Elma Mayer – The Healing Helix BONUS Q&A & Alignment Cal


Elma Mayer – The Healing Helix BONUS Q&A & Alignment Cal

Elma Mayer - The Healing Helix BONUS Q&A & Alignment Cal

The Healing Helix
Heal your WHOLE Life – with these 6 Essential Integrations (powered by a new Sacred Geometry)

Ready for a NEW way to heal? Instead of fixing just one or two of your specific issues…

Heal the BIG PICTURE of your life…
so that ALL of your problems automatically Align…with the larger field of HEALING itself.
That’s true healing!

It’s not just “holistic”… it’s actual Wholeness!
What are The 6 Essential Integrations?

These six PARTS of your life must ALL work together as a WHOLE:

Health – your body, energy, vitality, resilience to stress, automatic self-healing ability, and simply feeling good!

Wealth – your ability to receive the abundance of the universe, income, money, material things, safety, security, gifts, talents

Wisdom – your higher knowing, spiritual awareness, perspective, mind, memory, mood, emotional balance, confidence, self-trust

People – your relationships, love, romance, family, ancestors, community, fame, reputation, and resonance with others

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Places – your home, sleep environment, workplace, birthplace, geopathic stress, feng shui, relationship to earth, and the cosmos

Flow – your personality, patterns, purpose, life’s work, success, creativity, motivation, fulfillment, and evolution

When you Integrate All 6, your Life is Powerfully Congruent

Your whole life flows beautifully – in a Healing Helix!
You are “in the vortex” – where Wholeness happens automatically. You create your highest health and happiness.
But… when these 6 Parts of your Life are NOT Integrated…

You Disintegrate! That’s when you experience suffering, stuckness, stiffness, stress, self-sabotage…
And those are just some of the S’s! There’s more…
Do you have any of these Signs of Lack of Integration? Is your Life…

(More than one may apply!)

Stagnant or Stuck? Your procrastination, confusion, doubt, chronic pain or inability to heal from illness… can be caused by a blockage or disconnect between any of the six life areas of The Healing Helix.

Chaotic or Out-of-Control? Any trauma, drama, upset, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, hypersensitivity, feeling scattered, losing things, mental loops, arguments, control issues, debt, over-spending, or body aches and pains that move around… can be caused by distortion, noise, or negative influence between the six integrations.

Limited or Lacking? A lack of freedom and enjoyment, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, thinking small, depression, arthritis, stiffness, lack of mobility, inability to take action – not to mention low income, inability to find a good job… can be caused by patterns of entanglement between the six areas.

Looping or Repeating Layers of Learning? The same problems keep showing up in new ways. You attract the same kind of love partner again and again. You find yourself having the same arguments with different people. Chronic pain or illness, or “if it’s not one thing it’s another” syndrome.

Painful or Problematic? Your hurts, injuries, physical illnesses, emotional wounds – they don’t just “live” in your body or mind. They can sabotage your finances, family, fun, and future.

Almost Perfect?!? If your life is mostly pretty wonderful, but you’d still like to tweak a few areas, or take a leap into your next level of evolution… this program is a super-easy way to get it all together and integrated.

A Combination of All of the Above? This one is most likely to be true! Sometimes your life feels pretty darn great. Other times, you wonder why there’s stress, stiffness, stuckness, or self-sabotage – in the same old areas.

Have you “Tried Everything?”

You’ve probably done lots of healing work directly on your specific problem(s). But if it didn’t really “work”… then you need to try something new!
The Healing Helix is Different.

It’s a top-down approach, unlike most others. Most healing modalities dig into the specifics. But they neglect something just as vital: the over-arching top-down zoomed-out view.

In The Healing Helix, we heal both the big picture and the small specifics.

Because you need to Align the large categories of your life – and most importantly, their entanglements.

If you limit your healing to limited, single areas – like emotions, beliefs, biology, structure, energy, stress, toxins etc – then you’ll get limited results. It’s not about healing just one part of your life.

It’s about ALL the parts, and how they interconnect with each other and your whole life. Because ALL SIX Essential Life Areas need to be congruent with each other.

“Sweet Elma, You did it again!!! Standing O!

I found myself actually drawing my own Sacred Geometry Circle with all those little Points and said to myself, Look, I am doing Sacred geometry, and I have no idea what it is, and my Geometry wasn’t too hot either.”

