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YOU are your greatest marketing asset

How to create & use the most powerful marketing force on earth

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  • Are you secretly envious of the people you see confidently growing their businesses with webinars, online courses, and live social media broadcasts?

  • Does the thought of being paid to fly all over the world to speak (to audiences that will become your clients and customers) seem like a pretty great way to earn a living?

  • Are your ideas and experience solid, but what’s missing is a powerful way to communicate your value so that people trust and respect you?

  • Or, do you want to learn how to become a stronger leader in your organization, community, and family?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to “Successful Speaking Strategies” or as we call it, “S3: How to create & use the most powerful marketing force on earth.”

What exactly is “Successful Speaking Strategies?”

The S3 is a video-based online program that will teach you how to create the highest level of attraction and influence during any kind of presentation – whether your audience is the person sitting across from you in a coffee shop, 50 people on a Facebook Live broadcast, or hundreds of people packed into a hotel ballroom or conference center.

Public speaking is NOT an inborn ability. It is a skill that even the shyest, soft-spoken person can learn, and who better to teach you this skill than an internationally renowned speaker who used to be exactly where you are?

Who is Eric Edmeades?


Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur who was once so terrified of public speaking that he could barely eat for days before a talk.

Since systematically reversing his fear of public speaking, Eric has become a highly sought after main stage speaker, with over 10,000 hours of stage time in over 25 countries.
He also spent more than a year touring with Tony Robbins as a guest business speaker on his Business Mastery program.

Beyond all that though, here’s what really makes Eric stand out:

You know those people who are excellent at something, but they struggle to articulate the mechanics of what they’re actually doing, so they can’t successfully teach anyone else their skill? Eric is NOT that guy.

In S3, you’ll experience Eric’s ability to clearly express the core concepts, strategies, and techniques that have created decades of speaking success for him, and his hundreds of students.

He is not only an impeccable speaker in his own right, but he also has the communication abilities to teach you how to become one also.

What exactly will I learn from the program?


In over 12 hours of video training, supplemented by S3 Workbooks and Successful Speaker Templates, Eric will teach you:

  1. How to create genuine attraction and authority as a speaker
  2. How to turn your life’s stories into powerful marketing tools
  3. How to break the ice with any audience
  4. How to overcome public speaking fear and nervousness
  5. The biggest mistake to avoid whenever you speak to an audience
  6. How to use speaking to promote your business, products or services.

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“S3: How to create & use the most powerful marketing force on earth”

Successful Speaking Strategies

$597 USD

  • Lifetime access to the S3 Video Program
  • Includes all the worksheets and resources to help get the most out of the program
  • Customer Help Desk and Chat Support

S3 will show you how to master the speaking skills that will grow your influence and impact. This program is perfect for you if you’re…

  • An entrepreneur who wants to sell more of your products and services
  • A corporate warrior who wants to advance your career
  • Wanting to support your favorite political and philanthropic causes
  • In any industry where you need to communicate to a group of people

 Here’s What You’ll Get in Successful Speaking Strategies

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