Brian DeChesare – Real Estate & REIT Modeling


Brian DeChesare – Real Estate & REIT Modeling

Brian DeChesare – Real Estate & REIT Modeling

“How to Learn Real Estate and REIT Financial Modeling and Dominate Your Investment Banking Interviews – and Fast-Track Your Way to Top Bonuses and Exit Opportunities After You Land Your Offer and Start Working”

The Breaking Into Wall Street Real Estate and REIT Modeling Course gives you the bleeding edge advantage you need to master real-world real estate and REIT financial modeling and valuation. You gain immediate access to Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, Detailed Real-Life Case Studies, Unlimited Lifetime Support, plus an Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee to put you on the fast track to a lucrative career…

  • Master the nuances of real estate and REIT accounting, valuation, and financial modeling with detailed, step-by-step video training. The skills you’ll acquire are NOT taught in undergraduate or MBA programs… but you MUST have these skills when you interview for real estate groups at banks, PE firms, and hedge funds, or even at real estate development / investment firms or REITs. You’ll impress your interviewers with your insider knowledge and industry savvy – putting you way ahead of your competition.
  • Quickly grasp “real life” concepts and skills through a detailed case study and 3-statement model for Avalon Bay Communities, a leading REIT in the residential sector. You’ll also learn via case studies of an office complex development, and a hotel acquisition and renovation – and three bonus real estate private equity cases. This is NOT “academic financial theory” but exactly what you will do – in real life – working in any real estate group. Your detailed understanding of industry specifics identifies you as an expert.
  • Dominate your interviews – your competition won’t stand a chance. For your convenience, we also provide 7 quick reference PDFs and 9 Overview lessons on the topics most likely to come up in interviews – so you’ll be prepared for even the toughest questions. Need to learn quickly? Skip to exactly what you need and review all the concepts in short order – even if your interview is tomorrow and you just found out about it 5 minutes ago.
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  • Learn how to use REIT equity research and SEC filings like a pro. Everything in the program is integrated with real SEC filings and equity research from banks like JP Morgan and Citi. You’ll discover precisely how to pull relevant information and align your numbers with Wall Street consensus estimates.
  • Master the core real estate and REIT financial modeling concepts, including detailed models for an Office Development and Sale, a Hotel Acquisition and Renovation, and a REIT Operating Modeling and Valuation. You’ll learn the most important real estate-specific metrics and methodologies, such as Funds from Operations (FFO), Adjusted Funds from Operations (AFFO), and the Net Asset Value (NAV) model. Your familiarity with these specific topics signals your expertise very quickly to potential employers – they’ll know you speak their “language.”
  • Pick everything up fast in 3 simple steps: 1) Understand the concept behind the model. 2) Watch a pro build the model. 3) Practice building the model yourself. This hands-on practice builds your confidence while you build your skills… and if you need to review anything afterward, read through the full transcripts for all the videos.
  • Test Your Knowledge with Practice Exercises. You’ll get “Before” and “After” Excel files for each lesson. Simply follow along with the lesson and check your answers afterward. You’ll feel even more self-assured as you realize that you truly ‘get it’ and have fully absorbed the information.
  • Get Instant Access: Since everything is delivered online, you get Instant Access to everything as soon as you sign up. No delays, scheduling conflicts, or packages in the mail to worry about. Start quickly, and finish as quickly as you want.
  • Track Your Progress and Take Notes. Thanks to our custom-designed online learning platform, you can check off each lesson as you go and take notes on all the lessons for your future reference.
  • Unlimited, 365-Day Per Year Support. We have a team of experienced bankers standing by 365 days a year to respond to your questions, comments and emails, for as long as you need. You’ll never be alone – the experts have your back.
  • Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. BIWS Real Estate and REIT Modeling is the only financial modeling training program of its kind to come with an unconditional 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee.
  • NEW! Course Certifications. After completing the course material, you’re eligible to take our Certification Quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you’ll be issued a Certificate that you can add to your resume / CV and refer to in interviews. So you won’t just possess these skills, but you’ll be able to prove you possess these skills. Bankers love that.

