Chris McLaughlin and Nathan Jurewicz – Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash


(Download available within 1-2 hours)Not to mention, until recently, he didn’t have the special expertise to figure out if a property at auction is a money-making deal.

Chris McLaughlin and Nathan Jurewicz – Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash

Chris McLaughlin and Nathan Jurewicz - Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash

Finally — A Fast, Easy, & Simple Way to Make Money in Foreclosures

Most real estate investing systems are expensive… labor intensive… and complicated. BUT…

This system is easy. And it requires no cash, credit, or experience. See for yourself how this
system can get you started in just hours… and generate an extra $3,000 – $7,000 per week,
“working” about 8 hours per deal on your laptop, while sipping coffee at Starbucks…

I understand you’re skeptical. Those are big numbers.
But wait until you see the PROOF!

And if you read this letter carefully, you’ll find out how to get this whole system FREE!

This Easy and Little-Known Method Of Making Money From Foreclosure Real Estate Auctions…

Here’s what happened: Chris is an attorney and a real estate broker. Plus, he owns nearly 200 houses. An investor like this can’t be bothered with doing things like running back and forth to foreclosure auctions.

Not to mention, until recently, he didn’t have the special expertise to figure out if a property at auction is a money-making deal.

But his “Auction Bird-Dog,” Matt, knows all the tricks.

An investor like Chris usually picks up a property every week or two. He may keep it or flip it. Either way, Chris pays Matt $3,000… $5,000… even $7,000 or more per deal he brings him. And sometimes, big bonuses.


Because every property Matt brings to Chris, Chris can make triple what he pays Matt!

Then one day… he asked Matt how many other steady “clients” he had. Matt told him five… but he could easily have fifty if he wanted.

Chris quickly did the math… 5 steady clients, one property per week per client, and an average payout of $5,000… and all he could think of was…


Matt was happy to explain his whole business to him. It took only four hours!

But why would Matt give away the keys to the kingdom?

Because there is only a handful of people across America doing what he is doing. And those few are out there fleecing the flock…

…because there is virtually no competition!

And here’s the best part: it’s probably the simplest way to cash in on this foreclosure investing craze anyone ever conceived!

Chris wrote it all down. And then he decided to call this quick and simple way of making money by bird-dogging foreclosure auctions, The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash System.

Good name. Because that’s exactly what it gives you… quick cash. It’s something you can easily do in your spare time, without shelling out a single cent — or giving up your evenings and weekends to make it work.

Of course, coming up with something you think should work is one thing. Knowing that it can and does work is something else.

So Chris and his partner Nathan decided to put Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash to the test, to see if it could really make money quick and easy. So, armed with the tools of the trade…

An Internet Connection, a Cell Phone, and a
Tank of Gas Was All it Took

That’s about all a bird-dog needs, according to “Bird-Dog Matt.” He searched for a foreclosure property going to auction, and found one at 1703 Sandalwood Circle SW. This was nearby Chris, in Winter Haven, FL.

He did his quick 2-hour research, then attended the auction. Here’s what he got for about four hours work….

(By the way, I’m going to throw a few figures out here… just for the sake of proof.)

Matt “locked this house in” at auction for $26,000. And Chris gladly paid him $43,500, letting Matt pocket $17,500 from the deal!

Why would Chris let Matt make such an outrageous profit?

Simple. if Chris didn’t give him such a large fee, Matt would have easily got that much from another investor. This is why smart investors keep their bird-dogs happy.

So Chris was happy to pay.

Chris made $4,000 in improvements, so at this point, he had $47,500 into it. Then the bank appraised the property for $80,000!

It’s the Ultimate Win/Win…
EVERYONE Made Big Bucks!

Here’s the bottom line:

  • Matt, the auction bird-dog, made $17,500 on the deal
  • Chris ends up with an $80,000 house, which he paid $47,500 for!

Do you see now why Chris was happy to pay Matt an “outrageous” profit of $17,500? Because Chris made a $32,500 profit!

Everybody got paid. And paid well! Plus, Chris stays at the top of Matt’s go-to list.

And what’s more, this is all a matter of public record. It can be found on readily accessible public documents.

But if you do the math… Matt worked a little over four hours total. Call it five. With $17,500 profit, that’s a ridiculous $3500 per hour!

If you think being a foreclosure auction bird-dog part-time is the ticket for you, then click here now:

Meanwhile, let me tell you the “big secret” about…

Why This Works

One of my complaints with the Real Estate Investing systems sold by the big gurus online is that they require a list of CD’s, DVD’s, Workbooks, and tasks as long as the freeway (and I’m talking I-75!).

When they first get it, most people eagerly answer the doorbell. When they open it, they see this massive “to-do” list.

Feeling overwhelmed, they immediately put the system back in the box –until “some day.” And that’s the end of their making money in real estate with that system.

Now, notice the difference with…

“The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash System.”

“The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash System” is revolutionary in that it breaks Real Estate Investing success into only 3 basic components (see diagram below):

>> Fast and Effortless Research – in The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash System, Chris takes you by the hand, and shows you easy ways to research houses headed for auction. Then he shows you how to eliminate the losers.

>> Bidding at the Auction – in this system, you’ll discover shortcuts that allow you to bid exactly what you need — and not a cent more. This way, you’ll get properties at much better deals than other investors.

