Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator


Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

Elma Mayer - Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

You’ve probably done lots of healing work directly on your specific problem(s). But if it didn’t really “work”… or if you still have lots of other issues… then you need to try something bigger and new!
Heal the BIG PICTURE of your life, not the Specific Problems!
When you heal your WHOLE life, then ALL of your problems automatically Align… with the larger field of HEALING itself. That’s true transformational healing.

It’s not just “holistic”… it’s actual Wholeness!
Now Healing is Different
Most healing modalities ignore a vitally important aspect of healing: the over-arching top-down zoomed-out view. They only dig into the specifics.

But if you limit your healing to limited, single areas – like just emotions, or only beliefs, or primarily energy, chakras, or meridians, or strictly structure, or solely stress, or toxins, or diet, etc…

… Then you’ll get limited results.

Because it’s not about healing just one part of your life. You need to Align the large categories of your life to your highest expression.

Now Healing integrates the big-picture of your life – The OCB Buster, Instant Integrator to update ALL your previous healing packages and modalities, Six Essential Integrations and Seven Transformations for top-down, WHOLE Life healing. It’s just so much easier that way!

In addition, Now Healing also drills down to the specifics – and not just the usual ones, like “chakras” or “past lives” or “trauma”.

We also scan the entire universe, for whatever is distorting you. Things that your conscious mind may not even be aware is affecting you.
Experience “Cosmic Congruency”

Now Healing gives you an incredibly easy, simple process to “Align with Wholeness”. It only takes a few seconds. But it gives you instant connection to your highest expression… instant Wholeness.

This allows automatic healing… for every aspect of your WHOLE life. When you have “Cosmic Congruency,” then Wholeness can flow in… to all parts of your body and life.

Best of all, you’ll get a “takeaway” – an easy, fast healing process that you can do yourself… and apply it to anything that you want to heal!
justine-peacock”Now Healing has completely changed my life. I am so grateful to Elma for this transformative modality and for her accessible, no fuss delivery of incredible results. I use it on myself, my kids, my work, and in a myriad of different ways all the time! If you are looking for a modality that works, is easy and quick to use, and enables great results – this is it! Thank you Elma for this incredible work!!”

~ Justine Peacock, Healer, Australia

marie-r”Elma and Now Healing are my go-to healing modality. Elma advocates taking matters into your own hands, and through her amazing programs, I have done just that. I am a stronger and more resilient person who is able to face a myriad of “life challenges” with grace and gratitude. I have gone from 10 to zero (no problem) many times over.
I have explored well over two dozen healing modalities in the past decade-plus, some of which required flying to exotic places. The results I get from Now Healing are like all of those condensed into one.”

~ Marie R, Hong Kong

cbs-new-york”Here’s the thing about Elma’s work. Just when you think it can’t get anymore effective, she amps up the power and blows your socks off.

I’ve been at this stuff for over 15 years, and have tried just about everything out there. Elma is far and away the best. And with the new 12X alignments, she has even managed to best herself. I don’t know how on earth she does it, but the Fast Zaps are positively other-planetary in their wattage.

It’s like plugging into a meteor shower”

~ C.B.S., New York City, NY

Do you have OCB? (Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy!)
Stressed Out About Lack of Time, Energy, Money, Love, and Everyone Else’s Needs (except your own)?
This is for you if you…
Often say “I’m Crazy -Busy” when people ask “How are you?”
Lose your true self and your true purpose to “Busy-itis” – and feel scattered after a full day of hard work, accomplishing too little.
Feel frozen, frenzied or frazzled, longing for the easy forward flow that you KNOW is possible!

Why must we always have “so much going on”? The pressure to be super-productive, to keep up with others (who seem to be getting so much more done!)… it’s unattainable and unsustainable!
Just look at how many different kinds of “Overwhelm”
you have to deal with!
Time overwhelm:

Schedule-juggling worrisome work demands, family commitments, kids’ events, soccer-mom and tiger-mom stress, and your strange inability to be two places at once! Which leads to…

Self-Care deficit:

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Not enough time (or energy) to take care of yourself, meditate, exercise, prepare healthy food, be creative, or even take a long bath. Or feeling like no matter how much “self-improvement” you do – you can never be enough.

