Jim Fleck – Fast Profit Wholesaling


(Download available within 1-2 hours)Anyway, all that is changed, Just like everything else in our world, flipping houses has gotten ridiculously easy because of the internet and digital cameras!

Jim Fleck – Fast Profit Wholesaling

Jim Fleck - Fast Profit Wholesaling

Here’s How To Make $10,000 To $20,000 Per House Priced At 50¢ On The Dollar, Even in Declining Markets – Without Using Money Or Needing Credit, With No Risk…

Even Sitting Around Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear In Your Spare Time If You Want!!

My All New 2009 Wholesale Millions System Finds Houses That Can Be Bought At 50% Or Less Of Actual Value With No CashCredit Or Risk…AND Finds Buyers Who Want To Buy Your Properties For CASH NOW, So You Can Make Money In Hours, Days or Weeks…Not Months! AndYou Can Do It All From Your Kitchen Table Without Ever Leaving Your HouseIn Your Spare Time!



Get A Flood Of Motivated Sellers Begging You To Buy Their Properties With NO CASH, NO CREDIT and NO RISK… For 50 Cents On The Dollar Or Less! And…

Have A Never Ending Stream Of Hungry Buyers Calling You To Buy Your Super Discounted Properties In Just Hours Or Days…So You Immediately Cash Checks For $10,000 – $20,000 Per House!

See, real estate insiders know the “Real Estate Meltdown” for what it is…

A Tremendous Opportunity! If you’ve been clued in by the handful of people who know how to make an ethical killing in this market…you can prosper like Donald Trump…while everyone else you know is pissing and moaning about “how bad it is out there.”

(Warning – When you see your friends and relatives and listen to them complaining about how messed up the economy is, you may be embarrassed at the fact that you’re making more money in a month than they make all year. You’ll probably just want to silently nod your head in agreement, even though you know this economy is actually the GREATEST ENVIRONMENT TO MAKE MILLIONS IN REAL ESTATE! But you probably shouldn’t say anything about how rich you’re getting, so you don’t depress them even more, or make them green with envy. Plus, they won’t believe you anyway, and they’ll think you’re a jerk for bragging, so it’ll be best to grow your wealth in silence!)

If you’ve got the right system and know what you’re doing, this is the best time in
almost 100 years to make a huge amount of money in real estate, ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTveryvery fast, even:

 If you have zero cash and/or your credit stinks!
 If you’ve never invested in real estate before!
 If you never want to leave the house!
If you’re afraid of taking risks!

If you want to make money, even if you’re flat broke and your credit rating is shot…Fast Profits Real Estate is the way to go! Imagine making such big money WITHOUT USING ANY MONEY and thus with NO RISK! Imagine making this coin buying and selling houses thousands of miles away from your home without setting foot on an airplane or even in your car!

Get More Deals In A Month Than Most Real Estate Investors Get In A Year!
Start Your Own Personal Financial Bailout Making Fast Profits With Real Estate!

This the exact same fool-proof, newbie-proof system that my coaching students use to make thousands upon thousands of dollars month after month all over the US without ever actually having to buy any properties for cash, without even having to leave the comfort of their own homes… SELLING PROPERTIES FOR OBSCENE PROFITS IN HOURS, DAYS or WEEKS!

In case you think you’ve heard these jealously guarded secrets before, you should know that my foolproof, proven “30 Days To Your First Check” Fast Profits Wholesale Millions System has absolutely nothing to do with:

 Pestering relatives to borrow money! (Annoying the crap out of them, and embarrassing yourself.)
 High risk property purchases!
 Short sales!
 Buy and hold strategies!
 Fixing up ugly houses!
 Finding renters!
 Becoming a landlord! (No dealing with renters and their petty bullshit!)
 Fighting and negotiating with banks!
 Posting “Bandit Signs”!
 Arguing with incompetent contractors!
 Risking your life savings!

Or any of the traditional ways you’ve heard about making money in the real estate market today.

My System shows you how to get motivated sellers all over North America to sell to you at 50 cents on the dollar or less, that requires no money or risk…and then finds hungry buyers who will take your properties off your hands…with you making a middleman’s profit for doing basically nothing more than matching up sellers with buyers!

You Acquire The Properties With No Money Down Through One of My Fast Profit Strategies I Teach You. Then, it’s Your Property To Sell With The Magic Piece of Paper, But You Never Lay Out Any Cash, Nor Take Any Risk To Own It! And You Can Do This Anywhere, Whether In Your Neighborhood…Or In A Town 3,000 Miles Away!

