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(Download available within 1-2 hours)I’m still doing deals here but it’s been tough. Mainly because we now have to get the deals at a much lower price. That means the seller has to be willing to discount the property very deeply.

Chris Chico – Virtual WholesalingChris Chico - Virtual Wholesaling

Discover How You Can Find And Flip Properties Anywhere In The USA With Only Your Laptop And A Cell Phone WITHOUT Dealing With The Hassles Of Rehabs Or Chasing Foreclosures Like The Other Real Estate Investors.

Read This ONLY If You Want To Survive The Housing Collapse

With the current real estate market, the absolutely worst thing that you can do is to close and rehab a property.

If you buy a property today chances are that it could be worth less a few months down the line. If you are going to try and rehab then you also have to be prepared to accept a huge risk with that decision.

You have to close on the property. That means that you either have to pay cash or get a private loan of anywhere between 12-14% interest. You also have to shell out money for repairs to get the property fixed up and ready to sell.

In addition, while you are repairing the property and working to get it sold, you are going to have to make mortgage and insurance payments as long as you hold that property. In this market that could be up to 6 months.

And we have not even talked about what happens if something goes wrong. What if your contractor finds that you need to spend more money in repairs. What if your contractor disappears and then you have to find another one and give another deposit to get the work started?

What if it takes you a few months to find a buyer and then ends up that they can’t qualify for the mortgage? Now you have to put the property back on the market and pay a few more months of mortgage payments.

Believe me … it happens!

That’s fine if you have money in the bank and you can wait to get paid 6 months down the line. But what if you are just starting out in the business and don’t have a ton of money that you have access to?

Make Money With Zero Risk

Wholesaling is the number one method for getting involved in the real estate investing game with NO RISK. Period.

You never close on the property so you don’t have to worry about mortgage payments.

You never have to worry about paying any contractors since you don’t make repairs to the property.

You have absolutely ZERO RISK. If the market drops 10%-20% you don’t care since you don’t personally own any real estate.

You never have to worry about dealing with tenants.

I personally know many investors that have 10-15-20 rental properties and they are not happy campers. Their phones are always ringing with complaints from tenants about toilets and all kinds of stuff that I don’t even do in my own house.

That does not sound like fun to me!

When you wholesale properties you are just simply the middleman. All you are simply doing is getting in the middle between the buyer and seller and collecting a nice check for your efforts.

Flip Houses Like The Stock Market

I always got a kick out of watching movies about the stock market.

You see all the traders on the phone making deals all day long. The room is buzzing with excitement and everyone is high fiving each other for every deal they close.

Well that’s exactly what I do every day! (without the high fiving)

As a wholesaler you are like those guys and gals on TV wheeling and dealing. It’s like those high powered brokers on wall street except you’re not selling stocks and bonds.

You are wheeling and dealing in the house business WITHOUT ever buying any of houses or taking any of the risk..

The main difference is that the stockbrokers in the movies were moving stocks all over the country and the world.

Whereas with the house business, you were usually doing it in your own backyard.

This was because with the “old school” way of thinking, you needed to physically inspect the properties, meet with the buyers and sellers, and finally go to the title company and attend the closing.

Well what if you could wheel and deal houses all over the country without ever having to leave your house.

All You Need Is A Cell Phone And Laptop

I know that it sounds crazy but let me explain.

Think about how much the internet has changed the world in the last 5-6 years.

In the old days of house flipping there were no computers or digital cameras.

You had to go to the property and meet the seller.

To find out what the property was worth it probably took you a few days of going down to the courthouse and driving around the neighborhoods to figure out what properties were selling for.

But now with computers and the internet you can do anything from anywhere in the world.

Think about companies like Dell. When you call them you don’t get someone here in the USA to help you. You are probably speaking with someone in India that is thousands of miles away and in different time zone.

But when the dust settles, if they fix your computer you don’t really care.

It’s the same concept for wholesaling. With technology you don’t have to physically inspect any property or personally meet any buyer or seller.

It’s completely unnecessary!

Why Should I Flip Properties Outside My Market?

For a few reasons.

First, perhaps your market is in a tailspin with everything happening right now in the housing market.

I’m in one of the toughest markets right now. South Florida is ground zero for the housing bubble right now. Prices are dropping almost every week. It’s not uncommon to have house worth $260,000 a year ago drop to $200,000 today.