Health & Diet Information overwhelm:

Conflicting advice from different doctors, healers, and experts. Which vitamins to take? Eat low fat or low carb? Seeking solutions to chronic health issues is a never-ending quest – and the stress further saps your health, the very thing you want to improve.

Digital overwhelm:

Compulsion to constantly check email, keep up appearances on social media, news, texts, devices, online shopping choices. Do you feel like you’ll miss out on something important unless you keep checking Facebook? Then, an hour later, you emerge from your hypnotic fog… and beat yourself up for wasting precious time.

Decision and Doubt overwhelm:

Self-doubt, dithering, and difficulty making decisions. What to make for dinner when your daughter is vegan but your husband is paleo? Taking an hour to reply to a simple request to volunteer, because you can’t decide? Not trusting yourself, and searching Google for answers (rather than your own gut)?

Productivity overwhelm:

Too much to do, not enough time. You know you are the eight-armed god or goddess who can do superhuman feats… but eight arms are never enough, you need sixteen!

Money overwhelm:

Your paycheck vs. the bills. College financial aid applications. Health insurance costs going up. Retirement? What retirement?!? Money worries feel external. But… to tap into the true source of abundant flow requires your inner balance… so your overwhelm is not helping!

Crazy Collective Conscious overwhelm:

The bad news and turbulence can feel paralyzing, out-of-control. How can we possibly find our Center, with all the craziness that’s going on?

“OCB” is not just in your mind.
It can crash your health, wealth, relationships, mood, and productivity:
Adrenal fatigue, high cortisol, hormone imbalance, and high blood pressure.
Burnout, depression, disorientation.
Feeling scattered, ungrounded, not present, brain fog.
Isolation, unable to deal with other people, need to over-protect yourself.
Feeling like a victim – or a martyr – held hostage to other people’s needs.
Anger, irritability, not being “present” for your loved ones.
Obsession with self-improvement, keeping up with the Joneses. Not being enough.
Stress about success and money.
Numbed by news, noise, and nastiness.
Inadequate self-discipline, procrastination.
How to Transcend “OCB” and Move
Forward in Effortless Flow?
The Solution: a New, Revolutionary Technology to Instantly
Rise Above Your Stressful Situation
It’s easy to Align with your power, peace, and presence… with the magic of this astounding audio.
This is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced
These incredible, fast Instant Alignment audios quickly shift the energy of “Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy.”

They snap you back to your Center, your clarity, and your courage!
How can you Possibly Get 2 Hours of Healing… in 10 Minutes?
No one else does this! Elma’s new “secret” technology is completely unique.

Now you can reach for a quick fix that actually works.
Elma’s incredible new “12x Power Alignment” technology allows you to:
Save tons of time – because you’re busy! No need to sit through a long healing session. You get two hours of healing, in just 10 minutes! (When you’re “crazy-busy”, this is an enormous blessing!)
Get amplified healing power. This unique process gives you a “stronger dosage” of healing Alignments.
Get multidimensional, multi-layered healing. In each audio, many healing fields are active, simultaneously. Many body parts, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, karma etc… are all being Aligned at the same time.
These audios are compressed into synergistic layers – in a proprietary, totally unique way.

They are not just faster… they amplify the healing field exponentially.
What you Get:
Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy (OCB) Buster (Value $147)
Fast 12x Power Alignments for your Peace, Presence and Power
Audio 1: OCB Buster – Two Hours of Healing in Ten Minutes
Audio 2: OCB Buster BOOSTER – 3-minute hyper-drive healing
PDF: How to Do It Yourself
“My CATS look and act different!!! I played Elma’s new “Overwhelm, Crazy, Busy” Booster for the first time this morning with my rather nervous rescue cat in the room. When I got back home later I noticed both my cats seemed mellow, poised and present. What is astounding is they actually look physically much more beautiful, regal and with lovely soft silky fur. This is mind-blowing after only 10 mins of playing the audio!!!!”

~ AC London, UK.

