Daniel Scranton – Accessing the Healer Within for Healing Yourself & Others


The Intuitive Sound, Light Language & Hands-On Healing Academy is the most obvious choice, as all three of the modalities in the title were taught by me to those in attendance.

Daniel Scranton – Accessing the Healer Within for Healing Yourself & Others

Daniel Scranton - Accessing the Healer Within for Healing Yourself & Others

What Is Included in This Master Course & Why?

For this Master Course on Healing, I’ve included three sets of recordings from three of my courses that I know are related to healing yourself and others. The Intuitive Sound, Light Language & Hands-On Healing Academy is the most obvious choice, as all three of the modalities in the title were taught by me to those in attendance. The next course recordings included in this Master Course – Light Languages for Creating Your Reality, Healing & Channeling – contains even more instruction on light languages and how to utilize them for healing yourself and others. And the third course – High Vibration Master Class ∞How to Raise Your Vibration – is also all about healing, because in order to heal anyone or anything, you must be in a high enough vibration to receive and transmit healing energies. 

With the other 17 recordings that I chose for this course, there are light languages, sound healings, activations & meditations to bring your innate healing abilities to the surface of your consciousness, as well as offerings that are for providing the right vibrations and energies for healing yourself. As a healer, no matter what modality you utilize, you will always want to have faced all the wounds and traumas in yourself so that you can put your best foot forward in your service work of healing othersJoy! <3

3 Hours of Recordings from My: Intuitive Sound, Hands-On & Light Language Healing Academy

Throughout the three hours of this recoded course material, I’ll present you with everything I know about sound healing, hands-on/Reiki, and healing with light languages. I began my journey as a healer in 2003, when I became a level 1 Reiki practitioner. In 2011, I spontaneously speaking in a language of light, and in 2012 I began to channel tones and overtones. Since I first discovered I had the ability to heal others, I’ve been sharing these gifts and over the course of over 17 years, I have honed my abilities. In this course, I’ve set out to help others to become the healers that they’ve always knew they were, and I am also excited to help those who have been offering their healing services take their gifts and abilities to the next level. 

I know that there is something I can offer to people who are brand new to the healing arts and to those who have been healers for decades but feel that they are ready to go further with their healing practice. In the recordings you’ll receive of this course, I’ll lead you through guided processes where you will access more gifts, more activations, and even enter the crystal healing chambers that the Pleiadians and Arcturians have both constructed in their star systems. This is a time where so much more healing is needed on this world, and people are getting fed up with the ways of Western Medicine (drug ’em all or cut the bad stuff out!). Now is the time for the new healers to emerge and offer more empowering forms of healing to the people of Earth. Love! <3

3 Hours of Recordings from My: Light Languages for Creating Your Reality, Healing & Channeling

In the 3 hours of recordings from this three-week courseI’ll teach you everything I know about light languages (light languages are known by some as “speaking in tongues”). You will learn how to speak them, what they do for you and others, and how to use them for the purposes of healing, creating your reality, and even verbal channeling.

You will be encouraged to speak your own unique light languages, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak for different ET races and non-physical collectives. You will also write your light languages out on paper and absorb the coded information and healing properties they bring. Do you know what I love best about speaking light languages? There’s no right or wrong way to speak them, and they don’t have to make any sense to us. They are meant to activate & heal us…not to be understood by our very limited minds. It’s very liberating to speak a light language and just let the energy, codes, and vibration do what they naturally do to us. And it’s fun!

3 Hours of Recordings from My: High Vibration Master Class ∞How to Raise Your Vibration

This three week course was taught by me & the beings I channel. I’ve learned a LOT of tricks on how to find, hold, and raise vibrations over the almost 6 years that I’ve been eavesdropping while channeling my guides. In addition to telling you about how I’ve applied the teachings I’ve channeled, I also channeled a different collective at the end of class each week – The Creators, The Arcturian Council, and The Pleiadian High Council of Seven all offered their insights and support in these three separate 1-hour recordings from the three classes I taught in the course.

In these recordings, I teach you all I’ve learned and applied to my life, including: how to find a vibration in your body, how to hold it, expand it out, and create your reality with it. I also taught tools, exercises, and processes for raising one’s vibration, like breathing, toning, and visualizing to get your frequency up and up for good! I loved teaching this course, and I’m sure you’ll love the class recordings!

Pleiadian Sound Healing for Healing Your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Energetic Bodies

Pleiadians are known throughout the galaxy as the master healers that they truly are. I’ve been channeling The Pleiadian High Council of 7 since 2016, and very recently, I made contact with a Pleiadian named Sylus while channeling a light language. I channeled both Sylus and The Pleiadian High Council of 7 as I brought this sound healing through me. I played one of my brand new crystal bowls (thanks, wifey!) while channeling tones and overtones, and I held the intention for the sound healing to heal you on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic planes of your existence. The result is this 10-minute recording of that channeled healing session from the Pleiadians, and I know that it will be an effective tool in helping you with whatever life challenges you’ve been struggling with at this time. How do I know that? Sound is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal as healers on Earth, and I’ve known that for quite some time. I’ve benefited from sound healings, performed sound healings, and I love feeling the power of tones and sounds moving through me. Listen to this downloadable file, and heal yourself on all levels of your being-ness. Love! <3