Using my secrets, you will get more buyers than you’ll know what to do with lined up “before-hand”, and then inform them of your deals…letting them bid against each other to buy your deal for CASH!

My System is a short term technique for those people who want and need large amounts of cash now…but don’t have capital to get started with! It’s the perfect real estate business if you are interested in making cash, yet have none to work with! You can make money for a down payment on your own home, or to take advantage of other real estate opportunities like rental properties for cash flow.

It’s the perfect business for those of you who want your own Personal Financial Bailout since the government won’t give one to you!

See, if you’re like me, and like IEASY gratification and cash, my System is exactly what you want!

It is the way to do real estate deals so you’re in and out quickly. No repairs. No renting. No long term holding. No dealing with banks. No negtiating with pain-in-the-butt lenders.

You’re just IN…and OUT…fast! Acting as the middleman, you make HUGE CASH PROFITS or small cash profits, either way, it’s cash profits, without actually taking possession of the property because of my magic little piece of paper!
This is the SAME system I do. I did 6 properties the month I wrote this letter. Each deal is worth between $5,000 – $10,000. FOR ONE MONTH! YOU can do the same.
You can get my eye-opening, shocking Fast Profits Wholesale Millions System without any risk! I’ll explain how in a minute.
If you miss this opportunity, you will kick yourself in the head for blowing it. Don’t forget that in this amazing System you will learn:

  • How to get desperate sellers and hungry buyers TO CALL YOU!
  • Get an astonishing 50% or more discount off houses!
  • How to screen out bad deals, and only talk to real buyers and sellers who want to do business with you!
  • How to acquire deals with no cash, no matter what your credit score, thus eliminating any risk! (You cannot lose what you don’t put in! No money in, means NO RISK!)
  • How you can become a real estate millionaire buying and selling all over North America without ever leaving your house!
  • And much more!

Now you may be wondering,

“No offense, Jim, but I kind of think you’re full of crap. Why would anyone need a middleman as you’re describing? I mean, why can’t these desperate sellers just find the buyers themselves by running ads in the paper and on the internet, or stick a sign out in the yard? Or through an agent? Why would they need me as a middleman? And if this was true, why would they let me make a big profit taking a slice out of the deals?
Plus, how can you possibly make this kind of dough without going out and inspecting the properties? Especially in towns thousands of miles away?
This whole thing sounds like all the crappy opportunities that seem good up front, but then you see how full of it they are once you examine them closely. Why is your offer worth paying any attention to? I mean, you seem OK, but how do I know you’re not another con man handing me a line of bull?”

Great questions. And I have simple answers for you:

  1. The reason you can act as a middleman on countless properties is easy. Millions of people who must get rid of their house don’t know how to advertise or market their property. Many have tried running ads or hiring real estate agents, and yet the property sits unsold. You see any “For Sale” signs in yards or ads in the paper that have been there for months or even years? Bottom line is that there are home selling marketing secrets I know, that you’ll soon know…that the average person just doesn’t have a clue about. Since you’ll have these marketing secrets, you’ll have your “pick of the litter”, choosing only the lowest prices houses out of the dozens and dozens of sellers you’ll have calling you, begging you to take their house now! (And you’ll be shown how to buy their houses without a penny, using THIS magic piece of paper!)
  2. Acting as the middleman, you’ll be buying so dirt cheap, (50 cents on the dollar or less), that you can mark up the homes $10,000-$20,000 on average, and then selling them at below retail prices to the endless stream of hungry buyers you’ll already have lined up! (You could sell to them at retail and make even more money, but why be a hog about it? Pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered. )
  3. You can trust me because you can see all the people who have given me testimonials, both in this report and on my TV show. (I’ll explain how YOU can end up telling the world how much money you’ve made with my System when YOU go to Hollywood on an all expense paid trip to appear in my next show in a few minutes.) Even better than that though, I’m going to allow you to get my System without any risk, so you can try the entire System on a test drive, without risking a penny. I’ll also tell you how that all works in a couple minutes.
    Oh yeah, I can also show you why you should think about listening to me by showing you just a handful of the dozens of checks my students took home using the same Fast Profits System I’m going to show you how to do:
  4. You can and will make HUGE money from HOME in your SPARE TIME! See, it’s the 21st Century.  With the internet and your phone, you can do everything you need to do to be a quick flip real estate millionaire without setting foot in any homes, or meeting buyers and sellers! In fact

My System Is A Truly Remote Control Method Of Making Fast Profits That Allows You To Buy Homes ANYWHERE In North America Right From Your Kitchen Table!
See, in the old days, way back in 2000 or earlier, in the ancient 20th Century, there were no digital cameras, no simple photo programs like Picassa, no online websites filled with data about home sale prices, property values, etc.
Back in those dinosaur days, you had to find people who wanted to sell in YOUR area only, go out and see dozens of houses, go to the courthouse to find out details of the properties, go to the county recorder to get sales prices in your neighborhood or see if the houses have liens, etc.
Basically, a royal pain in the rear.
That was why you used to be limited in both the number of deals you could do, and to have to stick to your area. Everything was manual labor. (God, how I HATE manual labor.)