Instant Healing Integrator
Value: $147
Integrate & Expand ALL your Healing Sessions and Modalities
Fast 12x-Power Alignment Audio Technology: 2 Hours of Healing in 10 Minutes
Enhance, Optimize & Integrate EVERY healing package you have ever bought.
Brand New Healing Audio from Elma! Be the First to Experience it!
Update & upgrade ALL your healing package investments… with instant Alignment to your highest expression… now.

Get a lifetime of expansion – in this fast, deep integration of ALL healing.
You’ve Invested in Lots of Different Healings, Right?
1You love to enjoy the buffet of all those beautiful healing modalities out there. There’s so much brilliant potential for healing, with the ever-expanding explosion of powerful techniques and amazing healers available to you.

But sometimes it feels overwhelming: You’re running from one healing to the next…without fully integrating all those the multiple dimensions of healing.

Or… without getting the results you want.
How powerful would it be, if you could take all of that energy…
… and amplify, reconstitute, integrate it – instantly?
Well, that’s what the Instant Healing Integrator does!

It’s totally unique and immensely powerful.

It Re-Activates, Integrates and Amplifies Every Healing Session you’ve ever Done.

It takes disparate, scattered healing energies… and creates synergies that support you… right now.

You will get incredibly deep, expanded, and perfectly updated morphic fields of healing.

Imagine how powerful it would be to get brand new healings from your old sessions and programs – without having to re-do them.
How does it work?
All your old sessions still exist, as morphic fields, out there in the universe. If you know how to locate those fields, you can re-activate and update them.

Because contrary to what you may believe, it’s NOT about the “healer”…

It’s about YOU, tapping into the larger field of healing. And Elma guides you to do that – quickly and easily.

You’ll simply “grab” the energy fields of all the sessions and packages that are most useful for you. You will “tap into” their fields, with a simple, fast, easy technique.

Then, Elma combines three of her incredibly innovative techniques:
The new “Healing Helix” tool (see Package B for how to do it yourself)
A fantastic new way to use the immense power of the Flower of Life
The secret “12x Power Alignments”…
… to give you a totally unique upgrade of all those different healings and modalities.
Update your Old Healing Sessions – They Become Like New.
Ever had a great healing session that you wish you could repeat? You can re-activate it, updating it to meet your current needs – even if you do not have a recording of it!

Use the Instant Healing Integrator to tap into that healing field from the past.

When to use this audio:

After you get a healing from a new healer
After you do a self-healing session
After you listen to a healing program or go to a workshop
When you want to re-experience a great healing, massage, or therapy breakthrough that you had in the past
And… whenever you want a power-blast of integration

 Get immediately download Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

What Kind of Modalities can you Integrate, with this product?
Even hands-on healing and bodywork sessions can be “re-activated” with this technique.

You name it, you can integrate it, to update your healing apps
Touch for Health
Access Consciousness
Yuen Method
Matrix Energetics
Theta Healing
Shamanic healing
plus psychic readings, talk therapy,
and massage, bodywork, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy… the list goes on and on.
What you Get:
Instant Healing Integrator (Value $147)

2 Hours of Healing – in a 10-Minute Audio

Integrate & Expand ALL your Healing Sessions and Modalities with Fast 12x-Power Alignment Audio Technology
Instant Energy Healing – Quick Start Guide
10Anyone can do Now Healing effectively – even absolute beginners.

First-time users will be astounded at how fast and easy it is to learn “Instant Energy Healing.”

Even experienced healing practitioners can dramatically improve healing outcomes for your clients, when you add Now Healing techniques to your existing modalities.

Discover the instant energy healing “tools” that you can use to create powerful, fast transformation – in all areas of life.

With this 18-minute audio, you will:
Get an immediate energy-field Alignment – Experience instant shifts, as you listen.
Discover how to get the best healing results using the power-commands for Centeredness and non-attachment.
Get “Quick Start” instructions, so that you can make the most out of our other audios.
Instant Meditation and Activation – Morning and Bedtime
Value $47
8Instant Meditation – Fast Activation Audios

Activate your goal for the day, every morning as you listen.

Activate healing while you sleep, each night before bed.

