Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood & Mind Elevator


Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood & Mind Elevator

Elma Mayer - Now Healing - Mood & Mind Elevator

From Fear to Fearlessness
12-Session Releasing Series
This 12-session course will free you from the debilitating hold of fear and liberate the unlimited power of courageousness within you.

All of us allow fear to hold us back, even if we would not consider ourselves an anxious or fearful person. It colors every decision we make. It prevents us from breaking out of patterns and taking the right actions. We stay in situations that no longer serve us, and we shrink from opportunities that can help us to move forward in the directions that serve us the most. Plus, when we are fearful we are holding in mind the very things we say we are afraid of which brings them into our experience.

Yet each and every one of us has unlimited potential for good, and as we release our fears and embrace our inner power, the whole world opens to us in new and exciting ways. We feel more at home in every situation—even the ones that we used to avoid out of fear. Our bodies and minds relax from shedding the burden of our worries and fears.

So if you are ready to break free from your core limitations and embrace all that is possible for you, join me on this exciting and powerful new course.

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Dissolving the Energy of Fear – Bringing Forth Your Courage

As we learn to recognize fear it gets easier to let it go. It seems more like a feeling we are having in the moment than a true threat to those things we hold dear. And as we recognize the courage within us we start to see, hear, and feel it everywhere. We then learn how to use it as a tool to dissolve fear and open ourselves to having the goodness that is always available in our lives.

Letting Go of Wanting to Change the Past

All our fears are born from the past. When we want to change what was, we are bound to repeat the same pattern in our attempt to change it. When we let go of wanting to change what was we free ourselves to embrace what actually is and tap the power that is always flowing toward a positive outcome now. This frees us to live a fearless life.

What Are You Expecting to Happen?

Lester Levenson used to say, “Fear and it will appear.” He had observed that fear of any type or degree, from extreme chronic anxiety and panic attacks to run-of-the-mill worrying and fretting, even the jitters, is a sticking place in our consciousness. By placing a continual emphasis on avoiding what we fear, we call it to mind over and over again, like a perverse mantra (a focal point for meditation), and it becomes a program limiting our happiness, wealth, success, and awareness of Freedom. Fear can prevent us from doing what we’d like or need to do, because we construct elaborate “what ifs,” or expectations, around taking action. Fear also stops us from letting go of our “problems,” since we can’t predict what will happen when we drop our guard.

When we see something in the world that we don’t like, we think to ourselves, “I hope that doesn’t happen to me” or “I hope that never happens again.” The mind hears and pictures the fear happening as though we actually had the thought, “I want this to happen to me.” Thus, our creative energy starts flowing in that direction. Remember, the mind only creates in pictures. Since it cannot translate the words not, never, or don’t into imagery, it ignores them.

Remember, this is all going on below the level of consciousness. Most of us don’t consciously affirm to ourselves that we want to get sick. We don’t say, “I want to lose money” or “I want to have an accident.” But we have all said the opposite. Every time we do, without realizing it, we’re holding what we fear in mind.

Beyond the Stories of Fear

We all have stories of fear we tell ourselves based on what happened in the past. The more lost we are in these stories the more we recreate the same theme in our lives over and over again. As you release your stories you can see what is true here and now and you live less under the specter of fear and uncertainty.

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False Evidence Appearing Real

There is an acronym: FEAR equals False Evidence Appearing Real. Most people’s fearful expectations are totally unfounded. Even when fears appear to have a foundation in reality, they are usually blown out of proportion to the actual risk—if there even is a risk.

When we are afraid, we often don’t see the situation clearly with our full discernment. We block our clear reason and intuitive knowingness. When we recognize the fear as untrue, we are immediately free from being as tied to the fear as we were even a moment ago. When we fully see the fear as untrue, we can free ourselves completely from it. We can then let go of fear more easily. This can make a tremendous difference in our lives and our level of wealth and success.

Freedom from the Security/Survival Program

A powerful way of releasing all feelings of fear is to let go of the Wanting Security Program. We all feel varying degrees of insecurity due to our belief that we are a body in a hostile world. While it is important to take care of the body and protect it when appropriate, the more we identify with the body, the less safe we feel. When we let go of wanting security, we feel safer. As we let go of our belief that the body is who we are, all insecurity dissolves by itself.

Asking the Right Question

When we are afraid or lost in any strong emotion, our first response is often to want to know why we feel the way we do. When we ask this question, we not only get lost in wanting to figure it out, but we also ask the mind to help us justify the feeling. This simply reinforces the feeling and makes it harder to let it go.

So, what is the right question? When you are feeling fearful, instead of asking, “Why do I feel this way?” ask your mind, “How can I let this go?” or “How can I tap my courage?” If you give the mind this positive task it will help you find the answer you need to be free of whatever is limiting you in this moment.

Tapping Your Inner Certainty

We all have the ability to have inner clarity and certainty. One of ways we keep second guessing ourselves is by looking for the answers where they aren’t. The more we look to the past to understand the present, the more we ignore our own intuitive knowingness and clear reason—the things that help us deal appropriately with whatever is actually happening now.

Let Go of Wanting to Fit into Your Fearful Expectations

When we feel afraid, we fit ourselves into a limiting belief or program that appears to be holding us hostage using our own aliveness and intent. Because we have no actual limits—we all have unlimited potential and energy—there is nothing in this world or our inner world that can hold us back unless we give it the power to do so. By letting go of wanting to fit ourselves into these limiting beliefs, we set ourselves free from them in a very powerful way.

How Has Courage Already Been Helping You in Your Life?

When we review our life, we often see it through the filter of our inner limitations. By reviewing with the perspective that courageousness is already a living presence in our life, we can easily see it in a very different way. The more we do this, the more we reinforce this energy within us, and the more we can find it, especially when we need it the most.

Who’s Afraid?

When we feel afraid, we feel like the fear is happening to us and is about us. Yet if we really look we can find that the feeling is just that—a feeling, not who we are. As we check into our direct experience, we can directly experience that we are not the fear and it is not happening to us. It only appears that way. Every time we discover that we are not the one who feels afraid, we discover what is beyond fear and limitation that is already shining in plain view. This frees us of fear and all sense of being limited.

Embracing the One Without a Second

The more we embrace our true unlimited nature, the safer we feel. As we rediscover that we are not separate from our world but rather an integral part of the whole, we feel more relaxed and at home in our lives and within our own skin. The ultimate way to guarantee a feeling of inner security and safety is to know the truth of who or what we are.
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Get Elma Mayer - Now Healing - Mood & Mind Elevator immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page From Fear to Fearlessness 12-Session Releasing Series. This 12-session course will free you from the debilitating hold of fear and liberate the unlimited power of courageousness within you. All of us allow fear to hold us back, even if we would not consider ourselves an anxious or fearful person. It colors every decision we make......