Joshua Benavides – The Way of Surrender


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Joshua Benavides – The Way of Surrender

Joshua Benavides - The Way of Surrender

What miracle do you long for in your life?

Is there something you deeply desire but feel like it’s out of your reach?

Do you have a dream or vision for your life that feels nearly impossible for you to have?

Then please read the next line very slowly because in it is contained a kernel of the truth that will set you free…

The degree to which you feel your miracle is impossible, or out of reach, is the degree to which you are resisting it in the moment and identifying with a limited idea of who you really are.

You are limitless. On some level you already know this (you wouldn’t be here otherwise).

You being here simply means that Life is guiding you to shed the layers of fear and limitations so you can allow the miracles that are waiting for you to manifest in your life!

It’s time to bring light into the darkness. It’s time to heal! This is the secret to unlocking miracles in your life!

The majority of those who are genuinely interested in raising the level of their life are frustrated. They’ve “read everything, been everywhere,” attended all kinds of seminars and workshops, and yet, they still feel stuck.


Because there is no way around it: If you don’t surrender and let go of your unconscious resistance – your fears, guilt, doubt, etc. – it will continue to limit your freedom, personal growth and fulfillment.

Your unhealed emotional pain is the source of the imaginary boundaries that are limiting your life! It’s what keeps you functioning at a fraction of your true potential!

What if you could dissolve all negative feelings & uncover an endless source of love, clarity, freedom & joy… by using an ability you already possess?

Meet Joshua Benavides. He’s the founder of Transformative Coach Institute, best-selling author, coach, healer and spiritual guide known for his kindness, humor and deep understanding of the inside-out nature of the human experience.

For over 15 years, Joshua has taught and led people on a profound journey of inner healing – what he calls The Way of Surrender.

The results have been nothing short of miraculous.

And now, for the first time, he is bringing “online” a powerful and simple way to help you remove the blocks to lasting happiness, success, peace and emotional well-being!

Introducing: The Way of Surrender

THE WAY OF SURRENDER is a deep dive into spiritual, mental and emotional healing. Through the on-going practice of continual surrender, forgiveness and letting go, you will uncover your natural state of freedom, peace and profound wellbeing.

The program itself is made up of professionally recorded, guided ‘Transcendental Releasing’ audio sessions designed to faciliate deep healing and genuine transformation.

These guided sessions are a powerful and practical way of letting go that is not based on any religion or dogma. It is sourced and synthesized from Joshua’s real-world experience with thousands of clients from around the world.

Unlike other programs, this isn’t about getting a PhD on spiritual healing and enlightenment. It’s about the continual practice of a proven method that will heal all negative emotions and limitations and reveal the underlying, innate wholeness, freedom and peace within you.

How The Way of Surrender Works In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Listen To The Guided “Transcendental Releasing” Audio Session

These ‘Transcendental Releasing’ sessions will address the common and specific blocks to lasting happiness, success, peace and well-being. Issues like poor self-worth, money, relationships, fear, guilt, shame, regret, lack – and more – will be brought into the light of Awareness and released. All releasing sessions are available to download on all your devices so you can listen to them wherever you are and at any time.

Step 2: Work with the “Self-Awareness Worksheet”

Along with your guided ‘Transcendental Releasing’ audio recording, you’ll also receive a ‘Self-Awareness Worksheet’ specific to that releasing sessions designed to help you reflect and bring up whatever is needing to be faced, released and healed within you. These worksheets will help you go much deeper in the releasing sessions as you will be bringing to the surface YOUR specific areas of limitations and suffering – with the intention of healing, releasing and letting them go.

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat

The practice of releasing, surrendering and letting go is powerfully healing and deeply transformative.

But nothing happens without your willingness to make it a continual practice in your life. Sometimes you will find that you have to repeat a releasing session multiple times, each time releasing yet another layer of resistance and limitation. Your willingness to use the releasing sessions can create miracles in your life. But only if you’re willing to work your own process.

5 Reasons Why Letting Go Is The Key To Transform, Heal & Elevate Your Life

#1 – It Accelerates Spiritual Growth & Enlightenment

Truth and enlightenment is not something to be acquired, gained or possessed. It is always present but simply not recognized. As you release and let go of all limitations, the realization of one’s true identity, as well as the nature of reality, becomes self-evident. It’s like parting the clouds so that the sun, which has always been shining, can be clearly seen and felt.

#2 – It Uncovers The Source Of Ever-Increasing Happiness, Contentment & Inner Peace

As negative feelings are surrendered, you’ll experience profound and life-changing inner shifts. You’ll finally heal the emotional wounds of the past and release all fears, worries and doubts about the future. You’ll let go of hereditary thought-systems based on fear, limitation and lack – and replace them with a spiritual thought-system based on love, freedom and abundance!

#3 – It Unlocks Potential & Gives You Access To A Never-Ending Source of Power

There is greatness within you. There is a sacred vision within you that’s calling you to fulfill your true potential. It asks you to become focused, bold, and available to infinite possibilities. As the inner obstacles to your inner power are released, you will experience an activation of potential and watch before your very eyes as your greatest gifts, talents and capacities come together to fulfill the vision that only you can.

#4 – It Increases Energy, Vitality & Presence

Because there is a continual release of anxiety, stress and tension, it decreases the overflow of energy in the autonomic nervous system and unblocks the acupuncture energy system. In short, stress goes way down and energy goes up. As stress goes down, physical and psychosomatic disorders improve, and optimal function is restored in the body. And as energy goes up, you gain more zest for life and living.