What You Get… And What BIWS Real Estate and REIT Modeling Will Do For You

This is advanced training, designed for both new and experienced professionals. The Real Estate and REIT Modeling course is perfect for you if:

  • You already know the fundamentals of accounting, valuation, and financial modeling, and now you’re ready to drill down into the details and gain the the know-how that sets you apart as an industry expert –with an in-depth understanding of how the real estate industry works.
  • You’re interviewing with Real Estate groups – at banks, PE firms, hedge funds, real estate operating companies, real estate developers, REITs, or other real estate-related firms, and you want to impress your prospective employer by being the exact candidate they are looking for.
  • You’re about to start working in a Real Estate group, or you’ve just transferred into one and you need to get up to speed quickly. You’d rather learn on your own time, so that you can impress on the job and move up the ladder quickly.
  • You’re an experienced real estate professional and you’re now transitioning into investment banking, private equity, or other related roles.

When you interview for these roles at investment banks, there are certain questions you’ll always be asked…

  • How much do you know about accounting? Do you know how it’s different for real estate? You’ll able to tell them just how much you know and answer an emphatic and sincere: “YES.”
  • Can you walk me through how you would value a property, a portfolio of properties, or an entire REIT? You’ll know exactly how to demonstrate what they want to see – because you will have already practiced all of those in the course.
  • What are the key factors that impact a REIT’s valuation and financial performance? You’ll be able to describe them with ease and understanding.
  • “How would you describe your financial modeling skills?” Your hands-on experience will shine through – you’ll be able to confidently recount the skills you’ve learned in the course, because those are the exact skills they’re looking for.Your confident answers to these questions along with the evidence you’ll present of the case study you completed will set you apart from everyone else in the interview room and put you in prime position to land lucrative internships and jobs at investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds.We’ve designed the course from the ground up to help you gain functional mastery of this highly-specialized material as quickly as humanly possible.With BIWS Real Estate and REIT Modeling you’ll learn by practicing with a case study of a REIT operating model and valuation for Avalon Bay Communities, and case studies on property development and renovation. We use real SEC filings and equity research from banks like Citi and JP Morgan to support the numbers:
  • Detailed 3-statement model for Avalon Bay with support for all their different real estate segments; full valuation, including the usual methodologies as well as real estate-specific ones such as the Net Asset Value (NAV) model.
  • Real Estate Development Lessons cover property development and acquisitions, key real estate terminology and metrics, and how to set up the construction timeline and funding sources, and analyze acquisitions and renovations.
  • 113 videos total (45 hours of footage).
  • 7 quick reference guide PDFs on key topics – from key terms and accounting through property modeling, REIT financial statements, and valuation.
  • Overview lessons cover real estate key terms, how to model an apartment complex, how a REIT operates, and how to link properties and REITs.
  • Office Development and Sale lessons teach you how to estimate building size, hard costs and soft costs, project the financial statements of a property, build debt and equity draw schedules, calculate the sale proceeds, and allocate investor returns using a waterfall schedule, factoring in developer promotions .
  • Hotel Acquisition & Renovation lessons cover how to project a hotel’s financial statements, estimate the impact of property renovation, and calculate returns based on the purchase price, selling cap rate, and capital structure.
  • REIT Operating Model videos teach you how to project a REIT’s rental income and net operating income (NOI) from same-store properties, development/redevelopment, acquisitions, and dispositions; you’ll also learn how to create a complex debt schedule, link and project the statements, and calculate Funds From Operations (FFO), Adjusted Funds From Operations (AFFO), and dividends issued.
  • REIT Valuation lessons cover public comps, precedent transactions, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) and Dividend Discount Model (DDM) for REITs, as well as real estate-specific models such as the Net Asset Value (NAV) and Replacement Cost methods.The information is so detailed and thorough that most of our customers are from top-ranked universities, investment banks, and business schools.Once you’ve completed the training, here’s what you can immediately add to your resume or CV:Real Estate & REIT Modeling (Breaking Into Wall Street)
    Online Financial Modeling Training Program
  • Completed real estate development model for office complex, with waterfall returns modeled for multiple equity investor classes and different developer promote levels
  • Built model for hotel renovation and created sensitivity tables to determine optimal level of renovation funding relative to potential upside in IRR
  • Created 3-statement projection model over 5 years for Avalon Bay [AVB], leading residential REIT; based model on segment-by-segment buildup for same-store, development/redevelopment, acquisitions, and dispositions
  • Valued Avalon Bay [AVB] using public comps and precedent transactions and metrics and multiples such as FFO and AFFO, as well as Net Asset Value (NAV) model; also completed Levered DCF and Dividend Discount Model, and learned concept behind Replacement Value methodologyYou can print out your models from this course and demonstrate your working knowledge during interviews, describing exactly what you learned in the training.Doing this will impress bankers, who will immediately understand that you possess real working knowledge that comes from experience working with real companies and case studies.

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