Bryan Guerra – Passive Income Accelerator Program


Bryan Guerra – Passive Income Accelerator Program

Bryan Guerra - Passive Income Accelerator Program

The quickest way to long term Wealth & Passive Income? Online Content.

The simplest Business to get started with no money? Online Content.

If you weigh the pros & cons of an Online Content Business vs. any other Business, guess what comes out on top? Online Content.

The Content industry is growing exponentially every single day on the backs of everyday people like you & me. And it WILL replace Education (College) & Entertainment (TV).

Much like Amazon killed Retail Stores, the Education & Entertainment Industries (both Multi-Billion Dollar Industries) are slowly being replaced with Content that’s more readily available & exponentially cheaper.

If you can carve your piece of the Online Content Pie now, you’ll be collecting Passive Income for the next Decade (& beyond).

An Online Content Business is the quickest Business you can get up & running, has no start up costs & no overhead costs, & will pay you Thousands every month for work you put in once.

Here’s What You’ll get:

  • 16+ Hours of Step by Step Training
  • My Exact Formula for Thousands in Passive Income Every Month
  • Freedom in Your Day to Day Life to Do What You Love
  • Private Mastermind Group

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Business Model Overview & Content Basics

  • Course Intro (9:41)
  • Complete Overview (7:50)
  • The Benefits of Different Content & the Passive Income it Provides (3:23)
  • Why I Spend the Majority of My Time Building These Forms of Content (6:11)
  • Recommended Camera, Equipment, & Software that Can Help You Create Better Content (19:39)
  • How to Use a Teleprompter to Come Off More Professional to Your Audience (3:33)
  • Full Video Editing Tutorials (Adobe Premiere Pro & Shot Cut) (2:58)
  • Content Kings Mastermind Group (5:29)

Module 2: Udemy

  • Module Welcome & Overall Insight (15:03)
  • Business Model Overview (14:11)
  • Identifying the Right Niche (5:46)
  • Benefits of Creating Courses & Content Compared to Other Business Models (7:49)
  • Why Udemy? (10:00)
  • How Much Can You Expect to Make (18:22)
  • Start a Course with this in Mind to Double Your Revenue (At Least!) (11:52)
  • Where to Begin if You’re Stuck (10:54)
  • Different Ways You Can Film & Create a Course (9:04)
  • Importance of Scripting, Outlining, & Overview for Courses (9:26)
  • Creating & Ranking Courses on the Platform (21:26)
  • Optimizing Your Courses for More Sales (54:49)
  • Utilize Bonus Lectures to Your Advantage (5:06)
  • Getting More Students into Your Courses (18:30)
  • Getting Endless Reviews & the Importance of Ratings (17:19)
  • How to Price Your Content to Make More Money (12:46)
  • Using the Udemy Promotions to Your Advantage (8:10)
  • How to Use Coupon Codes to Make More Money (8:32)
  • Building Relationships with Your Students & Why it Matters (9:38)
  • Building a Brand & an Email List (4:22)
  • Collaborating with Other Instructors to Grow Exponentially (4:56)
  • Things to Remember About the Most Successful Courses (8:05)
  • Market Research & Targeting Great Opportunities (18:30)
  • How to Immediately Get More Sales on Your Course (9:39)
  • Test Groups & Pre-Launch Strategy (2:54)
  • How to Get Better Reviews & Change Negative Reviews to Positives (8:23)
  • Best Strategy to Launch Courses & Rank Them (7:36)
  • Educational Announcements vs. Promotional Announcements (& How to Use Both to Your Advantage) (20:32)
  • Free Coupons Recap (Benefits & Drawbacks) (2:51)
  • Appealing to a Broad Market (2:47)
  • The Secret to Consistency (13:00)
  • Recommended Lecture Length & Speaking Speed (6:25)
  • The Importance of Your Course Thumbnail (16:20)
  • Passive Income from Multiple Ranked Courses (1:22)
  • Adding to, Updating, & Improving Your Courses (1:42)
  • Scaling Up (Rinse & Repeat) (3:03)
  • Negative Reviews I’ve Gotten (5:06)
  • How to Remove Negative Reviews (9:13)

