Gary Halbert – Newsletters Sept 1986 – July 2000 Complete


I didn’t get any special permissions to sell these newsletters so the Halbert brothers may be after me minutes after posting this.

Gary Halbert – Newsletters Sept 1986 – July 2000 Complete

Gary Halbert - Newsletters Sept 1986 - July 2000 Complete

  2. You do? Well, Finally, here is your chance.
  3. I’ll willing to part with my spiral bounded, freshly printed copies of “The Prince of Print’s” newsletters that were written from September 1, 1986 to June 28, 2000.
  4. Although you can find the content of these very same newsletters online at, what you can’t find online is Gary’s newsletters in chronological order, printed, dated and signed by Halbert himself.
  5. Because these copies are exact content replicas, you’ll experience the letters exact as they were written. You’ll see and experience exactly how the “Prince of Print” delivered his messages to his newsletter subscribers.
  6. Every underlined word.
  7. Every bolded word.
  8. Every type-setting change.
  9. Every thing.
  10. The content in these newsletters created countless numbers of millionaires! And his subscribers paid nearly $2,000 to receive a lifetime access to one 8-12 page letter written to them only once per month.
  11. Why? Because his subscribers knew they would use the content to create even more millions of dollars!
  12. If you look around the internet, you’ll very well see that this is a rare find. Over ELEVEN HUNDRED pages, spanning FIFTEEN years, and over ONE HUNDRED THIRTY issues worth of classic direct response, internet, and general marketing gems coming directly from Gary Halbert himself.
  13. So, why am I selling my bounded copies to you?
  14. I’m glad you asked.
  15. It just so happens that I came across several bounded copies of his FIFTEEN YEARS worth of letters.
  16. What I’m trying to convey is that I’d NEVER let my only copies of this classic marketing education get away from me.
  17. So, I’m not losing out at all.
  18. What I’m doing, however, is extending to you the same convenience I have for studying every word written with the ability to easily cross-reference his other letters and ads found online on websites such as
  19. Now when you’re studying the words of the great Halbert, you can go through his words in chronological order, year by year, month by month, with the attached ads just as he delivered them.
  20. Instead of bookmarking the Halbert newletter website, and going back and forth trying to find out which letter came when and where, you can now just turn the page of your very own bounded copy.
  21. If you’ve been reading Gary Halbert for a while, you already know how entertaining and educating his letters are.
  22. But, I must WARN you of two things:
  23. 1. The first page of the December 9, 1988 newsletter is missing from this bounded document. It just didn’t make it and I can’t find it. However the other 7 pages are present, just as Halbert wrote them. I don’t remember any other pages from his newsletters being missing, but there is a very small chance that others pages from a newsletter here or there are missing. Again, I don’t recall. Last I checked there weren’t any other missing pages.
  24. 2. I have no idea how long this listing will be available. Seriously. This is not scarity talk. It’s serious talk. I didn’t get any special permissions to sell these newsletters so the Halbert brothers may be after me minutes after posting this. Why didn’t I get permission, you say? Because in my mind, selling my “used” printed-out copies of my newsletters is no different than selling my used books on eBay or Amazon. Why inconvenience the Halbert’s? But, again, you never know. Especially at the price for which that I’m selling this gem.
  25. Oh, and just to remember you, what follows is a list of just some of the things he wrote about in only the first 35 issues of his newsletters! Just image what’s in the other 135 newsletters!
  26. This is “pillar” information that he wanted his subscribers to understand so they could make more money with their marketing efforts:
  27. Make More Money With Your Marketing Efforts!
  28. the importance of attaching a penny to the top of your sales letters in order to capture more attention and readership
  29. the importance of immediately acknowledging every order you receive with a thank you letter sent via first-class mail that solicits more money
  30. the importance of sending your sales letters via first-class mail
  31. the importance of making your first-class mail look like first-class mail
  32. three criteria by which you should judge the profitability of any potential mailing list you are thinking about using
  33. 20 secrets to make your direct mail more profitable
  34. the importance of putting enough passion into all your ads and letters
  35. the importance of not worrying too much about offending people who will never buy from you
  36. the importance of reading a print-out of all your customers and all the mail your company receives
  37. the importance of placing and taking calls from your customers yourself on a daily basic
  38. the importance of agencies (or your ad agency) to avoid his list of 10 stupid things
  39. ways to steal a mailing list
  40. three things to prevent theft of your list
  41. his list of recommended important books, ads and other material so you’ll know what the hell good advertising is all about
  42. the 5 things you should do before beginning to write a word of your sales copy
  43. his simple 7-step formula for writing copy
  44. where to write your full-page newspaper ads
  45. the importance of writing subheads in your ads
  46. the importance of using OPM to get good ideas
  47. the importance of mailing individual sales letters for your top catalog items
  48. how to “Brainstorm” before writing a word of copy
  49. the importance of using creative “grabbers”
  50. why you shouldn’t take your prospect out of his “comfort zone”
  51. the importance of using simple contests
  52. the importance of committing “image suicide” whenever necessary
  53. how people of America actually sort through their mail
  54. using “AIDA” for your sales letters
  55. “harvesting headlines”
  56. the importance of taking the Halbert’s semi-famous (now famous) headline test
  57. making your ads look like editorial “articles”
  58. how to “advertise your advertising”
  59. how to charge a different price to different groups of people
  60. how to not be misled by marketing consultants
  61. how to ground yourself in true marketing fundamentals
  62. how to write a sales letter, exactly
  63. and much, much more…
  64. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message or two.
  65. These copies are broken down as follows:
  66. Book 1 – Sep 1986 to Dec 1988 – 237 pages
  67. Book 2 – Jan 1989 to Dec 1991 – 314 pages
  68. Book 3 – Jan 1992 to Dec 1994 – 236 pages
  69. Book 4 – Feb 1995 to Jun 2000 – 367 pages
  70. Total 1154 pages

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