This is not just a nice relaxing meditation.
Even though you may experience a huge reduction in stress,
in a fraction of the time it would take to meditate…
that’s just a pleasant side-effect, not the main purpose.

This is not a cute visualization or exercise in imagination
And it’s not yet another ineffectual affirmation.
Even though, on the surface, it may seem similar…
there’s so much more going on here!

9This is a powerful, deep Activation of change.
Behind the spoken words are Energetic Alignments…
highly effective and transformational Commands that
actually enter information into the control centers of
your physical and energy bodies.

What You Get:
Two 5-minute audios containing Instant Healing Activations.
This package includes:
All of Package A
Plus 3 items
In Package B, Elma offers two products that are perfect complements to each other… and they each cover vastly different territory, using different aspects of universal power.
Get immediately download Haled Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

“The deepest most comprehensive, all-encompassing healing… ever.”

~ An.

“A reset of my life. I don’t have any problems.”

~ R.B.

“What a gift. So many shifts in the past 24 hours.”

~ J.A.

“This is one of the most powerful things I have experienced.”

~ A.

“A profoundly life-changing program. You have explained so well that I can now use this for any situation, priceless”

~ M.

“I have been very “spiritually” oriented but feeling totally ungrounded and “disconnected” from day to day life. After “installing” the Healing Helix integrations, I observed “it” spiraling up and down my body. Space does not give justice to what transpired! The spiral moved down my body, into the earth swirling round and round like it was “rooting” or “gathering” something. This happened for about 2 minutes. After several more interesting sensations of it going up -way up!- and down again, it finally settled inside my heart center. Amazing., and just what I had needed but didn’t know that I had asked for it! Thank you, Elma and your wonderful guidance!”

~ Sue

“I have been an energy healer myself for 20 years. Elma, your modality the most powerful & useful set of tools I have ever encountered.”

~ G

“incredible … so much freedom … relaxation, love and expansion …. I felt immediate effects throughout. just very happy and grateful now”

 Get immediately download Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

~ LF

The Healing Helix – The Six Essential Integrations
to Heal your WHOLE Life
This is for You, if Your Life is:
Stagnant or Stuck:

Your procrastination, confusion, doubt, chronic pain or inability to heal from illness… can be caused by a blockage or disconnect between any of the six life areas of The Healing Helix.

Chaotic or Out-of-Control:

Any trauma, drama, upset, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, hypersensitivity, feeling scattered, losing things, mental loops, arguments, control issues, debt, over-spending, or body aches and pains that move around… can be caused by distortion, noise, or negative influence between the six integrations.

Limited or Lacking:

A lack of freedom and enjoyment, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, thinking small, depression, arthritis, stiffness, lack of mobility, inability to take action – not to mention low income, inability to find a good job… can be caused by patterns of entanglement between the six areas.

Looping or Repeating Layers of Learning:

The same problems keep showing up in new ways. You attract the same kind of love partner again and again. You find yourself having the same arguments with different people. Chronic pain or illness, or “if it’s not one thing it’s another” syndrome.

Painful or Problematic:

Your hurts, injuries, physical illnesses, emotional wounds – they don’t just “live” in your body or mind. They can sabotage your finances, family, fun, and future.

Almost Perfect?!?:

If your life is mostly pretty wonderful, but you’d still like to tweak a few areas, or take a leap into your next level of evolution… this program is a super-easy way to get it all together and integrated.

A Combination of All of the Above:

This one is most likely to be true! Sometimes your life feels pretty darn great. Other times, you wonder why there’s stress, stiffness, stuckness, or self-sabotage – in the same old areas.

What are The 6 Essential Integrations?
These six PARTS of your life must ALL work together as a WHOLE:
Health – your body, energy, vitality, resilience to stress, automatic self-healing ability, and simply feeling good!
Wealth – your ability to receive the abundance of the universe, income, money, material things, safety, security, gifts, talents
Wisdom – your higher knowing, spiritual awareness, perspective, mind, memory, mood, emotional balance, confidence, self-trust

People – your relationships, love, romance, family, ancestors, community, fame, reputation, and resonance with others
Places – your home, sleep environment, workplace, birthplace, geopathic stress, feng shui, relationship to earth, and the cosmos
Flow – your personality, patterns, purpose, life’s work, success, creativity, motivation, fulfillment, and evolution
Why Are these 6 Integrations So Essential?
These six vital areas MUST all be energetically congruent (Aligned) with each other.