– Elizabeth, NY

Experience “Cosmic Congruency”

When all six “Essential Integrations” happen…

You’ll get huge shifts… from this brand new “divine download” that I’m receiving just for you! I tune in to give you exactly what you need – and what you are ready for – on your evolutionary path.

You will learn how to tap into the amazing morphic field of The Healing Helix, and you’ll do it the easy way – the Now Healing way! It sounds complex, but it’s truly simple. And it gives you automatic healing. Best of all, you will be able to “take it with you” and apply it to anything that you want to heal!

We will activate The Healing Helix’s automatic healing power – and “install it” into ALL parts of your life… to integrate your “parts” into the highest Whole. And we do this energetically and morphically. No need to visualize sacred geometry, or wear it as a piece of jewelry, or even know what it is!
WHY are “The Six Integrations” Essential?

To create the highest expression of your life, there are six main areas that need to be integrated. (There are lots of other areas too… but they will come into Alignment much more easily IF you do these six first!)

These six areas of life must all be energetically congruent (Aligned) with each other. If they are not… they wreak havoc on each other – usually without your knowledge!
How does Lack of Integration do Damage?

Lack of integration between the 6 most important parts of your life creates distortion between those parts.

Distortion and disconnects cause trouble because they are…

1. Hidden! Most of us have at least a few – and we don’t even know it.
2. Entangled! Everything affects everything else – whether we know it or not.

Here are just a few examples (out of zillions of possibilities) of how some of these 6 areas can be entangled to wreak havoc:

PLACES and HEALTH. Your home’s energies (or its “morphic memory” of past event) may be creating a subtle but destructive resonance with your health. If a previous resident had health problems, the “energy” may be secretly stuck in your home.

PEOPLE, WEALTH, WISDOM. Your unresolved resentment about your father’s relationship to your older brother can block your income “vortex”– unconsciously. No matter how hard you try, how many long hours you work, how many advanced degrees you pursue to improve your employment chances… your buried “father issues” resonate with your relationships with all of your bosses – so your job security is always shaky.

HEALTH, WEALTH, FLOW, PEOPLE. Aches and pains cause you to miss work, lose income, be grumpy, irritable, and stressed about your future. You feel like your “lowest” self, your thoughts and expectations are negative, you blame yourself, and you are afraid that you are driving away your loved ones because of your irritability.

In The Healing Helix, we will clean up all the energies and entanglements between all these life areas… to free up your Whole life.

The Healing Helix’s totally unique approach harnesses “flower power” (the Flower of Life)… in a brand new, unique technique that I received as a download from spirit.

I will show you how to take this cosmic pattern of creation, and quickly activate it with Instant Morphic Healing techniques. This allows fast healing – and manifestation – for your WHOLE life.
HOW can this Possibly Work on All Six Life Areas?
By plugging into the power of two deep universal patterns:
The Helix (Spiral) and The Flower of Life

he FLOW of your Life… with the Flower of Life. This healing is powered by two huge universal morphic fields of healing with sacred geometry. This has manifested into a brand new Morphic Healing Method called The Healing Helix.

I’ve “downloaded” and developed a unique way to apply Instant Morphic Healing to Sacred Geometry.

These deep universal patterns power ALL Life. Let’s Alignthem to energize yours!

These two incredibly powerful morphic fields give you literally trillions of shifts that ripple out into all of reality.

Your WHOLE life – and its fractal parts – get a cosmic reset and re-Centering… beyond your conscious mind’s awareness, and beyond your intentions. (But no worries, your intentions will Align too!)

The Seven Transformations – 7 hours of audios plus 81-pg PDF
BONUS! Value $197
The Seven Transformations:
Space, Time & the Elements

This Bonus will enhance your experience of The Healing Helix. In The Healing Helix, we integrate the six essential life areas. In The Seven Transformations, we Align seven additional fields that are absolutely vital to your WHOLE life. Read about these seven fields below…

Each of these Seven Transformations are powerful morphic healing fields… universal energies that already exist. It’s easy to tap into them.

