Eileen McKusick – Biofield Tunings & Vocal Sounding


In this celebratory closing module, you’ll write and sing a song with your classmates — and Eileen’s special guests, the Brothers Koren…

Eileen McKusick – Biofield Tunings & Vocal Sounding

Eileen McKusick - Biofield Tunings & Vocal Sounding

Deeply explore the healing powers of your voice — while receiving virtual tuning-fork treatments — and come to trust your voice as potent medicine for creating and maintaining a healthier, more authentic YOU.

As we continue through these turbulent times, it can feel like we’ve been caught up in an uncontrollable riptide.

And if you have a backlog of unprocessed emotions — as many of us do — these tumultuous circumstances will only continue activating your stress responses…

This means everything that’s been hiding under the surface will rise and force you to face it.

You don’t have to stay feeling stuck, though. Instead of choosing to resist and struggle against life’s circumstances, you can surrender and make use of the current constraints to focus on what you CAN do — which might be much more than you think.

You already have access to a powerful instrument that can bring you deep into your authenticity — an empowered, balanced state in which you’re less prone to the upset and exhaustion that often leads to stress and dis-ease.

This instrument is your own body — and it includes your voice. To experience this peaceful state of wellbeing, you only need to care for your instrument (“clean the pipes”) and make sure it’s fully in tune so your authentic self can emerge.

Join us for an advanced 10-week course with Eileen McKusick, sound-therapy practitioner and founder of Biofield Tuning, as you explore sound-healing, as you explore sound healing practices to bring about profound inner balance, peace, and wellness…

… and learn to speak your truth from the core of your body so you can move through the world with greater confidence and ease.

Eileen’s Biofield Tuning is a sound-therapy method based on the premise that the human biofield — the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body — is inextricably connected with your conscious and subconscious mind.

Physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease can be traced back to dissonance in your energy field.

Biofield Tuning creates vibrational frequencies that allow the body to “tune” itself — while enhancing immunity and optimizing overall wellbeing​.

The coherent vibrations and tones of Eileen’s biofield tuning-fork treatments can reduce dissonance and resistance to optimal health in your body’s biofield — while the complementary practice of vocal sounding (an ancient healing medium that’s been used worldwide for thousands of years) can help transmute difficult feelings that hold you back from speaking and living your truth.

As you liberate the potential of your voice, you liberate your whole self, according to Eileen. And don’t worry, vocal sounding isn’t singing — it’s vocal toning, and anyone can do it!

The more you can remain in the state of calm equilibrium you’ll achieve with biofield tunings and vocal sounding, the better your body functions and the healthier you become.

Like a bigger boat with a deeper keel, you’re able to ride the swells in your environment… and before you know it, a deep sense of ease will replace the upset and exhaustion.

In Eileen’s empowering 10-week course, you’ll:

  • isit places within you that you’ve closed off and silenced — and begin exploring them, tuning them, and giving them a voice
  • Discover how toning with your voice amplifies the healing power of a tuning-fork sound-healing treatment
  • Experience a biofield-tuning adjustment on your throat center — to release blocks and open to more fluid expression
  • Learn how exploring your voice as a sound-healing instrument helps you identify heavy emotions, access their antidotes, and speak your truth
  • Explore your inner architecture with a tuning fork to open up the balanced space within your body’s resonant cavities — so you can experience the interior of your human instrument in a whole new way
  • Discover that allowing your authentic voice to emerge liberates your truest self and builds integrity — where resilience and true holistic health resides
  • Discover how to play your human instrument through humming and sounding the C scale with simple vowels
  • Explore and tune all the natural elements (earth, water, fire, air and aether) within your body
  • Learn to play and tune your diaphragm as you connect to your voice’s tone, volume, and freedom
  • Bring awareness to your lower abdomen’s key zones (womb, bladder, pelvic floor, and psoas muscles) — so you can use intention to change the shape of the sounds you make
  • Awaken forgotten potential through stuck pipe sounding and experience a new sense of liberation of your voice and emotions
  • Connect with your ancestors and heal your inherited wounds — your own shadows, and the collective’s

Module 1 — Reclaiming Your Voice: Tell Your Story, Tune Your Throat (September 15)

You probably have a complex, vivid story about your voice — and how it operates as an instrument in your life.

In this opening module, Eileen will share everything she’s learned on her journey to reclaim her own voice.

She’ll also conduct a biofield-tuning adjustment on your throat center to help you release blocks and open to more fluid expression.

