List Surge – Melyssa Griffin


List Surge – Melyssa Griffin

List Surge – Melyssa Griffin

Get 1,000 new email subscribers in the next 90 days with strategic list-building methods for bloggers and entrepreneurs

If you’ve been blogging or running an online business, then you know how frustrating it can be to grow your email list.

Despite your best efforts, it just seems to be inching along…while others are growing their lists by the hundreds and thousands with seemingly little effort.

What’s the deal?

You watch other people’s blogs and businesses take off as their lists grow, and you wonder if that could ever happen to you.

Not to mention, you’ve got heaps of stellar product ideas you know your email list would love to buy…if only you had a list of subscribers to begin with.

Yeah, I get it. And I’ve been there. Now, my list grows by the thousands every single month.

You can do it, too! Imagine if…

…You finally hit the coveted “1,000 subscribers” benchmark and felt confident launching your first product.

…You no longer felt like you were creating content that disappeared into thin air…now you have a list of subscribers who will eat up your blog posts and buy your products.

…You could stop struggling with social media algorithms and instead were able to pop into your audience’s inbox whenever you wanted to.

Yes, you can grow your list to 1,000 engaged subscribers in the next 90 days with a clear list-building system.

Over the past four years, I’ve discovered just how POWERFUL an email list can be. Let me share a little case study of how my email list affected my own sales and income.
Here are four of my e-course launches, along with the number of email subscribers I had at the time:

As my email list grew, so did my income! Not only that, but I finally had a community to lead — one with engagement and people who were excited about the things I created.
And even though I’m in one of the most saturated niches, I was able to grow my email list from 2,000 to 30,000 subscribers in ONE year.

Here are a couple reasons why growing your email list should be your top priority:

1. There’s a simple formula that says: the more engaged subscribers you have on your list, the more sales you’ll be able to make. It’s basically the easiest math equation on the planet, and trust me, it works. (And how exciting to know that with the right list-building strategies, you could be on your way to a profitable business, too!).

2. Straight up, you don’t own Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. They can (and have) changed their policies and algorithms with ZERO notice to make it harder for you to reach the audience you’ve worked your butt off to build. Frustrating = Understatement.

But with your email list you control EVERYTHING! And that list isn’t going ANYWHERE. So, even if Instagram changes their site so that only three people ever see your posts, you’ll still have an email list full of dedicated followers who will read your emails and buy from your funnels.

No, there isn’t a “magic pill” you can take that will give you a large, engaged list overnight. But making this happen is easier than you’d think and literally ANYONE can do it.

I created List Surge to share the EXACT principles and strategies I used to exponentially grow my list in a matter of months so that I could finally have the profitable, engaged community I’d always wanted.

I haven’t always been a list-building ninja. In fact, just a few years ago I didn’t even have a list. And when I finally made one, I didn’t put any effort into it for over a year because I felt completely stuck.

I’d tried other list-building strategies — outdated tactics I found on Google — and felt like I was wasting my time on methods that didn’t work.

That is, until I decided to experiment for myself. And quickly, things changed.

Just a few months after putting effort into my list’s growth, I had my first $10,000 month. And now, just 1.5 years later? I earn $50,000-$100,000 per MONTH…and it’s all because I figured out how to rapidly grow my list full of engaged subscribers.

List Surge combines the most powerful list-building strategies with heaps of tech tutorials to give you a fool-proof list-building SYSTEM that will help you rapidly grow your email list.

Here’s everything you can expect to learn when you enroll in List Surge:

1. The basics of list-building that will give you a SOLID foundation for future growth (even if you’re a total beginner!).
2. Why to create landing pages and thank you pages in order to get the biggest email list gains.
3. The vital things you need to know BEFORE growing your email list.

1. Over ten list-building strategies that are designed to give you MAXIMUM growth with your list (these are the same exact strategies I used to gain 30,000 subscribers in only one year).
2. The simplest way to grow your list from scratch (that could get you 50-100 subscribers in a matter of DAYS and plenty of people referring their friends to your list, too.
3. Want to create a free email course or challenge? You need to do it strategically. You’ll learn how to create your high-value freebie in a way that converts people into engaged community members.
4. How to optimize your website for conversions because almost EVERYONE is incorrectly using their website and missing out on tons of potential leads.
5. How to utilize content upgrades, host a high-powered list-building giveaway, and teach your first webinar in order to bring in hundreds of new subscribers.
6. …and SO many more super-powered strategies.

1. Ever feel completely confused by all of the technology that goes into growing a list? Not anymore! This section contains more than 10 tech tutorial videos to ensure that you’re comfortable with all things list-building.
2. Learn how to create an on-brand opt-in box and super sexy opt-in landing pages in a matter of minutes.
3. How to use social media scheduling tools to massively grow your list on autopilot with my special system.
4. How to set up your very first webinar (ALL the tech is covered and each tool is completely free!).
5. How to create a resource library, set up automations for your free email course, and MORE.

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