Brian Clark – Freelance X Factor


(Download available within 12-24 hours)OK, so every copywriter knows this is the part of the process where I contrast the value of the course information with the relatively meager price.

Brian Clark – Freelance X Factor

Brian Clark - Freelance X Factor

Freelance X Factor

Here’s How Smart Copywriters Are

Building Lucrative Freelance Businesses

With Social Media Marketing

Talk to any professional copywriter at the top of his or her game, and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Compared to the life of most freelancers, they:

* Accept only the most interesting projects
* Promote only the best products and services
* Command the no-haggle fees they want
* Receive performance bonuses and profit sharing
* Enjoy greater freedom and satisfaction

How does this happen?

The Money is Out There

Brian Clark here, and I founded Copyblogger close to 4 years ago because I saw the writing on the wall. I’d been using content marketing and direct-response copy to build businesses online since the late 90s, and now it was heading mainstream.

In other words, today’s effective online marketing has moved away from static “brochure” sites and shifted to what works – dynamic content-driven sales processes.

Copyblogger became one of the most influential blogs in the world thanks to this shift.

But that’s not the interesting part.

Look around, and you’ll see the demand for online content and copy exploding:

* Scores of recently-published books are preaching the power of content and “inbound” social marketing strategies to big brand corporations.
* A bunch of new “involuntary” entrepreneurs are seeing the value in content marketing and direct response copy after being canned from their corporate jobs.
* Compelling case studies show that small to medium-sized businesses are already gaining outsized returns thanks to smart content powered by social-media sharing.

Most businesses and fledgling entrepreneurs don’t have the in-house talent and expertise to take full advantage of this huge trend in online marketing.

That’s why they need you.

Even better, your unique skill set puts you in perfect position to get in front of those businesses by using content marketing to get big exposure thanks to social media.

And yet… a few freelance copywriters get the bulk of the money and the best clients. They either pick and choose their ideal projects for the most lucrative fees, or they’ve grown their freelance business into an agency with staff writers so they can take on more.

Some of these people are in this enviable position because they’re veteran copywriters. They’ve simply put in the time and gained an impeccable reputation.

Others are there because they took a remarkably different approach than the average freelance copywriter. They dared to be different and are rewarded handsomely for it.

Let’s talk about that second group a bit, because that’s the way you can achieve a 6-figure copywriting business without waiting 10 years to get there.

How to Build a Powerful Freelance Business with Social Media

Using remarkable content to attract attention using social media marketing is amazingly powerful. A lot of you are already doing it.

Problem is, raw attention doesn’t pay the bills.

In other words, attention alone doesn’t translate into the clients you want at the fees you’d like. You need the right kind of attention, and you need it to effortlessly translate into quality clients who happily pay your fees.

A lot of freelance writers are getting attention with social media… from other writers. This may be nice in many ways, but it’s generally not the type of attention that translates into cash flow for a copywriting business.

Something important is missing… that’s the Freelance “X” Factor.

And the super-secret “X Factor” for freelance copywriters simply boils down to these 3 requirements:

* A way to differentiate yourself from the pack
* A way to raise your perceived value to clients
* A way to deliver higher actual value to clients

So really… what’s missing is no secret at all. How to effectively get what’s missing is what you really need to know.

This is true for any service business. I’ve used the same general formula combined with valuable content and persuasive copy for legal, financial, and real estate services, and it worked like a charm each time.

So this is the stuff that not only works for you, it works for your clients, too.

But I don’t want to teach you general formulas and plain ol’ principles. I want to share with you how to do this specifically and step-by-step for your freelance writing business.

Here’s the Lowdown on the Freelance “X” Factor Course:

First of all, let me make this clear: This is not some stuffy academic marketing course. Instead, Sonia Simone and I conduct the discussions in much the same way we would if we were consulting with you directly.

It’s all the behind the scenes stuff we would say if you were our client and wanted to build a lucrative freelance copywriting business using social media marketing.

We’re not guarded in what we reveal, and some of the asides are worth the price of admission alone.

Here’s what’s included:

* Over 4 hours of mp3 audio instruction.
* A 35-page PFD workbook of practical step-by-step worksheets that guide you through the processes, tactics, and strategies we reveal.
* 97 pages of edited and searchable PDF transcripts for each audio module.
* Supplemental reference material that ties it all together.

