Jon Frederickson – Regulating Anxiety Webinar


Jon Frederickson – Regulating Anxiety Webinar

Jon Frederickson - Regulating Anxiety Webinar


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Pathological Mourning

Speaker: Patricia Coughlin, Ph.D.

Referred to as “the great deceiver”, pathological mourning can be disguised as a somatic symptom, psychiatric syndrome, or even a personality disorder. When, for a variety of reasons, a patient has not able to grieve a significant loss, they can become symptomatic instead. The process of detecting and then activating a pathological mourning state, in order to shift to one of acute grieving that can result in acceptance and peace, will be the focus of this webinar.

Optimizing Self-supervision

Speaker: Jon Frederickson, MSW

Although immersions, core groups, and individual supervision are key for developing therapist competence, enhancing self-supervision can accelerate your learning. After all, you review more of your sessions than a supervisor ever will! This webinar will show you how to optimize your self-supervision, address common obstacles, and detect your own defenses that obstruct self-supervision.


Optimizing Self-Supervision

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Treatment of the Fragile Spectrum (Advanced)

Speaker: Allan Abbass, MD

ISTDP is really a family of treatments, each tailored to specific strengths and weaknesses of the patient. We can’t do the same thing with all patients. In this webinar, Allan will teach us how to identify fragile patients and how to tailor your treatment to their specific problems of anxiety regulation and use of regressive defenses. You will learn how to assess signs of fragility, how to tailor your treatment to the patient’s capacity, and how to identify and address regressive defenses the patient uses. Allan’s teaching is based on years of experience and research with hospitalized patients. You will learn very specific skills and techniques that will enhance anyone’s practice.

Transference Resistance (Advanced)

Faculty: Jon Frederickson, MSW

Highly resistant patients often have very poor outcomes in therapy. Why? They enact past relationships in the therapy rather than openly collaborate with the therapist. They often have low motivation for treatment and have failed at numerous treatments. This webinar will help you identify the transference resistance which cripples the therapy. In addition, Jon will help you identify four components of the transference resistance so that you can offer more precisely targeted non-interpretive interventions. So if you want to become more skilled at working with passive, uninvolved, defiant, or oppositional patients, don’t miss this chance to learn more effective interventions.

Regulating Anxiety

Speaker: Jon Frederickson, MSW

Anxiety is not what you think it is! Anxiety is a biophysiological pattern of discharge in the body. What’s more, the way anxiety is discharged in the patient’s body determines what kind of therapy the patient needs. In ISTDP, anxiety is assessed in a way unlike any other therapy system. In this webinar, Jon will show you ISTDP’s unique way of assessing how the patient’s anxiety is discharged in the body. Further, you will learn how to identify when the patient’s anxiety is too high and needs to be regulated. And you will learn how to regulate the patient’s anxiety. And you will learn how to assess whether the patient is capable of accessing intense feeling quickly or whether you must adopt a more graded approach

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