Eileen will also introduce you to a powerful deepening practice where you’ll tell the story of your relationship to your body as an instrument, including the story of your singing voice.

Before the next class, you can tell this story to a friend, switch on a camera and tell it on video, or write it down.

During this opening module, you’ll explore the power of your voice to:

  • Make you sick or help you feel empowered and well
  • Affect the way you create and manifest experiences in your life
  • Determine how others respond to you
  • Reveal how embodied or disembodied you really are
  • Reflect all the trapped emotions in your body
  • Begin the process of voicing and releasing stuck sounds

Module 2 — Exploring Your Inner Architecture (September 22)

This week you’ll explore your inner architecture and resonant cavities with the Fibonacci tuning forks, 144 and 89 Hz.

As you’ll discover, these forks represent the Golden Mean — the ancient philosophical principle of the desirable middle between two extremes — and they hold the information of harmony, order, truth, and beauty that comprises the human body.

Eileen will guide you to explore the inherent perfection of the geometry that underlies the human body and the container that these patterns create.

She’ll use her tuning forks to open up balanced space within your body’s resonant cavities, allowing you to experience the interior of your human instrument in a whole new way.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the Golden Mean’s profound power, and how it impacts your life
  • Anchor yourself in awareness of your energetic template and its perfect geometry
  • Experience a new sense of inner space in the resonant cavities of your body
  • Explore a deeper relationship to the concept of order, within yourself and in the outside world

Module 3 — Playing Your Human Instrument Through Humming (September 29)

In this pivotal week, you’ll begin to explore the frequencies present within and around you…

… and discover your potential to resonate with these frequencies — through awareness and very simple sounding.

Eileen will guide you to gently play your human instrument through humming and sounding the C scale with simple vowels.

As Eileen will explain, your body is like a flute — and you can place each note in the C major scale in each of your energy centers.

She’ll use guitar to sound the scale and a tuning fork to work through any of the notes that feel stuck for you, or your fellow participants.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Proof that your body truly is an amazing instrument that can make a huge variety of sounds!
  • How the universe is a sea of infinite vibrations — and your own infinite consciousness has the ability to resonate with each and every one
  • How you can choose to dial what Eileen calls your inner radio station
  • Why sounding comes from your body — not your mouth or throat
  • The inherent playfulness of producing sound
  • A deepening practice to help you sing and hum the musical scale

Module 4 — Playing & Tuning Your Diaphragm: Connect to Your Voice’s Tone, Volume & Freedom (October 6)

Many of us have diaphragms that are locked from being exposed to circumstances that caused us to tense up and hold our breath…

This week, you’ll focus on how your diaphragm plays a key role in the tone, volume, and freedom of your voice.

As you’ll discover, unlocking your diaphragm muscle is the key to truly liberating the potential of your lungs.

Eileen will guide you and your classmates to tune your collective diaphragms, and lead you in breathing and chakra vowel sounding — to connect your awareness to this part of your body.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience a greater connection to your diaphragm
  • Move into a more profound sense of relaxation in general
  • Liberate the breath so you can breathe and sound more powerfully
  • Release fear and trauma from the kidneys
  • Continue to deepen your connection to your body as an instrument

Module 5 — Exploring Your Belly, Pelvic Floor & Psoas Muscles (October 13)

While your diaphragm plays a key role in supporting your voice, it is, in turn, supported by your psoas muscles.

In this session, you’ll use your imagination to explore the inner space of the womb, the bladder, the pelvic floor, and the psoas muscles.

You’ll explore how to bring awareness of what’s going on into these zones — and how, through deep connection, you can use intention to change the shape of the sounds you make.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Tune each area — the womb, bladder, pelvic floor, and psoas muscles
  • Experience a deeper, more conscious connection to your lower abdomen
  • Deeply relax and connect to your psoas muscles
  • Feel more comfortable and at home in your body
  • Explore toning with the womb, bladder, pelvic floor, and psoas muscles deeply engaged
  • Discover the simple power of breathing even more deeply

Module 6 — Exploring & Tuning the Elements Within (October 20)

This week you’ll continue to explore your body’s ability to give voice to what is within you and without — this time, by exploring and tuning all of the elements within you.

You’ll discover what earth, water, fire, air, and aether all feel like and sound like.