If they are not… they wreak havoc on each other — usually without your knowledge!

ALL of these six areas affect each other – and everything else. They can either support — or distort — your life.
When you Integrate All 6, your Life is Powerfully Congruent
Your whole life flows beautifully – in a Healing Helix!
You are “in the vortex” – where Wholeness happens automatically. You create your highest health and happiness.
But… when these 6 Parts of your Life are NOT Integrated…
You Disintegrate! That’s when you experience suffering, stuckness, stiffness, stress, self-sabotage…
The Healing Helix is Different.
align-with-the-healing-helixIt’s a top-down approach, unlike most others. Most healing modalities dig into the specifics. But they neglect something just as vital: the over-arching top-down zoomed-out view.

In The Healing Helix, we heal both the big picture and the small specifics.

Because you need to Align the large categories of your life – and most importantly, their entanglements.

If you limit your healing to limited, single areas – like emotions, beliefs, biology, structure, energy, stress, toxins etc – then you’ll get limited results. It’s not about healing just one part of your life.

It’s about ALL the parts, and how they interconnect with each other and your whole life. Because ALL SIX Essential Life Areas need to be congruent with each other.
What You Get:
3 Audios (4 1/2 hours of power-healing) plus a 16-page written supplement. These are powerful replays of live teleseminars – in which Elma unveiled the new Healing Helix for the first time, four months ago.
Audio 1: Intro to The Healing Helix and the Flower of Life / Seed of Life Tools
Disentangle your “problems and pains” and how they interact with everything else in your life
Disentangle the 6 essential integrations
Audio 2: Going Deeper
Reintegrate everything we did in Day 1, and more!
How to use the Flower of Life and Healing Helix tools… yourself… on anything!
Audio 3: More Tools, plus Q&A
Spiral backwards helix: how to work backwards from your “already healed” state, to manifest what you want.
Reversal tool (if you get worse when you try to get better)
How to use the Flower of Life to Disentangle anything… with examples to break up tumors, get rid of mold and parasites, etc…
How to use the Healing Helix for blood circulation, high blood pressure, constipation/diarrhea
PLUS sucking in abundance and wealth with a straw…
Also – great Q&A that will help YOU!
The Seven Transformations – Space, Time, and the Elements
Heal your Body and Life – with Seven Universal Energies
4Don’t try to heal each of your “problems” separately — that’s so old-paradigm! They are all inter-related (even if it doesn’t make logical sense). The Seven Transformations gives you integration on all levels.

In The Seven Transformations, we Align your specific healing intentions with the profound power of seven energy fields (Space, Time, The Elements, and Yin-Yang Balancing). This creates huge shifts — for your individual needs and your life goals.

Shifts will happen at the speed of light — because we work with Morphic Fields, Energy and Information, not Matter or Mind! No need to analyze the problem or pinpoint the root cause. Just apply The Seven Transformations!

Discover the power of Now Healing to transform anything! This is the next generation of energy healing: Morphic Healing.

This is very different from Reiki, Qi Gong, chakra or aura healing… it’s much easier, faster, and affects everything. Not just your body, but your home, money, family, etc. Instead of only shifting energy, we shift information, and work with Morphic Resonance. Shifts happen at light-speed, creating instant connection to Wholeness – which allows healing – automatically – on all levels.