>> Cashing Out With Your Client Investors – getting motivated investors isn’t hard. You’ll quickly find you’ve got far more investors wanting your services than you can get properties for. So, you get paid fast — and well!

The Step-By-Step Procedure For
Making Money With This

No, you’re not going to make a million dollars per week. But you can make an extra three to seven thousand bucks — part time!

The first thing you’ll notice is your credit cards will quickly drop to zero balances. (Well, for some people, that might be two months.) Plus, you’ll have enough left over at the end of the month to pay your utility bills, and groceries, too.

Next month, your auction bird-dogging will do all this, plus make the car and insurance payments. And even the house payment, too!

Imagine the following month, living with all your bills paid. And your savings starts to grow. Is it time to quit your job yet? Maybe… you still have to plan for health care and things like that.

Which, by the way, the following month should pay for, an entire year in advance!

And the amazing thing is that you can make all that extra money – a six-figure spare-time income – “working” at home only about an hour or two a day!

Look, with my freelance copywriting, I have always made a more-than-comfortable living.

So my first reaction to the idea of starting my own real estate investing business, was, “Sounds like a lot of work. Who needs it?” But then I saw Chris and Nate’s Auction Money Machine business – and I saw how these bird-dogs were doing it —
But it soon struck me….

This Could Quickly Turn Into A
Lifetime Of Passive Income!

It’s like this: After bird-dogging properties for a few short months, I’d have enough to be on the “other side.”

The investors side. Where I’d have the cash to hire my own bird-dogs, train them, and triple the amount in profits for myself that I was paying them!

Sure, I could start out doing all the work myself, and make a damn good living at it… five figures a month is nothing to sneeze at. But if I could bird-dog my own properties… or have a couple of my own…

Now we’re talking real money!

The truth is, I earn a nice “salary” from my freelance work. But I’m also like a dentist or other high-paid professional. I’m still trading hours for dollars.

Dentists have a saying: “Unless you are drilling and filling, you ain’t billing.”

If you work for someone else as an employee – or are a self-employed professional in your own service business (as I am) – you always have to be working to make money.

I’m Not a Risk-Taker, But ….

I gotta be honest with you. I’m in my 50’s now. Sure, I enjoy my work, but after working long and hard hours every single day of the year, I’ve begun to tire a bit.

And gradually, the idea of creating a perpetual real estate cash machine that makes you money whether you are working or not – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year – is becoming more and more appealing.

So when Chris and Nate created and tested The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash System… I immediately got excited, even though I am not an entrepreneur or risk-taker by nature.

And honestly, I’m a tightwad. I’m not going to invest a couple of thousand in some real estate investing system.

But with The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash System, I don’t have to! In fact, two people who used this system…

Made $6,100.70 in Just One Week!

Chris unleashed two bird-dogs to work on a property together. They found one ripe for the picking, at 1327 Primrose Court, in Lakeland, close to where Chris lives.

They handed Chris the property for $40,804.30, far below its appraised value. Chris had to pay fees of $2,095 to the Clerk of Courts, and — of course — the fees to his birddogs.

Now, these two bird-dogs typically won’t work for less than a $5,000 fee. But they knew Chris was out to prove a point — so they split the fee down the middle, with Chris paying them $3,050.35 each.

I don’t know about you… but I’d put in about 8 hours for $3,050.35!

It worked out great for Chris, who got a sweetheart deal on a fabulous property, for a mere $49,000 total.

Here’s the numbers:

$40,804.30 – Auction Price
$6,100.70 – Bird-Dog Fees (Split between two — could have easily been one)
$2,095 – Clerk of Courts
$49,000 – Total Chris Pays for an amazing property, which ended up worth far more to him!

Again, everyone won. Everybody made money.
Which goes to prove…

Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash Accountability

Coaching Program!

Let me break this amazing ($2000 Value) program down for you, week-by-week:

Week #1: Familiarizing Yourself With Your State

Week #2: No Money? No Credit? No PROBLEM!

Week #3: Developing a Profit-Delivering Bidding Routine!

Week #4: Getting to the Next Level — Secrets of the Auction Big-Buck Pros!

Value – $2000! But yours free with this system!

This has got to be the best business ever created… and at this ridiculously low price, it’s a screaming deal. So why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity, and click the button below, now?


Fast Action Bonus #1
For First 250 Orders!

Learning Curve Time Slasher Super Saver! You get:

    • Bonus training call with three of the nation’s leading auction bird-dogs
  • Benefit from them spilling the beans on which banks discount their note, and which ones don’t
  • Other secrets that will slash your research time by over 75%!

Value: $4000! (But worth thousands, when you are able to do twice as many deals in the same amount of time!)

Fast Action Bonus #2
For First 100 Orders!

Attend a Live Foreclosure Auction with the nation’s leading bird-dogs!

Following on the heels of the Las Vegas event, a lucky few will be admitted to this April 4th workshop in Vegas.

You’ll be able to look over the shoulder of the nation’s leading auction bird-dog. Don’t miss this chance to see what happens behind the scenes…

Value: $3000!

Fast Action Bonus #3
For First 50 Orders!

Grab 2 Tickets to The Foreclosure Auction Quick Cash Work Shop.

Happening April 1st – 3rd, in beautiful, exciting Las Vegas, Nevada! You get a chance to meet, network, and interact with bird dogs and cash investors from across America.

But you must register fast, because seating will be limited at this event.

Value: $2000!

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