Eileen will tune each of the elements that make up your body and biofield, bringing you into a new harmonic relationship with these powerful aspects of your being.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Recognize the powerful truth that you’re made up of components of nature
  • Learn to feel and express the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and aether
  • Begin to understand the shamanic power and healing ability of your own voice
  • Improve your relationship to each of the elements — embracing fire, getting to know aether, and more
  • Recognize when to introduce each element into your approach to li

Module 7 — Visiting the Silenced Places Within: Sounding Your Stuck Pipes (October 27)

An essential part of this journey will involve visiting what Eileen calls the pit of despair, the den of disappointment, the furnace of fury, and more…

In this pivotal session, you’ll get into the real meat of this work, as Eileen says, and take time to visit places within you that you’ve closed off and silenced — and begin exploring them, tuning them, and giving them a voice.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Use tuning forks in support of each closed-off zone within
  • Clear out what Eileen calls the energetic rust and junk that’s standing in the way of you sounding all your notes
  • Add air, awareness, desire, and intention to all you’ve learned so far
  • Liberate sounds and delve into a much deeper connection to your own body and your authentic self

Module 8 — Awakening Long-Forgotten Potential: Deepening Into Stuck Pipe Sounding (November 10)

The work you began in last week’s module will continue in this session…

You’ll once again go to places within that feel shut down — that have long existed without a voice — and continue to explore them, tune them, and empower them…

In this module, you’ll continue to:

  • Awaken long-forgotten potential in your mind and body
  • Experience a new sense of liberation with your voice
  • Improve your ability to recognize and give voice to emotions as they arise
  • Understand how naming and voicing your emotions positively impacts your health and resiliency
  • Move through deep yet surprisingly simple ways to heal long-forgotten wounds

Module 9 — Connecting With the Ancestors: Ancestral Healing & Sounding (November 17)

Now that you’ve opened up all these places that weren’t allowed to make sound before…

… you can work with the wounds of your ancestors — those who came before us who were unable to express their pain and experience this level of healing.

In this class, Eileen will work in the extended biofield, where you’ll find the records of your ancestors’ lives.

You’ll discover how to become the vehicle for your ancestors’ healing — and explore how this process also heals you, and informs our entire collective.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore how many of the burdens you carry are imprints in your energetic DNA
  • Experience the release of burdens you didn’t know weren’t yours
  • Connect more deeply to your ancestral heritage
  • Radiate coherent vibrations throughout all the DNA you’re connected to

Module 10 — Celebrating & Playing With Your Newly Tuned Human Instruments (November 24)

In this celebratory closing module, you’ll write and sing a song with your classmates — and Eileen’s special guests, the Brothers Koren

Isaac and Thorald Koren are a singing and songwriting duo who were once signed to a major music label, toured packed arenas, and heard their music in major motion pictures…

Yet one day, they woke up to the truth that they were allowing the music industry to define their value. They set out to reclaim their voices.

This week, they’ll take you through a powerful exercise, The Songwriter’s Journey, to help you reclaim your voice, too.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Celebrate and play with your newly tuned human instrument
  • Co-write a song while engaging in a fun, creative group process
  • Participate in a group singing session with the amazingly talented Brothers Koren
  • Reflect on all you’ve learned about experiencing your voice as potent medicine to uncover a healthier, more authentic you

Module 1: The Power of Electric Health & the Biofield Anatomy Map: Discovering Fear’s Connection to Your Bones

Module 2: How the Emotions of Worry & Uncertainty Show Up in Your Head

Module 3: The Sticky, Tricky Emotions of the Throat, Heart & Lungs

Module 4: How Anger Impacts Your Solar Plexus & Digestion

Module 5: How Your Lower G.I. System Is Connected to Emotions Like Guilt, Shame & Low Self-Worth

Module 6: Why Your Knees Are Linked to Feelings of Being Trapped

Module 7: Tying Everything Together: Why Your Feet Hold the Empowering Information You’ll Need

PLUS, you’ll get the Sound Healing Alchemy to Transmute Difficult Emotions Bonus Collection

Bonus #1

The Vagus Nerve
3-Part Audio Teaching From Eileen McKusick

Bonus #2

Brain/Vagus Nerve Integration
Audio Teaching From Eileen McKusick

Bonus #3

Deep Cleaning the Blood
Audio Teaching From Eileen McKusick

The original price of Sound Healing Alchemy to Transmute Difficult Emotions on its own was $297.00, but it’s INCLUDED in your registration for the advanced course!

The Biofield Tunings & Vocal Sounding Bonus Collection

In addition to Eileen’s introductory program and transformative 10-week virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful teaching sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

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Get Eileen McKusick - Biofield Tunings & Vocal Sounding immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page In this celebratory closing module, you’ll write and sing a song with your classmates — and Eileen’s special guests, the Brothers Koren...