Elma Mayer – Heal Your Situation New

Every “problem” is actually a much larger Situation. And it is energetically entangled with everything in the universe – and all of space & time.

Elma Mayer – Heal Your Situation New

Elma Mayer - Heal Your Situation New

The Problem with trying to heal your Problem…
Heal Your Situation – 9 Deep Healing Sessions — Now Healing with Elma Mayer

… is that your “problem” is hardly ever just one thing.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t just have one single root cause..

Because… what caused that root cause? (And with all the work you’ve already done on it… if there were just a simple, single source for your problem… you would have healed it by now!)

Every “problem” is actually a much larger Situation. And it is energetically entangled with everything in the universe – and all of space & time.

In this program, we Disentangle ALL of that… with a revolutionary new way to Heal Your Situation.
Here’s the deep healing solution. It worked wonders for me & my clients (and here’s how it can work for you too). Watch:
What’s in this program?
Activate Deep Healing for your Entangled Situation…
without giving up your power (or lots of energy, time & money)

“I don’t think ‘Miraculous’ is an overstatement.

This has given me the only relief I’ve had in 8 years in a toxic relationship.

I cannot believe the outcome… I felt a complete shift.

I woke up and the issue was resolved. I can’t thank you enough for Heal Your Situation… Amazing program.”

—Linda D, Colorado
Free yourself from desperately seeking specialists, or:

Running around to different experts who give you conflicting advice (but who don’t look at the larger context of your many entangled issues)
Wishing for powerful miracle-workers, shamans, or gurus to save you
Chasing elusive root causes

These Healing Sessions fully empower you to…

Plug In to the Healing Field – Directly – Yourself.

No need for private sessions with energy healers or therapists.
No need to seek different specialists with conflicting cures. ***
No need to pinpoint the so-called “root cause” of your problem or get an elusive or unhelpful diagnosis. ***

You can untangle the many different knots that hold you back from automatic healing… simply by using this program.
With this program…
You’ll be able to take care of a big chunk of your healing needs, yourself.

***Of course, if you have a medical emergency or serious symptoms, please seek medical help!
Read the Disclaimer!
What’s in this program?
Do you have hidden blockages to healing?
We all do sometimes! But we are often oblivious to them.

However, these powerful audios work at light-speed to:

Unblock your connection to the Healing Field (not just for your body & mind, but for your energy, time, space & everything!)
Unravel your HIDDEN distortions (that keep you stuck in unwanted situations)
Unleash your INNATE power (to revitalize your body, mind, money, love… and whole life)

Open yourself up to the flow of the Healing State.
How can you access the Healing Field directly?
It’s actually easy.

In this program, you’ll get step-by-step guidance.

You’ll be able to:

Plug yourself into the healing field, for “automatic” healing.
Evaporate buried blockages that bind you to your deepest problems
Receive instant healing Alignments for your unique pains and limiting patterns
Remove your resonance with disease, doubts & self-sabotage
Open up ALL areas of your life, to freedom, flow & ease

Heal Your Situation – Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Allow Healing to flow into you…
with ease.
(Feel it already happening… Now!)
YES, I Choose to Heal my Situation – with Ease!
Why heal Your “Situation” – not just a “Problem”?
Why not treat each Symptom or Struggle as a Separate Issue – and get a Specialist for it?

We’ve been led to believe we should consult highly-trained specialists to treat each individual pain, pattern and problem in our lives separately. But even so-called “holistic” specialists often ignore the distant resonances and unknown entanglements that keep your problem in place.

And even worse… If you have more than one pain or problem… you’ll spend way too much of your energy, time and money chasing down specialists for each individual problem!
Because there is no such thing as an isolated problem, pain, or difficulty
All of your “issues” are actually much larger Situations.
For example…
If you have Physical Pain…

… You don’t just have an injury, inflammation or infection! You probably also have issues like…

Fear that the pain will worsen with age, or self-blame that you somehow “attracted” it (even though you’ve done everything right).

Loss of freedom – you stop going to your favorite yoga class because others might judge you as old and out-of-shape… so your life gets even more limited… so you work fewer hours, then go into debt.

Side effects from medications…. uncertainty about which treatment options will work… and whether you’ll even be able to pay for them!

If you have a Financial Problem…

… You you don’t just have overdue bills or debt. You probably also…

Argue with your spouse about money. But even if you solve your finances, that will not heal how you relate to your spouse in other life areas.

Lack confidence in your ability to get a new job that pays more… and allows you to live your life Aligned with purpose and fulfillment.
Lose sleep because of anxious mental loops… so you experience fatigue, sugar cravings, lack of productivity, and spiritual dissatisfaction.

You can see how all your problems are small parts of a much bigger picture.
So instead of healing each small part — let’s heal your entire situation.
YES, I’m Ready to Heal my Situation… Now!
Holographic Healing…
from the Tiny Hidden Roots to the Cosmic Big Picture

Heal Your Situation is a deep healing program that Aligns your situation from both the wide lense of the big picture, and the in-depth specific bits.

It heals you from every possible angle… not just the standard “holistic” areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. There’s also time and space. But most importantly, it heals morphic habits and patterns, and the resonances and entanglements between all things.

This is the most thorough and comprehensive way to heal. We heal top-down, bottom-up, inside and out, past and future… and the entire universe.

It sounds complicated, but no worries… in Heal Your Situation, I take you through an easy guided healing process.

Yes, you really can get customized healing – and and you really can heal all your many different issues – without the need for private sessions with energy healers. The simple tools you need are all right here in my Heal Your Situation audios.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Elma Mayer – Heal Your Situation New

Elma Mayer - Heal Your Situation New

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