Jason Fladlien – PLR Secrets Video Course


(Download available within 12-24 hours)Video 8 is great for converting traffic, and I’ve given tons of tips on conversion and traffic generation in all videos.

Jason Fladlien – PLR Secrets Video Course

Jason Fladlien - PLR Secrets Video Course

PLR Secrets

Amazing “PLR Repurposing”
Secret Creates 100% Unique
Products in Under 19 Minutes… While… Enhancing the Value by
350% Guaranteed!

Best of all, no practice required!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you think that PLR (private label rights) products are “magic solutions” you can buy, instantly turn around and sell “as is” and make a fortune… then leave this page immediately! The secrets I’m about to reveal are not for your eyes.

No! My techniques are solely reserved for those who are interested in doing just “5%” more work… to get…

95% More Profits!

Here’s what I mean. Almost everybody who buys a PLR product is looking for a shortcut. They want someone to create the product and the sales letter for them. All they have to do is open up this “business in a box”, and money will fall out.

Doesn’t happen.

This type of mentality keeps these lazy, dishonest marketers poor. That’s good news for people like you and I. It leaves the field wide upon for those who do “just a little more” than the average.

And with the right system, “just a little more” can mean a lot more profits!

For example, the best way to make money in internet marketing is with your own product. However, creating your own product is a slow, painful process. But if you know the right methods, you can turn a PLR into something completely unique so it is your own product.

I know because I’ve done this in as quick as 19 minutes using a simple 4-part formula. I’ll share that with you in a minute.

But first I want you to think about this… is there anything wrong with being lazy? I have nothing against being lazy… as long as… I can still pull in all the cash I want to and live life on my terms.

If you can figure out how to design your own lifestyle with as little as effort as possible…

I’d Call You a Genius!

However, laziness that leaves you broke is unacceptable. And that’s what most marketers are who use PLR… Broke and Lazy. Not me. I know that little hinges swing big doors. So I’ve developed several “little hinges” that swing open the door to the vault!

What I’m interested in is…

Strategies That Produce The Maximum Amount of Cash With the Minimum Amount of Effort!

And when it comes to using PLR, I know several such strategies. In fact, I’ve created a video course that reveals every secret I’ve ever come up with for getting a lot by doing a little. I call it my “PLR Secrets Video System ”.

You Can See It All for Free!

I’ve created a video series going over every different trick I’ve ever used to suck up massive profits with PLR produts.

Every secret.
Every shortcut.
Everything you need to know.

Best of all, these videos are designed for “fast action”.

What I’m saying is this: after watching a video, you should be able to go out and immediately apply that technique, and be able to profit from it… even in as little as 10 minutes!

Interested? I figured you were. Here is what you’ll receive today in the “PLR Secrets Video System.”

Video #1
How to Turn a PLR Product into a
100% Unique Product in 19 Minutes
Or Less

The real money is in having your own products.
The problem is the research and creating a product outline. Not if you know my secret. PLR is a perfect way to skip the research all together. Someone else has already done it for you.

And, if you know how to create a certain kind of outline, you can take that PLR product and quickly reorganize it and make it unique.

As an added bonus, this “repurposing” technique will also make your product much higher in quality than the original PLR product. (Meaning you can sell it for more $$)

And that’s just using the first method. There’s much more you’ll discover on this video such as:

How to use a “Product Creation Worksheet” to reorganize PLR content in a way so it’s clearer, unique and easy to rewrite!

The “concept statement” that should be included in every chapter, that will instantly enhance the value of your product… no matter what!

The 4 different audiences your PLR rewrite must hit if you want to create raving fans and pull in killer testimonials

How to turn reports into 100% unique articles… which you can then mass distribute to article directories for tons of back links and traffics

How to rewrite PLR articles in 7 minutes or less!

And more!

Video #2
3 Ways to Instantly Morph a PLR Ebook
Into A High Quality Audio Product…
Which You Can Sell at a 300% Markup!

There are two reasons to turn PLR ebooks into audio books. It’s easy and extremely profitable.

How easy? Well, I type at 80 words per minute. I speak at 200 words a minute. It takes me forever to proof read my written reports. It takes me two or three minutes to edit audio (I have a certain trick for this which I’ll share with you).

The winner is audio! Not only is it faster, it’s easier to do.

And it gets even better: people will pay more for audio than an ebook… even if it’s the exact same information!

Let me prove it. I can download the classic book “Think & Grow Rich” for free on the internet. It’s public domain. So why did I buy a $47 used audio program of it off of eBay?

Because the “consumption” was different.

I can’t read a book while I go for my daily jog. I can’t read a book when I’m driving to meet a client. I can’t read a book while I’m cooking a meal or cleaning a house.