 Get immediately download Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

We will apply these Seven Transformations to ALL parts of your life, to transform your Whole Life!
You will get Instant Energy Shifts for…
Time – Aging, Stress, Procrastination, Work & Money
Space – Instant Feng Shui, Clear Negative Energy, and Create the Qualities you want in your Home (Peace, Family Harmony, Community, Inspiration, Productivity)
Yin-Yang Balance – Sleep/Wake; Work/Play; Male/Female; Creative/Receptive; Giving/Receiving; Acid/Alkaline, etc.
Air – Oxygenation, Breathing, Inspiration, Clarity…
Water – Hydration, Elimination, Flow vs. Stagnation, Emotional Flow, Plumbing, Drained Energy…
Fire – Metabolism, Digestion, Inflammation, Fatigue, Vision, Over-spending, Under-earning, Addictions (smoking, sugar, alcohol), and your “Star Power”…
Earth – Grounding, Gravity, Possessions, Nature…
And best of all, you’ll get powerful transformation for
Your Individual healing intentions and goals.
What’s In the Audios:
Introduction & Basics of Now Healing 56 minutes
What are The Seven Transformations? And what do they transform?

The Seven Transformations gives you integration on all levels. Applying one of the Transformations in one area affects all other areas. There are zillions of hidden entanglements — that are easy to clear… IF you know where to look

Each of these Seven Transformations are essential morphic healing fields — universal energies that already exist. It’s easy to tap into them. You’ll discover exactly how to allow your flow towards Wholeness… for automatic, universal healing.
Part 1: Transform Time
Length: 43 minutes
When you Transform Time… Everything in your Life Flows Better.
Daily Habits
Always Late
Always in a Hurry
Cycles (Hormones, Circulation, Sleep,Seasonal)
Work & Wages
Time & Money
Part 2: Upgrade your Space
Length: 52 minutes
Your Space influences Everything you Do. Make sure you are congruent with it! Your space should support (not distort) your life.
Negative Energy Clearing
Space Clearing
Energetic Clutter Clearing
Instant Feng Shui
How to Read the Energy of a Space
Also create the Qualities you want — in your Home, Bedroom, Office etc (like Peace, Family Harmony, Community, Inspiration, Productivity).
Part 3: Yin-Yang Balancing
Length: 51 minutes
Allow your Life to Flow between Polarities… and to be Integral, Non-Dual, and Multidimensionally Centered — Simultaneously! (It sounds esoteric, but it’s down to earth — and it affects everything!)
Breathing In/Out
Also how Feng Shui and Yin Yang are related.
Part 4: Align with Air
Length: 36 minutes
Life is Breath! Not just physical breath, but also spiritual connection, inspiration, and mental flow.
Breathing Issues (Asthma, Cough…)
Lighten up Emotions
Part 5: Balance your Water
Length: 49 minutes
Water is Essential to your Essence — not just for health, but for wealth and wisdom too.
Emotional Flow
High Blood Pressure
Dry Skin/Eyes
Drained Energy
Plumbing Issues in your Home
Financial Stagnation
Relationships that Drain you
Water Traumas (drowning, etc.)
Part 6: Focus your Fire
Length: 50 minutes
Stoke your Inner Fire for Success, and Calm it for your Health.
Body Temperature
Energy Levels
Vision and Light
Addictions (smoking, sugar, alcohol)
Cool down Arguments
Excessive Spending
Solar Flare Sensitivity activate your Star Power!
Part 7: Evolve your Earth Element
Length: 43 minutes
Your Health — and Life — depend on Earth.
Heaviness of Body
Heavy Emotions
Earth Cycles
Connecting with Nature
Note: we work with several Element systems, including the Chinese Five Elements, Ayurvedic Elements, and yes, even the Periodic Table.
Part 8: Closing – Quick Shifts and Fast Zaps
Length: 38 minutes
Here’s a fast way to activate these Seven Universal Energies! After you have done the previous audios once, you can tap into the field quickly. Each Transformation has its own “Fast Zap” audio — so you can Align with each Transformation in a quick turbo-powered fix!
Transcripts of the Audios
Length: 81 Pages
Great for following along… or taking notes… or knowing what to Align, for yourself. (Because you WILL learn to do this yourself as you listen!)
“After listening, the will to rearrange my bedroom became so strong that I had to cancel all my appointments for the day. The energy of my bedroom shifted… I am feeling so much ease that I can now spend time in my room without feeling suffocated.”

~ Dr. O. A.

“I had a headache. Within 5 min of listening to #3 Yin-Yang Balancing, I was headache-free”

~ Dr. M.T.

“The number of shifts that happen in each !!!
In old methods, this would have taken a lifetime!”

