EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014


EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014

EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014

Iyanla Vanzant – The Power of Radical Forgiveness: How to Forgive Everyone for Everything with Tapping
Day 1 :
Cheryl Richardson – Healing and Releasing Patterns of Guilt and Shame Forever

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Jessica Ortner – Finding Peace in the Past: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 2 :
Nick Ortner – Dramatic Pain Relief with Tapping: The Miraculous Results and How You Too Can Use It Today To Get Relief
Julie Schiffman – Healing the Body: A New Approach to Health and Illness
Jessica Ortner – Finding Relief from Physical Pain: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 3 :
Jessica Ortner – The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence: How to Stress Less, Weigh Less and Love More
Carol Look – From Burnout to Balance: How Tapping Can Bring You Peace and Clarity
Jessica Ortner – Connecting to Your Core: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Feel Centered and Strong

Day 4 :
Margaret M. Lynch – From Debt to Wealth: How to Clear the Hurdles Keeping You Stuck
Pamela Bruner – Reconciling Money and Spirituality: How to Be Spiritual and Abundant!
Jessica Ortner – Finding Financial Peace, Focus and Creativity: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 5 :
Mary Ayers – Releasing Anxiety: Tools to Create an Anxiety Free Life
Carol Tuttle – Healing and Releasing Anger: How Truly Letting Go Can Change Your Life
Donna Eden – Using Tapping with Energy Medicine for Dramatic Results
Jessica Ortner – Releasing Anxiety Around a Future Event, Project or Deadline: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 6 :
Dawson Church – Intimate Relationships: How to Experience Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationships
Lindsay Kenny – Tap Into Love – Using Tapping to Find Your Soulmate
Jessica Ortner – Cutting the Cord: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Release a Past Relationship

Day 7 :
Dr. Pat Carrington – Aging Gracefully: Wisdom Teachings from a Tapping Elder
Brad Yates – Our Children: How to Tap With Kids to Transform Their Lives and Futures
Jessica Ortner – It’s Never Too Late: A Guided Tapping Meditation for Health, Vitality and Passion for Life

Day 8 :
Rick Wilkes – When You’re Stuck – Overcoming Frustration and Creating Self-Acceptance
Dr. Paul Scheele – Your Life Purpose – Finding Inner Clarity and Meaning with Tapping
Jessica Ortner – When Life Feels Stuck: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Help you Move Forward

Day 9 :
Dr. Lori Leyden – Tapping for World Change – Dramatic Results That Will Inspire and Move You
Dr. Erin Shannon – Peak Performance – How Our Top Athletes Are Using Tapping and How You Can Too
Jessica Ortner – Create Peace in the World: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 10 :
Steve Wells – Catapulting Your Dreams: Overcoming the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success
Gwenn Bonnell – The Power to Truly Transform: Self-Acceptance and Self-Love as Gateways to Healing
Jessica Ortner – How to Quiet the Critical Voice: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 11 (Bonus Day):
Jessica Ortner – Integration Process

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