Anyway, all that is changed, Just like everything else in our world, flipping houses has gotten ridiculously easy because of the internet and digital cameras!

Now you may also be wondering why you might want to make Fast Profits in real estate in a town thousands of miles away from your home town. Another good question.
See, I do this everywhere because it doesn’t matter where I’m at. Where ever I find a property, I can find a buyer. Using the Internet, it brings every single town to my feet. Plus, in certain parts of the country, the housing market may be better than other parts. Some have not only gone through a crash…but are in the throws of a literal real estate BLOOD BATH!
So, if you live in Montana or Vermont, you can and will find deals in your neighborhood that’ll make you tons of cash, quickly, easily without putting up any money.
But I’ll show you how to find sellers in places like Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Memphis, and other locations where the real estate market is ripe. Places where the prices you can buy for are so low that it’s insane. And as weird as this sounds, these locations are still places people want to live and buy homes in. There’s a big demand from buyers who want to live or retire in every location in the country. That hasn’t changed a bit.
What’s changed is that sellers don’t know how to sell, and buyers don’t know how to find a good deal.
I’ll show you how to solve both of their problems easily…getting rich taking your middleman’s fees!
And because all this runs on remote control through the internet and your phone…it can be done in an hour or two a day, in your spare time! Now you can turn time you now waste watching American Idol or Lost!…into the little bit of time needed to become an ethical and moral real estate millionaire!
So will this all work? What’s the secret to getting so many distressed sellers to hand you their houses for 50 cents on the dollar and not want any cash?
What’s the secret of getting your own private stable of motivated buyers who will fight each other like rabid dogs to buy your homes when you acquire them?
It’s simple. It’s called Emotional Direct Response Marketing! (EDRM)
You’re probably wondering what the heck EDRM is, and what’s it got to do with getting fabulously wealthy FAST, from mega-discounted real estate anywhere in North America. Well, the answer is: EDRM HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH MY SUCCESS, AND MY STUDENT’S RAPID RISE!
See, Emotional Direct Response Marketing is THE hidden secret. It is using certain types of advertising that are so dirt cheap it’s absurd…yet will get your phone ringing off the hook with people who will literally be begging you to take their properties please!

Here’s the rest of what is contained in my System:
Component #2: 7 Day Plan Action Checklist – This easy to follow 7 Day Plan Checklist gives you the down and dirty skinny on the simple things anyone can do NOW to get started on their Fast Profits real estate empire, no matter what you do for a living, no matter your education, no matter how broke you are, no matter how bad your credit is! If you can read English, you can use my kindergarten simple 7 Day Plan Action Checklist to get things rolling literally the same day you receive your “Fast Profit Millions System – 30 Days To Your First Check!
Component #3: 70+ Contracts,  Page Forms and Tools Booklet – This book has hard copies of all the forms, tools and agreements talked about in the system.

Component #4 Contracts, Forms and Tools CD – This CD contains all the forms, agreements and marketing templates of everything I’ve used so that you can use them on your own.

Component #5: Completing a Standard Purchase and Sales Agreement Video – A video showing you the do’s and don’ts in putting a purchase and sales agreement together.

Component #6: “Keys to the Kingdom!” –  42 minute video – In this eye opening video, I walk you through the Fast Profits Secrets that will literally hand you the “Keys to the Real Estate Kingdom” on a silver platter! I will explain in detail exactly what you have to do in your spare time to immediately get your Wholesaling Real Estate empire going with little or no effort!

Component #7: How To Get A Stable Of Hot, Hungry Buyers Lined Up, Fighting Each Other To Buy Your Homes In Hours!” – 59 minute video – This dangerously simple process shows you exactly what to do so you have so many buyers lined up, you’ll instantly be able to sell the houses you buy with no money down! I will walk you through, and show you the simple steps to become an instant expert at getting hyper motivated buyers and investors to call you, beggin you to sell them your homes as soon as you acquire them!
How’s that for a killer System to take you from the rut you are in now – to where you want to be?

My System retails for $997.00, but you can get it all for only $697 – SAVE $300.00! That’s a whopping 30% Discount off my normal retail price!

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