~ Peter

Clear Mind – the Complete Collection
Instant Energy Healing – for Brain Fog, Clarity, Focus, Memory, Trauma & More…
These Guided Healing Audios Target your:
Mental Chatter
Brain Fog and “Grain Brain”
Distractions and Procrastination
Traumatic (or Recurring) Memories
Mental Loops

… to Enhance your:
Mental Chatter
Brain Fog and “Grain Brain”
Distractions and Procrastination
Traumatic (or Recurring) Memories
Mental Loops

Attention and Focus
Mental Flow and Clear Thinking
Peaceful Mind
Each audio targets your specific healing needs.

Your Mind is the Command Center for your Whole Life. It steers all your actions, reactions… and inactions. From your patterns to your purpose, pleasures, people, places, profits… your mind actively creates how you perceive – and live – life.

 Get immediately download Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

Clear Mind = Clear Purpose and Clear Life! Your state of Mind is the foundation for how you experience all of life – on all levels. It’s fundamental for your fitness, feelings, family, finances, and freedom.
A foggy, easily-distracted mind creates a tangled knot of constriction and blockage in your life.
A focused, clear mind, on the other hand, creates your ideal future… with open, flowing connection to your highest self.
Just How do you Free your Mind from its Entanglements? You cannot do it very effectively by “Thinking” your way to clarity – or by NOT thinking! What actually works best (and Elma know this from personal experience) is… to simply do a few energetic Alignments. And it just so happens that those Alignments are in this audio collection!
What You Get:
Audio 1: Mental Focus & Clearing Distractions (22 minutes)
You will activate your ideal mental focus, instantly, as you listen to this Instant Energy Healing audio.

Are you distracted by the internet? Internal discomfort? Interruptions from your interns? Interesting ideas and inspirations… that have nothing to do with what you need to focus on?

If you find it hard to focus on the task at hand, use this audio to energetically clear away distractions, disruption, and distortions in your mental field.

Audio 2: Brain Fog Clearing (18 minutes)
Regardless of the physical source of your brain fog – whether it’s “grain brain,” candida, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, hormones, menopause… this audio will give your mental field a powerful cleaning and clearing.

As you listen, you will get energetic Alignments for your brain and mind, so that you can be whole and strong in the presence of any external and internal brain fog triggers.

Audio 3: Mental Chatter Clearing (16 minutes)
What aspect of “mental chatter” do you want to improve? Negative self-talk? Mental loops of anxiety and repetitive thoughts that go around and around in your head? Mental arguments with pundits or politicians that you disagree with? Or just simple meaningless chatter that won’t stop?

In this audio, you’ll get an instant clearing for your specific type of mental chatter. You’ll Align with quiet mind and mental peace, so that your mind can be active when appropriate, and calm at all other times.

Audio 4: Memory Loss and Improving Memory (15 minutes)
In what way would you like to improve your memory? Whether it’s recalling facts and figures for school, or age-related memory issues like menopause or Alzheimer’s, or just simple brain farts like forgetting names…

You will get an instant energetic upgrade for your specific intention.

Audio 5: Traumatic Memory Clearing (12 minutes)
From PTSD to milder recurring memories or past events that replay in your mind’s eye (or make you wince and shudder). Ancestral traumas that still reverberate in your life – even though they did not happen to you directly (like having holocaust-survivor parents, or ancestors who were slaves, etc.).

Are you ready to shift your specific situation? You will be healing not just yourself, but all of humanity, as you dampen the morphic resonance of personal, tribal and global traumas.
“I have difficulties in focusing, my mind chatter is very loud and a severe brain fog is a common guest. After listening just once I felt a change. Space, clarity and lightness of mind had replaced the heavy cloud of confusion and mind chatter. Love it!”

~ J.H., Finland

“A very profound clearing… feel so much peace and relaxation in my mind now. The clearing expanded and expanded into the Universe. Thank you for showing us how to become the highest version of ourselves. You are such a wonderful gift! Thank you Elma from all my heart.”