Module 3: Skillshare

  • Differences Between Skillshare & Udemy (13:06)
  • Important Information to Understand (6:18)
  • Uploading Process (8:46)
  • The Key to Promoting Skillshare Courses (9:24)
  • Creating Courses Strictly for Skillshare vs. Repurposing Content (9:22)
  • Ideal Length of a Skillshare Course (8:36)
  • How to Make More Money on Skillshare (4:20)
  • My Skillshare Revenue Report (10:50)
  • Adding Thumbnails (2:41)
  • Skillshare Payment Month 10 (4:22)
  • Skillshare Payment Month 11 (1:55)

Module 4: YouTube

  • This is NOT the Basics (3:32)
  • Different Ways to Make Money on YouTube (& Forms of Passive Income) (62:38)
  • The Best Way to Start a New Channel & Grow it Quickly (3:57)
  • Different Ways to Come Up with Content Ideas You Know Will Be Successful (14:24)
  • The Quality vs. Quantity Debate (2:43)
  • Should You Have a Normal Uploading Schedule (8:39)
  • EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Clickbait (5:36)
  • How to Rank Videos (6:20)
  • My YouTube Secret Weapon (9:11)
  • Best Way to Approach Thumbnails & Titles (1:44)
  • The 5 Major Algorithm Ranking Factors (22:54)
  • My Secret Growth Strategy (9:12)
  • EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Buying Subscribers, Views, Comments, & Likes (4:30)
  • Does Your Subscriber Number Actually Matter (16:51)
  • How to Triple Your Ad Revenue Immediately (9:28)
  • YouTube & Facebook (23:11)
  • YouTube & Instagram (6:31)
  • YouTube & Driving Sales Off YouTube (6:15)
  • EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the Description Box (10:39)
  • EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Tags (8:29)
  • Optimal Title Length for Maximum Views (4:32)
  • Keyword Phrases (10:50)
  • Calls to Action (9:49)
  • Responding to Comments (3:34)
  • Taking Control of Your Audience (3:20)
  • Importance of Scripting Your Videos (9:02)
  • 3 Important Things EVERY Major YouTuber Has (6:54)
  • Tips for More Ad Revenue (9:45)
  • Enjoying the Process (1:14)
  • When to Use the Comment Method & Why I Stopped (9:09)
  • 10 Ways to Get Your YouTube Videos to Perform Better (18:00)
  • 8 Mistakes New YouTubers Make that Will Kill Your Channel (23:12)
  • How to Use Posts to Increase Engagement (4:35)

Module 5: Amazon Video Direct

  • Module Welcome (2:04)
  • How Much Can You Make Uploading Videos to Prime Video Direct (4:09)
  • Repurpose Content or Make New Content for Prime Video Direct (2:56)
  • Standalone vs. Episodic (4:20)
  • Images for Thumbnails (14:50)
  • Downloading SRT Files & Uploading Captions (3:34)
  • Important Things to Focus on When Creating Content for this Platform (2:16)
  • How to Upload Videos to Amazon Video Direct Tutorial (10:41)
  • Why the Difficult Barrier to Entry is a Good Thing (2:15)
  • How to Scale (2:01)
  • Why This is Such a Huge Opportunity (3:03)
  • Amazon Video Direct Terms of Service & Important Reminders (2:46)
  • Ratings Update (1:10)

Module 6: Multiple YouTube Channels & How to Turn YouTube Playlists into Courses

  • How to Turn Playlists to Courses (7:22)
  • Course Intros & Outros (1:30)
  • How to Turn it into a Paid Course (2:36)
  • Importance of Repurposing Content & Why You Should (3:01)
  • Multiple YouTube Accounts & Udemy Profiles for Many Income Streams (18:19)

Module 7: Facebook Video

  • Facebook Video

Module 8: Additional Ways to Earn Residual Income with Your Content (That I Recommend)

  • Additional Ways to Make Money with Your Content (7:01)
  • Facebook Video (9:25)
  • Stack Commerce (38:29)
  • How to Make Double Ad Revenue with the Same YouTube Videos (& Double Your Marketing) (10:24)

Module 9: Now It’s Up to You

  • Now It’s Up to You (9:17)

Here’s What You’ll Get in Passive Income Accelerator Program

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