Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng – Conscious Manifestation 2022


The purpose of this course is to help you realize the connection between outer doing and spiritual realization, and to help you bring the two together.

Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng – Conscious Manifestation 2022

Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng - Conscious Manifestation 2022

A Personal Letter from Eckhart Tolle

As we begin a new year, many people ask me about finding their purpose in this world and how this connects to spiritual awakening. It’s a very important question.

On the one hand, your life purpose unfolds through the activities that you engage in on what I call “the horizontal dimension”—or the dimension of doing. Many teachings on manifestation focus almost exclusively on this dimension, suggesting that if you get what you want, you will be happy. But that’s a fallacy; everybody eventually finds if they only operate on the horizontal dimension they may get what they want, but it doesn’t ultimately satisfy them.

There is another dimension that I call “the vertical dimension,” or the dimension of Being, which is equally important to be aware of when we talk about manifestation. The mastery of life is to have them both in your life. I sometimes call it the dance between being and doing—not as separate things, but acting together—being and doing as one.

The purpose of this course is to help you realize the connection between outer doing and spiritual realization, and to help you bring the two together.

In this course we will look deeply into the skills, the practices, and, perhaps most importantly, the attitude or posture of conscious manifestation. Remember: the ultimate source of satisfaction in life is to recognize yourself as consciousness. If you miss that, then no matter what you achieve in life, it is not going to make you happy for very long.

The universe has been creating continuously for millions of years. But it may be that the next stage in creating is a very different one from the way in which the universe has been creating for the past few million years.

As humanity awakens, so too will our powers to create true change on our planet.

With you on the path,
MODULE 1: The Primary Importance of Realizing the “Deep I”

How to Connect with the Source of Creativity

What is manifestation? There is a relationship between your predominant state of consciousness (your predominant way of thinking) and what you experience as your reality.

Put simply, manifestation is about influencing your external circumstances by changing your thinking and your state of consciousness. We all manifest. The question is: How are you doing it?

Topics include:

The enormous power of inner space, and how to identify with your essence identity—the “Deep I”
Finding a balance between Being and doing and learning how to think without losing Presence
Accessing pure consciousness before form to cocreate with an awakening universe
The hidden grace in every misfortune
A guided “Reset Meditation” from Kim Eng to come down from emotional activation and move into present moment awareness

MODULE 2: Inviting Universal Intelligence to Work Through You

How to Follow Your Creative Impulse

The underlying premise of manifestation is that there is a field of intelligence that, although invisible to the eye, sources all of creation on the level of form. Aligning consciously with this universal intelligence is the subject of our second module. It starts with the direct realization that “there is no you apart from the universe.” In your most essential nature, you are consciousness.

Topics include:

Accessing the underlying intelligence of the universe
How contemplative traditions and asceticism can enhance your creative abilities
Fluctuating degrees of realization and how conscious manifestation becomes an experience of gratitude and joy
What to ask the universe to receive inspiration and transcend the egoic mind
How to access nonconceptual intelligence and invite the transcendent dimension into your life

MODULE 3: The Tools of Conscious Manifestation

How to Use Affirmations, Awareness, and the Feeling of Abundance

In Module 3, we turn our attention to the practical tools and the inner attitude of conscious manifestation. Eckhart offers instruction in the practice of using affirmations, guidance in the art of vision boarding, and insights into elevating the “vibrational frequency” of every cell in your body.

Module 3 also looks at how to deal with obstacles, rejection, and other challenging situations that inevitably arise on the path of manifestation. This includes managing your ego, which can assert itself through various forms of negativity such as complaining, aggression, or frustration in the face of obstacles.

Topics include:

The ultimate source of satisfaction: recognizing yourself as consciousness
Conscious relationships and how they arise
How to create from fullness, not scarcity
Kim Eng offers a “Re-imagine Meditation” for pulling yourself out of the egoic headspace and into the present moment

MODULE 4: Q&A Session with Eckhart Tolle

The Most Pressing Questions Answered

In this special Q&A session, recorded during a live broadcast, Eckhart answers specific questions from students.

How do I discover my true purpose in this lifetime?
What is most likely to pull you out of Being consciousness?
How long can you maintain focused awareness even while distractions pop up?
Is it egoic to have desires and want a certain amount of security and abundance?

MODULE 5: Physical Health and Conscious Relationships

How to Sense the Universal Intelligence Beneath the Surface of Life

Module 5 illuminates the practice of conscious manifestation as it pertains to the health of your body and your relationships. Eckhart begins by discussing the ever-changing nature of the physical forms we inhabit, pointing us toward the deeper essence underlying the “surface phenomena” that entail the body. He also shares insights and practices to support physical healing.

Topics include:

The role of health challenges and physical dis-ease in the process of awakening and conscious manifestation
How to surrender to what is (without surrendering to the idea of “illness”)
Discovering the two vital ingredients of manifestation: energy and action
How to look deeper than the body for healing while leveraging exercise and nutrition
Examining your relationship patterns and creating interpersonal relationships that encourage realizing yourself—and everyone else—as consciousness

MODULE 6: Growing Through Your Challenges and Learning to Let Go

How to Access the Power of Full Engagement in the Present Moment

Life is meant to challenge us because that’s how we grow. In Module 6, Eckhart discusses the great adventure that we embark upon in cocreating with the universe, as well as the challenges and successes this may involve. He cautions us about the various ways we can self-sabotage our process of manifestation, and offers insights into accessing the energy of creativity.

Topics include:

Overcoming deep-seated mental conditioning and other forms of self-sabotage
How to finally transcend personal and collective victim identities and release the pattern of complaining, judging, and blaming
Tapping a singular creative energy stream and discovering what Eckhart calls “success in the present moment”
Releasing the ego as an obstacle to ongoing manifestation
Practicing what the Bhagavad Gita terms “full engagement” so that we love what we are doing and give it our fullest

MODULE 7: Q&A Session with Eckhart Tolle

In this second Q&A session, recorded during a live broadcast, Eckhart answers specific questions from students.

How can you overcome deep-seated patterns and other forms of self-sabotage?
What can you do to bring your full attention to “just this moment and the task at hand”?
How can you remain present when you are required to move quickly and do a lot of work?
How can you shift your attitude toward money?

MODULE 8: Acknowledging the Good and Being a Light in the World

How to Make a Conscious Contribution to a New Earth

Despite the best of intentions, we cannot manifest a more conscious world without a shift in consciousness that begins on the individual level. As Eckhart says, “The New Earth begins with your awakened consciousness.” In Module 8, our discussion of conscious manifestation turns to the outer world we share with all of life. When you manifest a more sane and harmonious life within your personal sphere, explains Eckhart, this harmony begins to extend beyond you and into the collective consciousness of humanity.

Module 8 explores the ways in which each one of us can become a light of love and compassion in our world, through giving up the need for control, acknowledging the many good things we are blessed with, and practicing gratitude and appreciation on a daily basis.

Topics include:

Riding the wave of creative energy and finding satisfaction in the here and now
The fallacy of having total control
How life unfolds between polarities of order and chaos
The unconsciousness in our political landscape
A “Re-emerge Meditation” from Kim Eng designed to both soften your landing and solidify your tether to Presence

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Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng - Conscious Manifestation 2022

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