Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson – Spiritual Mastery of Money


You’ll subtract drama and add peace of mind. You’ll dissolve fear and replace it with trust. You’ll be simultaneously more generous and more savvy.

Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson – Spiritual Mastery of Money

Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson - Spiritual Mastery of Money

Are you ready to go beyond superficial teachings
on “the secret” to manifesting wealth
and create a truly healthy, abundant and
even sacred relationship with money?

Do you want to be more prosperous and
successful but in a way that is fully
aligned with your heart and soul?

Then you are in the right place. The truth is that virtually anyone who is dedicated to living consciously has inherited some distortions and issues around money, and they often hold us back from living our soul’s purpose and having the resources to invest in growth, healing, education, travel, helping our families, growing our businesses, and bettering our world.

We watch Wall Street gambling with our future and witness with horror the destruction of our ecosystems by rapacious companies, which often leads to a negative opinion of money.

Too often, spiritually oriented people throw the baby out with the bathwater by rejecting money altogether and undermining our ability to be prosperous, generative, and entrepreneurial in a way that leads to radiant success and powerful service.

The truth is that money is a neutral projection screen for our attachments and fears, our desires and shadows.

When we can create a truly clear and mature relationship with money, we become far better at manifesting more of it for our families AND building businesses and philanthropic efforts that can change the world.

To truly master money means having a whole, sacred, and balanced relationship with money that allows you to make wise decisions about earning, spending, investing, and growing your money, decisions that fully align with your soul AND leave you feeling like you’re in charge of your life.

It means becoming magnetic to more money without being attached or greedy.

That’s why clearing out our money beliefs and limiting patterns can have generate such a large return on investment – a few hundred dollars invested in the right program to clear out our subconscious can multiply tens and hundreds of times as we become more aligned with earning, attracting, growing, and investing our resources.

In the Spiritual Mastery of Money course, you will go to a profound level of understanding, self-inquiry, and personal transformation in your relationship with money by working with two of the real “wise elders” in this work. Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin have been at the forefront of spiritual development to social change movements, as well as leaders in the founding of the whole socially responsible investment field.

What they have seen, time and again, is that even the most sophisticated and conscious people still have blind spots around money and that few – if any of us – have done the subconscious clearing required to have a truly radiant and free relationship with it.

Too often, we let our emotions – dictated by outdated internal programs – lead us onto a rollercoaster that swings from consumerism to self-denial, financial risk-taking to fear.

It’s time for something different, not only for us but for our entire world. It’s time to see money as a truly spiritual asset and our finances as an expression of our soul’s work.

It’s time to express love in the way our money flows.

Ultimately, it’s time for us to see our relationship with money as a spiritual practice and recognize that as we master it and learn to grow more money in sustainable and life-enhancing ways, we ourselves evolve in remarkable ways.

There are no teachers who are better suited to help you shift to a radiant, wise, empowered, and abundant stance with money than Gordon and Corinne. Gordon’s depth work at the frontiers of spiritual psychology marries with Corinne’s leadership in conscious finance and social change to create a truly unique and integral approach.

In the Spiritual Mastery of Money Course, they will take you through a step-by-step process to bring far greater awareness to each area of your financial life, from your subconscious beliefs to your investment strategies (even if you don’t think of yourself as an investor!). You’ll learn to think like a spiritual master of money and integrate the mindset of the successful entrepreneur to grow your money AND yourself.

True mastery will not, of course, happen overnight (it never does). But during these seven powerful modules with Corinne and Gordon, you will take powerful steps on your journey to mastery with a strong community of support and put in motion the practices and lifestyle shifts that eventually lead to a life of financial integrity and abundance.

As you do, your money can grow abundantly like a lush garden. When the right seeds of intention are planted in the fertile ground of your subconscious, watered with your love, and energized with the sunlight of your soul, your finances will blossom.

As you put their perspectives and practices into action you will develop a healthier relationship with money, which in turn will lead to more genuine prosperity and emotional freedom. You’ll also develop more financial sophistication for how to earn, spend, and invest money in a way that you feel great about.

They are sharing how to create a relationship with money that is spiritually mature, joyful, and practical.

In the end, all of us want to live our highest purpose and create right livelihood, with ample money to support our well-being, ongoing growth, and heartfelt service, as well as to support our families, communities, and favorite causes. Imagine having the resources from work that you love to nourish your body and soul with weekly massages, beautiful tropical retreats, and the healthiest food available. Imagine being able to support your family to get the best education and start their own businesess.

This kind of conscious abundance IS within your ability and that is what they will help you accomplish.