#5 – It Makes The Impossible – Possible!

Eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting points of view allows goals to be accomplished with greater ease. As you release all guilt, inadequacies, and lack, you will naturally start to achieve more, with less pressure and stress. It feels as if a hidden force is carrying you and setting things up so they work out perfectly and in ways you couldn’t have planned. Creativity becomes unleashed and flows through you to solve even the most insurmountable challenges.

This is exactly why I created The Way of Surrender for you.

If you’ve been wondering why you keep running into roadblocks in your life, and you’re looking for a different approach that goes beyond what most personal development programs offer to deeply transform your life, this is for you!

How do I know?

Because I’ve personally experienced it myself and I’ve witnessed it work with all my clients…for over 15 years!

One of my clients struggled with depression and low self-worth most of his life. He had seen a number of therapists and did different programs, but nothing seemed to work long-term. That is, until he committed to a regular practice of letting go.

Not only did he dissolve his depression, but his family and friends, who noticed his dramatic transformation, started coming to him for advice on how to be more happy. In his own words, he told me one day with tears in his eyes “I really never knew that you could feel this good!”

Another client always dreamed of being a published author. She was worried because she was over 50 and was starting to feel that maybe it was too late for her to become an author. After releasing the fear, worry and self-doubt… she went on to publish not just one…not just two…not even three…but FOUR books in ONE YEAR!

I’ve seen what most people would call ‘miracles’ happen regulary in people’s lives once they commit to the process of releasing all inner limitations. But don’t take my word for it.

Watch and read what they have to say in their own words…

What People Have To Say About Joshua Benavides

“Joshua takes the most powerful principles I know of to get past limitations and finally live the life you desire – and he makes them easy to understand AND apply. The only thing between us and our dreams is the limitations in our own mind and Joshua is a great guide to help you release those limitations.”

Author, Life and Success Coach, Host of Manifest Everything Now

“I doubted that anyone could help me on the challenge I called Joshua with. I am, after all, a full time speaker, ex Tony Robbins coach, NLP trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and the list goes on. But I’m very glad I did. Joshua was able to help me with what was stopping me and move past it quickly and easily.”


Peak Performance Coach, President of Real Wealth Speakers and Real Wealth Seminars
Angie King-Nosseir

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Transformative Coach

“I’ve gotten everything I was looking for and more from this experience. I’m happier. My job satisfaction has gone through the roof!”

“Before I worked with Joshua I was very overwhelmed in managing stress, fears, and emotions. Once I started working with Joshua privately, I experienced extraordinary results that significantly improved my life. I felt and still feel at peace with myself, less stressed, more in control of my emotions, and my fears are not holding me back. It changed my life in a very positive way. I will always be grateful for this wonderful change. I would recommend Joshua Benavides to anyone.”


United Nations Foreign Minister, Africa Development Visionary, Accomplished International Diplomat

“Joshua takes the most powerful principles I know of to get past limitations and finally live the life you desire – and he makes them easy to understand AND apply. The only thing between us and our dreams is the limitations in our own mind and Joshua is a great guide to help you release those limitations.”


The Longevity Sage, Author of 30+ Books
Alejandra Lopez

Women’s Empowerment Educator

“I’ve taken several courses and seen coaches before. This has been the most impactful. It’s had a great impact on my relationships and career.”

“I rank Joshua Benavides as one of the top transformational coaches out there today! I highly recommend Joshua to help you get unstuck, step up as the leader that you are and serve the world in your own unique way!”


Co-Founder of Holistic MBA & TCM: Transformational Coaching Method

“Joshua is an extraordinarily gifted and ethical Coach who has the ability to tune into whatever is going on right now and also bring to the surface what’s holding someone back. He then provides clarity to the situation at hand as well as simple tools to release what’s holding you back, so you can live a more balanced life. I’m often skeptical of most healers and coaches due to my personal experience and seeing so many unethical and manipulative people taking advantage of other’s fears, hopes and dreams. Joshua is the “real deal.”


Chief Inspiration Officer at Social Strategizer, Social Media Expert
Shae Bryant

Wellness Educator, Holistic Healer, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

“If you have a specific subject or an issue you would like assistance with, I can assure you that Joshua can help you on that subject. But I also assure you, you’ll experience a shift on all subjects.”

We’re making this affordable for everyone.

I believe that healing and transformation should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances.

That’s why even though you’re getting the exact same releasing sessions that my clients have paid thousands of dollars for, you will not be paying thousands of dollars.

When you purchase The Way of Surrender today, the price of this life-changing program is only $197. $97 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Why? Because I want to get this into that hands of as many people as I can, and help you rise to a state of Being where you’re fully alive and experiencing a joy, freedom and peace that defies imagination and comparison!

Experience The Way Of Surrender Today!

Get Access To 59 unique, specific and targeted “Transcendental Releasing” Audio Sessions & Self-Awareness Worksheets

Every guided ‘Transcendental Releasing’ session averages between 15-20 minutes so you can always fit it in even in the busiest of days.

Every session guides you deep into your mind to release and dissolve any stuck and unresolved issues that are restricting your freedom and joy.

We are committed to providing excellent customer care. Got questions? Answers are only one email away.

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