But I can listen while doing all those things.

So I’m willing to pay $47 for something I can get for free, just because it’s in an audio format instead of book format.

People are conditioned to purchase audio information products at a higher price. Therefore you can charge a higher price… and get it!

Here’s what we’ll go over in this video:

The Mind Map Method – A specific outline you can create a “mind map” of, that you can easily reference when recording your audio product. (It will make you sound like you’re speaking off the top of your head and that you know your subject cold, even if you don’t!)

The Straight-forward Method – A simple word-for-word approach for turning an ebook into an audio-ebook, without having to do any active thinking. (there is a diabolical twist here I think will delight you!)

The Annotator’s Method – A combination of reading sections from the orginal PLR book mixed in with a certain type of commentary that will make your reader’s glad they paid you money just to listen to you speak!

Why not having a “radio friendly voice” is a good thing!

How to use “instant markers” for when you make mistakes during your recordings (these markers allow you to quickly edit out those mistakes once you finish the audio, so you come out sounding like a pro without much “clean up time”)

The “Key Concept” Approach – good for creating “mini audio ebooks”. (You can make an army of $7 products with this method!)

And more!

Video #3
How to Turn PLR Ebooks Into
World Class Video Products… Even
if You Know Nothing About Technology!

How’d I go from barely being able to rub two nickels together to making serious money online? With video products!

Video products are hard to create though, aren’t they? NO! I mastered the process in one week, “self taught”. If I had a guide to lead me step by step, I could’ve mastered it in one day.

But it’s expensive to create videos, isn’t it? NO! There are two programs you can use, both free, to create higher quality “screen capture” videos!

Total required investment for video creation: $0. (that’s zero!)

But video takes longer to create? NO! In fact, the opposite is true. Video is the fastest of all products to create. It’s even faster than creating an audio product in a majority of cases.

Why? Because you can export the audio portion of you video, and bingo… instant audio product!

So why don’t more people use video? Beats me! I don’t know and I don’t care.

The fact is, your competition is still working the “1996 ebook model”. That means you can buy a PLR ebook, turn around and make it into a video, and guess what?

You Have a Far Superior
Product Than All Your Competitors!

Remember how I said people pay more for audio than a pdf? Well, People pay more for video than any other type of info product!

I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t make sense… if people pay more for video, and video is easier to create, why don’t more marketers take advantage of this opportunity? Oh well. Their loss is our gain.


Anyway, here’s what you’ll discover when you watch this video:

Video Mind Maps – The most “user friendly” way for an amateur to create a professional video… both in quality and in content

The “Demonstration” Method – A child-like “show and tell” approach to product creation. Use the PLR product to tell them. Then a simple demonstration to show them (I’ll show you all the shortcuts)

The 2 Minute Power Point Method – A neat little Japanese power point secret Robert Plank shared with me that allowed me to take the pain out of using Power point, while enhancing the quality of my presentations

The “F9” video shooting secret – How I create videos that have no “awkward” parts, and how I’m never caught with my pants down when I’m turning PLR content into video

The “10 second gap” routine for quick editing of my video products in post production

The correct “audio treatment” settings that will turn even a cheap mic and sound card into a high fidelity mp3 file!

And more!

Video #4
The PLR Autoresponder Secret

Most people don’t respond to a sales message until after the seventh time they receive it.

That’s why all smart marketers build lists. Building a list is a bit of a chore. What’s even harder is constantly sending out promotional material to your list to make money of your subscribers.

That’s why I seek out every shortcut I can find to “automate” this process. And the best way to do this, without a doubt, is with PLR content.

In this video you’ll discover:

The “Chop Suey” Method – How to cut up a PLR report and turn it into autoresponder messages, and tie these messages into either your on products, others PLR products or affiliate products

the “Chinese Water Torture Technique” — How to slowly drip content on your list that will cause them to go into a frenzy… that can only be relieved by purchasing whatever product you are promoting!

How to combine the written word with video in a “marginally ethical” manner to get people to be more responsive to your offers

And more!

Video #5
How to Use PLR Products
to Make Your Sales Letters
More Persuasive and Higher Converting!

Here’s a copywriting secret : your offer is at least 2.5 times more important than your sales letter.

My 7 year old brother could write a winning sales letter if he was offering a brand new Ferrari for five dollars. But the best copywriter in the world couldn’t sell a 1979 Pontiac station wagon for $300,000 dollars.

A great offer makes writing the sales letter child’s play. The traditional way of creating a killer offer was to work your butt off enhancing whatever you were originally going to sell them. You can shortcut that process by using PLR.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do after watching this video:

The 4 specific ways to use PLR products as bonuses… “sticky method”, “time scarcity”, “quantity scarcity” and “mystery method”… with real world examples!