~ Silvia Mayrhuber, Rome

“This is my favourite product so far, as it clarifies the basics in working with the Morphic field. The awareness of my Infinite Self deepens with every listen, especially as the mind clears, and focus sharpens. “Mental Chatter Clearing” was fantastic and the stillness of the mind was a beautiful place to be. “Traumatic Memory Clearing” was especially important to me, as it shifted some long standing memories of grief from 40 years ago, and my sense is that these shifts will continue to evolve over time.”

~ John D., Australia

“As a Hypnotherapist and Heilpraktikker, i always look for new and effective tools that i can use on my self, my family and my clients. I tried the “Clear Mind” audios and i must say, i´m impressed. I came easily in a meditative state and felt the shifts in my body and mind. After listening to the brain fog session, i felt much more relaxed and clear minded.”

~ George Laudikos, Odense/ Denmark

“Elma’s audios are excellent at improving mental clarity. As I grow older I have a deep fear of developing dementia, as my grandmother died of dementia. Before I listened, I could frequently feel the fear of getting dementia as a rock in the pit of my stomach. After listening, I felt lighter, calmer and far less anxious about my memory as I age.”

~ Debra D., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“I was amazed with how effective and quickly the audios worked. These audios are such a relief and blessing, in particular the one on clearing past trauma as my body and mind has been experiencing this for awhile and would re-activate, literally stopping me in my tracks. Now I feel much more grounded and cleared of it. All the audios are great and I love having them in my toolbox and at my fingertips.”

~ Marcie T. Vermont, USA

“Wow! After working with the Clear Mind recordings, I was able to work single-mindedly on tasks I would previously have been putting off, and putting off. The end result was I accomplished more in a day than I would have been able to before. I am delighted and eager to work with this process more (and often) in the future!”

~ Anne E. Smith, MA, CEC, EMP, Energy Medicine and Empowerment Coaching, Norway, Maine

“After having listened to all 5 audios once, I do feel much clearer in my head and don’t get tired as fast and as much as I usually do after I have received treatments and done treatments on clients. I feel less tired and drained during the days altogether. Elma, I haven’t had any real experiences yet on how my other symptoms have changed, but I feel stronger in a sense and more accurate in my thoughts and recollection to some degree, a lot of “the fog has lifted”

~ A.B. Sweden

“I am consistently impressed with the depth of change that Elma takes us to with her teachings. Before working with “Clear Mind,” I was too easily distracted from tasks at hand by an overly busy mind. I am now more clearly focused, and it feels good.”

~ Aileen Nobles, Intuitive Core Energetic ~ EFT Malibu Healing Center

 Get immediately download Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

About Elma Mayer:
elmamayerElma Mayer, founder of Now Healing, is an internationally sought-after master healer, speaker and author who has taught over 40,000 people worldwide to instantly transform their lives, career, relationships, work and the environment. Elma originated the breakthrough Now Healing Alignments for effortless, rapid transformation.

As the daughter of two scientists, a mathematical physicist and a biochemist, she was motivated to go beyond traditional linear models and discover ways to make profound transformation practical, accessible and actionable for everyone.

Her work empowers people worldwide to be able to “do something” immediately to create positive change. Medical doctors, energy healers, absolute beginners, and even skeptics effectively use Now Healing, to create miraculous instant shifts for themselves, family, and clients. Elma’s calling is to awaken everyone’s innate healing ability – in minutes, not months or years.

Her breakthrough Instant Morphic Healing techniques take “energy healing” beyond local biofields, and expand healing to the larger realms of ecosystems, global consciousness and Alignment with Wholeness. For over 20 years, Elma has applied Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance to her healing work, with tremendous results.

Elma’s approachable, warm conversational style has made her a social media influencer who is widely followed on YouTube with over 25,000 views per video. She uses this platform to reach individuals and organisations to introduce them to how to restore the natural environment and clean up toxic situations with scalable energy transformation for the workplace, natural world and team dynamics. Elma also teaches this pioneering work to non-profits and corporates around the world via keynotes, worksops & retreats.

Elma is married to a film and television music composer and is the mother of two talented people. She also has a Master’s Degree in composition and brings sonic energetics into her healing work.

 Get immediately download Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator


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