Get immediately download Elma Mayer – The Healing Helix BONUS Q&A & Alignment Cal

You’ll discover exactly how to allow your flow towards Wholeness… for automatic, universal healing.
What are
The Seven Transformations? What issues do they transform?
1. Transform Time When you Transform Time… Everything in your Life Flows Better. Includes:
Aging, Stress, Procrastination, Daily Habits, Always Late, Always in a Hurry, Cycles (Hormones, Circulation, Sleep, Seasonal), Work & Wages, Income, Time & Money.
2. Upgrade Space Your Space influences Everything you Do. Make sure you are congruent with it! Your space should support (not distort) your life. Includes:
Negative Energy Clearing, Space Clearing, Energetic Clutter Clearing, Instant Feng Shui, How to “Read” the Energy of a Space. Also – Create the Qualities you want – in your Home, Bedroom, Office etc (like Peace, Family Harmony, Community, Inspiration, Productivity).
3. Yin-Yang Balance Allow your Life to Flow between Polarities… and to be Integral, Non-Dual, and Multidimensionally Centered – Simultaneously! (It sounds esoteric, but it’s down to earth – and it affects everything!) Includes:
Sleep/Wake; Work/Life; Male/Female; Logic/Intuition; Earning/Spending; Giving/Receiving; Breathing In/Out; Heartbeat; Alkaline/Acid. Also… What you want vs. what you don’t want, etc. How Feng Shui and Yin Yang are related.
4. Align with Air Life is Breath! Not just physical breath, but also spiritual connection, inspiration, and mental flow. Includes:
Oxygenation, Breathing Issues (Asthma, Cough..), Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lighten up Emotions, Inspiration, Clarity, Spirituality.
5. Balance Water Water is Essential to your Essence – not just for health, but for wealth and wisdom too. Includes:
Hydration, Elimination, Stagnation, Emotional Flow, High Blood Pressure, Edema, Kidneys, Dry Skin/Eyes, Drained Energy, Plumbing Issues in your Home, Financial Stagnation, Relationships that Drain you, Water Traumas (drowning etc…)
6. Focus your Fire Stoke your Inner Fire for Success, and Calm it for your Health. Includes:
Inflammation, Metabolism, Digestion, Headaches, Heartburn, Rash, Body Temperature, Energy Levels, Vision and Light, Over-spending, Under-earning, Addictions (smoking, sugar, alcohol), Cool down Arguments, Excessive Spending, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, Solar Flare Sensitivity, and… Activate your Star Power!
7. Evolve your Earth Element
Your Health – and Life – Depend on Earth. Includes:
Grounding, Gravity, Presence, Heaviness of Body, Heavy Emotions, Possessions, Earth Cycles, Connecting with Nature… (Note: we work with several “Element” systems, including the Chinese Five Elements, Ayurvedic Elements, and yes, even the Periodic Table.)
Shift YOUR Specific Issues – Instantly. … Best of all, you get powerful transformation for 
Your Individual healing intentions and goals. In each audio, you will transform one issue of your choice. And of course, you can run The Seven Transformations on an unlimited number of your issues – each time you listen, you will get different shifts.
TESTIMONIALS – The Seven Transformations

“I was amazed: there was so much difference in so many things that didn’t seem to be related… like finances, mood, body issues, everyday issues, how to flow with time, control time… so many great things! It’s really great to feel your presence, as you transcend space and time!” – PH

“I had a headache. Within 5 min of listening to #3 Yin-Yang Balancing, I was headache-free.” – Dr. M.T.

“My husband and I have been fighting in our bedroom for years. The residual energy was very thick and suffocating. During this clearing I focused on removing those energies and to put in their place a healing energy. Almost instantly my pain began to subside and my physical allignment of body began to correct itself. You have given me an invaluable powerful tool that I will forever be grateful for.” – Jamie C

“The number of shifts that happen in each hour!!! In old methods this hour would’ve taken a lifetime!” – Peter

OK, enough about the amazing bonus.
Let’s get back to The Healing Helix…

The bottom line is:

Get Personalized Healing for your specific issues. We will do many powerful, intensive Morphic Healing Alignment for your specific healing intentions – whatever they may be.
More importantly, we Align your Whole Life – your Health, Wealth, Wisdom, People, Places and Flow
Listen to the replays whenever you like. Apply the healing to different issues. The healing is always active in the replays.
And best of all, you’ll learn unique techniques for healing, that you can use on anything. You can “do it yourself” based on what you’ll learn.

To Heal your “Specific” Problems, Heal the big picture of your life!

