Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab


It hit me: podcasting gives you the ability to extend yourself in a way that isn’t possible with just photos and captions and 15 second snippets into your life.

Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab

Jenna Kutcher - The Podcast Lab

It’s time to get your voice out into the world and I’ll help ya!

Are you ready to create your own podcast? Host your own show? And share your voice, your knowledge, your witty candor, or your expertise with the world?

Yeah, podcasting absolutely changed my world and now I’m giving you all the tools so that you can start your own podcast and change yours, too!


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Take It From Me…

I was in the shower with my iPhone balanced in a cup to try and amplify the sound. I was listening to a podcast — yes, while taking a shower — and I realized that I felt like I knew the host.

It hit me: podcasting gives you the ability to extend yourself in a way that isn’t possible with just photos and captions and 15 second snippets into your life.

I dried off my arm, snagged my phone from the cup, and voice texted my assistant.

I said, “You’re going to think I’m crazy, but… I think I’m going to start a podcast.”

Now, here I am, a podcast pro, because turns out — I LOVE podcasting. Who saw THAT coming?!

Before you picture a recording studio or a production team, I feel like I have to tell you this: I still record my podcast in a closet — and this isn’t a fancy closet with soundproofing, it’s a closet filled with boxes from our college days, puffy coats and keepsakes.

I host a top-rated podcast from my sweet little closet (that kinda needs some Marie Kondo love!)

Podcasting has changed my life, my business, my income, and my ability to impact the world… and there were a million reasons why I wasn’t ready or why it wouldn’t work! But it did.

And now I get to teach you the exact way I planned, started, recorded, launched, and grew my podcast in 30 days flat.

And it’s one of my absolute *favorite* creative endeavors of my life.

Getting your hands on the exact tools to know how to create your own podcast? We’re talking all the nitty gritty things that are holding you back.

Having step-by-step tutorials on all the scary tech so that you can can get your show online with more confidence and less confusion?

Seeing my exact guide to launching your show, the process I use to share my show on social, and how to get people hitting “play?”

Learning about how you can approach monetizing your podcast with a plan… I’ll share what I would do differently if I were to start over today.

Can you imagine…
I’ve taken everything I’ve seen and learned from creating a Forbes top-rated, iTunes chart-topping business podcast and turned it into a 5-Step Process to Plan, Create, Launch, Promote, Scale, and Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days.

I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get there… to you.
what? Heck yes!
The Podcast Lab

What’s Inside the Lab
While everyone’s off hanging out on Instagram and facebook, you’ll be busy growing your business through Podcasting

Inside of module one, you will create and plan your podcast. Maybe you already have an idea brewing or maybe you have no clue where to even start but you dream of having your own show. Module one will take the guesswork out of planning your podcast.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– Picking a name, topic, category and description
– Creating your podcast assets like your photo and intro
– Equipment recommendations and what I use
– Episode planning, format, and how to prepare to record

Planning Your Podcast

Module One

Inside of module two, I’ll walk you through how to actually record your podcast and the logistics of the different formats of podcasting! I’ll share my exact process and explain the differences of solo shows and interviews, as well as sharing how we create our show notes and more.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– Recording your podcast
– Tips for editing your podcast
– Recording solo shows vs. interviews
– Naming your episodes and how to use keywords
– Our guide to show notes

Recording Your Podcast


Inside of module three, we’ll share all of the tech tutorials — you know, the things you’d spend hours scouring google for. I’ll walk you through your podcast set-up step-by-step to get your show onto the platforms, to submit your show to iTunes, and some of the other tricky tech aspects that can be confusing.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– Overview of publishing platforms and your RSS Feed
– How to decide where you will create your RSS Feed
– Tutorials for the platform you have decided on
– Get your RSS feed set up
– Adding your podcast player to your blog posts
Publishing Your Episode

MODULE three

Module four is all about launching your show. I’ll walk you through my exact plan on how-to launch your show out into the world and include tips to gain early traction, how to get people to subscribe, and the ways you can leverage audiences among the platforms to get your first downloads. Oh, and if you’ve already launched a show, I’ll show you how to use social media to grow it!

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– How to make sure your podcast launch is successful
– Ways to prepare, promote, and get people to take action
– Tips for getting more people to subscribe to your show
– How to leverage social media for launch and beyond
Launching Your Podcast


Money, money, money, monnnneeeyyy – yeah, I’m talking about it. I wanted to devote an entire module to what it looks like to monetize a podcast. I’ll walk you through four different ways you can monetize, the methods I’ve tried, what I would do if I were to start all over again, and I share the behind-the-scenes secrets about sponsors and how they work.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– How to monetize your show from the very beginning
– Out-of-the-box ways to drive profits through podcasting
– Exactly what I would do if I were to start today
– What sponsorships really look like and how to know when you’re ready
Monetizing Your Podcast


Knowledge alone is amazing, right? But what does it look like when you get the templates, checklists, and tools to help you to execute and put that knowledge into action? Magic, that’s what it looks like.

