Cat Howell – Magic Source Codes


For the past two years I have been developing a UNIQUE personal practice that allowed me to not only regain a sense of wellbeing but to also redefine the rules of money, love and purpose.

Cat Howell – Magic Source Codes

Cat Howell - Magic Source Codes


✓MANIFEST – financial and creative desires using the practice of magic…

✓OVERCOME – fears and anxieties and move through chaos with ease…

✓DEVELOP YOUR ABILITIES – build a practice that combines concepts of manifestation and alchemy…

✓ENHANCE RESULTS – Build confidence in your skills and create reliable results…


Back in 2017 I had my first encounter with the world of alchemy after trying out concepts of sexual transmutation (though I did not realise this was a form of sex magic at the time). Shortly thereafter my media buying business broke eight figures.

I resisted the world of magic as I had preconceived ideas of what it was and thought it to be a gimmick but then in 2020, after suffering from crippling depression and a mental breakdown, which saw me lose almost all that I had built (as well as my life), a strange turn of events led me back towards alchemy. I do not say this lightly when I tell you that magic saved my life.

For the past two years I have been developing a UNIQUE personal practice that allowed me to not only regain a sense of wellbeing but to also redefine the rules of money, love and purpose. Since this time I have stepped into true financial freedom, attracted a soul partner, and found states of creative flow like never before.

I launched the Flow Protocols in Sep 2021 as a way to share the concepts without confessing to the practice (I guess I was nervous people would judge me for it) but in Dec 2022 it all came out when I realised this was doing no one any service.

Magic Source Codes is the body of work from my most recent intensive where I took a small group of individuals through my personal practice. The workshop sold out and you can access all the content, assignments and pathworkings for only $297. This is the perfect way to taste the world of magic and try it on for yourself!


✓INTRODUCTION TO MAGIC – types of conjurings and how it works, what you should know about dealing with magic…

✓CHAOS & COSMOS – how to work the path of least resistance, what it means when chaos shows up and how to handle it…

✓DIVINATION & INTUITION – recalibrate to your own guidance, calibrate to the path of least resistance…

✓ENCHANTMENTS – manifest money, love and creative desires, practical enchantments to try out in your own life based on my personal grimoire…

✓SIGILS & SEX MAGIC – introduction to two powerful techniques of magic…

✓GUIDED PATHWORKINGS – guided astral meditations to help you alchemise emotional states…

“I’m a self proclaimed lover of magic and I’m surprised at how in depth and how much I learned from Magic Source Codes. Cat combines concepts across mindfulness and alchemy in a way I have never encountered before. Love it!” – Emmanuelle D.



✓4 GUIDED PATHWORKINGS (astral plane meditations)…

✓HANDS ON CONJURINGS – practical enchantments & assignments…

✓12 month access to training portal


“Magic presented in a way I have never encountered before!” – Emmanuelle D.

“My life changed within HOURS of implementing the rituals contained inside!” – Joshua Young


Discover new tools to help you navigate all areas of your life and manifest financial, relational and creative desires.

Understand yourself better and grow and expand as a person.

Connect with your own energy source and the interconnected super-highway that we all exist within.

If you are drawn to the concepts of manifestation, law of attraction or alchemy then Magic Source Codes is for you!

If you are a starseed child, an entrepreneur, a high creative or intuitive then this is for you!

If you have long suspected yourself an alchemist but have feared your powers up until this point, this is for you!

If you desire more from life, this this is for you!

“Magic Source Codes is amazing!” – Tyler Opsahl

“I’m taken aback. This was one of the most transformative spirit travels I’ve ever taken. I found the answer!” – Danny Nielsen

“Wow, made me realise how unconventional I have been around money in ways that never occurred to me” – Matthew Jordan

Cat is the Founder Flow Protocols podcast and built an eight figure advertising agency back in 2017. She attributes much of her success to principles of magic and alchemy. In 2020 she sold majority shares in her agency and media buying training business and shifted gears to helping fellow starseeds step into their own magic.

You can connect with Cat on Instagram @cathowell

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Is magic dangerous?

No – the principles taught inside of Magic Source Codes are a combination of law of attraction, mindset, and alchemy. Magic will actually help you to release fears and anxieties and teach you to better understand chaos and resistance in your life.

Are results guaranteed?

No – magic is the result of application and development of abilities which is unique to everyone. I cannot guarantee results. Likewise, as you will come to discover the path of least resistance doesn’t always look like the way you may have thought it would.

How is Magic Source Codes different to Chaos Magic?

Chaos magic differs from my personal practice in that I do not conjure spirits or demons or work with deities purely as I do not believe in such things and these are not required for effective alchemy.

Are there any demons or spirits involved?

No, as mentioned above, Magic Source Codes is different to most magical practices in that spirits and demons are not needed or used. If spirits or deities are used it is purely for invocation purposes (to find the “feeling” space of a desired state of being).

How do I know if I can be an Alchemist?

Everyone is magic, life itself is magic and science is merely a way to express this magic and the probabilities around it. the Alchemist is merely the one who intentionally hones in and develops these skills. However, it is worth noting that some are more connected to their own magic than others.

Is there live support with this course?

No, Magic Source Codes is an online self study course only, however, there will be an invitation into the Starseed Protocols inside which you can choose to join if the concepts and principles resonate. Starseed Protocols is an annual apprenticeship with support and an exclusive community (coven).

Is this only for women?

Absolutely not, this is for both men and women. All humans are capable of alchemy and the balance of masculine and feminine is an important one in the world of magic.

What if I don’t like the program once I purchase?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee – if you are not happy with Magic Source Codes email [email protected] and we will provide you with a no questions asked refund .

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