James Lacy – Iron Palm Training


Volume two Learn a standing meditation for memory and internal healing, along with an explanation of the % breath control sequence.

James Lacy – Iron Palm Training

James Lacy - Iron Palm Training

The Most Comprehensive Iron Palm Training You’ve Ever Seen! A Video Course on 10 Tapes!
With our Iron Palm Training, you learn to FIGHT as well as hit hard! These tapes are available straight from PANTHER PRODUCTIONS.
This is what you get: Daoist Palms 18: Laying the Groundwork

Volume One This cassette will provide you the historical context for this lineage of knowledge.

Tips on how to learn by video and test for rank via video.
The following is a list of the topics covered on this first cassette.
Gathering of Iron Palm equipment.
Learn how to crack a coconut and make your own dit da jow.
View the raw herbs that comprise the recipe.
Learn the majority of the Latin and Mandarin names that comprise the classic iron palm all-purpose dit da jow formula.
Procedure for striking and gathering materials
Learn how to build and use the roller bar to create an unstoppable punch.
Learn how to construct your own claw bag and how to use it.
Learn the fundamentals of iron palm level #1 in English terms.
Sixteen postures, movement patterns, and applications.
Lacy’s typical language will assist you in learning any topic in his Panther series of training films.
Closed trapping, open trapping, and windmill blocks have all been dismantled.
Learn punching, striking, and kicking methods, as well as falling and breakingfalling fundamentals.
Learn basic grasp and lock applications against grab and knife strikes with iron palm level 1.
Simple submission applications can be learned.
Iron Palm level 1 fundamentals
Inner forearm iron body training with a thousand-pound-rooted horse and Mew Hing’s Golden Bell.
The Foundation of the 18 Daoist Palms