Inside of the lab, you will also get these templates:
– The Podcast Lab course template to keep you on track
– The exact episode template we use for solo shows and interviews
– Our guide to creating content once and repurposing for other platforms
– Email templates to use from pitching to a guest to pitching yourself to other shows
– Email templates to help grow your show, equip your guests, and MORE
Templates + Checklists

oooh the templates
Tianna Tye
“ I joined the program after an unsuccessful podcast launch and now, podcasting has become more than a marketing strategy, it’s my favorite way to build connections with amazing business owners around the world. Jenna provides clear lessons with easy-to-follow directions which basically took away any excuses I had to not execute!”

“It took away any excuses I had to not execute…”
a walk-through on How to edit audio
what equipment you need to begin
The easiest way to record your show
How to strategically plan your podcast
the blueprint to successful launching
Monetization strategies from day one
Email templates to get the best guests
The step-by-step to publishing your show
the secret behind promoting your show
The Podcast Lab
The Podcast Lab arms you with the no-fluff, 5-Step, to-the-point process so you can start and scale your Podcast in 30 days flat!

The moment you join, you get instant access to the modules, plus all of the updates I throw in as we grow.
Sounds greaT!
Even better news? No matter which payment plan you pick, you’ll get instant access to The Podcast Lab’s foundational modules, guides, access to my team, a template collection, and tech tutorials.

You can get started TODAY for:

The Podcast Lab is a step-by-step program to help you plan, record, upload, launch, share, and monetize your podcast. Think of it as the holy grail, the podcast roadmap, or the A-Z resource for all things podcast. I’ll lead you through each step of our process and cover each piece of podcasting to help you get your show up and playing to the ears of listeners around the world.

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link to start:
So how much does it cost?
YeS I’m in! — I’ll save a bit and
pay in full up front!
A one-time payment of $297
BEST savings!
Get me that bite-size payment plan —
take me to the trainings!!
4 Monthly Payments of $89

8 Monthly Payments of $47

“I never thought it was possible for me to create a podcast of my own, with my own message. I thought podcasting was for the already established businesses and influencers.”

Fit for Business

Hi! I’m Jenna Kutcher.
The unlikely girl behind the 40 Million downloads
I’m an expert at online marketing., a nerd when it comes to the numbers, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love (without it taking over their life).

I’m a top-ranked business podcaster on iTunes and a girl who took a $300 Craigslist camera and turned it into a 7-figure empire. My happiest days are spent behind my computer screen sharing my secrets with the world.

I’ll never forget the day…

My eyes were opened to how Podcasting can grow my business — and change my life.
What we did for MY brand transformed into The Podcast Lab after we saw what kind of results we were getting.

And now? I’m giving you all the tools so that you can start your own podcast and change yours, too!

Ming Shelby
Courage up with ming shelby
“I trust Jenna with my money. She consistently over delivers! When I found out Jenna started a new course about podcasting, I had to jump at the opportunity. When I listen to her, it sounds like my friend next door who is doing the work with me versus an instructor who is talking at me.”

I trust jenna with my money! She over-delivers!
The JK Spin Promise

TAKE 30 DAYS TO share your voice with the world.

And if you’re still not on your way to growing your audience and downloads?

Then have no fear—you’re completely free to change your mind.

The best part about The Podcast Lab? No matter what kind of payment plan you choose, I want you to know you can cancel if this isn’t working for you—we’ll chalk it up to a “well, we gave it the ol’ college try!”

If for whatever reason, you’re not any closer to feeling like The Podcast Lab is answering all your questions or driving more traffic your way once you install my system, simply email Stephanie at [email protected], and we’ll get you set.

I Got You

Worry not, my friend
What equipment do I need to sound legit?

What software should I use to record?

How should I prepare for launching my show?

How do I get good guests to agree to come on?

Where should I promote my podcast?

How can I ensure my podcast drives results for me?

How do I get a podcast sponsor and make $$?

What’s the secret to long-term podcasting success?

And as you crank through these trainings, put ’em into play, and get your podcast ready to launch, you’re gonna have some questions. I want to make sure you understand how to apply this training to your own podcasting journey.

You’ll find answers to questions like:
A: Fear not! This whole course is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! Why? Because I want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, and to listen and re-listen as many times as you need! You can take five days or five months! Everyone’s journey through The Podcast Lab will look a little different and that’s the beauty of it.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab

Jenna Kutcher - The Podcast Lab

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Get Jenna Kutcher - The Podcast Lab,  I’ll walk you through four different ways you can monetize, the methods I’ve tried, what I would do if I were to start all over again, and I share the behind-the-scenes secrets about sponsors and how they work.