Healing Meditation ∞Yeshua

Our physical health and well-being. It’s so important, and yet, we hardly think about it unless we’re already sick. That can all change, of course, as we pay more attention to our energy and emotions, which are the places where health and well-being really begin. In this 15 minute meditation from Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ), he takes us through a process of healing ourselves that will leave you with a brand new body and a brand new energy field. The meditation is set to beautiful new age music and can be done any time you’re feeling ascension symptoms, have an illness, pain, or even just discomfort in your physical body. The energy transmission is strong in this one. Yeshua always brings such a gigantic energetic force with his presence. Enjoy! <3

Meditation on Healing Your Inner Child ∞Archangel Michael

This guided meditation on healing your inner child is about 15 and a half minutes and comes to us from the beautiful angelic collective known as Archangel Michael. In this meditation, Michael guides us through the process of accessing the moment of our inner child’s loss of innocence, and then the Archangel brings us to a place where we (the adult version of ourselves) are the ones actually healing that inner child. This meditation is set to beautiful new age music that will help soothe you into the healing process. I knew Archangel Michael was the perfect being/collective to channel forth this meditation, and the soothing, nurturing, loving presence of Michael can be felt viscerally as you listen and follow along with the visualizations and processes.

Meditation for Activating Your Healing Abilities ∞The PHCo7

Through their soothing energy and vibration, the Pleiadian High Council of 7 helps us to gain access to what already exists inside of our bodies, minds, and energetic fields as they guide us through the process of reaching for what lies within us. We’ve all been healers in previous lifetimes, and some of those lifetimes (thousands for some of us) took place in the Pleiadian Star System. That means that the Pleiadian High Council of 7, as Pleiadian beings, can activate us to re-activate those abilities, just as they can activate our Pleiadian DNA and the knowing of ourselves as Pleiadian beingsThe Pleiades is all about healing, teaching, channeling, and leading others into a higher vibrational state. That’s why the PHCo7 was the obvious choice for this meditation. I’m so happy to have brought them through for all of you! Joy <3

Light Language for Activating Your Healing Abilities

In this download of just over 5 and a half minutes, you’ll hear me speaking a light language that is infused with the intention to activate your healing abilities. While you listen, feel the chakras in the palms of your hands. If you want to be a sound healer, feel into your throat chakra while you listen. After listening a few times, you may feel inspired to speak your own light language. Each person speaks their own unique light language, so don’t expect it to sound like mine. Have fun with it and enjoy! <3

Light Language for Activating More Reiki Energy to Flow Through You

Reiki Energy. Most people don’t know this about me, but I am a Reiki Master, and it was through doing reiki on people that I noticed I had the ability to channel. As a Reiki Master, I can give people attunements for Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and I can give others Reiki Master attunements as well. When I channeled this light language, I did so while holding the intention that the light language brought through would include the energy, vibration, and galactic light codes to activate the reiki energy in the listener. It’s 6 minutes in length and very powerful. Anyone who is already attuned in any of the reiki levels will benefit from this download, as it was designed to activate MORE of the reiki energy in you, no matter what level you’ve attained. Even if you’ve never had a single attunement, this light language will affect your healing abilities in a positive way. Flow! <3

Sound Healing for Activating Your Shaman, Wizard/Witch, Sorcerer(ess) & Priest(ess) Lifetimes

Some of our most interesting lifetimes are the ones where we played the role of the shaman, wizard, witch, sorcerer, sorceress, high priest, or high priestess. But most of us don’t remember anything from those lifetimes. Lucky for us, we don’t have to remember the lifetime to have the abilities from those lifetimes activated within us. That’s why I created this sound healing with the tones and overtones I channel, along with one of my crystal bowls. I infused the sounds with the intention of activating the abilities from those lifetimes. Listen to this one whenever you’re attempting to tap in to your magical, mystical abilities. Sit back, relax, and let the sounds do all the work. Get activated! Joy <3

Light Language for Activating Your Native American Lifetime Memories, Spiritual Gifts & Shamanic Healing Abilities

Our past lives. They are perhaps the best way for us to grant ourselves access to all that we want, including our spiritual gifts and shamanic healing abilities. Given how spiritually evolved the Native Americans were, and how closely and in harmony they lived with Mother Earth, these lifetimes are ones that we definitely want to to have activated and integrated into who we are in this lifetime. When I channeled this light language, I could definitely feel the shamanic connections that I have in my past lives coming through me. That’s the power of a light language. Each one contains the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes that are needed to put us in the desired state of receiving that we want from listening to it. This is a particularly powerful one! I could feel it, and I’m sure you will too. Love <3

How to Heal Using 5D Technology ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

If you’ve ever been an energy healer, Reiki, or simply worked with energies to assist others in their healing process, whether it be from emotional, physical, psychological, or energetic distress, there are new ways of working with the energy of the 5th Dimension. The Pleiadian High Council of Seven offers a few of those approaches in this download of about 11 and a half minutes. Tap in to your potential and heal yourself and others with these amazing abilities we are all opening to. Enjoy! <3