When you begin the Spiritual Mastery of Money course, it doesn’t matter where you are starting out. You could be in a state of scarcity or running a 7-figure company. It’s still valuable to clear out the “cellar” of our psyche as it relates to money and creating an ongoing empowered relationship with finance in all its forms.

You’ll subtract drama and add peace of mind. You’ll dissolve fear and replace it with trust. You’ll be simultaneously more generous and more savvy. You’ll see how to make money flow in a way that creates the world you want to live in.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

Each teaching, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding for how to engage the Spiritual Mastery of Money with clarity, rigor, and transformative power.

You’ll emerge with:

  • Clear understanding of your money beliefs and how to shift them
  • Freedom from your family and cultural conditioning
  • A deep and powerful understanding of the spiritual importance, use, and symbolism of money in your life
  • Tools to raise your vibratory pattern to become more magnetic to money
  • Simple and effective practices that let you “weed” the negative beliefs and sabotaging patterns that often continue to crop up
  • Deeper wisdom about the entrepreneurial mindset and how you can apply it in your life – even if you don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur!
  • Specific advice and resources for putting your money to work for you in a way that expresses your values and builds the world you want to live in.

Module 1:

Money as a Mirror for Our Life: Illuminating Your True Values and Priorities

(Recorded on November 19, 2013)

  • Be inspired to get real and tell the truth about your history… as Gordon and Corinne share the tragic and comic mistakes they have made as well (yes, we’ve all been there!).
  • Illuminate your own family’s stories and beliefs about money in a way that starts to free you from them
  • Develop foundational practices to manifest more money from a stance of magnetism
  • Understand money as a spiritual asset, recognizing the importance, symbolism, and function of money as a vehicle for embodied life
  • Learn how to use your money to catalyze social change more effectively and still lead to prospering investments
  • Receive a model of money as a manifestation of Spirit, integrating this into how you relate to money
  • Claim a healthy level of respect and honoring around money
  • See how you have different subconscious parts that create problems and blocks to the flow of money
  • Apply a gardening model for finances in your life.
  • Featured Practices: Reflective journaling and group work around family patterns, beginning the Abundance Meditation

Module 2:

Transforming Subconscious Issues: Releasing Your Negative Beliefs

(Recorded on November 26, 2013)

  • Learn to dialogue with your hidden, subconscious parts to make them your allies
  • Understand your fear, greed, denial, misuse, unworthiness, etc.
  • Release negative attitudes about money and wealthy people
  • Address chakra imbalances and start to more effectively ground your chakras
  • Release past life vows of poverty as well as unhelpful family attitudes
  • Transform your relationship to debt through clear awareness and intention, rather than avoidance
  • Featured Practice: Dialogue with subconscious parts around money

Module 3:

Attracting Joyful Abundance into Your Life

(Recorded on December 3, 2013)

  • Commit to conscious earning and right livelihood
  • Begin to heal the split between Spirit and matter in ourselves and the world
  • See money as a means for expressing Divine purpose in the world through intelligent activity
  • Develop trust in the abundance of the Universe
  • Recognize why spiritual people so often have money problems
  • Overcome unbalanced detachment, abstraction and disdain for money
  • Embrace money as a sacred trust for the whole
  • Learn the hidden meanings of sacred symbols on the dollar bill and see how a spiritual perspective on money was embedded in the DNA of the United States
  • Featured Practice: Healing Prayer for Our Relationship to Money

Module 4:

Know Your Flow to Be a Good Custodian

(Recorded on December 10, 2013)

  • Balance between avoidance and denial vs. over-obsession and worry
  • Know and evaluate your monthly expenses and income with open and objective eyes
  • Find a financial advisor aligned with your values
  • Recognize the need for income and investment diversification
  • Practice the principles of good custodianship: reuse, recycle, repair
  • Integrate principles of conscious giving and spending for the holidays
  • Become a more socially conscious consumer
  • Featured Practice: The Financial Balance Meditation

Module 5:

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

(Recorded on December 17, 2013)

  • Learn the core principles of enlightened business and conscious capitalism
  • Including all the stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, environment, community, as well as shareholders
  • Recognize the power of Divine Circulatory Flow to create more abundance for you… and others
  • Hone your practice of gratitude in order to magnetize more money (and learn why it works so well)
  • Featured Practice: Meditation on Gratitude

Module 6:

Putting Your Money to Work for You

(Recorded on January 7, 2014)

  • Master using intuition and being strategic, recognizing where it can do the most good
  • Core principles for investing in yourself, your business and your future
  • Understand the power (and success) of the socially responsible investment model and where to engage it
  • Understand the latest trends in socially responsible and impact investing and how to leverage them for your own investments
  • Learn about breakthrough innovations in community investing and things like micro-investing, crowdfunding, and slow money.
  • Featured Practice: Money Blessing Ritual to purify it of negative influences