Because the specific issues you experience usually have huge, hidden entanglements – in many different areas. INTEGRATION of all these areas is vital, so that the various parts of your life support each other, rather than distort each other.

Top-down Alignment of your life is absolutely essential. Yet, it is often ignored by most other methods.
If you’ve tried everything…

…and you’re still experiencing limitation, stuckness or chaos… then it’s time to Integrate your Life.
Heal the parts as you integrate the WHOLE.

Join me, and upgrade your Whole Life – powered by the sacred, universal fields of The Healing Helix.
Testimonials from The Healing Helix

Get immediately download Elma Mayer – The Healing Helix BONUS Q&A & Alignment Cal

What People Said about their Specific “Problem” after Day 1

“what problem?”

“forgot about it”

“I hardly thought of it!”

“This worked. It’s Different…almost gone .”

“right now it doesn’t feel like a problem.”

“It’s disappeared …no longer a charge. At zero”

“My problem was a 10 – now 3, but a foggy sense of it – I have to search to find it Great!”

“Beautiful, awe inspiring, peaceful, and knowing all healings are possible. Went from 8 down to 1. I think it will shortly be 0”

“Down to 0!! Kidneys jumping for JOY!”

“Procrastination, fear about finishing my [project] and progressing with life… now are at a sub-zero! It’s a crusty old thing powdered into nothingness from this new vantage point.”

“At 0 now. I feel that all parts of my life are flowing peacefully.”

“at zero, feeling empty and full at the same time”

“originally was 8/10 unobtainable and painful to think about. Now its almost like it was the wrong question – its just all still – not ever sure it would be fair to call it a zero -its a an irrelevance?”

“Zero. Funny thing is my issue is FOCUS and people are talking loudly around me and my attention is going all over the place. yet I FEEL ZERO problem in this FOCUSSING issues. I feel at peace.”

“8 to 0. Feel free, happy and open to be ALL that I AM !!!!”

“7-8 yesterday to Zero now. Feeling unified with everything/everyone.”

“In the vortex with alignment to source. Went from 6 to 4 to 2. Intention healing from anxiety and panic. Know how to flow now but still a little uneasiness around if it will reoccur.”

“Let go of the fear. Didn’t know it was based on fear. From 10 to 4 to 1. Very confident and trusting feeling.”

“0. I feel held in the loving hands of the Universe”

“I went from 9 to 5 to 1. As I read what I wrote down, it sounds odd. I feel wonderful!”

“went from 7 to 0. This experience has been enlightening to say the least. awesome.”

What People Said after Day 2

“These sessions were BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL, thank you Elma! Last night my realtor got an offer on my condo which I have to sell!”

“One of the most powerful things I have experienced! Thank you!! talk about being taken to a altered state!”

“I have gone through a reset of my life. I don’t have any problems. I feel refreshed.”

“My inner knowing has taken off, and is showing me so much I can do with these tools.”

“My intention was for financial abundance & it went from 8 to 1, going from feelings of fear to flow!! I now feel very much in the flow!”

“I feel very connected to this flower of life like it’s already deeply integrated into my healing work. I’m so glad that I did this teleseminar!”

“This is the deepest most comprehensive, all encompassing healing I have ever heard of. To start with a problem and use it to ultimately connect us with all of ourselves and all that is ,is brilliant.”

“Thankyou for assisting so much with my personal and the planetary evolution in just 2 sessions. Also you have explained so well that I can now use this for any situation, priceless.”

“A profoundly changing program. i spent today doing not much, just being with and welcoming the changes recently made.”

“Thank you Elma for this wonderful Class about The Healing Helix with all those unlimited/infinite possibilities and wholeness made so simplified and easy, I enjoyed every single bit of it.”

“When we aligned with wholeness and universe I felt like lines of the flower of life were all strands of light-blue coloured, electric but gentle light. We’re all connected in a most beautiful way. What a fascinating experience. Thank you Elma for teaching us this beautiful way to centre, empower, and live life.”

“I felt grateful that I did not have to know any details.”

“I appreciate that you included how to integrate the Healing Helix with several of your other programs we have studied. Made all of them more powerful.”

“Elma what a gift. Finances had been a struggle….off the chart yesterday.Today I feel much more centered and viewing life as more a fun game.”

“So many shifts in the past 24 hours…surrendering into allowing inspiration. Thanks to you, Metatron and all the angels and guides who are so present.”

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