The Quickest way to turn a plain ebook into a “home study course” or system (Ebooks sell for $97 at most. Home study courses sell for $197 at the very least. I’ll show you how to create a home study course in the same time it takes most people to create an ebook)

The PLR Download/Thank You Page Secret. (The simplest way to squeeze more dollars out of ever customer who purchases from you)

And more!

Video #6
How to Use PLR to Dramatically
Increase Your Affiliate Commissions!

The weakest way to make affiliate sales is with a plain old “click here” link.

That’s also the way most people who can’t make more than pocket change with affiliate marketing do it. Go figure.

There’s a much better way to make your affiliate promotions almost irresistible by using PLR. Specifically, you can use:

The “Value Enhancer” Method – How to make whatever product you’re promoting look 2 or 3 times more valuable!

The Serializer Method – How to bundle PLRs together to create bonus packages for affiliate products that look “product specific”… even though they aren’t! (This mean you make one package and tie it into several different promotions)

The three ways to manipulate the search engines to get a certain kind of visitor… who is almost guaranteed to be a buyer… to click on your affiliate link!

The “disguised product” method – An ethically questionable PLR method for presenting a bunch of affiliate links as valuable content, instead of as promotional sales messages!

Video #7
How to “Sub Niche” PLR Content
for Maximum Profits

The best way to riches online is to achieve a dominant presence in a niche.

Once you do this, your name becomes linked to whatever people are looking for in that niche. You are the go-to person. The one they always turn to first. The one they recommend to their friends. The one that all the newbies first find when they enter the niche.

Creating a dominant presence is hard!

Think of it as trying to make waves by jumping up in down in an ocean. However, if you know how to identify a small, segmented group within that niche, then achieving a dominant presence becomes easy… and extremely lucrative!

Now it’s like jumping up in down in a puddle instead of an ocean. Big waves are made.

Here’s what’s even better… you can quickly move from one puddle to the next. And there’s lot of puddles out there, ripe for dominating!

Now… if you use PLR in a certain way within that niche, you can “recycle” 80% of the content. This means that when you decide to enter one of these “puddle” niches, four fifths of the work will be done for you. And I show you how to quickly do the remaining 20%!

You’ll also discover “crowd theory”! It’s the perfect way to take a generic PLR that gets no one’s attention, and turn it into something that a large group of people will be unable to ignore!

And that’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this video.

Video #8
How to Cash in on the PLR Craze
By Selling PLR Licenses!

Never sell PLR unless you have a well-reasoned purpose.

Most people sell PLR because they know it will increase sales…. and they’re right… in the short term. In the long run though it costs them dearly. I personally love it when marketers make this mistake, because I exploit it!

Here’s what I mean: Jimmy Greenjeans sells a product for a low price of $27 and includes resale rights. This product is perfect for one of my lists. So what do I do? Buy it up, and within hours (or even minutes) I do some “quick fixes” to it, make it unique, and sell it to my list that same day.

In fact, I build one specific kind of list just for that purpose!

Now here’s the kicker: If I sell 200 of these reports, that’s 200 less people Jimmy will be able to sell to. And if five other marketers do the same thing, Jimmy just lost 1000 buyers.

That’d make me want to throw up if I was Jimmy.

So if anything, don’t sell PLR like that. Instead, use:

The Scarcity Method – How to make “made for order PLR products” that will guarantee you earn whatever your ideal “dollars per day” figure is

The USP Method – How to spy on your competition, isolate their “value enhancers”, and then use those as building blocks for creating a better solution for the marketplace! (who will then eagerly flock to your website because you’ll have the right positioning!)


How to create persuasive sales messages to get the highest conversions for your PLR products

The best “hook” to use when selling PLR

4 “Value Enhancers” to make you the go-to solution for PLR products

And more!

Video #9
PLR Traffic Generation Secrets

To make a million dollars online, you really only need two things: traffic and conversion.

Video 8 is great for converting traffic, and I’ve given tons of tips on conversion and traffic generation in all videos.

Every trick that was left over I have included in this final video, so that no secret was left out.

Specifically, we’ll go over:

13 Viral Ebook sites for distributing PLR content

A certain kind of “giveaway” event you can distribute PLR to that will build you a list of red-hot prospects in no time flat

How to use “repurposed” PLR content for article marketing purposes

How to quickly create “mini videos” from PLR that you can use with a certain type of software… that will automatically create 4 separate unique videos from each “mini video”, all optimized for different keywords… and submit those videos to 16 video sites as well as several social media sites and podcast directories!

Two method for using PLR to set up and/or broker joint ventures (one of these techniques I have never seen any other marketer use before!)

And more!

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