Module 7:

Transforming the World Through Your Money

(Recorded on January 14, 2014)

  • Global trends in finance
  • Debt and the interest based money economy
  • Local currencies, electronic barter networks
  • Local investing
  • Next steps we each can take–e.g. break up with your megabank,
  • divest from fossil fuels, invest a small amount in socially responsible mutual fund or credit union
  • Develop a personal strategy for giving – philanthropic commitments
  • Featured Practice: Meditation on Money as a Force for Good in the World
  • Resources: books, websites, newsletters

The Spiritual Mastery of Money Bonus Collection

In addition to Corinne and Gordon’s transformative 7-module course, you’ll also receive these powerful bonuses. These bonus sessions will complement the course, deepening your understanding and practices.

Bonus #1:

How You Can Make Conscious Money Choices

A Dialogue with Patricia Aburdene

In this powerful session, world renowned trends forecaster Patricia Aburdene reveals the rewards of conscious investing and the joy of mindful spending. She’ll demonstrate how you can leverage your values and integrity to create sustainable financial results for yourself and our world.

Patricia Aburdene is one of the world’s leading social forecasters, co-author of the New York Times best seller Megatrends 2000, and a world renowned speaker. Her new book, Conscious Money: Living, Creating, and Investing with Your Values for a Sustainable New Prosperity is a blueprint for growing wealth with integrity and making a difference by integrating human values into personal finance.

In 2012, Patricia was named one of America’s “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business” by Trust Across America. She is an Ambassador for the Conscious Capitalism Institute, an advisor to Dallas-based social equity firm Satori Capital, and serves on the Vail Leadership Institute’s Board of Scholars.

Bonus #2:

How to Negotiate the Bewildering World of Money

A Dialogue with Mayuri Onerheim

In this dialogue, certified public accountant and deep spiritual teacher, Mayuri Onerheim, reveals both practical knowledge and experiential self-inquiry tools to help you master the mechanics of responsible financial stewardship. She’ll help you demystify all aspects of money so it can become a creative extension of who you are.

Mayuri Onerheim is the author of Money, Spirituality, Consciousnessand as a trained professional accountant (previously a Canadian Chartered Accountant) and an Enrolled Agent (a United States tax preparer certified by the IRS), spent twenty-five years working in many accounting capacities, including audit, receivership, tax, and small business consulting. During those years, she observed firsthand many of the difficulties people struggle with and began to realize the myriad, interconnected ways that personal, family, societal, and global financial issues impact literally every aspect of our lives, not only our bottom line on a balance sheet.

Recognizing how poorly prepared most of us are to successfully negotiate the often-bewildering world of money, she turned her attention to identifying the principles and practical solutions that can help us to not only become clear about money and material means but also embrace money as a spiritual practice.

Studying with a number of teachers from various spiritual traditions for more than thirty years has given her the wisdom to address the spiritual aspects of money. As a teacher of the Diamond Approach, a path of inner realization, Mayuri has been working with private students since 2002. In 2005, she began teaching The Logos of Money, a three-day seminar on money and spirituality, which has been presented in the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Bonus #3:

Top 5 Sessions from the Healthy Money Summit 2013

The Healthy Money Summit features the world’s top money experts sharing their powerful insights into how you can increase personal and collective prosperity, break free from limiting habits and beliefs, and develop empowering money practices.

This special bonus package will give you access to 5 of the top sessions from this year’s event. You’ll receive sessions on:

  • How Food and Money Interconnect in our Lives
    With Geneen Roth: the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Women Food and God.
  • Dialogue on Money
    With Gay Hendricks: Bestselling Author & Personal Growth Pioneer
  • Mindful, Conscious Investing with a Global Impact
    With Gordon Davidson: Co-Founder and President of The Center for Visionary Leadership
    and Hazel Henderson: Founder and President of Ethical Markets Media, Award Winning Author
  • Mapping Your Ultimate Financial Path: Money Practices for Success
    With Nona Jordan: Master Certified Coach, Advanced Energy Worker, Former CPA, and Creator of Get Right with Money
    and Jessica Reagan Salzman: Professional Bookkeeper, Heart Based Bookkeeper, Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
    and Galia Gichon: CEO of Down to Earth Finance
  • Volunteering Your Time, Your Mind and Your Heart
    WithJan Masaoka: CEO of California Association of Nonprofits, Publisher of Blue Avocado Magazine
    and Amy Paulson: Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Gracias Foundation


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