Volume two Learn a standing meditation for memory and internal healing, along with an explanation of the % breath control sequence.
Learn the words abou hay and noi kung.
Learn sitting level #2 iron palm meditation as well as lying down meditation for hearing and vision.
Learn how to levitate while lying down.
Learn the Burning Palm chi kung of Five Elder monk Mew Hing.
Learn the Tibetan Lama Burning Palm chi kung that White Tiger founder Fung Doe Duk learnt straight from the Dali Lama in the 1600s.
Explanation of some of the movements and self-defense uses of this chi kung.
Chi Enhancement Tape 18 Daoist Palms 14 sitting White Tiger meditations for chi growth and mental clarity are taught.
Image split into two screens with discussion on the finer elements.
18 White Tiger standing meditations for chi growth and mental clarity.
Chi kung with a vibrating palm.
Palm Shattering Chi Kung
Lotus Position, 10,000 Buddha, Stars in Heaven, Monk’s Form, Moon in Heaven, Monk Fanning, Snake Gliding on the Grass, and Golden Dragon are the nine high level sitting iron palm chi kung.
18 Daoist Palms: Single and Double Seven Star Continuous Fist Mew Hing, a Five Elder monk, was regarded as the most mysterious of the Five Elders.
This initial form in the system provides a sample of the flavor of the 18 Daoist Palms system.
This form is fairly extensive and incorporates both long and short hand skills.
Leg moves, footwork variations, angulation, a plethora of iron hand strikes, uncommon elbow techniques, and outstanding trapping and blocking methods are all covered.
This technique is an excellent physical exercise as well as an introduction to true Five Elder Kung Fu.
Panther Productions is the exclusive distributor of these cassettes and the first company in history to professionally exhibit the material on these nine recordings.
Self-defense breakdowns are illustrated, as well as the two-person form.
The two person form is also demonstrated as a solo form.
The traitor monk Bak Mae assassinated Mew Hing and Hee Shin Shim Shee, founders of the 18 Daoist Palms and Northern Shaolin, respectively.
Fung Doe Duk, the White Tiger commander and founder instructor of the Five Elders, later assassinated Bak Mae.
Only Fung Doe Duk and Ng Mui made it out alive.
My instructor was taught by Fung Doe Duk.
Mew Hing’s technique was kept secret until 1988, when James Patrick Lacy was given the Jung Shee 7th generation title.
It is being made available to the public for the first time in history.
I added White Tiger, White Eyebrow, Northern Shil Lum, and Plum Flower that I had access to to make the system even more distinctive.
Heavenly Thunder Palms, Iron Palms, and 18 Daoist Palms Form for Fighting Alone This tape will get you started on the path to learning how to fight with your newly acquired abilities and firm foundation from cassettes #1, #2, and #3.
Tapes 1 and 2 introduce the audience to basic terms that will be extremely useful in learning the iron palm coconut break solo form.
This is a highly practical fighting style that is suitable for people of all ages and body kinds.
Each technique is broken down into its application, and many views are displayed.
This form has no high kicks, acrobatics, or ground grappling.
This is how you would battle as an elderly person.
Learn how to combine your newfound coconut breaking talents with the notion of stationary and placement as the ultimate form of appreciation.
Learn how to mow down your opponent with footwork and deliver skull crushing power with your newly acquired coconut cracking ability.
This form can be performed slowly as a meditation or quickly and explosively.
This form will provide universal defense against all styles.
To confuse the brain, the over 33 moves are repeated on the opposing side.
This form, Heavenly Thunder Palms, was created by Five Elder monk Mew Hing.
The monks used the iron palm moving meditations after learning to break coconuts and internalize the solo fighting form to further develop explosive chi projection, jing force, and true speed by slowing key fighting moves down super slow and adding standing stationary percentage breath combinations that activate and trigger the chi.
Internal iron palm level 1 movement meditation #1 will be demonstrated on Tape #5.
Iron Palm Coconut Breaking Demonstration: 18 Daoist Palms The ultimate test of the iron palm is not so much what it is called as the material that is shattered.
Coconuts were the most prized breaking material since they were not utilized at Shaolin or the Taoist sacred mountains of O’Mie, Mo Dong, or Wu Dong.
To uncover this unique coconut cracking technique in Northwest China’s Talkalmakan desert, it needed the head of the Five Elders, Fung Doe Duk, to safeguard the Shil Lum art, merge the finest of the local Chinese Taoist internal arts, and go secretly as the leader of the TRIAD.
Fung Doe Duk grew deathly ill while experimenting with remedies for his iron palm in this area of China bordering Russia.
A desert tribe of Ugur people rescued him and transported him to a holy hidden oasis to be treated.
Fung Doe Duk saw that they floated across the beach and left no tracks, according to oral legend.
This tribe believed in a coconut God.
A significant amount of their lives focused on the coconut and its numerous practical applications.
He noted that they always broke the coconut with their palms instead of shattering it against a stone.
Any other manner was considered an affront to the coconut God.
In return for the method this tribe used to crack the coconuts, Fung Doe Duk provided his Flying Phoenix Heavenly Chi for health and self-defense.
While this tribe could attack hard, they lacked the genuine warrior that Fung Doe Duk had.
The four stages of coconut cracking were developed by the head of the Five Elders.
Aside from what is broken, the next difficult element is how it is broken.
When combined with the other Panther tapes, the process for level 1 of the internaliron palm coconut break will result in a well-rounded fighter.
Internal Iron Palms, Two Person Fighting Form are among the 18 Daoist Palms. Two person forms are featured with each solo form in authentic Five Elder martial arts of White Tiger, White Eyebrow, Northern Shaolin, Plum Flower, and 18 Daoist Palms.
Traditionally, it took 15 years to master two person forms.
This Heavenly Thunder Palms Two Person Sparring Form on tape #7 will take you to the next level in learning how to utilize all you’ve studied on tapes #1, #2, #3, and #5.
Unless you are too sluggish, this is a safe approach to spar.
Nothing is conscious unless it is repeated.
Anything less than automatic is too sluggish.
This two-person form will show you how to effectively employ your iron palm technique against taller and stronger, taller and weaker, shorter and stronger, and shorter and weaker body types.
These were the first types of Kung Fu sparring.
You’ll learn to stay in the eye of the storm without becoming distracted.
Working with different body types in different terrain, weather, and apparel fine-tunes the finer points of adjustment or range and angle.
Heavenly Thunder Palms Two Person form will also be demonstrated as a solo form on Tape #7.
Finally, tape #7 will reveal the movement meditation #2 internal iron palm coconut break level 1.
This meditation lasts 10 minutes.
The first few minutes are spent standing still and using the typical percentage breath combination to activate the chi.
The mocing meditation will take the next five minutes.
The moves’ martial meanings are discussed.
18 Daoist Palms: Sparrow Falling From Its Perch, Slow Moving Meditation, Solo And Two Person Form Fung The TRIAD was formed by Doe Duk, the head of the Five Elders.
Prior to Chen Tai Chi, Hsing I, and Ba Qua being taught openly as PAI, this form, which he invented in the 1600s, was taught to TRIAD members as part of the PAI (traditional comprehensive martial art systems).
The renowned Five Elders of Shil Lum went underground for twenty years as Daoist priests as they rebuilt their methods to instruct TRIAD members and combat the Ching outsiders.
Later generations of the TRIAD ultimately deposed the last Ching Emperor around the start of the century.
The Five Elder arts were really the first rapid / internal arts taught as PAI.
This is a true predecessor form of Tai Chi.

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James Lacy - Iron Palm Training

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