Extramilest – Marathon PR Training Program


So many runners have been stuck in training without progress, they often experiencing injuries that set them back.

Extramilest – Marathon PR Training Program

Extramilest - Marathon PR Training Program

Many runners dream of running a Personal Record, a Sub 4 Hour Marathon, Sub 3 Hour Marathon or Boston Qualifier.
Many athletes don’t know how to structure their training in a way that works for their specific lifestyle.
So many runners have been stuck in training without progress, they often experiencing injuries that set them back.
Some have heard of low heart rate training, but might not know how to integrate this the right way in their training plan for race day.
Things I noticed:
• I started enjoying all my runs, looking forward to the next
• I felt like I could continue running – a feeling I had never experienced before
• Stayed running injury free. Fast recovery after my runs, even at higher training volume
• My paces were getting faster at the same effort level, almost every month
• It was such a great feeling to run at a pretty fast pace and feeling relaxed and in control
• My body felt in sync, I have never felt better, the planets all aligned
• I lost a significant amount of weight and felt great
• In the next race I felt much stronger and suffered much less
• I ran a PR of 76 minutes, improving from 4:11 down to 2:55 on my next marathon
For the past 8 years I’ve written about running and made videos about it, with a million views on my channels so far. It brings me a lot of joy to read success stories from runners all around the world.
Despite many runners experiencing improvements with low heart rate training, I often receive the same questions:

“Do you have a specific training program I can follow?”
“How should I structure my base building and marathon specific workouts? “
“I want to run Sub 3 but I am nervous about losing speed by running at lower HR. Need clarification of exact speed workout details.”
“I tried low HR training, but have to run so slow or take walk breaks to stay within my heart rate zones.”
“It’s very challenging to run when it’s hot and humid for long periods where I live.”
“I have a dream to qualify for the Boston Marathon but can’t imagine racing any faster and holding a specific pace for that long, for example 6:51 min / mile or 4:15 min / km.”

Others struggle with the right nutritional approach and losing weight:

“I want to run a fast marathon but don’t know how to eat right for Marathon Training. What detailed diet plan should I follow?”
“It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to lose weight, how to do it to become a faster athlete?”
“I am struggling to figure out the best way to hydrate and get in calories / sugars during the race.”

I am often asked if I can coach runners to reach their marathon goals.
Instead of one-on-one coaching, I have developed an extensive video course that provides more info and value than I could with one-on-one coaching, called the Marathon PR Program.
Here is what you’ll get if you join the Marathon PR Program:

35 Training videos, more than 8 hours of new videos. You will get lifetime access to all the course materials, so you can access the course anytime. Every video in this course, gives you powerful tools to apply to your own training and racing..
Transcripts with text and graphics of all videos. Download and print any of the video transcripts.
5 Base building training schedules. Downloadable, editable and flexible. From beginner to advanced.
5 Marathon training schedules. Downloadable, editable and flexible. For specific finish goals, such as first time marathoners, those looking to improve their marathon times, athletes wanting to qualify for the Boston Marathon, run Sub 3 and much more!
Access to our private Facebook and Strava communities. Connect with me (Floris Gierman), several Extramilest podcast guests and other runners in the program to support, ask questions and learn from each other

Here’s What You’ll Get in Extramilest – Marathon PR Training Program

Extramilest - Marathon PR Training Program

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Course Requirement: Extramilest – Marathon PR Training Program
Real Value: $249
One time cost: USD 52

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Get Extramilest - Marathon PR Training Program, Many runners dream of running a Personal Record, a Sub 4 Hour Marathon, Sub 3 Hour Marathon or Boston Qualifier.