Let’s unpack that a bit so you can see clearly what you’ll learn:

Module One: Dare to be Different

After an overview of the entire course, we get started fast with module one. This first part of the course is the foundation upon which your entire marketing and client service foundation will be built.

You’ll learn:

* Why creating just another “writing tips” blog is a dead end
* How to mix and match your way to a unique market position
* The particular type of content and subject matter that wins
* How you’ll naturally stand out without the “hard sell”
* How you’ll easily charge more than the average freelance writer
* Why you won’t “reinvent the wheel” with every project
* How to benefit from focused word of mouth without spending a dime

Module Two: Your Three Step Social Media Marketing Plan

Module two went off the hook. Originally slated for one hour, we spent over two hours exploring the 3-step social media marketing plan that will propel your freelance copywriting business into success.

This is the precise approach I used to build Copyblogger into one of the web’s most influential blogs (not to mention a very profitable and enjoyable business).

I outline my specific tactics, but I also tell you the underlying principles behind each one, so you can adapt with the times. Because let’s face it, nothing changes faster than social media. You need to be able to change with it.

Step One: How to Attract Links and Traffic

* Here’s the real benefit of the Digg home page and scoring with other social media news sites
* How to get relevant blogs on your side and linking to you
* The right (and wrong) way to get the attention of “big dog” bloggers
* What I didn’t do to get links in the early days of Copyblogger (and why I’d do it in a heartbeat today)
* Why freelance writers get to “steal” links, traffic, and awareness

Step Two: The Power of List Building

* Your main content marketing and subscriber acquisition strategy
* How to use premium free content for focused segmentation
* The right way to use Twitter to build your business

Step Three: Search and Conversion Optimization That Works

* Why optimizing too soon is a bad idea
* How smart tweaking of your landing pages boosts profitability
* The truth about “black hat” SEO and how to rank easier than you think

Module Three: Marketing Advice that Sets You Apart and Makes You an Information Entrepreneur

In part three of the course, we provide a serious “blueprint” for your marketing strategy. In this module, you not only get the exact content marketing/direct response hybrid model I personally use, you’ll see how this is your guide to your personal marketing strategy AND the framework for what you deliver to clients.

* The difference between content marketing and direct response copy… and ways they’re the same
* The one thing you can offer your clients that will make them love you
* Why setting an example is the most powerful online marketing strategy
* The “demonstration” marketing method that makes clients eager to hire you
* Why you can parlay your freelance business into books, speaking, workshops, interactive training, and information products

Seriously, you should be able to take what you learn in this third module and immediately use it to lay out a smart content marketing strategy. You can also use this as an outline for a free report or persuasive email series that converts prospects into clients. The included workbook makes this process easy and crystal clear.

Plus, everything you learn in Freelance “X” Factor will make you more valuable to the clients you attract. It’s the perfect win-win training course for freelance copywriters.

What’s it Worth to You?

OK, so every copywriter knows this is the part of the process where I contrast the value of the course information with the relatively meager price.

For example, if you hired me to consult with you on this topic for the same 4 hours, I’d charge you my standard $500 an hour, or $2,000 total. Or you could get Sonia for a mere pittance, $1,000 for four hours.

And either way, it would be worth every penny, because the increase in your income in the first year alone would help you forget all about the fee.

Or, we can look at it another way.

The last “writing” project Sonia and I took on raked in a fee of $20,000 for two landing pages and a short white paper. I put “writing” in quotation marks because it wasn’t really the “writing” that earned us that sweet fee.

It was our specialized expertise in the subject matter that commanded the fee. It was the particular “X” factor that we brought to the table.

What if you landed one of those sweet gigs a month? Or just a few a year in addition to your standard projects?

Well, enough of that…. The course is only $87.

You might spend more than that a month on the other writing secret ingredient…


Since this course is brand new, I don’t have a bunch of fancy testimonials for you. But I’m perfectly willing to take any risk back on myself when you invest in Freelance “X” Factor with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The No-Risk, No-Hassle Guarantee

As always, I wouldn’t dream of keeping your money if you’re not completely happy with your experience. You’ll have plenty of time to go through the entire course plus the Q&A calls in order to make up your mind.

Not satisfied? Simply contact me at the email address provided with the course within 30 days, and I’ll cheerfully send your full $87 back, no questions asked.

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Best Regards,

Brian Clark
Founder & Publisher

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