Emergence – Practitioner’s Bundle


After all, the warm-up is the one thing in training that we do every day! It holds tremendous value, and we hope to delineate how coaches can

Emergence – Practitioner’s Bundle

Emergence - Practitioner’s Bundle

To help practitioners in their journey to develop adept movers in sports, we have bundled four of our most popular courses. Ecological Dynamics for Dummies helps set the stage by unpacking the theory; the other three courses focus on the practical application to the warm-up, weight room, and agility sessions! This bundle, which encompasses five hours of material, is sure to leave you informed, invigorated, and ready to apply the ideas!

Course 1: Ecological Dynamics for Dummies

Hold the phone! Pump the brakes! Of course, we do NOT think you are a dummy!
But we do know that sifting through the ideas which are most pertinent to enabling movement professionals to deeply understand sport movement skill can prove itself to be a relatively daunting task at times. This endeavor is only made more difficult if you are trying to utilize ideas which are new, novel, and foreign to you…and also highly misunderstood and misapplied by many across the community, as well.
However, we believe that adopting an Ecological Dynamics framework can be highly beneficial for your craft and can truly change the way that you view movement behavior in sport. Thus, in order to sufficiently do that, one must be able to fully grasp the concepts, terms, and principles which are vitally important to investigating, understanding, and explaining movement skill at the levels that we believe that our community desires to.
Because of that, we created this course, ‘Ecological Dynamics for Dummies,’ to stand as a more bite-sized version of our more extensive course, ‘Underpinnings,’ as a way to bring the sport movement skill community more clarity and a common ground. Using the popular instructional book series that most are familiar with as our inspiration and model, we intended this course to be more direct, simpler, and less intimidating overall.
In this 90 minute course, we will introduce and unpack the main theoretical concepts which make-up an Ecological Dynamics framework that we believe can immediately change your personal Form of Life as a practitioner.
Within it, we aim to define and expand on ideas such as:
  • Accepting the reality: the complexity of sport movement behavior
  • Why it’s imperative that you adopt Systems Thinking
  • The marriage of Ecological Psychology and Dynamical Systems Theory into Ecological Dynamics
  • Why Bernstein’s ideas regarding Dexterity may be our main objective for athletes and humans alike
  • What is Self-organization and why is it essential that we grasp onto its presence in movement systems
  • Emergence within movement systems in the form of skilled movement solutions
  • Why Information is power and Affordances hold the key
  • Why perception and action must be coupled
  • The importance of movement variability (Bernstein was onto something with repetition without repetition too!)
  • What is this whole Constraints-Led Approach that everyone is talking about?
  • Why is it so important that we acknowledge if a task is a ‘Representative’ one?
  • Who you should read, follow, and learn from within the field
  • And much, much more!

Course 2: Reconceptualizing the Warm-up

The warm-up is arguably the most neglected part of training and practice. It is often the portion of training where coaches speed through using the same movements day in and day out. The immense value of this period is often missed, with emphasis placed on “getting loose.” In this mini-course, we aim to reconceptualize the warm-up and reframe how coaches view it. It should not be passive, monotonous, nor should it be void of learning. We aim to show coaches what a quality warm-up can offer, one that inspires ownership, exploration, learning, and adaptability. After all, the warm-up is the one thing in training that we do every day! It holds tremendous value, and we hope to delineate how coaches can reconceptualize how they approach the warm-up.

Course 3: Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective

We view athletes as complex adaptive systems, and in this digestible mini-course, we offer a nonlinear approach to the weight room. Join us as we discuss the importance for athletes to open up their degrees of freedom (motor, perceptual, and cognitive) to potentially harness them when the training becomes more specific. In doing so, athletes have the potential to express their movement capabilities in a more dexterous way when it counts!
Extra Content – Learning & Development
  • Weight Room Training Card Templates (PDF)
  • Official References/Reading List (PDF) – The must-have collection
Movement Meet-up Think Tank
  • Movement Meet-up Zoom calls each month where over 60 to 90 minutes you will get an opportunity to hear from members of the EMERGENCE team on the various concepts and ideas related to the course content. Can’t make it on the call? That’s okay; they will be recorded, and you will have access to them!

Course 4: Agility

What exactly is agility? Why is it so misunderstood and confusing? How can I train and assess my athlete’s agility capabilities? This mini-course addresses the above and more to give you a deeper understanding of agility along with ways you can help guide your athletes to become better movers. Whether you are a sport coach, S&C coach, high-performance coordinator, rehab specialist, or scout, this course will give you the tools to more deeply understand and appreciate agility for athletes.
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Get Emergence - Practitioner’s Bundle, The warm-up is arguably the most neglected part of training and practice. It is often the portion of training where coaches speed through using the same movements day in and day out.