover this information in the video. You will hate yourself for not using it until today.)

As a result women were making an effort to be with me that too on my terms!

I was not going out anymore!

There was no chasing and getting women to come out on a date

There was virtually no resistance from women because of this amazing SEX INITIATION TECHNIQUE that I had developed specifically for these women. This one technique alone will multiply the number of women you have sex with by at least 10.

I was beginning to have sex with a new woman every 3-4 days.

I kept refining it until I was seeping with a new woman almost every second day.

My record high is sleeping with 17 women in a month and having sex with 6 women at the same time using this formula.

It was at this point that I realized I needed to document the process so others like me can benefit.

6-S was born…

Made Love With A Girl Who Was My Long-Time Friend!

Thanks Magic! I made love with a girl this weekend who was my friend from long time.

With my new look and aggressiveness i think i was able to come out the safe guy mode.

You changed my life!

-Sai Manohar

The Life Changing Secret ‘6-S’ Formula

*READ THIS PART – VERY IMPORTANT* If There’s Only One Piece Of This Message You Read, Make it THIS… Yes… It’s THAT Important.

What most men do not know is that there is an actual science to plant sexual desire in a woman’s heart.

An actual formula. The “Holy Grail” if you like.

And there is a method to steer social dynamics in your favor so women start to feel attraction for you…You will not believe how easy it is once you understand the principals behind it.

It is so potently powerful, that EVEN a hopeless man as I was in the past can succeed attracting women and having sex on regular basis by using it.

ONLY the BEST Naturals in the world know about this SECRET (and most do not even use it to its full potential).

In fact I think it’s so powerful… that to an extent, I regret talking about here.

Slept With Two Different Girls Back To Back!

Hi Magic, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from you so far.

I’ve read ‘social mastery’ watched the social circle DVD’s and had a 30 minute phone call with you.

All of this has made a big difference.

I had my first ‘back to back’ two weeks ago where I slept with two different girls for the first time. One of them was 25, which is really the age category I find myself attracted to (I’m 32).



It takes less than 30 seconds for women to form an opinion of a man based on his first impression.

Women base this first impression using the ‘6 S Calculator’.

Basically there are 6 ‘S’ that are needed to turn a woman on to a point of no return.

Women put men in category of potential boyfriend, lover, sex partner, future husband, just friends or nothing based on the number of ‘S’ he displays with his first impression.

These 6 ‘S’ are:

  • Superior
  • Sexy Stereotype
  • Sexually Mature
  • Socially Approved
  • Secretive & Shielding
  • Selfpossessed

The attraction that women experience for a man and the decision to go with him completely depends on the display and application of these ‘S’ factors.

This sytem will teach you how to add and subtract the values depending on the kind of relationship you desire with a certain woman.

This will be the key to transtioning from friends to lovers and much more.

Involved in this formula are 6 KEY elements. (these elements are covered in “fine- comb” detail in the Social Domination Tool Kit… more on that shortly.)

Every single man you know who is successful with women uses these 6 elements and every single man who wants to succeed with women on regular basis needs this.

Each of these “elements” work at different levels. And they WORK IN A CERTAIN ORDER (this part is very crucial, you know the elements that make up this formula and you will STILL struggle; it’s getting them in COMPLETE order that will help you to become the guy every woman wants to be with).

When you find out about these special and select elements, SOME will be complete forehead-slappers…

You know the ones where you find yourself yelling “Why the heck didn’t I think of that!!?”

Because they are so obvious yet you will have never thought of them.

Some of them are A LOT more potent but not so obvious and this is the stuff you will need to pay serious attention to.

This is the information that only 1 in 1000 men use and even fewer are aware of its existence.

But you HAVE TO INCORPORATE them into your personality and lifestyle to be effective women.

Once you adapt to this system sky will be the limit.

You will be able to turn women on even if you do not engage them in direct conversation.

You will be able to turn your long time female friends into sex partners.

And you will be able to date women on yout terms, I guarantee it!

This system is about dominating every environment you step into and get women over every alpha, popular, comedic and sexy man at the venue.

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