Dave Gerhardt – B2B Marketing Accelerator


This eight session, eight hour on-demand program gives you all of my tools, tricks, and insights to become a better marketer. File Size: 2.72 GB

Dave Gerhardt – B2B Marketing Accelerator

Dave Gerhardt - B2B Marketing Accelerator

My B2B Marketing Playbook delivered over eight hours of on-demand videos and podcasts.

The number one question I get from DGMG members is “hey do you have a link to your marketing playbook?” This is it.

This eight session, eight hour on-demand program gives you all of my tools, tricks, and insights to become a better marketer. The number one question I get is “can you share your playbook” but a slide deck would never do the trick here. There is too much nuance. Instead I decided to film an eight week session with a group of marketers going deep on eight core topics in marketing. Aided by a few special experts along the way, I break down every aspect of B2B marketing from soup to nuts in conversation with ambitious marketers like yourself. Ultimately, this course will help you understand how to function as a marketing leader and handle all aspects of your marketing org and give you a crash course on building a high performing B2B marketing team.

What You’ll Learn From This Course

Hour One: Setting B2B Marketing Goals & Getting Executive Buy-In
Hour Two: Building A B2B Marketing Strategy
Hour Three: Building The Team & Structuring Your Marketing Org
Hour Four: Content & Social Media Deep Dive
Hour Five: Creative, Comms, PR Deep Dive
Hour Six: Demand Gen & Marketing Ops Deep Dive
Hour Seven: Product Marketing Deep Dive
Hour Eight: Internal Marketing Deep Dive

Watch The Videos On Your Schedule

After purchasing access to this course you’ll get a login to access the video content on-demand to watch on your schedule. You can crank through them in a weekend or make it part of a routine over the next eight weeks and put a video on in the background and listen to the audio over the next eight weeks.

100% Risk Free To Purchase

Purchase this course risk free with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you sign up for this course, watch some of the videos, and don’t see the value in the content, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a refund no questions asked. I am not trying to oversell you. The content in here is legit and I know it can help you if you’re in B2B marketing and need a crash course in running a high-performing B2B marketing operation. I want to make this a no brainer, so I stand by the 30-day money back guarantee.

**Everyone who purchases this course will also be able to listen to the content in podcast form.**

I want to make this content as consumable as possible so in addition to making the eight sessions available over video (if you’re the type that wants to follow along and takes notes) this content will also be available in podcast form. After purchase, you’ll get instructions for how to get a private podcast feed (not available to the public) so you can listen to the eight hours of audio on-the-go instead of (or in addition to) watching the videos.


“I was able to figure out what kind of marketer I wanted to be” – Oliver R.

“I have always appreciated Dave’s wealth of marketing knowledge that he shares in the DGMG community. But, when I took his marketing accelerator course, it took all of the concepts he had introduced to a whole new level. It made me a smarter and more strategic marketing leader.” – Emily P.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Dave Gerhardt – B2B Marketing Accelerator

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Get Dave Gerhardt - B2B Marketing Accelerator,  You can crank through them in a weekend or make it part of a routine over the next eight weeks and put a video on in the background and listen to the audio over the next eight weeks.