Jason Linett – Hypnotize With Conviction 2.0


Jason Linett – Hypnotize With Conviction 2.0

Jason Linett – Hypnotize With Conviction 2.0

Master Hypnotic Phenomena in this ON-DEMAND Interactive Library!

Whether you’re a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist, you will learn a systematic process to consistently elicit magical moments in your process.

When you properly elicit deep trance phenomena in your process, you can get better results, build stronger belief in hypnosis, and turn your clients into raving fans.

Many practitioners are afraid to use these techniques out of the concern of failure. Jason will share with you a process that builds a no-fail scenario that you will use with every client.

A Sample of What You Will Learn…

The All-Positive Pre-Talk

Your hypnosis pre-talk conditions the client for a successful outcome, both in a clinical office and on stage. Most hypnosis pre-talks may be doing more damage than they’re doing you a benfefit. I’ll share with you, in massive detail, the ins-and-outs of my “All-Positive Pre-Talk.” Rather than dispelling myths and misconceptions that your client may not have, I set crystal clear expectations of what WILL happen during their session, and prevent some of the most common obstacles before they occur.

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The Formula

This is what it’s all about. My “Supercharge Formula” is a method to add more strength to existing testing/convincer moments while also establishing the ground rules for you to create your own. With this formula in place, achieving profound hypnotic phenomena can be done in a direct, no-fail method. Here’s a preview… you can achieve incredible success when you can confirm your client is already in a state of hypnotic phenomena BEFORE you go for the “testing” phase!

Hypnotic Tonality

Let’s be blunt. Most people get this wrong. If you’re delivering your hypnosis in a slow monotone whisper, stop it. The imagination is the language of the subconscious mind, and this segment will add more conviction to your hypnotic suggestion as well. Previous students of this workshop have shared that these strategies alone made them a better hypnotist.

Suggestibility Tests:

I’ve workshopped some of the classic suggestibility tests in front of tens of thousands of people in both hypnotherapy environments and on stage. Learn some simple and direct methods to make these routines even more effective. Even better, learn how to create magical moments on the fly to utilize organic hypnotic occurrences.

Supercharged Glove Anesthesia
Do you want to work with pain relief? Do you want to add a powerful hypnotic sequence to any of your sessions with a time-tested method for hypnotic phenomenon at its core? This segment will introduce you a 21st century application of a 19th century technique.

Kinesthetic Squash
This is hypnotic jazz at its best. Imagine an interactive hypnotic demonstration in which your client’s arms begin to levitate, they draw together, they stick together, and their previously established conflict begins to work itself out. This hypnotic NLP sequence can be adapted for nearly any issue you meet.

The time spent AFTER your hypnosis session is the most important in my opinion, and if you’re not harnessing your client’s suggestibility in this moment, you’re unraveling all the good work you’ve just done. Learn my methods to add more conviction and powerfully future pace the client’s success.

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Get Jason Linett – Hypnotize With Conviction 2.0 immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page Your hypnosis pre-talk conditions the client for a successful outcome, both in a clinical office and on stage. Most hypnosis pre-talks may be doing more damage...