I’m still doing deals here but it’s been tough. Mainly because we now have to get the deals at a much lower price. That means the seller has to be willing to discount the property very deeply.

In addition, a lot of the investors are hesitant on buying anything right now. Who can blame them. They are scared to purchase a property and then end up getting stuck not being able to sell it. Worse, that same property could be worth less a few months down the road.

Another reason for doing deals outside your local area is that you now have a bigger pond to fish in.

I like the idea of picking and choosing the low hanging fruit. I like to cherry pick my deals. So by working in a few areas I get to choose what sellers I work with and the deals that I do.

In addition, I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. If something happens in my local market, perhaps the market slows down, I don’t worry about it since I’m doing business in other areas as well.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things That
You Will Learn With My System

  • The MUST HAVE mindset to succeed at wholesaling properties outside of your local area. There are three basic principles that you must adhere to otherwise you are dead even before you start.
  • How to instantly research any area and quickly determine the best neighborhoods to find properties and flip them to hungry buyers looking for handyman deals
  • The type of properties and owners that you MUST avoid when first starting out in the business to ensure your success. (this is regardless if you are wholesaling in your local area or an outside market)
  • The ONLY source to go after when you first start out that will bring you tons of motivated sellers. I will show you exactly where to find them and how to identify the most likely to sell you their house for 40% to 60% below market.
  • How to set up a automated marketing system that brings you hundreds leads every monthly while only spending a few hours a month maintaining it.
  • The only method of marketing that will bring you EXACTLY the type of seller that has a ton of equity and are willing to offer you their property at a discount.
  • The most effective marketing you can do when you are just starting out and on a tight budget.
  • Why you should never personally speak with a seller the first time they call you about selling their property.
  • How to automatically sift and sort thru all of your seller leads and only call the most highly qualified and motivated ones.
  • My NEVER before revealed marketing pieces that will have your phone exploding with motivated sellers begging you to make an offer on their property.
  • The MAGICAL question to ask any seller that will have them reveal EXACTLY what their bottom line number is with zero resistance. Learn how to follow this question with one simple phrase that will drop the price even further.
  • Why meeting personally with a seller and inspecting a property is a waste of time and what you can do to avoid it (you should try NEVER to leave your home or office PERIOD),
  • How to determine repairs WITHOUT ever looking at a property or knowing anything about construction in 5 minutes or less with 90% accuracy. I will reveal to you a few simple questions that will immediately let you know if you are going to have to go for a bigger discount on the seller’s asking price.
  • How to determine the market value of any property WITHOUT ever having to personally inspect it.
  • My proven scripts to use when speaking with sellers.
  • Confidently determine how much you should offer a homeowner within a few minutes of speaking with them.
  • Why sending out marketing that says “We buy houses cash” will likely ruin your chance for success
  • The secret to positioning yourself with a homeowner so that they instantly feel 100% comfortable and confident that you are the right buyer for their property.
  • How to see the inside of your properties and confirm repairs without ever having to inspect them yourself.
  • The “secret” technique to make an additional profit of $5,000 to $10,000 or more on any property AFTER you have negotiated with the owner.
  • The EXACT web site template that I use to run my buyer’s list on autopilot. You can duplicate it for less than $100 one time and $10 per month. Don’t buy an overpriced web site ever again. I will show you the vendors that I use and show you how to get it set up quickly.
  • Why most web sites sold to investors are a complete waste of money. You can duplicate my web site for less than $100
  • Why attending property closings will cause you to lose thousands of dollars.
  • Exactly how to structure your conversations with buyers so that you can make them feel comfortable with you and increase your chances of selling your deals
  • How to structure your closing so that you can eliminate any potential blow ups with either the seller or buyer.
  • My never before revealed technique to find the most qualified buyers in ANY market quickly.
  • Why using classified ads to create your buyer’s list is a complete waste of time. I will reveal to you my ultra effective technique for finding the most qualified investors that will buy all of your properties in an instant.
  • You will get all the forms and documents that I use daily in my business. You will also watch over my shoulder (on video) as I explain how to fill out each document.
  • And much more…

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Get Chris Chico - Virtual Wholesaling immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page I'm still doing deals here but it's been tough. Mainly because we now have to get the deals at a much lower price. That means the seller has to be willing to discount the property very deeply.