Sound Healing for Arthritis, Joint Pain & Muscle Pain

Pain. We’ve all felt it. Hopefully, you haven’t had to deal with it on a daily basis, but some of us have at one point or another in our livesArthritis is a type of chronic joint pain, and it affects more of us with age (and perhaps because as we move through time, we pick up more resistance and traumatic experiences). Muscle pain, neck pain, and pain in our organs can also be chronic and very unsettling to our minds, and our emotional bodies as well. That’s why I created this sound healing with the tones and overtones I channel, combined with the intentional playing of one of my crystal bowls. This sound healing contains the vibrations, intention, and energy to counteract the vibration that lies underneath your arthritis, joint pain, and/or muscle pain. Getting to the vibrational root of any problem/situation/issue is the key to eliminating it for good, and I know that sound is the most powerful healing modality that we have on the planet today. That’s why I am so confident that this sound healing will work for you! Love <3

Light Language for a Soul Healing Across All Lifetimes

Our souls. They’ve been on quite a long journey throughout our many, many lifetimes. And we know that they’ve seen and done a lot, including being a part of a LOT of traumatic events and circumstances. That’s why I channeled this light language transmission. I infused this light language with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes to heal you on that deep, deep level of your soul. We often focus on clearing our chakras or our energy fields, but the soul…the soul needs healing too. This language of light will wash over all aspects of who you are and who you have ever been to give you that gentle, loving feeling that you’re being held in the arms of a benevolent being of light. Love <3

Sound Healing for Releasing Emotional & Physical Trauma from this Lifetime & All Past Lives

Clearing emotional and physical trauma from this lifetime and all past lives is a tall, tall order, and it’s the one we took on when we incarnated during this time of ascension. So anything we can do to help that journey move forward is well worth the effort. That’s why I channeled the tones and overtones for this sound healing. I also infused the intention of releasing those traumas in my playing of one of my crystal bowls. Together, the sounds will powerfully move you forward on that very long voyage of releasing all the traumas from all of your past lives…and the traumas you’ve endured in this one as well. Listen to this one whenever you feel one of those traumas coming up to be cleared and released. The recording is 10 minutes and 10 seconds in lengthLove! <3

Sound Healing for Clearing Childhood Trauma ∞Daniel & Maricris

This sound healing of 10 minutes and 18 seconds will take you on a journey that will clear you of all childhood trauma…from this lifetime and all others. The sound healing is two pronged – there’s the shamanic drumming of Maricris Dominique (my wife) and the channeled tones from me, Daniel. Together we co-created this magical elixir for clearing those childhood traumas that have been sticking to you like glue for years and years. Even the traumas you’re unaware of from this lifetime and all past lives will melt away as you sit back and listen to the healing sounds of this download. Feel the relief of letting it all goHealing! <3

How to Heal Your Traumas ∞Archangel Michael

Our traumas. It doesn’t matter what size they are or how many you’ve experienced in this lifetime. We all feel the effects of our traumas from time to time, but how often do we stop and take the time to heal the traumas that come up for us? In this downloadable mp3 recording, Archangel Michael has delivered a process to help us heal the parts of ourselves that are still affected by the traumas we’ve experienced in this lifetime. This soothing recording is just under 11 and a half minutes in length, and the process is very powerful. As powerful as it is, you may need to listen to it day after day before you clear all the traumas that you have yet to clear. Namaste. <3

Tones & Overtones for Releasing & Healing Sexual Trauma ∞The Creators & Hathors

In this downloadable mp3 recording from The Creators and The Hathors, they provide the tones and overtones that I channeled are for assisting us in releasing and healing our sexual traumas from this lifetime, past lifetimes, and/or both. Tones, overtones, and sounds are perhaps that most powerful healing tools that we have available to us in this dimension, and I feel that I’ve been fortunate enough to channel several collectives (like The Creators & The Hathors) that have helped me to access those vibrations for the purposes of healing myself and others. This recording is over ten minutes of tones and overtones with a brief intro from yours truly on how to best utilize the recordingNamaste <3

Overtones for Releasing Past Romantic Relationships & the Traumas They Hold

These overtones from The Hathors and The Creators are infused with the intention to help us release past romantic relationships and all the energies and traumas surrounding them. Whether you tone along or just lie back and listen, you’ll receive the benefit of this 10-minute download. Tones and overtones are powerful healing devices, especially when infused with intentions. Just by listening, you’ll be purging the energy from your past romantic relationships. Enjoy <3

Recording of My Group Reiki, Sound Healing & Light Language Healing Event

This 60-minute recording from a recent Group Online Healing Event I did contains tones, overtones, light language and reiki energy that I provided for the individuals who were in attendance. This recording contains a massive healing that will work on YOU as well, because so many different intentions were supplied for the event, and because all the beings and collectives I was channeling knew exactly who would hear the recording in the future, as well as knowing about those who were in attendance live for the event. Listening to this recording will be like getting a full sound bath healing, so you will need to lie down, relax, and close your eyes while you listen, and you will want to hydrate before and after receiving the enormous amount of healing energy in this download!

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